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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cid805cid805 Posts: 4
    City: Bethlehem Twp

    State: Pa

    I'm purchasing a 2013 Accord EX sedan, 4 cylinder, automatic and would appreciate advice on a reasonable offer for the combination of the invoice price ($24,037) plus the dealer's processing fee (for this exercise, let's assume $250) for a total of $24,287. I want to nail this part down first before considering the total OTD price (see below).

    This is a cash purchase with no extras from the finance people. We keep our cars so I'll consider someone like Sacucci or Hyannis for Honda Care after this is settled.

    My thought is to offer $23,600 or $687 less than the $24,287 above. The offer of $23,600 includes the dealer's processing fee and is a net $437 below invoice.

    At $23,600, when i add the required 6.00% Pa sales tax ($1,416) and an estimated $150 for the required registration fee ($131 three years ago), the calculated OTD price is $25,166. Is this reasonable? I'd really like to offer no more than $25,000 OTD but feel that may be a little too aggressive.

    I'm not into haggling, don't want to waste either my time or the dealer's and will walk if necessary.

    We are about 60 miles north of Philly and plan to contact several NJ & PA dealers within 75 - 100 miles. This forum is extremely helpful. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,424
    edited May 2013
    I think getting a couple a hundred off your price is very do-able and should not be a problem.

    Make your offer to all the dealerships for the sale tomm. Try to nail down that price with dealerships closest to your home 1st.

    No need to travel 60 to 100 miles to save 200 dollars.

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    edited May 2013
    For the future: the dealer needs your business and not the other way around so next time don't be pressured into buying a car with addons or extra crap that you don't want/need -- there are plenty of other dealers you could do business with...

    Break down the OTD price so we know how much you actually paid for the car/accessories/doc fee/tax/title/plates -- tax/title/plates/doc fees vary by region so no one knows what you paid for the car if you just give a total OTD price

    2013 EXL i4 CVT: $28,785 retail price w/ dest fee & $26,399 invoice price w/ dest fee

    You want to be below the invoice price by $500-$1000 for it to be a good deal just for the car (accessories extra) -- since you alrdy bought the car with the overpriced accessories added on you probably did get screwed on the price so consider this a learning experience and move on. You alrdy bought the car so the dealer will not take back the overpriced accessories and its too late to negotiate the price on them so you're stuck with them

    Read the extended warranty and prepaid maintenance paperwork for cancellation info -- you should have a certain amount of days in which you can cancel it. $2880 for 8yr warranty is crazy (you're better off keeping that money aside and paying for repairs out of pocket) and $1770 for 4yr prepaid maintenance is insane (you will not pay anywhere close to that amount out of pocket)

    Cancel the warranty and maintenance ASAP and get your money back!!!

    If you do want an extended warranty then you can buy Honda's extended warranty from online dealers for much cheaper price than what you paid (go for the $0 deductible plans). See the warranty thread here:

    Get quotes from these online dealers:

    Its too late to do anything about the car & accessories prices, but you should be able to get your $5k back for the warranty and maintenance -- do NOT let them push you around by delaying the cancellation or telling you to come back later (read the paperwork on how to cancel and make sure they do it)
  • cid805cid805 Posts: 4
    Brian, thanks for your help with this. If they don't have my desired color on the lot, I'm assuming they should be able to get it and this will not change terms of my offer.
  • ziggy25aziggy25a Posts: 24
    edited May 2013
    For anyone interested, I recieved an email from Millennium Honda that there is a 3 day sale there until May 31. The Accord LX Sedan I4 CVT price is $20,579. I assume this includes destination. NY law limits the doc fee to $75. So this would be a pretty good no hassle price.
  • ziggy25aziggy25a Posts: 24
    As others have said, there is a provision that allows you to cancel and get a refund of your extended warranty, assuming it is a HondaCare policy. Depending on your model level, you can get a 8 yr 120k warranty for about $1100 at They say to check with them BEFORE you cancel your existing warranty.
  • mr_numbmr_numb Posts: 7
    edited May 2013
    $22,280 + TTL for a Sport 6MT with added leather in NY/NJ would be a great deal, but it sounds too good to be true. The salesperson probably talked cheap over the phone to get you into the showroom rather than commit to a particular price.

    Keep in mind price (which creeps closer to MSRP as demand increases), fees, and taxes vary by region - here in northern Illinois I see plenty of new domestics (Fusions in particular), but only a handful of new Accords.

    I bought my car when there was still plenty of snow on the ground, so that plays into it also.

    Hope you find what you're after - someone in NJ should be able to help you more than I can!
  • chittinenichittineni Posts: 10
    here is the break up: tell me what do you think....
    Selling price 28785
    discount 3027.99
    adj price 25757.01
    pro pack 799
    tint 299
    dooe edge 299
    pin stripes 299

    total purchase 27453.01

    doc fee 180
    tax 1715.81
    non tax fees 182.43

    total 29531.25

    can you tell me what will be the actual price for those accesories?
  • vinnuvinnu Posts: 3
    First of all my apologies in delaying this post as i bought my car on Apr 30.Second I want to thank all the members in the forum who helped me in understanding the intrinsics of car buying details.
    I bought a 2013 Honda Accord EXL V4 Basque Red Pearl 2 on April 30 from David McDavid Honda, Irving, TX for 27200 OTD.This also includes tint,door edge guards,wheel locks,splash guard,trunk tray and pinstripe.
    I first did online bargaining via emails and then got a deal from one of the dealer for 25700 + taxes and the deal also mentioned that no extra add ons. So i thought of using this price as the base price, but later i read in this forums on how can one make a deal on month end. So i waited for the month end as read in the forums approached dealer with 1200 off on invoice price. The dealer from whom i bought told me that he will give me the car for 27000 OTD provided I go with Honda Financing.Once reaching the dealership they started the actual show saying that since its month end and they are low on inventory they cannot do it for 27000 OTD. Lot of bargaining went around and I was adamant that I cannot pay more than that. I later gave in and accepted for 27200 as I have decided to buy on that day. Further negotiations happened and the dealer wanted me to bump up by couple of hundreds and I said stern NO.Finally the deal got closed at 27200.

    The split for the same is:
    Car price paid : 25256.02
    Taxes Paid (6.25%) : 1578.50
    Tags and other charges : 365.48

    I made down payment of 5200$ and the remaining 22000 financing has been done through Honda.

    The tricky part starts here. Until I went to meet the finance guy, I was under the notion that I will be going through my own financing which is through PenFed for 1.74% APR. Only once i met the finance guy I realized that it is Honda Financing and they charged me an APR of 4.61% for 5 years. I was very tired by that time and had no patience in negotiating further as it was already midnight. I called one of my friend and he told me that I can refinance later easily. Also the finance guy told me that there are no early payment fees.In the hindsight I feel it would have been better if I had negotiated with the correct APR. Anyways nothing much can be done now.I will be meeting the dealer this weekend to pick my number plates and then will check with them about refinancing. Also I have refinancing from PenFed for the same rate i.e. 1.74% APR.

    Please advise if i am doing anything wrong with the financing model.

    Once again thanks guys for helping in my car purchase and let me know if anyone has any questions.
  • juliankryejuliankrye Posts: 51
    edited May 2013
    I am in north jersey, and have bought 3 hondas during the last few years. Sometimes some prices seem to good to be true, so be careful. I can most certainly tell you who is telling you lies to get you to the door, and who's giving you good numbers.

    Also, some dealers will quote you on the standard config, and when you go to make a deal, cars they got have a boat load of accessories.

    As I said I have been at most of the honda dealerships, as well as a few others (hyundai (2x), mazda (2x), VW, and Subaru, when I bought my last Honda last year. Feel free to IM me if you prefer, I can try and steer you in the right direction. Last Honda I bought, I pretty much named my price at 8:30PM on the 28th of the month and drove the car home in less than an hour. Long night for sure :) but worth it.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,424
    1st of all you should have told the finance guy he had to beat or match your loan with penn fed. when you go back make dealer match or beat your penn loan. the dealership will not want to lose that 1.74% you already have.
    If dealer does not budge when you get your 1st payment from honda use that penn fed check to pay off there balance.

    enjoy your new accord

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • kr6822kr6822 Posts: 5
    I think you have overpaid because of the add on's and don't think you can do anything about it now. As the previous comments suggested cancel all your warranty stuff.

    I have bought my car around mid april and paid 25,800 OTD (incl tax and tags, mud guards and wheel locks)
  • 336mil336mil Posts: 8
    I have bought my car around mid april and paid 25,800 OTD (incl tax and tags, mud guards and wheel locks)

    Can you break out your numbers, please...

    Price Paid (for car):
    Sales Tax:
  • walletlesswalletless Posts: 40
    edited May 2013
    Just helped a neighbor buy a base model 2013 Accord LX Automatic with no add-ons/accessories in Bay Area (San Jose area). He just closed a deal for $20,248 + $80 doc fee + TTL (price includes destination fees). I don't exactly remember the final OTD price, but it was around $22300.

    Good deal?

    The neighbor is brand new in the country so he does not have any credit history. He had secured a 2.74% rate from a local credit union, which Honda finance was unable to meet/beat, so he kept his CU financing.
  • 336mil336mil Posts: 8
    I have bought my car around mid april and paid 25,800 OTD (incl tax and tags, mud guards and wheel locks)

    Can you break out your numbers, please...

    Price Paid (for car):
    Sales Tax:

    Sorry, I found your numbers up chain:

    24046+790 (freight) + 394 (doc fee) +756.91(tax) + 69.75 (title and license) -300 (flex cash/towards honda finance 1.9%) = 25800 OTD
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    edited May 2013
    adj price 25757.01 -- that's fine (you want to be $500-$1000 below the $26399 invoice price)
    pro pack 799 -- not sure what this includes, but I'm guessing floor mats + trunk tray + mud guards + wheel locks which you can buy online for around $300-350 (overpaid by $450-500)
    tint 299 -- probably costs around $150-200 depending on your area (overpaid by $100-150)
    dooe edge 299 -- I'm guessing its body colored rubber then $80 on eBay (overpaid by $220)
    pin stripes 299 -- completely useless so worth $0 to me (overpaid by $300)
    total purchase 27453.01 -- surprised that the dealer stayed below the car's $28785 retail price lol

    If you care about having those accessories then you overpaid by $1100-1200, but if you didn't want accessories in the first place then you overpaid by $1700 (total price of the addons) -- maybe even more if they taxed the addons as well

    Nothing you can do about it now -- just accept it as a life lesson and move on (cancel the warranty and maintenance as soon as you can)

    You'll probably get a phone call or mailed survey from Honda asking you about your car buying experience -- let them know you were disappointed by the dealer pressuring you into buying the car with overpriced addons that you didn't want and that you'll stick with buying Toyotas in the future lol (you wont get any money back from Honda but at least they'll know you weren't happy about the buying experience)
  • slamshifterslamshifter Posts: 25
    Brian125...the Subaru thread doesn't get the traffic the Accord thread gets so please excuse the desparate attempt to get your attention. I shopped a 13 Accord LX and and got a local dealer to $20,995. I shopped a comparable '13 Sube Impreza 5 door premium edition based on equipment and price point. Sube wins the business with a final negotiated price of 20,000. It's invoiced at $21267. They had it stickered for 22500 and added on a cold weather pkg for an extra $500 so it tipped out at $23,500 range. So...

    Selling price: $20,000
    36 month lease
    12000 miles/per annum
    Residual 61%
    MF: .00100
    Base payment $223
    Monthly payment = $239 month ($223 + 6.75% tax)
    Due at signing: $583 (1st month of $223/$250 doc fee/$60 license and registration)

    What say you Brian? Good deal or not so good? Appreciate the feedback!
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,424
    edited May 2013
    Just read the consumer report review on the New redesigned 2014 Forester.. It has taken over the top spot for best small Suv.
    My only concern was the reports claims the ride was not as good as the 2013 and wind noise was very noticeable.

    As far as your deal on the Subaru. Impreza... Excellent price.
    If your residual, and MF; are correct you have done a good job.

    I negotiated a deal for a Impreza last year for 900 below invoice with no doc fee's added. The CVT engine is said to be noisy

    What is the name of the dealership your considering buying from..

    Good luck

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • slamshifterslamshifter Posts: 25
    If this meets your seal of approval I am pretty happy then!!! I will be back soon once i pull the trigger
  • cid805cid805 Posts: 4
    City: Bethlehem Twp
    State: Pa

    Brian, your advice was very very helpful and I thank you. I made a $25,000 OTD offer to five local dealers with four responses. One (Lehigh Valley Honda) met my offer price pretty quickly and was accepted. The other three were in the $25,450 - $25,500 range.

    Making the offer at the end of the month helps. Two of the offers were good only through May 31.

    I just got home with the Accord and was very pleased with the transaction. Everyone involved at Lehigh Valley Honda (Elizabeth, Jennifer, Michael and Matthew) was very helpful and professional. There were no surprises. The paperwork was pretty much ready when I arrived and we were done in about 90 minutes. I would definitely recommend them.

    The breakdown of the $25,000 OTD is as follows:

    Car price - $23,361
    Pa 6.00% Sales Tax - 1,402
    Registration, Tags, etc. - $237

    The car price is a net $676 under invoice ($24,037). Could I have done a little better? Maybe, but the dealer is only 20 miles from home and a half-hour drive max. When i first started out, my goal was a net $800 under invoice.

    I also ended up purchasing Honda Care (8/120k $0 deductible - Plan D82) at $1,240 retail. This seemed reasonable given what I had read in another forum about the on-line offers from Hyannis and others.

    Thanks again!!
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