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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    I could not find a HondaWest dealer in Fremont CA. Do you mean Auto West Honda? Also, how did they calculate the $1,775 sales tax? It seems very low. The sales tax in the Fremont area (Alameda County) is 8.75%. Thanks.
  • Yes that should be Autowest Honda-Fremont. Sales tax is computed based on your county of residence rather than county of purchase. My sales tax rate is 7.25% in my county of residence. I thought that was bad enough until you noted Alameda's 8.75%.
  • When I lived in my apartment, I had the Lojack and alarm put in my Monte Carlo. (I had a lot of people I did not know come up to me wanting to look at it).


    Before the Lojack was put in, I was peeping out of my bedroom window at night checking on it.

    It was never stolen, but the Lojack and alarm definitely let me sleep at night!


    I think that was a wise decision considering the the Accord is a favorite among thieves! Sounds like you got a good deal on the installation to boot.
  • I've been getting quotes on the exact car (Accord LX Auto, 4-dr, 4 cylinder) in NY, MA, and CT for the last month and that matches the best price I've ever gotten.


    I've seen lower quotes on this forum but not in this area, so I think your quote is good.


    What dealer are you using?
  • bobstbobst Posts: 1,783
    If your car is stolen, do you want it back?


    What so you think the thieves did in the back seat?


    I say, let the insurance company give me the book value and I will buy a new one.
  • yymanyyman Posts: 1
    Looking for feedback, regarding an Accord EX-L in the New York City Area.


    Best possible price that I currently have is $22,300 plus Tax (8.625%) and fees ($312.50) for a total of $24,564. Most places seem to be able to match the price but none will drop below. Also, the seller threw in a bunch of free accessories. Any feedback or comments are appreciated.
  • LOL. Good point!
  • Just picked up my 2005 Accord EX-L Auto Black with Ivory interior for $21,286 (included destination) plus $349 doc fee, $18 title and $1514.24 tax, for an out the door price of $23,167.24. Thanks for everybody's help.
  • tcvb22tcvb22 Posts: 50
    I'm looking to purchase the Accord EX V6. The best OTD quote I got so far has been from Herb Chambers in MA for $25,358. I'm also looking in CT, MA & NY.
  • As a first time buyer, I'm looking for a little advice.


    I'm commissioning in the Air Force this coming May and need some wheels. I've been looking around at the Accord Coupe (V6-EX) and was wondering if it's wishful thinking to get this car for $25,000 total (including tax, title, tags)? Is the addition of the navigation system simply out of this price range? Anyone know of the chances of this happening?


    Thanks in advance...
  • jag5jag5 Posts: 5

    Are you currently CONUS or OCONUS? Will you be OCONUS?



    US Army
  • The reason I am going to choose lojack is that in 5-8 years the car's value will naturally depreciate, if I don't have lojack how much will I get from insurance?


    I got my quote 18,500 including destination from staten island honda, the sales rep name was greg davis - super nice guy, he is who voluntarily added the door lining, trunk tray, mud guards, and wheel locks:)


    acrispino - what was your lowest quote?????? and where ???
  • The reason I am going to choose lojack is that in 5-8 years the car's value will naturally depreciate, if I don't have lojack how much will I get from insurance?


    I got my quote 18,500 including destination from staten island honda, the sales rep name was greg davis - super nice guy, he is who voluntarily added the door lining, trunk tray, mud guards, and wheel locks:)


    acrispino - what was your lowest quote?????? and where ???
  • I don't remember...I don't think I jack from insurance. Check with your provider. But, I slept better. I thought I read some where that Lojack does recover the car quickly than average(with in hours of reported stolen). I would hope that it would be before they had a chance to chop it up or vandalize it.


    I know of a few other people that got the car back after a month and so and the car was not worth having. I had a collage buddy that got his honda car back(without LoJack) after the Alabama State Troopers recovered it after a long car chase. It was ragged out. I would prefer that if it is stolen, I would not get it back but that is not our choice.....its the insurance companies.
  • Well, I don't know if I paid way too much for our DX, but we bought a 2005, automatic DX with a/c installation included by the dealer for 16,220 -- no extra trim. They also gave us $950 for our '91 Honda Accord station wagon (only 80,000 miles, but the transmission was gone and the radiator has a hairline crack, which is the only reason we gave up my loved first car!). So I guess I felt that no one else would give us that money for that car. Ok, what do you all think? (but be gentle!). thanks again for your help, pbchoclovr!


  • The invoice price for your '05 Accord DX is $15,817 for the automatic, so they charged only $403 over invoice for the A/C which is normally about $1,000.


    So the price you paid looks favorable so long as any "document fee" wasn't more than $50 added to the purchase price (taxes and license fees don't go to the dealer, so they're extra--"document fee" is just more profit for the dealer).


    It's a sure thing that if you go back to the dealer in a few days to see your traded car on their lot, it'll be all shined up and priced somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000. Whatever they did to fix it up will reduce their profit; however, they really made most of their money on your old car and not the new one.


    In any case, you now have nice new car to enjoy and if the old car was really a mess, be happy it's gone.........Richard
  • Just bought Graphite EX V6 w/ Navi in NJ for $25,800 + TTL. Pleasant expierience - in and out of the dealer in 45 minutes. No trade in.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    I am seeing some just at below invoice prices which makes me think that HOnda is secretly giving dealers something to go on besides a Holdback. I am looking at EX-L auto with MSRP of $25015 and getting quote of $22563 on desert mist (more for other colors) what is deal on that?


    I would love a 05 manual but those are 1/200 in production. Once upon a time 10% of production now rare for HOnda to even make a run.


    I found a manual LX. Price would be about $18,500 a little over invoice.


  • d_kd_k Posts: 5
    Can YOU recommend any GOOD website where I can purchase a car directly?
  • tds1tds1 Posts: 74
    "I purchased a 2005 Honda Accord EX V6 4-door with Navi for $24,435 at Hondawest in Fremont. Total price was as follows


    $24,435 Selling price

    $ 45 Doc fee

    $ 5 CA tire fee

    $ 215 License

    $ 1,775 Sales Tax "


    That is an unbelievable deal. If I could find that in the Denver area I would not wait any longer. That price is well below Dealer invoice-holdback (which including destination would be $25475 according to my calculations). Unless there is a large incentive right now, they would be taking over a $1000 loss on the car. WOW! In any case, enjoy and great deal!
  • Hi All:


    Bought yesterday a Accord EX-V6 4DR Sedan with NAV for $24,638


    Here is the breakup of the deal:

    Sale price $24,638.00

    doc $45

    Lic $217

    cal tire fee $5

    Cal tax $2036.35

    Total $26,941.35


    Flew down to SJC (I live in Vancouver, WA), picked up the car at the dealer (total time 1.5 hours, including test drive), and drove back to Vancouver.


    The local dealers in Portland/Seattle will NOT deal for anything lower than invoice.
  • tds1tds1 Posts: 74
    Why did you have to pay Cal tax if you live in WA?
  • I've been told:

    There is an incentive for dealers between now and the end of the year. It is based on volume. If they move a given number of units, they receive a $$$ incentive for each unit sold. If they don't hit the number, no incentive. If they haven't yet hit the number, and yearend is nearing, the deals should get even better. Watch.
  • It does not matter where you live you have to pay CA sales tax. The only way not to is to have them deliver it out of state. That is what I did. Went to Sacramento and had them drive it (deliver it) to Reno, NV. Cost 100 for them to do it but no sales tax. Had to pay that in Colorado but saved 4.5% on 25000 that quite a bit.
  • You have to pay CA tax. There will be NO tax in WA once you show proof that you paid sales tax in CA and it is at least equal to or greater than WA tax (8.25 > 8.00%).


    Hope this helps.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    Sorry, but, websites don't sell cars. Car DEALERSHIPS sell cars!


    And, believe it or not, there are actually some GOOD ones out there!


    Ask your friends and associates for a referral.
  • I was quoted 18,500 at Boch Honda in MA. I think I'll see what kind of deal I can get this week with the end of year coming and all.
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 169
    There must be some dealer incentive going on right now. Carsdirect is quoting $700 under invoice for a 3.0 LX sedan in northern NJ. Gotta love it!
  • I am looking for a '05 Honda Accord V6 EX-L without navi. I looked at Honda World in Downey. Was quoted 23,938 for the car, not including tax or lisence.


    I also got an offer of 23,400 in Ontario, but I have not gone there yet.


    It took several hours at the dealership at Downey Honda and when they finally showed us the car- it had a big scratch in the windshield- so we walked.


    Just was interested in prices paid thus far- including tax and lisence and also if APR is negotiable? I was quoted 3.9%- I am a student, never financed a car before, but have good credit.

  • You're correct. CarsDirect is quoting $18,194

    ($750 under invoice) for a 2005 Accord LX 4 cylinder, 4-dr, auto in Connecticut.


    Looks like maybe an end of the year sale.
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