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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Greetings:

    Has anyone purchased an Accord EX-L V6 w/Navigation? I would like to purchase one wthin the next 2 or 3 weeks.

    I have a 2008 Accord (same model as stated above) I bought it used, June 2010 for 20k with 31k on it..Now 73k and it's in fair condition, hence the reason I want to trade it in.

    Appreciate your input.

  • Hi:

    Are the prices for 2012 Accord EX-L V6 > with or without Navigation?

    Thanks !

  • solexsolex Posts: 1
    In Houston, got a quote for OTD price of ~23190 for a base model 2013 Accord LX. Is that a good deal?
  • Dch promised in e-mail to sell me a 2012 HF for $18,100. They had seller's remorse but couldn't back out. I refused all add ons. My FICO is above 800. They wrote contract, said I'd been approved. I took possession the next day. On day 10 they mailed me a letter demanding the car back saying I'd been disapproved for the financing. I demanded to know why--still waiting and tomorrow it will have been 2 weeks since I requested--and said I'd be sending the payoff. I went to my pre-approved lender and they sent the check to Dch. Suddenly I got a call from the finance man and his supervisor. Did I want to take their financing as I'd been approved. What, they thought I'd break a contract with my credit union the way they break contracts? They said they'd have to "null" the contract as written. So far no new contract or call to sign anything. As of last week they still hadn't cashed the check. But American Honda says their records show me as the owner.

    DCH can't be trusted. Do not buy cars from them unless you have full cash up front and it's under full warranty. (I've seen too many reviews about problems post sale).
  • My previous posts are WITHOUT Navigation ... thats why I didn't include NAVI in description.
  • isloverislover Posts: 32
    edited October 2012
    2012 Accord LX - $19200 ($2k below invoice (including regional delivery fee - deep south) + tax, tag/title, dealer fee)

    we are negotiators and feel we got a great deal - this is due to the $1750 dealer cash back at this time on 2012 accord - so they can deeply discount (we got more than that off invoice)

    please let us know if you agree~!

    we wanted the 2013 accord - but unfortunately they cannot make this kind of deal on the new model as they want to clear out the older ones - bummer

    NOT thrilled with this car AT ALL. drives like total crap. heavy and cumbersome with mushy steering - does not handle well - way too big - horribly uncomfortable seats - looks like something your grandparents would drive - no basic features of importance on LX such as bluetooth! dumb honda, dumb.

    the only positives: its a honda - one word - reliability - and it will hold it's value (hopefully)

    really REALLY do not like this car, truly cannot wait to not have it and it's brand new

    not a good feeling

    buyer's remorse

  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    'NOT thrilled with this car AT ALL. drives like total crap. heavy and cumbersome with mushy steering - does not handle well - way too big - horribly uncomfortable seats'

    Um - none of these issues emerged in
    your test drive?
    - Ray
    Just very curious.....
  • I bought a 2012 Honda Accord EXL without Navigation for 22K + TTL which came to 24.5K OTD about 2 weeks before in Maryland. How is this price?
  • It is not EXL v6, it is EXL I4.
  • hey guys,

    This forum has been extreme helpful with pricing so thank you everyone here so as i come close to buying the 2013 Accord EXL V6 ( no Nav) here is what i m seeing. Trying to get a metallic silver with black interior in Maryland. The price i got quoted is $28600 (included destination) plus reg/title fees $280, plus tax $1720 for the total out the door price of $30600. No financing deals to write home about so i m using a credit union to get a good rate of 1.5%.
    Any thoughts on price? anyone else shopping for the EXL V6?
  • isloverislover Posts: 32
    edited October 2012
    we didn't test drive as we had in past year - didn't think the car could get worse. price was most important to us.

    this forum is about PRICING

    thank you for your positive comment!

    have a great day
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    Well - I take that as sarcasm?
    Anyway, no offense intended.
    I just truly did not understand how all those negatives
    would not have been apparent from a test drive.
    I am also quite surprised that there would be that much
    difference between a 2011 and a 2012...
    - Ray
    I do hope the rest of the driving experience is not quite so negative for you...
  • 2013 EXL V6, metallic silver and black interior, i m getting 28600 for the car and 30600 for out the door price.
  • 30234 was the internet quote i received. The one thing that people do not figure in is the accesories that these dealerships add on. Those can be negotiated, but it will def add on the price. I have not seen any cars have no add ons. I also purchased a 7 yr 100000 warranty
  • kspjkspj Posts: 1
    We have been negotiating on a 2013 honda accord LX without additional options. The best offer that I got is 22,800. Has anyone bought a LX recently ? Can you advise me on the price .
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    Sorry...but had to jump in...

    "drives like total crap"

    Ah...didn't you drive one before buying it?

    "looks like something your grandparents would drive"

    Ah...didn't you LOOK at it before you bought it?

    Kinda sounds like all you cared about was the PRICE and nothing else?

    Again, sorry to butt in but just curious.

    P.S. I retired two years ago and therefore do not have a dog in the fight!
  • mardaymarday Posts: 4
    Why would you buy something you hate that much? If I disliked something that much I would not take it as a gift. You can't be too bright.
    Accept your loss and go get something you can live with.
  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17

    I was almost in purchasing a 2012 Toyota Camry SE base for a good deal slightly less than 23K OTD.. But had second thought about the 2013 Honda Accord for its better standard specs.
    I am located around orange county and looking for a 2013 Honda Accord Sport with auto trans.

    The MSRP at 24980 and I am looking for around 3000~3500 off MSRP before tax and fees.
    Anyone has current buying experience or know when will I be able to purchase at this price?
    Compare to Camry SE I got offered about 3800~3900 off MSRP (24680), I understand the car is out for almost an year now. I can justify paying 1k~1.3k more for the Accord compare to the Camry.

    If anyone could provide some info it would be great! I can wait a couple month thats no issue for me because I am planning to have a new car for 5~6 years so the decision is important.

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,350
    Unless things have changed since I retired there is nowhere near a 3000-3500 markup on Accords so asking a dealer to lose money probably won't work.

    In fact, as I understand it, the spread between invoice and MSRP has become less than ti was before

    Waiting a couple of months won't change this.

    I will say that it looks like Honda has a full blown home run on their hands with the 2013 Accords!!
  • zonecarzonecar Posts: 17
    edited October 2012
    I am not familiar with the Accord pricing but for Toyota Camry SE it is already possible to get 3800~4000 off MSRP price here is Socal. So definitely dealer is still making money even for under invoice price.

    dinoman's post in last page said he got a 2900 off MSRP deal already so I was thinking 3000~3500 off MSRP is doable, but now its just a matter of supply and demand since the 2013 Accord just came out. Also, I understand that the Accord will always be a bit expensive than Camrys, so thats why I said i can justify 1k~1.3k more. Camry SE and Accord Sport are direct competition.

    So if anyone here has purchased experience in Socal and the general idea pricing for the Accord would help a lot. Thanks you.
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