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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jbarbuto1jbarbuto1 Posts: 7
    I got my 98 LX Accord, former lease apparently, from an Acura dealer, with only 15,500 miles and in pristine condition for only $13,800. It seemed like an amazing deal to me. Had the car checked out later at a Honda dealer and they said it's in great shape.
  • diva1973diva1973 Posts: 3
    I was going to buy my car at Norm Reeves Honda. in Cerritos, but they really mad me angry. At first they said that they had an Accord in black, but when I made an appointment to go pick it up, they said that they didn't have it. So anyway they said they would find it for me and gave me some song and dance about having to get it from their very own super store and yadda yadda yadda. I still have not heard from them. So anyway I had to start the process all over again and I ended finding the car at Honda. World. Negotiating my trade was somewhat of a hassle but other than that, I had a really good car buying experience. I haven't been able to take this big grin off my face since I left the dealership. I went through Fleet, so I ended up paying $20,467 not including tax and license. It was a really good buy. If anyone is looking to buy a new Honda. and you live in Southern California, check out Honda. World, because they are the best. Their customer service was excellent.
  • bwooster1bwooster1 Posts: 2
    What I don't get it is - how come all the ads for used 1-2 year old Accords are just $1000 less than new ones - who buys a 2 year old EX V6 for 21000 when a new one is just 23000?
    Look a,, their prices are atleast 3-5000 more than any valid private sale or dealer price! After looking around for over a month, I finally found a seller asking a reasonable price, and then snapped up this honda.
    Feel good...
  • kormaninkormanin Posts: 1
    I bought Honda Accord LX 4cyl/150 horse power at 18500 excluding tax and handling fees. Monthly payment is 370 for 60mons. Is it good deal? How do you think about this model. this is the first time i bought Honda car.
  • erik713erik713 Posts: 14
    Hi! Congrats on your purchase! I recently purchased an EX 4-cyl. I liked the low price of the 4-cyl accords, but I didn't like the lack of ABS and side airbags on the LX. I ended up paying a couple thousand more for the EX model which comes with those things, plus a sunroof, 6disc changer, etc... Of course that helped my decision as well ;) Good luck with your car!

  • teman99teman99 Posts: 19
    I would like to know if any of you guys recently purchased an Accord EX in New York. I was offered
    one at 21,600 with spoiler. I live on Long Island
    and am not sure if this is a decent deal. Help
  • teman99teman99 Posts: 19
    i drove the car today and found it hesitates with the AC on. Has anyone experienced this and is it normal for this to happen before prep work is done on car?
  • erik713erik713 Posts: 14
    Well, I've had an accord now for 2 months. I do notice that I feel the car is a TAD sluggish when the AC is on, but not enough to make a difference for me. Besides, with an EX, you bet the windows are down most of the time ;-)
  • simmsjsimmsj Posts: 5
    Anybody help me with an estimate on what kind of monthly payment you got on a 36 month/12,000 mile lease for a new Accord EXVL-6? Better to wait on 2002 model?
  • I am in the middle of a 99 Accord LX sedan, auto, with 45K on it in excellent shape, is $12,200 a good price or should I continue shopping? 8/7/01
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    Have you looked at the Edmund's used car pricing for that model?

    Check it out here!

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    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • rhuarhua Posts: 5
    Just bought a new Accord EX-V6 coupe this weekend for $22,000 (versus the invoice of $22,774).. The out the door price was under $24,000.. Amazing price.. Its a good time to buy if you're willing to take a '01 while the '02's are coming out... From what i hear its essentially the same car..
  • erik713erik713 Posts: 14
    Congrats! Great price! Enjoy your car!

  • Going to look at a 1997 SE Accord (4 door), original owner, 65 k miles. I'm in the DC area and she wants $11,750, which seems ballpark to lower scale according to Edmund's, depending on the condition. Any advice out there from you pros??????
  • erik713erik713 Posts: 14
    No pro here, but I say go for it. If Edmunds said it's good, and you think it's good, do it. The pros are Edmunds :)
  • napa5napa5 Posts: 1
    Looking for advice on the price of a leftover 2001 EX V4 automatic with leather. Dealer quoted me $21,500 right from the start. Car is brand new with 8 miles. This is not a "no haggle" dealership so I still have room to negotiate. From what I've read this seems like a low price. The sticker was $23750.00 The dealership is in Boston. Is this still too much to pay for a 2001 or am I getting a great deal.
  • dcfelladcfella Posts: 31
    i paid only a 1000 more for the 2001 ex v6..i think you can do alot better than 21,500
  • pvillapvilla Posts: 12
    Hi,I enjoy reading these forums,This time I need a
    little help deciding. I saw a 98LX Accord sedan,w/15,544K 5spd i'm thinking about buying.The asking price is 17995,which i find ridiculous.Edmunds TMV has this car @ 13677.00 and from what I see the car usually goes between
    $13800-16000K . Are used car prices usually this inflated?? What would be an ideal price? The exterior is beautiful,the only xtra options are alarm and leather?please advise,thanks folks....
  • zhenyazhenya Posts: 12
    HI, folks there is a quick annoncement.

    A brand new froum opened up especially for Honda Accrod owners 1994 - 1997 all trims all bodys. Mostly this forum is made to share everything that owners of those years Accords have so please, post don't be shy.

    Thank you.

    Looking forward to hear from all of you.
  • ziggy21ziggy21 Posts: 13
    I recently bought a 2001 honda Accord EX V6 /leather for 22800 plus dest doc etc. Is this a good deal?
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