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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just bought a 2011 Accord EX-L (190 hp) in PA for 24,200 plus title,tags and tax.
  • Oh, I got it fixed already at the body shop that does the work for Lamborghini and ferrari. They are great, and you cant tell. Except for the stickers that are on the door. But I think you can get those online.

    I did the math. I have 48 months on my original loan. If I get the #'s I want, I'll get a new 48 month loan at .9 instead of the 2.9, and my payments will be 20 dollars more. Im willing to do that. But we'll see what happens.

    Dont like those new reflectors on the new accord though.
  • I don't think anyone has made a V-4 since Saab in the '70s.. ;)

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  • Did you have a trade or just pay for the car all by itself, the dealer here close to me says that deal is crazy......thanks for your help
  • Can someone give me what's the good price for the 2011 Accord Sedan EX V6. I'm living in Seattle, WA area. Dealers here don't even want to talk to me if I'm offering 26k for it. Thanks.
  • Just an FYI for the forum...

    I've paid 23,500 + taxes&title for Accord EX-4Cyl

    Total 26,500 @ 1.9%APR
  • Got a few quotes and this one came in the lowest...

    18196 including destination tax, title, and other fees, it comes around 20,000 for a 2011 accord LX-P...

    can anyone tell me if this is a good deal? if yes, I am going to get it this week...
  • tbb9tbb9 Posts: 3
    It's obvious there are a few sales people and dealers in this forum floating numbers.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
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    "Can someone give me what's the good price for the 2011 Accord Sedan EX V6. I'm living in Seattle, WA area. Dealers here don't even want to talk to me if I'm offering 26k for it. Thanks."

    Why make an offer? it is not good to make an offer. Just shop OTD because we ALL pay it.
  • Seems like a really good price.
    What part of the country are you in?

    And can you take advantage of the .9 % financing with that price?
  • disturbedonedisturbedone Posts: 7
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    Hi, I was just quoted a price of 27,600 for an 2011 Accord V6 w/Nav package. I thought this was a great price, not so sure now.

    New England area....

    Any thoughts? Can I get them lowere?
  • I was offered a final deal on a 2011 Accord SE from the great Phila area:

    18,806 - includes dest
    1,128 - 6% state sales tax
    204 -DMV/doc/fees, etc.
    $20,138 Total OTD

    This is the best deal I could find from a regional dealer. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
  • lucas28lucas28 Posts: 3
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    I don't know whether it is appropriate to post this here:
    I bought an Accord last week, and did financing there with the dealer. We signed a spot delivery document, and I am quite concerned about this - the potential yo-yo scam.
    However, I received an email from the dealer today saying that I will receive a survey call from Honda. I wonder whether this suggests that my financing loan has been approved, because they should have already sent my information to Honda. Anyone has any idea about this?
    By the way, our down-payment is $10,000. Thanks for any help.
  • this is a great great price!!!
  • I did not have any trade in and the car is V4 not V6. They still have cars for sale. I received the call from the sales person today and they are still honoring the price (Gillman Honda).
  • First.... spot delivery isn't really a scam.. A spot delivery is any delivery made before final finance approval from the lender..

    So... if you want to buy a car, and drive it off the lot the same day, it is necessarily a "spot delivery".

    I suppose there are dealers that cater to the credit challenged that might use this as a ruse to get more money... but, it seems that would be a losing proposition in the long run, as you are likely to get back slightly used new cars, more often than you can squeeze blood out of a turnip..

    If you have good credit and a $10K down payment, I wouldn't worry about it.. As far as the survey? Either decline to participate or put them off until later, after you are sure of your satisfaction.. It's not really relevant to the spot delivery, though..


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  • Thanks, I have decent credit score ~720 (would be better if I have a credit history longer than 3 years).
    I shall postpone my survey until I am sure about my financing loan, thanks for this advice.
    Thanks again.
  • car_shopper5car_shopper5 Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    I purchased a 2011 EX-L sedan, 4 cyl (auto trans) in Baltimore, MD for:

    750 destination fee
    98 proc fee
    + tax, tags/title

    This price was about 1300 lower than any other price. I recommend the dealer if you are in the area.
  • Hi, would you please give me the dealer info? Thanks! My email:
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