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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Beware::::: This message is posted by dealer himself. The specifice car is going for way less than that. I bought one for 19900 out the door from Crisswell..Go figure
  • expmarforexpmarfor Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    I bought my Accord EX V6 a week ago in Columbus, OH and the out the door price was 25707.27. This includes the sales tax of 1622.77, doc fee of 250, title fee of 25 and registration fee of 18.50. The MSRP is 28170. The buying experience was pretty easy for me- I did everything online and once I got a quote for 23791 before sales tax and fees I went in for the test drive. From there I got my 0.9% loan and was able to drive off in my new car after 2 hours inside the dealership.
  • i talked to criswell about 3 times( 3 agents) , and they could not give me anything less than 21600 out of the door? I talked /emailed with so many dealers through emails and carwoo , and none of them gave me a price less than 21500.
  • Did you buy the SE ? If yes what price did you get it? It looks to me that there are some people on this forum , who are claiming to get such low prices , which i cant even come close to ( through the same dealers).
  • @expmarfor - Did you get a coupe? or a 4 door sedan? Also, were there any extras? Thanks...
  • It's a 4 door sedan and there were no extras.
  • I leased an SE in Phoenix area and was able to bring the price down to just below 20k including the destination charge. Let me know if you need more details.
  • Hi,
    I have e-mailed several dealers in the Philly area, and also found that Piazza seems to have the best internet prices--$20,053 for the SE. This price is higher than some quotes on this website, but I haven't gone into the dealer yet, and suspect that I can trim a little bit off of this number. Unfortunately, it seems more difficult to get a handle on lease costs. Excluding taxes and state/dealer fees, I've calculated that a 36 month, 15,000 mile/year lease should cost $205.85/month (using a $13,807 residual and .00046 money factor). However, the fees charged by dealers seem really inconsistent. For example, I received a lower quote from a dealer charging a higher price ($20,333 resulted in $452 down and $235/month with 9% tax included vs. $20,053 = $453 down and $236.31/month OTD). I have had no luck getting dealers to report their fees via internet. Does anyone have any idea what lease/registratiion fees should be expected in Pennsylvania? Thanks--this forum is the most informative website that I have come across!
  • vkoppuvkoppu Posts: 7
    I'm looking for LX or SE. Preferably buy it. But open to lease as well if the deal is good. Is that $20K before doc fee, tile and taxes? Can you please provide more details about your lease down payment, monthly premium, lease term and dealer information. Since you went through the buying process can you give some decent all inclusive buying prices for LX and SE in Phoenix area?
  • cls061cls061 Posts: 3
    I have a '99 Accord with 193,500 miles that I think is ready to be retired so I'm starting to research new Honda's. As you can see I haven't bought a car since 1999 so I know the process has changed a lot. I see a lot of the "Real Price" or "Tru Price" stuff and my question is given that price, is there still much room for negotiation? Here is an example of a car I'm looking at that is at a DFW area Honda dealer that is advertising a "True Price": 2012 Accord EX-L 2.4, It's MSRP is $28,445, with a dealer discount of $5,004 leaving a True Price of $23,441. Is there more available to come off that price?? Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • You should just go see Headquarter Honda. They are the only Green Dealership in Orlando and they are a really good group of people. They've only been open for a couple of years which is good because they don't play those old car games like what you described. I am sure they can get you the same car at the price.
  • We are looking at buying a 2012 Accord SE. We've visited several dealers in the area and they are quite hungry to get rid of the 2012's before the new 2013's arrive. We've seen a price as low as $20,700. Has anyone else seen something better? Even if you are not in Texas, give me your best prices on Accord SE's in your area. I need to know what my wiggle room really is with Honda's right now. We are cash buyers and are not in any hurry. We can wait until September if the prices normally drop. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • sidbsidb Posts: 26
    Whats the break up of the $20700?
  • vdam10vdam10 Posts: 3
    Hi, what's the name of the dealership in San Antonio that offered the 20,700 for the SE? I'm in the market to buy one myself and live in Dallas. Just wanted a starting point to work with the dealers around here. And is 20,700 out the door price? Thanks!
  • bear06bear06 Posts: 4
    Hi guys, got quoted $24,990 for a 2012 v6 coupe in New York metro area. With 0.9% financing sounds like a great deal. Anyone get a better deal? I know this particular dealership has lots in stock and are probably looking to clear room for the 2013 model.
  • Gunn has some good prices, but when I just called them their price went up. Gilllman Honda has the 20,700 price right now. I would think the prices would drop as we get to Sept. What are they going to do with the 2012's when the 2013's arrive.
  • northshore4northshore4 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    I purchased a 2012 Accord EXL 4 cylinder with Navigation for $24,800. OTD it came to $27,300. How did I do? Was my first car purchase so would love to know if I got snowed.
  • srik1srik1 Posts: 6
    Can you please tell the location and dealership.
    Best I can get so far is $25,687 + ttl
  • Paid $20,000 excluding taxes for a 2012 SE two weeks ago in MA. Many dealers are leasing at a price of $20.5 up here. You should be able to do much better by the end of the month. Good luck!
  • After emailing every dealership within 200 miles, I managed to buy a new Honda Accord SE 2012 with tinted windows for a total drive out price of $22,166. From what I've seen, I think this is a pretty good deal. Paid cash, no financing. Will buy my extended warranty online.
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