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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 7,107
    "Although, I am $100 above my intended target I am still happy with the deal."

    To me this is the most important part. $100 is well worth it in my eyes.

    There's ALWAYS going to be someone who buys a car cheaper than you (except brian125, & I say that in all seriousness). There are so many variables. How much inventory a dealership has in stock, how much the dealership has to sell to make its monthly bonus, your sales person's monthly quota, time of the month, quarter, year, competition among dealerships in your region, availability of flex cash, what the current Honda financing "buy rate" is...

    2001 Honda Prelude Type SH/ 2011 BMW 328xi / 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L w/ Navigation

  • You are correct.

    I also wanted to add that I was tired of talking to other dealerships who did not want to give me a better offer via e-mail. After receiving an initial internet quote, most dealers kept trying to convince me to come into the dealership for a better offer. I refused to waste any more time haggling and dealing with salesmen who played games. I understand that once you are on their turf, some car salesmen think they can work their magic and convince you to take any deal they offer.
    It never worked on me, since I walked out of a couple of dealerships during my car buying search.

    This forum is a great source of insight and information to people like me, who are new at car buying. Keep the good advice coming.
  • From honda website i learned they have extended the finance offer at special APR (0.9 or 1.9).

    "Special APR offer valid on new and unregistered 2013 Accord Sedan Models from September 4, 2013 through November 4, 2013"

    Does anyone know if the honda finance offering the Flex cash deal for this said period?
  • Your best bet is to contact the same dealerships who had Flex cash last month.

    What model Accord are you looking to buy? Where are you located? Are you particular about the exterior and interior color of the car? All these factors including supply and demand will depend on whether you will be able to reach your target price.

    Just be aware that dealer stock on the 2013 accords is dwindling, so you better start your search now instead of waiting till the end of the month.

    I'm just curious, did you try negotiating with the dealer who offered you $1300 below invoice plus flex cash?
  • First of all, saying that you were offered 27000 OTD price does not help anyone tell whether you were offered a good deal. Invoice price for the 2013 EX-L is $26,399 (including destination fee). You can also find the invoice price by going to or

    If you read some of the previous posts, you will see that the following info would be helpful:

    - Sales price (including destination fee)
    - Cost below invoice = sales price - invoice price
    - Documentation Fees
    - License and Registration Fees
    - Tax (Since it varies by state, this will affect the OTD price if I was buying say in Boston, MA)
    - Cost of dealer add-ons

    Was there any flex cash available?
  • Blue,

    Thanks a lot for clearing my confusion.

    But how do I know that I am being offered best price or not.

    I know the following things:

    Destination price is 790$
    Sales tax is 6.25% in Texas

    The rest of the details I dont know as they wont tell me. As far as I know there is no flex cash involved.

    Is it possible for you to give me a approximate split up of some one who has bought a car. It will give me good pointers on which factors to bargain on when I am negotiating with dealers.

    You guys are doing an awesome job...Kudos to you.

  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Posts: 242
    edited September 2013

    If the dealer is not prepared to give you a breakdown then move on and contact another dealer. As I have stated, you can get the invoice price on any vehicle in your area from or

    Here is my breakdown for the best deal I got below on a 2013 Accord EX-L in the Boston area:

    Invoice including destination fee: $26,399
    Sales Price including destination fee: $24,998 ($1401 below invoice)
    Flex cash : $500 (For financing through Honda)
    Documentation fees: $298
    Title and registration fees : $130
    Sales Tax: 6.25%

    You can add up all those numbers for an OTD price.

    Again, without a breakdown showing what your sales price is there is no way to tell whether you are getting a good deal or not.
  • Thanks for the split up Blue.

    This clears lot of confusion which I had.

    I will now negotiate accordingly.

    Wish me luck.

    Thanks a ton again
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Posts: 242
    edited September 2013
    One more piece of advice.

    Your best bet would be to contact at least 7 dealerships in your area and obtain internet quotes. You might have to follow up with some of the dealerships asking them to clarify whether the price they quoted includes the destination fee. Some dealers might quote you a price that includes some incentives. If that is the case, tell those dealerships to provide you with a price without any incentives so that you can tell what the actual sales price is.

    Then, find out who is offering flex cash (I am not sure if it is still available this month) and then ask them to list their documentation fees and title and registration fees. Armed with all this info, you can calculate the OTD price.

    BTW, make sure you know what your credit score is if you plan to finance through Honda. If not, get outside financing through your bank or a credit union.
  • I'm on the MS Gulf Coast. Two weeks ago I contacted dealers in LA, MS, AL and FL via email and requested quotes. When comparing quotes, I added any dealer DOC fees to the quotes for a fair comparison. The latest offers I've received range from $300 over invoice to $702 under invoice, not including $500 Flex Cash. I let each dealer know my target price range was $24699-$24899 (1500-1700 under invoice). Dealers don't seem willing to negotiate any lower than what they've quoted. I'm interested in knowing if anyone else in our area has had success negotiating lower than $700 in this area.
  • Hi,
    I'm looking to buy a LX in New Jersey and was unaware of the better pricing out of state...I'm willing to make a drive to avoid a headache...any suggestions to point me in the right direction?
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Posts: 242
    edited September 2013
    I signed the paperwork today at Honda Cars of Boston.

    The sales price was $24,998 ($1401 below invoice).

    Here is a breakdown of fees:

    Flex cash: $500 (applied towards down payment)
    Doc fees: $298
    Title and registration fees: $130 (included $5 electronic fee)
    Wheel locks: $89 (The car came from Weymouth Honda and I was told that Honda Cars was being charged that amount, so there was no room to negotiate)
    Tax: 6.25% MA tax
    No dealer add-ons or extended warranty purchase

    I will be taking delivery of the car tomorrow. I am very happy.

    Thank you, Brian for all your insight.
  • Hi blue, thank you for posting your experience as I actually went to Prime this weekend and purchased the EX-L as well and used your price as a negotiating tool and it helped. I had a trade that muddied the waters some, but in the end I think I did pretty well. I always think I could have gotten maybe a hundred or two more on the trade, but in the end I think it was a fair deal.

    Now I am waiting for them to find the color I'm looking for so I hope I don't run into the same problem as you did. I did put a deposit down so hopefully that will not be an issue.

    I agree, it was not a pleasant experience at Prime. The sales managers say and promise anything to get you to finalize the deal...all while pretending to be your best friend and telling you 'what a great negotiator you are'. Even though my Prime experience was far from pleasant I have to admit it wasn't that bad. I actually had an even worse experience at Bernardi with all their President's Awards. Glad I only visit once every 8-10 years. And now that I will (hopefully) have a new Accord, I'll be set for a good 15 years.

    Brian, I will add to the chorus singing your praises. I'm sure this site saved me $600-$1000 easy.
  • Does your car come with navi or without navi?

  • No navi. I did not think it was worth the extra $2,000.
  • cars12345,

    What was your final sales price at Prime before the trade-in? Were you offered any flex cash?

    I hope you are able to get the car in your color.

    Good luck.
  • Well, not sure yet on the final price of the car. At the end we were talking about out the door cost between the trade and the new car muddled together and since they didn't have the car in stock I haven't signed a bill of sale, but did put down a deposit. So I do wonder if all of that was a mistake (Brian, feel free to opine). I would guage I got the new car around 24,500 reflecting the flex cash (i know you had 24,400), but until the car comes in I'm not sure how they will officially split the cost between the trade and new car. No charge for getting the color I wanted.

    I had to ask about the flex cash, it was not offered to me upfront. They had no choice once I brought it up.

    Good luck today picking up your new car. I hope to get mine in a couple of days.

    If it all falls through it's not the end of the world. I'll just be smarter for the 2014's in December (or see if Honda Cars of Boston has my color for the 2013).
  • Could you tell the dealer in NE PA. I am in NE PA and am starting to look for a new Accord to replace my 1999. I have waited so long because I despise dealing with sales people and would like to start at one with the best price.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Posts: 242
    edited September 2013
    I hope Prime submitted your credit application to Honda so that they could hold the Flex cash for you. BTW, I think you should have focused on the sale price of the car first without bringing in the trade into the deal. Just my $0.02.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best and I hope they are able to locate the car for you soon. Was your deposit by credit card or check?

    I hope you did not deal with Eric (the salesguy). He was trying to tell me that if they could not locate the car for me within 24 hours, I might loose out on Flex cash.

    If your deal falls through, call Honda Cars and ask for Ben (the internet sales manager). You can tell him that Mike (the guy who bought the silver Accord EX-L recently) referred you. I cannot guarantee that he would give you a great deal, but at least he is not going to BS you and waste your time. What color were you looking for?
  • Brian,

    Is the $24,998 the base sales price for an EXL 4 cylinder? I was offered $27,951.52 out the door (all fees, taxes, options included) on a 2013 Honda Accord EXL 4 cylinder with an MSRP of $28,785.00.

    From the same dealership I got this quote below but then they came back with the OTD price above including the options on a particular color. Did you pay a dealer fee in addition to the destination fee? I am trying to figure out if any of them are negotiable.

    Selling price $24,299 (USAA Special Price)

    Dealer Options $0-$1795 (depending on which vehicle you pick)

    Sales Tax $1700.93

    Dealer Fee $698

    Transfer Tag Fee $188

    Out the door price $26,885
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