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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Maybe I didn't describe it well enough, or I'm much shorter than you, but it's not looking "at" the hood. Sitting normally and looking over the hazard light button, through the window, at the bottom so you're looking "over" the hood - that's the area. It's actually about 2 inches of glass (just looks like an inch vertically because of the angle). Quite noticeable though.


    >> #5489 of 5489 Re: Just picked it up - 04 EX V6
    >>[nedlyj] by jmaxe Sep 18, 2004 (9:51 pm)

    >>I haven't noticed any distortion.
    >>Then again I don't generally look at the hood.
  • I think you should take the quote from the local dealer. 70 miles is way too far to go to buy a car. If you buy the car elsewhere and have a problem don't expect your local dealer to go out of his way to fix it since he usually doesn't make much money on warranty repairs. Your time is worth money too. The local dealer's price looks pretty good to me although not rock bottom. I would expect to pay about the same here on Long Island for that car. In addition I wouldn't trust any car dealer's advertising no matter what make he sells. What you negotiate face to face is the only price that really matters. I would bet that the distant dealer has some type of hidden fee which will bring his price up to something near what your local dealer is charging. It's unfortunate that dealers try to pull so many scams to get an advantage.
  • I bought from a dealer 1500 miles away. Got it for about 3500 less than my local dealer. Decide if the difference is enough and if it is don't hesitate to buy away from home.
  • I disagree with the fact that 70 miles is too far. We bought our Odyssey from a dealer over 300 miles away. And our local service department is great, and they *do* go out of their way to service us - they couldn't care less where we bought it.

    Once the sale is over, you never see the sales department again - and the service department is an entirely separate entity. Don't think they are the same - they're not.

    I wouldn't hesitate to drive a long way to save a lot of money.

  • I would agree that $3500 is worth it but that is an unusually great difference in price.
  • Your case might be the exception rather than the rule. I know that any dealer is supposed to honor the manufacturer's warranty but I have heard of some dealers who play games with owners who didn't buy from them. Here on Long Island I have had particularly poor experiences dealing with car dealers in general. It's a shame that dealing with them has to be such a stressful experience. I write it off as part of the hidden costs of living in the NYC area.
  • Sadler Honda in South Hill, VA. They matched a price given to me by Hendrick Honda in Woodbridge, VA. Given that Sadler's processing fee is $89 versus $299 at Hendrick, the choice was easy.

    I would recommend Sadler to anyone and everyone! The salesman even offered to drive the car to me since I live in Richmond, VA (100 miles to the north of South Hill).
  • It is an automatic. I bought it from Sadler Honda in South Hill, VA.
  • well, bought the car for $20,720 plus TTL over the weekend. car's a beaut. i guess now's the time to get the 2004's before they're all gone. love that XM radio.
  • Paid $23,300 plus $399 Doc for a burgundy EX-V6, including mud guards, moonroof visor. It's been three years since I totalled my Accord and made the awful mistake of buying a used Maxima. Man, did I miss my Accord!

    One question: dealer has offered me a service package for $468 that includes the 7.5k, 15k, 22.5k, and 30k services. I know the 30k service alone runs well over $300, but I can't find a listing anywhere for typical service prices. Is there any place where this exists?

  • David,

    The 7500 and 22.5K service is basically nothing more than an oil change and a tire rotation - which shouldn't cost more than about $30-40. The 15K service is a little more involved, but not too much - I don't remember it being quoted as more than about $100 (although I could be wrong on that one).

  • Just picked up a 04' Honda Accord EX-V6 for 24,500 out the door. Test drove both the V6 and the 4-cylinder, big difference with the TCS. I love the dual climate control and the XM radio. I was planning to install a sound system. Found out there is no need. The sound system is unbelievable crisp and loud.

    For those planning to buy a car, this is a very good time.
  • Paid 24,639 which is 100 over invoice. Bought at Sussman Automotive in Pleasantville NJ. They are switching with another dealer so there may be 100 miles on the car. No problem.Did transaction on internet.
  • padpad Posts: 7
    Where did you buy your 04 EX-L 5 speed ? Who has some in stock for this price ? Anyone else recommend this car ? How is the gas economy ? Thanks in advance.
  • Wow - that's a great price on a 2005 V6. Congratulations. I guess it really all depends on whther ornot a dealer still has '04s they are trying to move.

    My '04 V6 came to only $23,400, but they weren't discounting '05s at all (maybe $500 under MSRP).

  • at Criswell Honda in germantown, md. did everything over the net. seems like this particular car is out at most dealerships, though there might be some in college park, md. havent driven it that much yet, but after 170 miles the tank's still hovering around the full line. car rocks.
  • padpad Posts: 7
    Where did you buy ? Did you buy an auto or 5 speed ?
  • Thank You. I shopped a lot on the internet using my zip code and a philadelphia zip code to get a picture of what was happening. The prices vary by over 1000 dollars. They may drop some next month but I was too anxious and I got the best price I could. Plus I got him to throw in a pinstripe.

  • pad: I have had a 2003 EX-L 5-speed manual coupe and now have a 2004 EX-L 5-speed manual sedan. Love 'em both. Only reason I traded the coupe was because I had a little one on the way. I actually bought a 2004 EX-L automatic but traded it for the 04 EX-L manuan after about 7 months. Nothing wrong with the automatic I just wanted my stick back. Fuel economy averages around 30 MPG for me in mixed driving and 35 MPG or so on the highway.
  • honghong Posts: 2
    I am struggling to make a decision.

    Can anybody give me some advice? It would save me 2800 bucks if I buy V4.

  • Hi hong

    First of all, just for clarification, there's no V4, it's an I4 (Inline 4). ;-)

    Now, are you talking a standard EX 4-cyl, or is it an EX-L 4-cyl? That makes a big difference.

    Assuming it's the EX-L, you'll really just need to decide if a few items of difference are that important to you. Sure, there are a few bonus convenience features with the V6 over the EX-L (like HomeLink), but not very many. The main differences as I see them are:

    1. V6 vs I4 engine
    2. Auto climate control
    3. Fuel economy of I4 (about 4 MPG)

    My decision was made for me because my local dealers didn't hav any '04 EX-Ls left. If I wanted those features, I had to get the V6.

    With that said, I'm very glad I got the V6. Here's why.

    I'm coming from a 2002 Maxima SE with 265HP and one of the most quiet and smooth V6s around. When I test drove the EX-L 4-cyl I found (like most people) that it had plenty of power and a nice ride. Try to push it though, and you knew you were in a 4-cyl. A bit of high end noise and a little longer acceleration curve. But that's not bad. In fact, I was dead set on getting the 4-cyl - until I couldn't find one.

    So, I wound up with the V6. I didn't even drive it until I went to pick it up. What a surprise. Not only is it extremely smooth and quiet, but I would swear that the overall ride is a bit smoother than the I4 as well. It compares very favorably to my Maxima. In fact, I think it handles better than the Maxima (IMO).

    The second reason I'm happy with the V6 is for the automatic, dual zone, climate control. It's just a nice feature...

    The V6 ended up costing me the same amount I was looking to pay for the EX-L just two months ago, so I was happy to get the upgrade.

    If those "extras" aren't that important to you, then by all means save the $2800 and get the EX-L. And to answer your question, I think the difference between the EX-L and the V6 should be about $2000-2500, so you are a little on the high side of that at $2800.

    If by chance you're looking at a plain EX (not an EX-L), then I'd definitely pay $2800 more for the V6.

    Just my opinions of course.

  • mikesid - can u tell me which dealership in ATL did you buy this vehicle. It is exactly what I am looking for.

  • if you dont mind me asking where did u by your car at? what state and city
  • sorry to bother you again i am interested in buying a honda accord ex v6 this week. you walked out the door with the price of 24500 and nothing else right? so far i havent gotten a good price. i was wondering if i could get the name of the dealership you bought your car from. if you can please email my back. thank you so much..
  • bmwx5bmwx5 Posts: 16
    Thanks to all the posts as it helped in making a deicsion. I was the proud owner of 1993 Accord - EX and even though no issues with it I thought it's time to change at 157K miles. However I wanted a Accord-EX with Vin# starting with 'J' only. And one dealer (herb chambers at Burlington,MA) and paid 20K for a Regular Accord -4 cyl EX. The deal was done in 65 minutes and I walked out with a title in hand. In my opinion these cars are very reliable (knock on the wood)..hope this one would be too. However, I will suggest EX-L would have been better but no one has it with VIN# 'J'.
  • Has anyone bought a 2005 accord (any model, preferably an LX) in the NYC area? What prices are they quoting?
  • 2005 EX-L sedan automatic 4 cyl @ $22,980, but at a Queens dealership that will never give up in trying to wheedle extra $$$
  • honghong Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for you useful information.

    I bought a EX V6 today at $23000. I am quite happy with my decision.
  • Congratulations hong!

    Glad to help. And it sounds like you got a great deal: $23000 is excellent.

    Enjoy your car!

  • ...and we love it!!! MSRP was $23,565.00 (incl $515 dest & handling charge) and our price was $21,243 (incl dest & handling charge) + fog lights (parts & labor $551).
    They were trying to sell us the 7 year/100K miles extended protection warranty for $1250 from "Portfolio", but we didn't buy it.

    Very happy with the deal and especially the car!
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