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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I went to the honda internet site and sent e-mails to all the local dealers within 10 miles. I believe in California the Doc fee is limited to under $45.00, is this correct?

    One dealer's quote was $22,500 for a EX V6 including dest charge. (they only come with Leather & Auto)

    Another dealer offer to beat others written quote (e-mails) or pay me $500.00.

    I can expand my search to 50 miles if necesary. Several dealers post their inventory on the internet. So it should not be difficult to see who has what.

    Is the color of a vehicle important for resale? Which color are best for resale?

    So far I see a good selection available.
  • Go to, select locate dealers, since you can only select one dealer at a time,
    backspace and continue to select other dealers, including the one you got a quote on.

    The internet dealers will start with good quotes and if you show interest give you great quotes and beat others without leaving your house.

    I believe you should get a quote of 21,000-22,000 for a EX-L 4cyl.

    Good luck

  • I haven't seen anyone post a recent price for the 2005 HAH (Hybrid) with or without navigation lately. Any ideas where the price is right now. I was assuming with it this late in the year, the 2006s coming out and the 1250 dealer marketing kickback from the manufacturer that the price should be around $500 under invoice... am I anywhere near?

  • I wasn't sure if this was the right folder, but since this is in regards to buying an accord i guess it fits.

    Does anyone think that buying the navigation system is worth the extra 1800-2000? Is it really that easy to use that I'll give up using mapquest or yahoo maps?
  • sid3sid3 Posts: 21

    Kust got my red Accrod sedan 4 door, 6 cyk EXL with Navi for 26,128 OTD (including 3%state tax, 515 destination, 62 reg and 400 document processing) accessories.

    Please give me your input on the price I got.

  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    DO IT, you won't regret it. It does much more than just navigation, with the voice commands that you use to adjust the climate control system and audio systems. The Navigation System is worth it. You'll say that you will never buy another vehicle without one.
  • rbevz67rbevz67 Posts: 69
    Anyone know how much dealers are getting for each 2005 Accord they move? ANy idea on volume bonuses?
  • ooohmaiooohmai Posts: 4
    I did a lot of research on the invoice price and i got the best quote so far on so i'm going to take that quote out to the dealer now. btw i'm not looking at the V6 EXL instead of the 4cyl. since i got a great quote of 23,385. my next lowest was 24,197. so probably 25-26 OTD and i wasn't even getting that with that original quote for the 4cyl quote. that dealer quote was a joke. I was told invoice was 24,708 and i also was told 24,673 they are pretty close so that's what i'm going off of to get below 1500. i'm still fishing around for the best quote though.
  • jmaxejmaxe Posts: 198
    Or go buy one of the nice aftermarket GPS units from Garmin or Magellan. You can move it between vehicles and you'll have NAV wherever you need it. As for changing the AC and audio, well you'll just have to try to live with the old fashioned way.
  • Now that the 2006 model is out, when is the best time to go out and buy. I'm looking for the 4-cyl version, no leather nor nav. system required.
    What price should I be expecting, price as of now is about $17.5K.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Best time is now. The local paper in Fort Worth today had an ad for 2005 Accord
    LX ATs for $16,900 with an "x" marked thru the price and the words "or best offer" added. I'd say this a great deal!
  • Yeah, that's a good deal. But I'm kinda stuck on the EX model.

    I'm wondering though how long it'll take for the older models to depreciate now that the 2006 has been released.

    What I would hate to happen is I go out this week and get a 2004 EX for $17K and find out in October that it dropped $2K.
  • Just received the message below. I had requested a quote with leather and 4 doors, but I'm not sure if this includes them or not, since it doesn't explicitly say. 21,636 looks like a solid price, though.

    If you want a 2005 EX-L V6,
    at a good pricecome into Rosenthal tomorrow----Red, White, Desert Mist, Black are left as I write tonight. We will be on the last day of a model end Honda Clearance Sale. $ 21, 636 is our Internet Department price, plus fees. If you wait more days, you will be offered 2006 models only, at increased prices and fees due, mostly, to the steep rise in the price of oil.
  • We just bought a Hybrid Accord w/o NAV (sorry blane, but the extra 1800 was just too much) for a little more than $500 UNDER invoice. We used the internet to talk to several dealerships in orange county, CA and some were a little slow to respond but we got the best responses from the Honda dealership in Anaheim (their internet staff was honest and attentive) and the one in Costa Mesa. We went with the Costa Mesa location.

    I almost walked on the deal when they sprung a $249 price on splash guards and wheel locks that they "put immediately on all EX models" but we talked them down on that way too high price. We were prepared to walk at any time, but the transaction went pretty smoothly. They tried to sell me the extended warranty for a "low" price of $1350 after starting at around $2000 (god who jumps on that 2000$ warranty?)- they showed me that it costs them 950 dollars so they are only making $400. I wish I could make $400 on a 5 minute transaction. The finance guy was pretty cool though about us declining everthing and we drove away more than happy. BTW this is my first car with XM radio and I'm already addicted. This is definately not the accord of even 10 years ago. With the leather it almost feels like a luxury car. :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,865
    That generally doesn't happen with used cars... Actually, that doesn't happen with new cars either... In a couple of months, you might be able to buy a NEW Accord for $400 less than you can now... but, not $2K less....

    Some unsolicited advice... late model used Hondas usually aren't very good deals... I wouldn't want to pay $17K for a used '04 Accord EX, when I can go out and buy a brand-new zero-mile '05 Accord EX, right now, for slightly under $20K...



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  • I went to Open Road Honda in NJ to put down a down payment on an accord VP AT which was in transit and supposed to be available for me but they screwed me and told me they dont have it anymore. What was the point of me calling in the night before to confirm that they would have it so I wouldn't have to make the pointless trip to Jersey??

    I went to Willis honda and paid $200 more than the price Open Road quoted me but got the car I wanted.

    Price was: $15,500 including destination ($800 less than carsdirect price)
    Doc fee $125 and Temporary plate fee of $35
    $15,660 out the door

    Costco auto program is a total rip off. Got referred to Bay Ridge Honda which quoted me something like $16,800. $100 over invoice, thanks but when others are selling it $1200 under invoice what's the point?

    It's hard to find VPs now. Mostly LXs left in stock. $1500 dollars more for the extra 2 speakers, keyless entry, power doors, filter on the AC and a few more colors to choose from weren't worth it for me.
  • Just wondering what kind of fee D/FW dealers are charging their customers. Like doc fee, advertising fee, and so on. And I heard that they put in $500 protection package on every cars they sell. Any experience that you can talk them out of those unnecessary stuff.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    Most dealer-added stuff is worthless price-packing and you should be able to negotiate that junk out of any deal. Same goes for any fees the dealer keeps--$50 doc fee is fair and anything over that should be bargained away. Fees the dealer collects and remits to government entities are, of course, different and you must pay those.

    If you can't buy an '05 Accord for about $1200 to $1500 UNDER invoice, I think you should walk away from that dealer and go elsewhere.........Richard
  • I was able to negotiate a deal at my local dealership for a Accord EX 4-Cyl AT 4-Dr for $19,700 + TTL. However, I also have an option to buy a "demo" unit with 3200 miles for $18,700. This car was used for 3 months by the head boss at the dealership. I'm considering saving the extra $1K by going this route. Is this a wise decision?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    Nothing wrong with an Accord DX but they sure don't sell well either as new or used cars. I'll bet in ten years, I've sold **maybe** four DX Accords.

    Most buyers want the extras, especially air conditioning.
  • Hello all,

    Great website; very informative. I am contemplating the purchase of a 2005 Accord EX-L 4 Cylinder and welcome any and all opinions regarding whether to pull the trigger based on these prices or wait four months or longer for '06 prices to start coming down:

    $21,700 (includes destination), tax, title, reg. fees (nominal amounts) extra. This dealer has the color I want in stock. Dealer is of course telling me that inventory is very limited; anyone have info on truth to that rumor at this point in time? Torn b/c this car is more or less a year old at this point!

    The changes to the '06 are nice but I know that destination will be increased to $550 and that invoice will be approx. 5% higher. However, the changes to the car are nice and I am a big fan of the new color Carbon Bronze Pearl as well as the LED lights.

    I would think that price should come down when the '06 EX-L's hit dealer lots (they have not yet in this area). My hope is that more dealer cash/rebates from Honda may come available in September (I believe there may be more dealer $$). Any and all thoughts and opinions regarding this deal will be very appreciated. To buy the 2005 or the 2006, that is the decision I need to make. Thanks in advance for all info provided!! :confuse:
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    While the "demo" vehicle may be fine, it may also have been driven very hard by potential buyers over those three months. I fear owning any vehicle where multiple demonstration test drivers may have said to themselves "Let me stomp on the pedal and let her rip so I can see how she does". Why should they care what consequences that might mean for the engine and transmission?

    I don't think that the peace of mind of owning a non-demo vehicle can be worth less than $1,000. They can tell you that it was "used for 3 months by the head boss", but can they prove that it wasn't also used as I've suggested above?
  • blane,

    Yes, I've considered what you mentioned as a possibility, and asked the sales guy about it. He said that the comptroller gets a car of her choosing every three months, and that she used it as her personal vehicle for that time period. He said that it wasn't used regularly as a test drive vehicle. How can they prove it wasn't used like you suggested? Thanks for making me think further about this.
  • I forgot to mention that the car looked like it hadn't been driven in a while because the exterior looked like it could have used a good car wash and it hadn't been vacuumed yet. I've never seen a test drive vehicle that wasn't sparkling clean on the inside and out, and it didn't seem like this car was used for that purpose.

    Also, how much would someone pay for a used 2005 Accord EX 4-cyl AT 4-dr with 3K miles? My thought was $18,700 would be considered a bargain? I dunno where to begin comparing because blue book has the value around $21K, which I know is high.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,865
    For $1000, I wouldn't even consider it... Brand-new in the wrapper... that is the way you want your car....

    If you are buying a used car, you want to buy it from someone that is responsible for it, if it breaks.... who takes the hit on re-sale if they abuse it...


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  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    I bought my '04 Accord EX-L on 8/26/03 (Happy 2nd Birthday!), so it was one of the first '04s available. Paid $238 over invoice plus $50 "document" fee plus tax and license which was a good deal at the start of the model year.

    Price was $22,700 plus $50 doc fee + tax and license. An end of year Accord should be about $21,000 to $21,500 before fees and taxes, so you're pretty close if you want a new, one year old car.

    While the '06 Accord does incorporate more design changes from the 2003--'05 cars, there will not be a rush to buy new '06s in my opinion. So you can expect discounts as soon as the new Accords are available for sale. There might be a small price increase, but competition is too severe for a major price boost at this time.

    Unless you can buy an '05 for about $1200 to $1500 UNDER invoice, you'd probably be better off waiting for an '06 which won't be much of a wait............Richard
  • aggie10aggie10 Posts: 17
    I was just quoted $22,600 + TTL for a 2005 Accord EX-L with leather seats, but without the navigation system. Is this a good deal? I live in the DFW Metroplex.IT seems like I might be able to get a better deal when the 06's come out, but I don't know when they come out. Can anyone please offer any advice? Should I accept this price? Thanks for any feedback!
  • glanwinglanwin Posts: 28
    The only thing make me thinking about buying a 06 accord now is the DRL (Daytime Running Light). I would never think about buying any Honda or Acura before 2006 model. I still do not why Honda are so slow in puting such an important safty feature.
  • May I ask why you feel so strongly about having DRLs? There are plenty of people who think those are completely unnecessary... eg,
  • kyfdx,

    This car, even though it has miles on it, is legally considered "new" because it has never been titlled, and would have the full manufacturer's warranty on it.
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