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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 336mil336mil Posts: 8
    In most states, automobile cash incentives and rebates are taxable. You were not cheated (unless you live in one of the following states that do not tax them... I think this list is accurate):

    New Hampshire
    Rhode Island
  • huskerfan5huskerfan5 Posts: 163
    Suggest you talk to a tax professional in your state or visit your states tax website. Although I don't live in Massachussets, I know for a fact that you pay sales tax on what the dealer charges you. If the incentive is netted in the price, you pay less sales tax than if you receive the incentive via a check after the purchase. Can't comment on the accuracy of the rest of the list.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited June 2013
    You are taking a risk with dealer installed leather because there is no guarantee any side airbags installed in the seats will deploy properly during a collision.
    The leather installer can't guarantee that and Honda won't since you messed with the factory seat covers.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 924
    I had the dealer install leather on my '04 Mazda 6 which had side airbags. Nobody said it was risky or that that there could be an airbag problem.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,704
    Everything you wanted to know about dealer installed leather...

    This company is big in the business

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited June 2013
    That's not surprising that they didn't say it would be a problem or that it could be risky especially if they were not asked. Do you think a Toyota salesman is going to volunteer to you that the current Camry had a poor rating on the small overlap crash test and that Toyotas in general had much worse results than competing cars in that test? No, they will more likely only tell you that it is a "Top Safety Pick" and had 5 star test results in other crash tests.
    They can tell you anything verbally anyway. "I never said that." "I don't remember saying that." "I'm sorry you misinterpreted what I said."
    There is no "proof" that the seat covers would be unsafe on your particular car or that you would ever have an accident where the airbag functioning perfectly would make a difference. They have plausible deniability and are trying to sell them, not scare people away.

    The airbags should still "work" unless they very poorly installed the seat covers, but they may not work exactly the way the manufacturer intended.
    If the airbags don't go off at the correct speed or is otherwise impaired, but still "deploy" and you are injured because of it, you will have no way to prove that or you may be killed and not be able to do anything about it.
    Because this will be difficult to prove, the aftermarket leather makers are not at much risk of being sued unless the seat covers are so poorly installed that they very obviously interfered with the side airbags during an accident.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited June 2013
    Isn't the money factor also negotiable since the dealerships may mark up the money factor without mentioning it to pad their profits with extra commission and you will have to negotiate with them to remove their markup to get back to the base rate?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited June 2013
    Of course, someone has. There are plenty of anecdotes of people using the Hondacare coverage.
    The majority of people will have problems that add up to less than what they paid for the extended warranty or will happen during factory coverage or after an extended warranty would have also expired (150K miles etc.).
    On any single car, you might have a very expensive covered item failure during the specific window of time after the factory warranty expires but before the extended coverage expires, but more likely not.
    For instance, if you buy an extended warranty on every car you own over your entire life, it is extremely likely that you will be worse off financially than if you had saved/invested that money and just paid cash for any repairs on the specific cars you owned that needed repairs.
    If you buy the Hondacare coverage for the cheapest price possible, at least you will be "losing less money" and you could rationalize that you are paying for "peace of mind" rather than pre-paying for covered repairs that may never be needed.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    If there are factory incentives then they take it directly off the car, but for flex cash they treat it like a cash payment at the end after taxes

    As mentioned above it probably varies by state, but for the most part you pay taxes on that $500

    Were your 2 friends in the same state as you?
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Just ask them what brand they use then search for online reviews -- I think aftermarket leather is fine as long as they use a good brand (Katzkin or LeatherSeats or Clazzio are the most common). The dealer will charge a couple hundred more since they usually take their commission and send the car to an independent shop to get the work done (they may do it in-house if your dealership is part of a big network of dealers)

    You can also use google or yelp to find independent shops in your area and get a quote from them -- if its a small price difference then I would just go with the dealer (if theres a problem during/after install then the dealer will take care of it)

    They don't just slide the leather on top of your cloth seats -- they remove the seats from the car, take off the cloth top, install the leather and then reinstall the seats. Airbags will deploy fine since aftermarket leather seats take into account airbag locations similar to OEM leather

    Here's my earlier post on aftermarket leather:
  • huskerfan5huskerfan5 Posts: 163
    Perhaps if you are dealing with a third party leasing company as some of them are sleazier than the dealers (one of my ten leases was through one and I'll never make that mistake again) but leases through the manufacturer's primary leasing source will offer the same money factor to everyone in the same credit tier. I do suggest you ask to see rate sheet that the leasing company provided the dealer. It should be the same as that provided to other dealers of that make in your location and those rates won't be negotiable. However, the dealer may try to mark up the lease inception fee.
    When you talk to a dealer about a lease, ask them to give you the money factor, residual and capitalized cost. Once they realize you know something about leasing, there's less of a chance of them playing games.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited June 2013
    Yes, they "take in account" the airbag locations. That is not the same as the manufacturer approved seat covers.
    It is only a "maybe" that the airbags will deploy exactly the way the manufacturer intended with the OEM seats. If the airbags deploy slightly slower or slightly faster, it could make a difference.
    It's dangerous to have these third party upholstery vendors mess with the seats and airbags.

    It only took a few seconds on Google to find reference to auto manufacturers warning against this. Most likely, these are not the only ones. - rim

    Here is a much older link:
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    This happens with the auto manufacturer leases also. The auto manufacturer lease company has a rate that goes with the credit tier, but the dealer finance department is free to offer the lessee a higher rate and the dealership gets a bigger commission if they get them to accept it. The dealer sales person just says "The lease rate for you is X" and the lessee takes their word for it unless they know differently.
    BMW finance has done this. They have a minimum lease money factor they cannot go below, but they will take more if they can get it. Maybe Honda Finance is different.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Car manufacturers cant guarantee quality of aftermarket products or if they'll be properly installed so they'll always recommend OEM

    If you buy quality aftermarket leather seats (like the ones I mentioned before) then those are fine if they install it correctly -- they use similar weak stitching near airbags as OEM so the airbags will blow through during an accident

    Dealers will not use cheap leather or crappy installers due to liability issues and also to avoid voiding the warranty (if you google/yelp installers in your area then you can also find some good independent shops). During installation they remove the seats and take them apart so they have to be careful with seat sensors to avoid damaging them and they have to remember to reconnect all wiring during reinstall

    That article you linked to mentioned that the installer put in too much padding which was installer error. Katzkin was mentioned later in the article and they passed Chrysler and Ford testing -- Nissan hasn't tested them, but Katzkin was open to having their products tested (not sure if Nissan has tested them since the article or not). Even the Nissan dealer in the article said they never had any problems using quality aftermarket leather seats -- the only problem they had was with aftermarket heated leather seats so they don't install those
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited June 2013
    It doesn't matter if the Nissan dealer quoted in the article says they never had any problems reported to them. That means very little.

    The manufacturers don't want the seats because the quality is not consistent and the independent installers are not approved or authorized by the manufacturer to modify the car seats.
    Most likely the installer adding extra padding assumed there would be no problem with it and that they had thought of "everything" related to the air bags because they had breakaway stitching that is supposed to allow the airbags to deploy.

    If there is an issue, your warranty on related parts is void and warranty coverage on the air bags or seats will be the least of your problems if there is a major issue that makes your injuries worse during an accident (whether caused by improper padding, other installation errors or defects in or just plain improper design of the materials.)

    Third parties installing replacing the seat covers is not going to be as safe as having the manufacturer installing all the seats identically on a factory assembly line using only manufacturer specified parts.

    At best, it is "probably" not going to be a problem and they probably will not ever be in a collision in that car where the seat-mounted airbags are needed. If that's good enough, then the buyer just has to decide if they want the aftermarket leather seats that badly and are willing to take some additional risk to get it.
  • frisbee12frisbee12 Posts: 3
    Did you end up buying LX CVT in PHX?
    Would appreciate prices and dealer location.
  • buyer157buyer157 Posts: 40
    1) Thx for everyone who replied on the taxing of the flex cash. Helpful. I guess the dealer was in his right. Another person I met through this forum bought the same car I did in Jersey and was NOT taxed on the flex cash, even though NY and NJ are supposed to have the same tax treatment of incentives.

    Quite frankly, I think my local dealer felt that they were selling the car below what they wanted to and simply didn't want to do anything further in my favor..

    2) To the person who likes the LX but hates the cloth interior - you may want to check out the Sport. Besides the improved exterior performance (wheels, spoiler, fog lights, front end, dual exhaust) and tighter driving dynamics, the black fabric inside is much improved. One of the key attractions for me...after all you live on the inside of your vehicle. I liked the white car, and the tan interior on the LX just would not do.

    Wife is a big animal rights person so leather was never an option, but the fabric on the sport is really nice. Going with aftermarket leather could be an issue down the road if not dealer installed.

    3)Anyhow, I've been stalking these forums for a while, and received a great deal of value. Brought home my new white sport today. Fantastic car....very pleased. Don't know how they did it, but it feels like the engine is mounted on a cloud of cotton candy. Can't even hear it running when the car is stopped. And when you give it gas, the thing springs forward with no hesitation. Stop and go traffic home from the dealer and still averaged around 30 miles to the gallon....on FIRST drive.

    4)One thing I should mention - strongly suggest when negotiating you plan for the mudflaps, cargo tray (trunk liner) and all weather mats. High quality, thick material, perfect, custom fit. Especially for those of us in states that get ice and snow - these items are essential for preserving the beauty (and value!) of your vehicle.

    Yes, you can buy them all on ebay, but expect to pay about 100 for the mats, 100 for the cargo tray and 60-70 for the mudflaps...but you either have to install them yourself or pay some one to do it. All in all about 350 in value.... try to get it thrown in, or added for 250 at the dealer. You will thank me.
  • mjewjemjewje Posts: 4
    I just read your message re:mud flaps,cargo tray & all weather mats. I live in the Pacific Northwest where we get a lot of rain/ snow during the winter and the more i think about it i probably should have purchased those items during my negotiations when I bought my Honda Sport in March. Do you think I can negotiate those items now with the Honda dealer or will I have to Pay whatever the market Price is?

  • Save yourself the trouble, buy WeatherTech. The Honda floor mats are cheap. I have them, I won't buy them again. I'd rather spend a little more money to get a better quality. Or if you are set on Honda then if the dealer wants mfg for them go on line to buy them, you will save money!
  • thawdathawda Posts: 17
    I just picked up my EXL 4 door sedan with OTD 25,500. I am wondering where I should buy wing spoiler and rear underbody spoiler. Should I just directly pay that expensive dealer price or anybody knows trusted online honda OEM accessory seller that would ship those to me and installed it at the dealer? Any suggestion?
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