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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I believe that most of you that still looking can do better than me now. As time goes by, if you are willing to wait, perhaps drive a bit...and don't mind color. .. u can get a good, good deal in a car that even in the base model offers so much.

    I will post all the details of my experience once in my driveway. I prefer not to sale "smoke". As I have to drive it off the lot to count it as a good deal. :)
  • vba123vba123 Posts: 30
    edited March 2013
    Congrats. Excellent Deal you are getting. I think this is really best at this moment. I don't trust those one of kind ads for $18995 and where they have one in stock. Sometimes they just want you to come into dealership. I prefer to pay little bit extra for straight forward deal.
    Anderson quoted me $20419 plus doc fee but included pro pack - wheel locks, door guards, mud guards. I was willing to drive this weekend but chose to close the deal locally without pro pack for same price. My brother had other commitment he preferred to stay local.

    I went with Hematite with Black Interior. I am also planing to add Weather Tech Custom Fit Front and Rear Mats for $269.00.

    Tough to maintain Beige Interior. I recommend to get some custom fit seat cover thru online.
  • Great deal. Anyway, I wanted black in black, but wife and kids won this time...
    I will put the covers because the look on the beige seats in lx and somewhat on the ex are cheap looking. .. that's the only thing I hate.
  • I just wanted to thank everyone who post on this forum. I have read each day for two months, and it really helped me formulate my target price. I know can confirm Brians point that buying on last day of the month does indeed play a role my sales person told me it helped in my case. Here are the details.

    Msrp $30,860
    Sale price $27,490
    Accessories $ 0 (trunk tray,splash guards and wheel locks)
    Plus ttl Louisiana 8.75%

    About $800 under invoice With free accessories

    I had three dealers within $200 dollars of each other and went with the middle offer just because I like the way they treated me from the start. Did not enter dealership until the last day to sign papers and pick up the car. Internet and phone only.

    Hope this helps someone
  • Pretty good deal there. Congratulations! The next time I will save for 6cyl. This proves that it is possible to get a decent deal for the car u want. ..
  • MSRP: 30,860
    Sale price: 27,566
    Doc fee: 120
    PA Taxes, tags registration: 1750
    OTD ~ 29,450

    Got an internet quote from the website (they had the color in stock) which was about 28,900, made a counteroffer at 27,500 and said I was ready to buy. Got an email reply with the price above (this was on the 26th of Feb). Pulled the trigger and drove home last day of the month. The V6 is a pleasure to drive, all that power yet so smooth and quiet inside.
  • Oh, and I cannot thank everyone here enough. I have been following these forums for a while, and the wealth of information and wisdom is amazing!
  • I folks, just finished my deal on a black 2013 Accord Sport CVT w/o any options on it. After some semi-tense negotiating, (the price they quoted me online was $22.600, which was the lowest offer I got and then when we got there they said if we didn't have a trade in (we're paying cash) they'd have to increase the price by $300. We prepared to leave, a little annoyed by this turn of events, and they asked what price would cause us to buy the car today. Ultimately we decided on $22,271, which at least by TrueCar standards, seems to be a good price for this model. Out the door including taxes, tags, blah blah was $24,300. Hopefully it lasts us at least 10 years!
  • hoinoyhoinoy Posts: 10
    I also wanted to thank everyone with their postings. It made the purchasing process very comfortable by giving me a sense of confidence when I step into a dealership.

    Anyway, I test drove V6-Coupe w/Nav, V6 sedan, and Sport CVT. Feels that the BEST VALUE is definitely the Sport and it will not be a "second-guessing" purchase due to it's built-in price and what it comes with, 18" wheels, fog lights, etc.

    No haggle purchase price at $22,785 w/wheel locks (which I won't use). Probably could have argued for a few hundred more in discount, but overall, I felt really comfortable with the salesman and made the purchase.

    I didn't have to sit with the "sales department" to sit through all the BS about "paint protection", "extended warranty", etc, because my salesman knows I won't fall for that BS and that itself is worth ~$200.

    Now, I am off to check out the upcoming Miata for my summer commuter car!

    thanks all!
  • dobrydobry Posts: 7
    I got my 2013 Honda Accord 4dr MANUAL :) $21875+doc+tax.
  • That's a great price you got it for. I remember ur response to my first post a while back but I was offered 30,796 OTD for exl i4 with navi.. But in the end of negotiations I brought it down to

    Price: $27,649.00
    Tax: $1935.43 nj taxes
    Dmv: $301.00
    Doc: $299.00
    Total: $30,184

    All in all I feel like it was a great deal and I'm enjoying the new car
  • Truecar us a true rip off! They no longer show the heavy discounters price in any area - typically a $1,000 less! So they made you feel good and True car received $250 to $400 bucks for their "fake" prices.

    Yes you received a good price - but you could have gotten a better deal if Truecar actually met the meaning of their name. The only thing they are true to is the CEO of truecar so he can pad his wallet. Your car will last 10 years and a $1000 bucks over ten years is only $100 bucks - but that is your money and that SOB essentially stole it from you. I still can't believe consumer reports uses the service, because as the ceo of Truecar put it in a trade publication a year and a half ago, "we appologize" to all the dealers out there, true car will no longer show the heavy discounted prices so as to not mislead the public (I am adlibbing a bit here). But so you know, always be careful regarding who is "suggesting a price" - especially when it comes to FAKECAR/TRuecar.
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    edited March 2013
    i poached this info from one of the Accord geek sites, driveaccord dot net

    "for those wondering about February carwoo deals in OH (all prices include doc fee but not tax & title):
    BEST prices from 5 dealers bidding
    LX 20530
    Sport 22083
    EX 22891"

    As always, YMMV...Good hunting
  • I still check in here once in awhile to see how prices have fluctuated. I see that prices for my specific EX-L V6 haven't really budged much.

    1) When the car is in YOUR driveway with YOUR stuff in the trunk and YOUR family in it, a few hundred here or there won't enter your mind again.

    2) Something that satisfied shoppers have in common is that they report that they read each posting on this forum. For months. Like I did. Those poor individuals who stop by this forum ON THEIR WAY to the dealership can't be helped. I paid $1020 under invoice with doc fees included. Something I never would have tried if I hadn't read four or five months of postings here.

    3) BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Where is Brian125? I look forward to his unspellchecked, ungrammatical post about his buying experience. C'mon man. TELL IT!

    2013 Accord EX-L V6 Black/Black
    27.33 MPG
    $27192 on 12-28-12
  • trusso69trusso69 Posts: 68
    for poster 28822:
    Have you had any issues with telematics or audio on your EX-L V6?
    There is a TSB out, dated 2 march, for a software update for EX-L and above models (with and without nav). They don't say which VINs are affected but it's probably the early production models. They are supposedly sending letters out to affected owners.
  • Truecar gives people a mathematical illusion. They seem to be showing a bell curve and make you believe the majority of people is playing more than their Estimated Price. In reality, the purchase data is not a normalized distribution as people would conclude from the fake bell curve. There are a lot of people paying at the low end of the price - the data they conveniently skipped. If they would be truthful and show all the data, people would be wondering why they want to pay the Truecar price.

    Anyways, from my recent experience of the price of an EX in souther ca, one third of the dealers offer quotes around the Truecar price, One third are higher but could be negotiated to that price. One sixth of the dealers would not match this price and finally one sixth of the dealers will beat this price in various degrees. I am sure most people coming to this forum are not satisfied with the Truecar price and are seeking the prices Truecar does not display in their chart.
  • I agree with your points. I have been following these forums for a while and reading all the discussions (always entertaining btw ) and I set my target price based on what I saw here. I did not aim for the lowest price I have seen here, was ready to pull the trigger for about 200 to 300 more if the transaction could be done quickly without any shenanigans. I am also the kind of person who doesn't care about a few hundred AFTER spending the money.

    Also, I have seen you and some other folks posting real world MPGs for these trims in the other thread, which is great. I will join the discussions there soon!

    Looks like Brian125 is busy golfing and chilling after closing the deal. His enthusiasm on this forum always kept it interesting.
  • Augcarbuyer,

    What a great post! I just hope people read it and understand the Truecar price is not the best they can get. As you indicate there are dealers which will beat the price - and handily. The typical differential which I had calculated on a honda was about $1,100 bucks right after truecar stopped including the wholesale discounters prices about a year ago.

    What really bothers me is Consumer Reports (the consumer protector) uses the service which is nothing more than as you point out not "true". Once people believe they have a good deal, $300 bucks isn't a deal closer. But in these fiscal times it should be.
  • My radio has been "staticy" maybe four times in the two months I've had it. I turned off the car and turned it back on and the problem was gone. Once in awhile the bluetooth doesn't "register" with the screens even though the music is playing.

    I will not be getting this software update. If you think of how many different types of phones/bluetooth/os are out there, it's a wonder the stereo works at all.

    My belief is that this software update will add issues I don't already have.
  • ziggy25aziggy25a Posts: 24
    I got this line from a Honda dealer internet rep. Since I never heard this before, my thinking is this is bull. Does anyone have any hard data or reference to prove this wrong? Or is it instead correct?

    "different areas of the United States DO have different pricing. Only 5 states in the US require vehicles to meet the California Emmissions Standards and New York is one of those. Accords are built differently depending on which State they are going to be delivered to and what laws they need to meet and this does affect the invoice pricing."
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