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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • twizard27twizard27 Posts: 9
    Sounds like your dealer is trying to motivate you in buying the car. According to Edmunds, the dealer incentives end on Monday, Aug. 2 for the EX-V6.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    I think you're smart to wait for the '05 which is what I did last year when I bought an '04 which probably hadn't been in the dealer's inventory for as long as a week.

    There will be no line forming to buy '05 Honda Accords. They are GREAT cars but they'll begin the 3rd year of their 5 year cycle and they're as common as belly buttons. No, the discount won't be as much as the reduction in price you'll enjoy if you buy a 2004 car, but the '05 will be a FULL year newer and will include whatever advantages the new model might bring. And you'll still get a discount.

    In my case, I bought the '04 Accord EX-L AT in August, '03 for just over 91% of the sticker price--invoice plus $238.

    That was a good price at the time and you should be able to do just as well. Good luck!........Richard
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Anyone get any good prices on one of these in the Washington/Baltimore area? What dealership? Thanks.
  • gatrhumpygatrhumpy Posts: 126
    Back in January, I got my Graphite Grey 2004 EX V6 with navigation for $27,300 OTD. I got my car for invoice minus $200. I got it from College Park Honda.
  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 179
    He is probably being truthful (technically). Yes, that incentive package will probably end when he says. Then, guess what, a new one will start!! So, he is not lying - just not telling everything - typical car salesmanship and tactics.

    In Memphis there are about 70 EX-V6's between 3 lots and I guarantee you all incentives and more will continue until they are gone. I am trying to decide if I keep my '98 EXL for 2 more years of very low cost driving or if I go get a new '04 EX-V6. I am leaning towards keeping it.
  • iluvhondailuvhonda Posts: 6
    rbell2, r u in Memphis. I just bought a EX V6 in Memphis. Had a bad experience with the dealership (Wolfchase), but love the car.
  • bigbutrbigbutr Posts: 111
    So far I have solicited a pair of offers from dealerships and another from on the 2004 EX V6.
    One dealer and Carsdirect had the same quote - $24,243 before TT&L while another was close, at $24,299 before TT&L.
    Looking at Edmunds, the first two are $1 under invoice, but that's to be expected given the $500 dealer cash at the moment. Does anyone think the dealer cash will increase, as even up to $1000 would be nice?
    I like the power of the V6, but realistically think the 4 cylinder would do me fine and save me around $2000 as well.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    You should buy a 2004 well below invoice now because it'll be a year old in a month. Consider waiting for a 2005 which you can surely buy for less than $500 over invoice and it'll be a FULL year newer.
    If there is any question about your choosing between the V6 and the 4 cyl., be sure to test drive the 4 because it will amaze you--very smooth and quick......Richard
  • albanyalbany Posts: 2
    Looking at a brand new '04 EX-L, with satellite radio but no navigation system. Any recent quotes or buying information would be appreciated.
  • hi ! I'm looking at the accord ex v6 with L and navi- could someone guide me about the prices I should be aiming at ?
    What would be considered a great deal on that ?
  • Anyone get any good prices on one of these in the Washington/Baltimore area? What dealership? Thanks.
    Yes - I'm posting #5108 above. Got my Accord well below invoice at Heritage Honda in Westminster, MD. O'Donnell Honda on Rt. 40 in Ellicott City had an even better price, but not exactly what I was looking for. They might be a good place to try. Sounds like they're dumping their 2004s.
  • I just got a quote for a 2004 Accord Coupe Ex V6 w/Nav at $24,898. This is in the central Fl. area. Note this dealer has a mandatory dealer fee of $500, so the final price will be around $25,398 + TTL.
  • Regarding EX-L 4 cyclinder Automatic..

    The best quote I've received is $21783 + TTL + $51 doc fee.
    A dealer about 100 miles away is willing to throw in mud-flaps and all season floor mats for that price. I might end up buying locally instead and paying $191 for the accesories.

    Comments from the peanut gallery about this deal appreciated.
  • btorlvbtorlv Posts: 16
    Just did it yesterday 23.300 with rear wing no trade in no other extras at closing 1.9 3 year term. I almost paid 24.288 last week because all the lost leaders in the L.A. papers. Lucky for me I read the board and was able to se what everyone was paying for the coupe. thank you
  • Hi !
    I just got an offer of 25 K for an accord v6 with navi and L auto- what do you guys think of that ? Is it one I should jump for and get ?
    (invoice 26041)
  • That is a good price. It does depend on where in the country you got the quote. In California, that seems about the price they are selling for while as you go east about 1/2 way through the country the price is about 1000 more. Again the price seems ok but if you are in Calf. you may be able to get it a little lower. I bought mine last month in Roseville, CA for 25,201.
  • this is NY :)
    I have been given quotes -all 25,500 plus.
    Do u think I should wait for the 2005 ?
  • I love my car. I don't thank there are many if any real changes in 2005. The only one I read about was lighted controls on the steering wheel. NOT a big deal to me. You will see posts all of the time about buying a year old car. My answer is that the car costs less and my mileage will be less when I do sell. I believe that it the cost of the car when you buy it is more important to me. I plan to keep the car for a long time. Play around a little on Kelley blue book and put in a 98 accord and a 99 accord. Put 15,000 less miles on the 98 and see the prices.

    These are the prices I got for the exact same car one a 98 7,950 99 9,000 both with 90,000 miles. That is 1,100 Difference - I got more than that off the price of the car so I believe I am ahead.
  • dazdaz Posts: 5
    I think i may have gotten about the best price possible on a EX-L 4 cylinder manual coupe today. 22k even, out the door. No other dealer would touch it and a few refused to believe me or told me they were just agreeing to that price to get me in and then work me. Well, it's in my garage as of a few hours ago and it's paid for in cash. I did a lot of research, but you all helped me a lot with all the posts here on pricing. One thing that helped me is that i was very stern with all dealers telling them in more than these few words that if they won't do this exact deal, tell me now because i will not pay a penny more and i don't want to play games. Just tell me yes or no and save us both a lot of time. Out of about 15 dealers i went to or talked with via phone and email, no one else would consider that deal. At least here in L.A. a few told me to buy it if the deal was indeed real, another told me to tell him where so he could buy a few. i think thats about as cheap as a 2004 leather coupe is gonna get, at least here in L.A. Wonderful car too.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    You did extremely well, I think. Could be because a 4 cyl. EX-L coupe with manual transmission is not very popular and the dealer wanted to get rid of it before the '05s arrive in a couple of weeks. That worked to your advantage. Enjoy the car--it's a winner!......Richard
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