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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • audi_rs4audi_rs4 Posts: 5
    JB -
    A few things :
    1. Talking to a salesman who doesn't have authority to cut deals is a WASTE OF TIME!

    2. I NEVER set a price I would buy, only a price I would "Consider Buying At".

    3. I knew for a fact that the prices would be better in July/Aug then they were in May.......

    4. He might have had a better shot if he gave me his bottom line price to start with.

    The fact is, I was prepared to write a check if I was given a deal which I felt was better than what would be avialable in July/Aug.
  • audi_rs4audi_rs4 Posts: 5
    DIRECTLY with the GSM

    Most Auto Salespeople are under-trained and have no discretion to make deals

    I would rather buy from a kiosk

    The experience would be easier and more enjoyable

    Remember that I said most.......

    some salesmen/women are very knowledgeable/professional and add value to a transaction......

    my opinion however is that most do not.......
  • cjones88cjones88 Posts: 23
    I've just been told that the cash to dealer incentive this month ($1250) applies only to purchases, not leases. Does that sound correct?
  • I got a quote Accord LX 5A $19,000 OTD. Is that good? If this month incentive is $1,250, it does not look good. I did not see people get the price close to invoice - 3% holdback - incentive lately. Is the incentive really $1,250? :confuse:
  • wnicholswnichols Posts: 42
    I was told that also. But I plan to buy.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,995
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  • valvvalv Posts: 10
    I am affraid there will be no negotiating advantage. In fact, they would rather you to finance the car, as the dealership gets a few bucks from the bank.
    Also you would be asked to provide a source of income, as the dealers required to submit information on buyers who pay in cash in the amounts exceeding $10,000.
  • valvvalv Posts: 10
    My kind of guy!
    That is the only way to deal with the car dealer.
  • vtriggityvtriggity Posts: 5
    I just got a quote for a fully loaded EX V6 w/ Nav for $26,300 OTD in Northern VA... Any thoughts? Has anyone determined what the Clearance Event will bring on Monday?
  • attechattech Posts: 1
    Where did you get this deal. It seems to be a good deal and I am considering buying at that price. I am in talks with local dealers in florida and they have not accepted the OTD price.
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    In Chicago I got this lowest quote

    Accord LX Sedan 4cyl MT
    $17000 incl delivery, OTD $18700 w/9% tax

    Accord LX Sedan 4cyl AT
    $17300 incl delivery, OTD $19040 w/9% tax

    Am working on other dealers
  • guitarguitar Posts: 32
    Is this incentive only for July? Any idea if the incentives in August or September would be better/worse?

  • guitarguitar Posts: 32
    Looks like the quotes in Chicago are much better! I've gotten a few from the dealers in LAX region:

    The best so far:
    $17,669 + tax & licence

    Others include:
    $18,298 + tax & licence

    $18,419 + tax & licence

    (quotes listed above destination charge have been included)
  • I got alot emails from dealers
    I also recerived alot letters from mail.
    is that mean we can ask for LOWER price?
    I am trying to get a EX V6 auto 4dr Accord, best price i got is 24,500 OTD
  • just signed all the papers and put down a down payment for an accord lx...but was a little concerned by the fact that the car had 41 miles on the odometer already. i know that the dealership has several lots that are 10-15 minutes away from each other, but 41 miles seems like a lot of miles when i read everyone else on the forum has less than 10. going back in a few days to pick up the car...should i be concerned???

    should i ask for another car??
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82

    Are these for Accord LX 4dr MT? or AT?
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    Best bet is to stick with what the manual says because the manual was written by the people who made the car, not the dealer who might want to charge you for maintenance you don't need. In any case, with almost 180,000 miles on your car, the 2nd timing belt replacement would be in order anyway.

    The 4 cylinder Accord went to a timing chain with the current generation in 2003. The life of the engine depends on how you drive and how you maintain your car.

    Before overhead cam engines and timing belts became common, I think all cars had chains and there was no schedule for replacing them. Timing belts are fine and continue to be used in many engines; however, the timing chain in the 2003 to present Honda Accord 4 cylinder has no maintenance schedule and it's unlikely to be a matter of concern.

    So, at least in my opinion, the chain is better because it's a permanent part you should never have to worry about and it's one advantage of the 4 over the V6.

    Think of it this way, if your current Honda had a timing chain, whatever money you spent to replace the timing belt twice would still be in your pocket :D .........Richard
  • guitarguitar Posts: 32
    The quotes I posted are all for Accord Sedan 4DR 2.4L AUTO TRANS

    The dealers are in the LAX region.
  • suzannaflsuzannafl Posts: 84
    The online dealers just email that they want me to come in.

    I take that back, one did say he will sell invoice and I got a "flyer" today that they are doing employee pricing.

    No one will give me a price by email.
    What are you doing to get actual prices?

  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    I went to each dealer's website and clicked on request quote. Most of them gave me quotes. For the ones that did not, I sent an email and said if you do not provide a quote, you stand no chance. Some responded, some did not. Being in the Chicago area I am lucky since there are tons of dealers around.
  • ashahashah Posts: 3
    Accord LX Automatic 18500 OTD is a good price. I got a quote for 18600 OTD today. Hey, does anyone know what is window edging ? Should we do it when buy the car ? I need to pay 300$ more if I do window edging.....
  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    I think you mean etching, where the VIN is etched onto the window glass. This can deter car thieves. Sometime you can get a slight insurance credit. I think it's worthwhile, but.....

    $300 is way too much though. A lot of dealers automatically etch the windows before it even hits the lot, adding to the MSRP as a dealer-installed feature (kind of like the mud flap/trunk tray trick). I'd negotiate it down as much as possible.
  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    Have heard very little on what impact it will have on deals. Waiting to see what it will do to the price of an EX-L auto. If nothing, will start looking at the competitive options available for the '06 MY.
  • vtriggityvtriggity Posts: 5
    This morning I got a quote for the EX V6 with Navigation and Leather for $24,500. Yesterday I had every dealer in the world telling me there was no way they could get under $26K. I wonder if this has anything to do with the sale getting ready to start?
  • vtriggityvtriggity Posts: 5
    They screwed up - they were looking at the 4 cylinder cost. So I guess that has nothing to do with the sale.
  • guitarguitar Posts: 32
    Whereabouts are you located? So far my OTD quotes are all 19K +. I'm in LAX region. (So Cal)
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    Second floor:

    What is the base price + dest fee on this $19,000? Our tax here is 9% so I cannot compare your OTD price with mine. I can only compare the base+dest.


    Go to and take a look at etching. There is a link to a web site who sells the sets for $20. Don't know if it is good though.
  • suzannaflsuzannafl Posts: 84
    I've sent my emails to the local dealers for a
    2005 Accord EX 4 cylinder automatic coupe
    This is what I got back (so far).

    "Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we do not have any Accord EX(cloth), Cpes left and Honda is not building any more 2005 EX Cpes. However, we do have an EXL, Cpe 4cyl, White in stock and our Out the Door Price for that is $24,496-29(includes New Tag Fee). We do still have the Accord LXV6, and the Accord LXSE, Cpe in stock."

    I don't really want leather but keeping open-minded.
    What should this car cost?

  • Memphis Guy,

    Thanks for the feedback. I purchased my Honda Accord 4 door LX AT with window tint for $19,200 Drive out. This put the price at $17860. I could have gotten 19K drive out without tint but chose to have this done. The car has 7 miles on it and was purchased in DFW (Richardson) TX. Reading the messages, looks like I may have been able to a little better, but I am very happy with my purchase. :)
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