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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • joe30joe30 Posts: 7
    automotive theft protection: covers up to $25K for 5 years if my car is stolen and considered totaled. It pays me $25K minus what my insurance pays me. Say 5 years from now someone steals my car, its only worth $14k to my insurance co, ATP will kick in $11k. I will have $25K for a new car. And I think at $450, its a good insurance, since I live in CA and hondas are stolen quite often, especially in some areas around me.
  • richk1richk1 Posts: 51
    "I just put a deposit on a Accord, 4dr, auto, v6, ex-l, w/ NAV. They are transferring one in b/c no one in the DC area"


    hi Pauley- I'm also in the DC area looking for a similarly equipped Accord.....can you pls tell me which dealership you went with (and why), and what your final OTD price was.



  • ATP sounds like a good idea depending upon your area.
  • I did an Insta-Quote from Openroad for a loaded accord (everything) and they came back at $500 under invoice. Although that is $500 better than my current deal, they don't have Taffeta White in stock and they are 4 hrs away. I won't buy sight unseen, so unfortunately I will probably take the straight invoice deal. No matter how good a deal you get, the internet makes you "think" you got robbed ;)
  • Hey guys,

    I'm looking onto getting a silver Accord with black leather interior, but wanted to know if the leather gets hot in the summer ( I live in Texas!)

    The dealer said it doesn't absorb heat at all, but I can't believe that. Any thoughts?

    I wish I could get gray leather with the silver exterior, but they don't do that.
  • pauleyc, it must be a regional thing. I've got six quotes for a fully loaded Accord under invoice in Atlanta. They range from $100 to $1200 under invoice with bargaining power still left. Two are not far behind the $1200 mark.
  • Yes, it must be regional. There are few to be found here in the DC area (seems like 1 to 2 per dealer) and they are sticking to invoice price or better (mostly better). I guess this is simple supply/demand. They will deal on the lesser equipment models, but not the loaded ones.


    richk1 (do you build houses at lake anna?) - I'm dealing at Leesburg Honda and I like them. I wish that could go further, but invoice is it. That's $25,820 + freight + tags ($51.50), + processing fee (stupid $299), and taxes 3.1% (3% to VA and 1% to Loudoun County). That was the deal for "in stock" vehicles only.


    Hendrick was $800 over invoice, Browns Arlington was $1k over, and so on... Hope this helps.


    btw- I got a quote for $500 under for openroad honda in NJ, but it wasn't worth the full day affair and trip. They also stressed it was an "in stock" only deal.
  • Well I don't live in the Openroad area but maybe I will fly there!


    A 6-speed Coupe with Nav is priced at $25,047


    That is about $1,000 less than I can find locally in Houston.


    The interesting thing about the web site is that you can configure options at the installed price which gives you a good price point on any Accord configuration .
  • richk1richk1 Posts: 51
    "richk1 (do you build houses at lake anna?) - I'm dealing at Leesburg Honda and I like them. I wish that could go further, but invoice is it. That's $25,820 + freight + tags ($51.50), + processing fee (stupid $299), and taxes 3.1% (3% to VA and 1% to Loudoun County). That was the deal for "in stock" vehicles only."


    thx PauleyC - I'll also check out a few of the dealers in MD and will let you know if my luck is any better. As for houses at Lake Anna - nope, not me, but hook me up with your friend and we'll look to double up on our car purchases to see if we can get under invoice! ;-)
  • Just purchased a silver Honda Accord EX-L silver 4-cylinder with a spoiler added on. The price was 21,500 plus 500 for the spoiler. Out the door cost was 21,999 + TT&L. Very satisfied with price since none of the other dealers in New York area would go below invoice. Great customer service and out of the dealer within an hour @ 2.9% financing. The only problem was that now a week later the door behind the drivers seat won't lock or unlock with the key button or the button on the door. Does anyone else have the problem. We called the dealer and they said they would fix it in about 10 minutes.
  • tokashtokash Posts: 12
    I was offered $24.8k (before TTL) for an 05 Accord Sedan EX-L, 6cyl, Nav. Edmunds shows invoice at $26.3. Is this a good deal?
  • Well it depends on the out the door price and miles on the car is it a demo? for example.
  • m310m310 Posts: 2
    I too am bucking heads in New York, who was the dealer you had success with?
  • ex v6ex v6 Posts: 14
    Hi, that sounds like very good deal. Do you mind tell us the what state you are in and dealership name? Thanks
  • Is your dealer including the $515 destination fee in that price? If so, it's an amazing price. If not, it's a great price.... assuming it's a brand new car and not a demo. Who is the dealer and where are they located?
  • I have seen some pretty good prices mentioned in here. What matters is out the door price also if it sounds to good to be true.....
  • joe30joe30 Posts: 7
    remember, out the door price includes your sales tax, which is your tax rate at where you live. If you get a quote in another tax rate area, your out the door WILL be different (quote vs actual) unless you tell them your home area for the quote.
  • I agree with joe30. We can't negotiate local and state sales tax, title fees, document prep fees and other costs customary to a specific georgraphic area. For purposes of this forum, accurately reporting your car's list of options and the final quote before taxes and fees allows for true "apples to apples" comparisions. Also, don't forget many dealers give quotes WITHOUT the $515 destination fee which is not negotiable and must be factored into your total pre-tax cost. Finally, many dealers love to automatically add dealer installed accessories to all their cars that you may not want. Pin striping and splash guards are common examples which can greatly inflate the pre-tax cost.
  • True it would be nice if we posted the pre tax and post tax of the vehicle that was PURCHASED not a quote.
  • munumunu Posts: 7


    How much is doc fees in atlanta. I am in FL and they charge $499. Best offer I got for Accord EX-L (Auto-4cyl) is 22000 (500 below invoice).

    But if I can get better deal with low doc fees I don't mind travelling to Atlanta.

    As you have done the research can you please give me some details about dealers etc.

  • Just picked up an Accord EX-V6 (auto/leather) for $25k out the door. That includes all dealer fees and TT&L. Decent deal?
  • Certainly sounds like a good deal but depends on what the pre tax price of your car was.
  • munu, I now have 8 quotes for an Accord EX sedan, V6, auto with Navi. My best quote is for $25,120 including destination but before tax and fees. This is about $1200 under the invoice of $26,336. Documentation fees range between $381 and $552 but the norm seems to be $399. Title transfer fees range between $18 and $42 with the norm at $25. My sales tax rate of 6% so my best out the door price so far is $27,100. Gwinnett Place Honda, Carey Paul Honda and Milton Martin Honda have been the most competitive.
  • That includes sales tax (6.25% here in Texas). I don't even know the breakdown of the all the fees involved. All I know is the final out the door price of $25,000.


    BTW, they would only close the deal if I went through Honda Financial services. Still.... 2.9% interest rate isn't too shabby. I wonder what the dealer's kickback is for customers financing their cars?
  • That sounds like a good deal.

    I'm getting quotes about $1200 more than your price here in Dallas.

    Taxes and title should be around $1800 here in TX, so you are getting it for 23,200 including destination fee, which is a very good deal.

    May I ask where in TX are buying from?

    Did they give you any extras? like wheel locks, mud guards,... etc.
  • Ok, so I don't feel so bad. I've been jealous about all the great deals I've been seeing b/c I'm picking up my Accord V6 sedan (EX), auto w/ NAVI tonight and the best I could do is invoice .... HOWEVER, the OTD price is less than some at $27,022. Processing was negociated to $99 and tax is only 3% in VA. All fees are coming in at less that $1k.


    I think it very difficult to compare deals w/o the BIG picture. However I don't like OTD pricing b/c of the huge tax swings. Oh well. I'm going to go for a drive and forget about $$.
  • joe30joe30 Posts: 7
    I got a quote of 23800 for a 2005 accord v6 ex sedan including wheel locks, splash guards, and trunk liner. It included the 515 delivery charge. No navi. This was downey CA hondaworld. The quote OTD was 26038. I bought the car with ATP and Extended warranty. Not too bad at 23800.
  • Hopefully this answers everyones questions. It is a brand new 2005 silver manual transmission Accord EX-L (invoice price = 21, 843) We got it for 21,499 + 500 for spoiler. Out the door cost was 21,999 +TTL. Edmunds TMV price was 22,634, so I think we did pretty well. I think that is a great deal for NY since very few dealerships will go below invoice. I think the previous posts about those outrages deals on accords posted earlier (1-3K below invoice) were posted by a dealer and are not true so I will not compare my deal with that. Almost forgot - It was Huntington Honda for all those living on Long Island. This is the 5th honda in the family and we are very satisfied - although I feel as it is time to try something new :) (that acura TL is looking very nice right now - LOL)
  • rvadikrvadik Posts: 11
    I got mine for 24K 2005 EX V6 with Nav. Out the door for 26.5, NJ
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Mthexuma:


    I think the previous posts about those outrages deals on accords posted earlier (1-3K below invoice) were posted by a dealer and are not true so I will not compare my deal with that. Almost forgot - It was Huntington Honda for all those living on Long Island.


          What was that supposed to mean? It sounds like your deal came from a Honda dealer in NY? From the looks of it, you overpaid by quite a bit but who am I to say. O’Hare Honda is pretty reachable as they do have a phone, a secretary, an internet connection, multiple E-Mail accounts, tens of Accord’s on their lot, recognized by Honda to sell new Honda’s at their location, and most importantly, a brand new 05 - I4 equipped EX-L w/ Auto and NAVI for $22,200 vs. your $21,500 for a Manual w/out. I couldn’t sleep at night if I paid what you did knowing what has been posted here in the past week.


          And on another Accord pricing note …


    American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today announced plans to raise prices on 2005 model year Honda and Acura vehicles an average of $150 or 0.58% on a sales weighted basis. This increase comes as a result of increased operating costs, such as rising costs of steel, and currency exchange rate factors. The increase affects all models except Honda Element, Insight, Civic LX SE and Acura NSX.


    Prices on the most popular Honda car models (Accord and Civic) will increase $100 to $150, while light truck models (Pilot, Odyssey and CR-V) will increase $200. Affected Acura models will increase $200, except for the RSX, which will increase $100. The new prices become effective on vehicles assigned for delivery to Honda and Acura dealerships after February 13. Vehicles in current dealer inventories will not be affected by this change.


    "We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and value," said Thomas Elliott, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "When viewed in the context of product content, performance, quality and resale value, Honda and Acura vehicles continue to offer the strongest value propositions in the industry."


    The Honda Odyssey EX and LX recently received the 2005 IntelliChoice Best Overall Value of the Year award for the overall van category over $25,000 and overall van under $25,000, respectively. In addition, the Civic Sedan, Coupe and Civic Hybrid earned best value awards in the subcompact and compact classes.


    For the second consecutive year, Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) recognized American Honda as the corporation with the highest predicted resale across its full product line.


          By the way, I make a living in the electrical production industry, not the car sales one …


          Good Luck


          Wayne R. Gerdes
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