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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • veeren76veeren76 Posts: 4
    I had bought the Accord 2012 SE for 21,158 OTD for Texas based residency (tax rate 6.25%), car was bought in maryland. You are very close to that price.
  • So has anyone else had issues with the 2012 driver's seat? Some reviews on Edmunds say their butts go numb and can't sit in the thing for more than 15 minutes without getting excruciating back pain...
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 451
    I have a 2005 Accord EX-L which is essentially the previous model of the Accord. I have driven the 2012 Accord while mine was being serviced. The driver's seat is uncomfortable when driving distances in both. I have a small cushion that I place at the base of the back to make it more comfortable. If you are looking for a car with a comfortable driver's seat, forget the Accord. I have 111,000 trouble-free miles on mine. It is the only negative for mine. It is the most reliable car I have owned out of many automobiles. I have the 4cyl manual transmission and it is a great driving vehicle.
  • dsmking1dsmking1 Posts: 16
    I have 2012 Accord and never noticed that problem. I also contacted Schockly for 5k off of Honda. They have that deal at least since Memorial day. That was still higher than others like Ourisman or Hersons. I ended up buying from Hersons Honda.
  • dhill5dhill5 Posts: 2
    Am in desperate need of some help.

    I'm shopping for a V6 EX-L w Navi. Local dealer quoted
    $32,500 less 5k incentive plus add-ons of 1,250 w/tax of 2k (7%) and tags / doc fee of $525 totaling $31,500. Is this a good deal? Also offering 0.90% financing.

    Does anyone have an recent experience in purchasing a V6 EX-L w Navi Accord Sedan?

  • tomp7tomp7 Posts: 1
    I just bought an EX-L accord sedan w navi but mine is a 4 cylinder. I added a lid spoiler and my total w tax (6%) and tags was $28,500. Since you are looking at a V6 it sounds like the prices are comparable. Mine came from Swope Honda in Louisville. I live 100 miles from there and did the whole negotiation by phone. Very easy to deal with. BTW the 4 cylinder has plenty of pick up for me, you might try it if you haven't.
  • vnicky14vnicky14 Posts: 3
    I just bought my 2012 Honda Accord EX-L I4 with OTD Price = $26,153.67 incl Splash Guard & Wheel Locks. I live in North California (sale tax = 8.25%). The only downside of my purchase is that I have to pay APR = 6.99%. But because I just started my credit and this is my first car so I think that's a good rate already.
  • marie99marie99 Posts: 21
    I have issues with the 2012 LX driver's seat. For me, the angle of the bottom seat is too severe. I put a wedge on it to change the angle so you sit a little more level. The lumbar is pronounced so when I have my wedge in place, the lumbar is then too low and there is a strange curve in the upper back. It feels like you are forced to hunch over. I put foam that I custom cut to fit in the middle /upper portion of the back and bought a nice sheepskin seat cover to go over the entire seat, covering all my foam adjustments. It took me a month of trial and error to find a comfortable solution. I have chronic back issues and know a little about what position works best for me. I don't mind the firmness but I like a more neutral seat.
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 147
    Smart move buying from Hersons and not Ourisman, very smart IMHO. Ourisman has far too many negatives all over the net!
  • eastbay75eastbay75 Posts: 1
    When will the 2013 Accord hit the market?

    I have never been driven an Accord before, how do you compare the Accord to Camry. Should I switch from Camry to Accord?

    Please advise.
  • veeren76veeren76 Posts: 4
    You can contact Anderson Honda in Maryland, talk to someone from Internet dept, name of the sales guy is J***y , Note that prices can vary a bit based upon when the purchase is made and available incentives, i think your price is quite up there so you may consider your deal of 21,582 to be pretty good as well.
  • dg4dg4 Posts: 18
    I finally purchased Accord SE on June 22, 2012 for $21,200 (inclusive of all taxes and fee) from Nalley Honda, Georgia. Price included splash card, trunk tray, wheel locks and full tank of gas. Overall very good experience. Young and enthusiastic sales person. Very jovial and talkative finance officer.

    I request prices from all local dealers through email. Milton Martin Honda, Ed Voyles and Honda Carland were also close to this price. Their sales people were also very good and courteous.

    My experience was not so positive with Carey Paul Honda and Gwinnett Place Honda. Carey Paul kept calling and writing emails, trying to get me to their dealership. They wont give me price till I go to their dealership and they understand my "situation and requirements". Gwinnett Place was also not willing to quote price via email. Both dealers kept trying to convince me that other dealers will cheat me :-)
  • should switch. I had a 2000 Camry for 3 years, and have driven the 2007, 2008, and 2009 version. The ride really hasn't changed. The driver is so out of touch with the road because the car is so smooth. Its a great car, don't get me wrong and is pretty much trouble free. The Accord just has a sportier feel to it and better handling. I got the 2012 Accord EX model, and would never have plunked that kind of coin down on a new Camry. I guess they are both even in reliability, but if you want something that is fun, go Accord.
  • briank84briank84 Posts: 6
    edited June 2012
    I think you guys really need to get on the ball with pricing, not just OTD, but it's like you guys don't even know what you're being charged for.

    First, every car is different, so having it by the model would be nice, and listing the MSRP is also important as well.

    Then you need to list the Invoice, and the Sales price. Does your sales price include freight or not. Any rebates (college grad, military, competitor, loyalty, etc).
    What dealer fee's you paid (documentation, prep fee, etc).

    Those fee's are the most important. Other things make it very difficult for other members to know if you received a good deal. It's unrealistic for someone from New York, to expect to pay the same as someone from MD, as they pay less taxes in MD. Also, vice versa, someone from MD shouldn't think they are getting a good deal because someone from NY paid more.

    The DMV title, Registration, Taxes, they all vary based on the city, state one is located.
  • irisg1irisg1 Posts: 17
    I believe the 2013 Accord is due to arrive at dealerships in late fall. You should expect to pay quite a bit more for it than current models though. That's just the way it is. That's the reason I went ahead and purchased a 2012 Accord SE.

    As far as your Camry/Accord question. My best advise to you would be to make sure you test drive both. I previously drove a 2003 Toyota Camry, which I absolutely loved. My husband has it now and it still drives great. I always wanted a Honda Accord, so when I saw the great deals available, plus 0.9% interest rate, I went ahead and purchased one, without soo much as test driving the Camry. I immediately had second thoughts, simply because it is a completely different feel. The Camry is soo smooth, you barely feel it shift, whereas the Accord is louder and a little jerky. I've only had my Accord for about 3 weeks, and I am slowly getting used to it, but it wasn't love at first sight, unlike my previous Camry. It's a very nice car, but for my own peace of mind, I should have test drove the Camry so I could really make a good comparison. Reliability wise, I think they are both pretty equal, and I wasn't willing to pay $1K more for the Camry, plus a higher interest rate. As long as you test drive both, you should be in a position to make the best decision for you. Everyone is different, and the same things that turn me off about my Accord, are things others actually enjoy about it, so it's important to check them out for yourself.
  • yaupon2yaupon2 Posts: 18

    Just finished negotiating the purchase of a 2012 Accord EXL sedan, 4 cyl., auto, w/o Nav from Apple Honda in York, PA. Deal broke down as follows:

    MSRP: $28,455 [Includes $790 freight]
    Discount: $ 5,455 [Works out to about 19.2% off of MSRP]
    Adj. Sale Price:$23,000
    Accessories: $ 490 [body side molding;splash guards; all season floor mats]
    Tax $1409.40
    Fees $ 14.15
    Tag Fees $ 173.50
    OTD Price $25,087.05

    Dealership is trying to make their sales targets for the month of June, so the deal has to be completed by 6/30.

    Hope this helps.
  • carquote1carquote1 Posts: 20
    I live in NY and am pricing a 2012 Accord EXL Sedan 4 cyl., Auto w/o Nav. Can anyone advise if there is currently any flex cash or other incentives that may not be advertised and what my target price should be? Thanks
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 31
    Im in the market to buy a 2012 Accord LX sedan w/ Auto transmission by the end I this month, I figure it's the best time to buy and get a good deal.

    I found one at a locks dealer, MSRP is 22,900 and they sent me an Internet quote of 19,187.
    I actually thought that was a pretty decent initial quote but then saw people in here are getting them under 18,000? Though it does seem like east coast prices may be cheaper than here in AZ.

    I'm going to email some other dealers and see what the best price I can get is.
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