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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thank you.
    Is the price 20,969 for the SE includes everything except sales tax ?

    What do you think the fair price for an SE ?
  • alookmanalookman Posts: 141
    2011 are sold out!

    I was emailed the price of EXL for 24.4k for I4 4 dr automatic with 100k warranty but he indicated he was close to sold out on EXL.

    Another Frisco, Texas dealer David McDavid inquired if I would be interested in 23k. His boss the sales mgr. asked me ie he could convince me to buy there. He was very honest and up front. Their true cost is invoice less factory incentives less hold chg. backs makes their wholesale cost around 23.5k-24k+- so honestly 23k doesn't sound realistic. 24k maybe but 24.5 k is possible. The added protection package is retailed for 1000-1500 but their true cost is 350. I agreed with him that they should be able to make some money not sell at cost or loss.

    BTW I had already got disgusted with 25k-26k early on so I got the my second choice Altima 2.5SL fully loaded with killer Bose Sound Sys. and rear view camera . I had Sonata on top of my list but the Consumer Report ranks their reliability as average but outshines Accord and Altima from safety to value to performance. Most reliable car is Legacy and than Mazda 6 and never eve considered them. Look at M6 its best handling car and not every second garage!

    2013 Accord might be released in Summer 2012 like 2012 Civic was if they can get their production cycle up. It makes mores sense to release in Spring or Summer when sales are at peak! Intro models are risky business!
  • mjopprumjoppru Posts: 14
    Long Beach Honda gave me a quote of $21,458 on a 12 Accord SE sedan. quote.
  • I am trying to find a deal for two accords and am struggling getting any dealers in Ohio to get in the 23's for the ex-l and to get down to 21,000 on the SE.

    How do the incentives usually change in November and December? Are there usually better prices in these months? I have a few months of leeway since I am in a lease that does not expire until January..
  • veerenveeren Posts: 64
    I met the McDavid Honda frisco guys on Thursday night (10/27/2011) and they did not come near the quote you mentioned of 20,969.

    BTW... i came from Dallas to Baltimore for the car...
    Got it (Accord SE 2012, with no dealer adds) OTD for 21,158 which includes 6.25% TX taxes and some fees.
    Will be driving to Dallas tomorrow morning, got stuck in snow here in VA.
  • loret03loret03 Posts: 9
    edited October 2011
    I have a quote for 25,827 plus muds $152 and doc $156 and then just TTL. How does that sound? It's under invoice, so I was surprised to get it
  • nsirnsir Posts: 2
    Got an Accord 2012 SE automatic OTD for $21,500 from Joyce Koons Honda in Manassass, VA.
  • Hi Nsir, congrats on your purchase. Does the price include any after market add ons like protection package, wheel locks etc? or is it without any accessories.
  • Also NSIR, can you email me the total break up of the cost from Dealer to iyer.vikas at The dealers in Charlotte area are not willing to believe that some ppl are getting the Accord SE for $21500 and want to see in writing. I will really appreciate if you can forward me the email from dealer which explains in detail the break up of the cost and final price paid OTD. Thanks and appreciate your efforts.
  • yt576cyt576c Posts: 6
    What are the chances of increasing car price in November due to expiry of Honda incentives etc..? What about 0.9% APR? Any ideas? thanks
  • dcure3dcure3 Posts: 1
    where did you get that deal. I am looking for the same exact car and that sounds like a great price.
  • 21,158 for Accord SE 2012 which includes 6.25 % Taxes ??
  • Hi - Is the 21,500 including Sales Tax ?
  • At a Central NJ dealership today, the salesman gave me an initial OTD quote of 25,552. It sounded too high so I was thinking it over and he got the Sales Mgr. who's quote was 25,082. It still seems too high. I'm going back tonight. The car isn't in their inventory but being as it's the last day of the month, they must be wanting to make a sale. Any suggestions on an offer I should make?
  • rampramp Posts: 11
    I am looking to buy similar car, could please give me the dealer and contact details?
  • The quote included destination not 6.25% tax or fees-- avg around 150-250 in Tx.

    Looks like Vereen talked to them in person and wouldn't touch it- Strange since they emailed quote... may keep in mind when ready to pull trigger

    I live in Houston and would hate to travel just to have games played. When I bought my Pilot everything was emailed and went very smooth - no adds or issues- Hoping for the same experience again.

    Congrats to Vereen- You may have the record for longest distance traveled for a deal but you definately got one- enjoy !!
  • Everythings a little different this year because of production issues and late release of 2012 Accord.

    Some things never change. If you can wait until year end- Week after Christmas is normally a very good time to buy. Time is on your side.

    I was given a quote of 20,969 for 2012 SE and Vereen picked one up for even less in Maryland. I think incentives will continue into next year so yes you can get this vehicle for 21k
  • My gf just got her Honda Accord 2012 SE Automatic for an OTD of $22,500. We've been to many dealers in Charlotte and this is pretty much the best price I could get and this is at the last day of the month deal.
  • Thanks. I got a Black Accord SE for 21400 with protection package. Hope its a good deal.
  • What's amusing about this is I tried working with them (David McDavid) to work out a deal on a car for my father, and we had a bait and switch experience. We were quoted a price on a 2012 Accord EX auto, all numbers were finalized, but when we got there they told us it would be that price +$1995 for the "protection package."

    This $1995 protection package includes mudflaps, pinstripes (did not see on car), wheel locks, cargo tray, tint, and the sunroof visor. A bait and switch is one thing, but $2k for this?

    Our salesman - Andy - quite honestly sucked. We had a horrible experience with him. When I confronted him on the cost, his response was "well since we gave you a good price on the car we have to make our money another way." Screw that.
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