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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kirankkirank Posts: 1
    Bought an accord LX yesterday , last day of May.

    Prime honda , close to Boston. Paid 20320 . No options included , doc fee was about 290
    Traded in a 2000 Camry , 148k miles on it, in so so condition for 1500

    They were pretty good . Liked my experience there. Tried Boch honda earlier in the month , they played games , didn't like to deal with them anymore , will not go there in the future.
  • mjk14mjk14 Posts: 12
    I agree with the dealers that play games and will tell you anything to get you into the dealership.

    Planet Honda- rt 22
    Honda of Toms River- Rt 37
  • hamheadhamhead Posts: 2
    I want to thank everyone for all the great advice and pricing info. I got a much better deal after reading and rereading every post here for the last two weeks. I didn't have time to start thur or fri and didn't want to wait another month so I started yesterday, June 1. My strategy was to call dealers that had my car and color in stock.

    My spill was "I'll buy today for 27.5 + TTL." The replies were "that's crazy talk", bye ; "come in and deal", no; " how about 28xxx" not today, I may check back. I was getting very discouraged and starting to question my strategy. Then bingo, I bought a car on the 10th call.

    I know it's not the best deal ever, but i think I did O.K. I'm sure I would have paid more without the info learned here. I hope my numbers can help others. Thanks again.

    EX-L V6
    MSRP 30860
    price 26900
    doc 600
    TTL 2185
    OTD 29685
  • 21,300 + 700 freight + 700 dealer fee + 1000 tax + license/misc = $24,000
    includes lifetime warranty -unlimited miles/years and 5 year DuPont complete paint protection
  • seems too good to be true - are you sure it includes $700 destination/freight and there is usually a 500 to 700 dealer fee also?
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    Looks like the price walletless paid is more in line with market than what you paid - your deal seems a bit steep. What's this lifetime warranty? I've never heard of that.
  • Lifetime warranty is for engine ctv transmission transfer case fuel pump timing chain Eng mounts drive axle seals with fidelity warranty services in deerfield Fla.
  • I am interested in the EX 4 door automatic in So. California. What is the dealership you purchased your car from? We have dealt with several internet depts in So. Calif, who give an emailed price supposedly out the door and then change the story upon arrival at the dealership!

    Were you happy with dealer and salesperson? What color did you get? Were you able to get flex cash?
    Thank you for your help. Sounds like you got a good deal, especially with your trade in!

    Are you loving your car?
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 436
    edited June 2013
    Sounds like you purchased a third party extended warranty - it would probably a good idea to research the reputation of this company as many car buyers have had bad experiences with organizations like these. As far as extended warranties are concerned, you would be better off investing in Hondacare from one of the online sellers popular on this site.

    Edit: Dylan - you might want to see if you can cancel the Fidelity plan - a peek online reveals many complaints by consumers who have had dealings with them.
  • fields102fields102 Posts: 6
    Love the car. It's blue.
    Kearny Mesa or Escondido dealers were the best.
    Don't know if they gave me flex cash. (It wasn't on the paperwork).
    I assumed I'd actually get 1750ish for the trade in. The guy a few posts up got 1500 for trading in a 2000 Camry.
    To get to $385 a month with a 1750 trade in and 500 down, I think the purchase price needed to be around 22,100. I just said this is the payment I want. I let them figure out how to get there.

    Patience was the key on this. It took about a week to make the deal but my wife was ready to crack.

    I purchased a 2013 pilot 30 days ago and the dealer gave me 0.9% financing for 60 months to make that deal work, even though they were advertising 0.9 for up to only 36 months.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    To get to $385 a month with a 1750 trade in and 500 down, I think the purchase price needed to be around 22,100. I just said this is the payment I want. I let them figure out how to get there.

    They must have loved you!

    A) $385/mo x 24 months = $9,240 + $2,250 (trade, down) = $11,490
    B) $385/mo x 36 months = $13,860 + $2,250 (trade, down) = $16,110
    C) $385/mo x 48 months = $18,480 + $2,250 (trade, down) = $20,730
    D) $385/mo x 60 months = $23,100 + $2,250 (trade, down) = $25,350
    E) $385/mo x 72 months = $27,720 + $2,250 (trade, down) = $29,970

    If it is A, then it is a really GREAT deal. If it is E, then, well.... too late anyway...
  • okaniokani Posts: 20
    Let me guess, it was option "C)" :)))
  • fields102fields102 Posts: 6
    I got option D. They all tried to give me 72 months. I had told them that I wanted that payment with 60 months financing.
    In the end, the paperwork said purchase price of 23,336, 1.9 financing for 60 months and $3000 for the trade in and a $500 down payment. IMO, they inflated the value on my trade in by 1000 to 1500.

    Was D not a good option either?
  • I got this quote from Conicelli Honda in Conshohocken, PA (outside of Philly):

    $22,803 (includes $790 destination fee)
    $1368 PA tax (6%)
    $94 License fees
    $131 doc fee

    $24,396.00 OTD

    Is this a good price for this model? Thanks.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Sport CVT
    MSRP $24,980
    Invoice $22,929

    You can do better since the price w/ doc fee is pretty much at invoice -- you want to be $500-$1000 below invoice. Not sure how soon you need the car, but you'll probably get a better deal at the end of the month. If you need it now then try asking for $23500 OTD and go slightly up from there -- contact a bunch of other dealers to see what prices they're offering

    If financing directly with Honda then ask if $500 flex cash is still available or not
  • I don't need the car now so I guess I'll try for a better price. I have inquiries out to 2 other Honda dealers in my area but haven't received an OTD price from them yet. Thanks for the advice.

    I'll shoot for ~21900 (incl. destination and doc fee), and possibly wait until the end of the month if I am not getting close to that price this month.
  • karhill1karhill1 Posts: 100
    The so-called lifetime warranty is useless. Designed solely to deceive buyers into believing they are getting something for nothing. Covers little with small print designed to assure there are few, if any, actual payouts. No one can warranty a product for an unlimited period.

    Paint protection is overpriced and essentially nothing more than a wax job. The actual product has a cost of a few dollars and the dealer pays a lot guy $10 an hour to apply. The same product can be bought at any auto store for $15 or so. Selling point for the overpriced paint protection is the so-called insurance. Insurance which, of course, is designed to assure there are few, if any, actual payments.

    The lifetime warranty is designed to entice buyers to buy from that dealer. The paint protection provides the dealer a huge profit of several hundred percent.

    Lifetime warranties should be ignored as the mean nothing. Paint protection should be met with a loud NO. A short trip to the Internet will reveal much.
  • tamtlytamtly Posts: 10
    Trying to decide between LX and Sport CVT. Any pointers to decide between these two will be helpful.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    You'll be driving the car yourself so you'll have to decide on if you're happy with the LX or do you really want the Sport extras (18" wheels, spoiler, dual exhaust, diff seats, paddle shifters, fog lights, 1 less MPG, power drivers seat, leather steering wheel) -- check out the differences online, but I also recommend seeing both cars in person so you have a better idea on what you want

    Also remember that the LX has 16" tires and Sport has 18" so when it comes time to replace the tires, you'll be paying more for the 18"


    Get price quotes for both models from multiple dealers in your area so you have an idea of the actual price difference you'll be paying -- $1710 MSRP difference but actual difference will vary since dealers wont have as many Sport models in stock as the LX so harder to negotiate (Sport probably sells at a faster rate, around my area there are 3x more LX in stock than Sport)

    To get a general idea of Accord sedans in stock (searched within 100mi of my location)
    -- shows:
    EX (72) EX-L (188) EX-L V-6 (92) LX (190) Sport (51) Touring V-6 (9)
    -- shows (easier to view dealer car pics on here as well):
    EX(125) EX-L(409) LX(299) Sport(86) Touring(15)
  • tamtlytamtly Posts: 10
    Thanks jatan
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