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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in Texas. I went to a couple of dealerships with a mindset of buying 2013 Honda Accord EXL. The quotes that I have got earlier from various dealerships were 28,400 OTD (includes sales tax of 6.25% and dealership add ons such as window tint, wheel lock, splash guards, trunk liner). Finally, I was able to get down the price to 27,900. I am not sure if this looks like a better deal but after following the forum for long time, I think 27,500 seems to be a great bargain. Please let me know your opinions.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,002
    edited December 2012
    MAV, Read my earlier postings on how to buy by phone or online then call as many dealers on the last day of the month. You will hit your target price. Be firm.. If they wont meet your price before saying good-bye tell them your price is what gets your business on that day and move on.. Pit one dealer against the next. tell every dealer you could get your price 100 miles away if you have to. mention any dealer 200 miles away put the bug in every dealer thats closet to you.. Play the game. Tell each dealer doc fee's are a deal breaker. The last day in Dec is a great month to pull off a Monster Deal and a buyers dream with alot of car companies........ good luck .......Brian

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  • Thank you for getting back to me.  As I listed in my break down of price in my first email to you Net Cost on the 2013 Honda Accord Sedan Sport CVT is $22,444.  So as you can see your offer of $21,000 even is not reasonable as that would result in a $1,444.  The price I quoted you of $22,194 including Honda's Destination Charge is my best price and good for today's business only.  I look forward to hearing back from you shortly with a time to come in today to wrap up this phenomenal deal. This is price from boch Honda and they say if I when with Honda financial they'll take another 500 off hope this will help u out
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,002
    Any dealership that tells you this is the only day for this price.... Make sure you run out of that dealership. The only time you should ever hear that saying is ON THE LAST DAY OF ANY MONTH OR AT THE QUARTERS END..

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,002
    tHERE ARE NO INCENTIVES FROM HONDA TO LEASE. i would wait a few months hoping honda lowers there residual costs.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • Don't you mean lower the money factor and increase the residual? Lowering the residual would cause the monthly payments to go up.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,002
    Yes thats what i meant to say

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • Yeah the current MF of 0.00155 is pretty bad. I am looking at 14 different cars to replace my Sonata and the Accord's MF is only exceeded by the new Lexus ES 350 (0.0017). The residual isn't bad, but not on par with Lexus or BMW for a 36 month lease.
  • Thanks Brian for your response. I am not in a hurry to buy a new one right away and plan to wait for some more time (as you said end of the month or next month). I am surprised that the dealers weren't ready for $27,500 since I saw couple of postings for $27,300 from people where the state taxes were higher than in Texas. The dealers were saying they will be losing more than $1000 for selling to me even at 27,900 :) :) :)
  • I had 27900 including 6.25% sales tax, title and standard dealer add ons like window tint, wheel locks, pin stripes, mud guards, etc.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,002
    Time is on your side. I plan to buy JAN or FEB myself.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • xuxxux Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    wow,I also in houston want to buy 2013 accord lx-4d-cvt,I go to Gillman and they just told me 22600 out door,I try to deal around 22000,but seems still hard, This is my first time to buy car, need help.can send me you break list of your quote?? great thanks.
  • I had been dealing with German Fuentes at Gillman Honda in Fort Bend. His ODT price was 22,400 for the base LX , but would take 500 off if I financed through Honda. which would make the price 21,900....I've also been dealing with Bruce Akers at McDavid Honda off the Gulf freeway. I've been researching for a while. I'm gonna go with the sport trim now and add leather. Anyways, i don't know how to post the info I got from German Fuentes. I initially contacted him via
  • Just received an online quote from a dealer offering $21,700 OTD including 6% MD sales tax. This offer is valid if I use Honda Financing. I am using this as a starting point and will be visiting a few dealers next Saturday or New Years Eve.
  • Hey, Which dealer in MD is that ? Thanks!
  • tobyltobyl Posts: 6
    The dealer called me and gave me a quote for $22,380 OTD. Does it a good deal for a 2013 Accord LX. I live in San Francisco; tax rate is 8.5%. Any comments.
  • That was from Bel Air Honda. I have also received a reasonable quote from Glen Burnie Honda, but not talked to them in a while.
  • Has anyone actually gone to one of the Costco Buyers Dealers and seen the "special price" for Costco members only? The Costco dealer for me is over an hour away and I do not want to drive all the way there to find out they can not beat the proce I already have.
  • This looks competitive but you can negotiate another $300 - 400 or so .
    Btw which dealer in SF bay area. Can you provide sale price and tax etc break up.
  • I'm in NC and price of the Accord Sport was $22,640. Total OTD price was $23,387. Not bad, probably could have done better but I am happy with the deal. This deal also includes a $500 bonus cash for financing with Honda.

    We love the car, got the white one!!
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