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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Two dealers estimated some would arrive the week of 9/12. The balance opined it would be early October before multiple choices would be available...

    For us, we moved up from a '98 EX V6 (which we still have). As such, the 2005 model was a big leap forward for us. The 2005 to 2006 changes are 'just' incremental. Which was another reason we were comfortable going with the 2005.
  • vf154vf154 Posts: 12

    Yes, I'd like to see the ad for Arlington TX
  • "Btw, if the car has popular color, it should be less expensive because it's easy to find."

    It doesn't take Keynesian economics to punch a hole in that theory. Traditionally the in-demand colors, options, etc. command the highest prices. Why? Because dealers know that people are willing to PAY to have the latest "in" thing. (and dealers are very astute students of human psychology) The trickle-down consequence of this phenomenon explains why insurance premiums on cars that are popular and/or have the most popular colors, options, etc. are higher, too. Why? Because thieves also want them. (Hey, they might be honesty-challenged, but they do share a penchant for popular taste with the rest of us... ;))
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    What the heck are "wheelwell protectors"?
  • I can agree with you and chucko3 too. I can see the "tail wagging the dog" though. The power of modern marketing. Do you think that when Ford mass produced the Model T that the most popular and desired color was black because it truly was that popular or because it was the only color offered? Think about it.
  • Hi,

    Just looked at the blue book and here are the prices for the Demo/Used Honda Accord 2005 EX V6 with 4500 miles on it and in excellent condition with the features the car had:

    Kelley Blue Book:

    -Dealer Trade In: $21,065
    -Private Party Sale: $23,505
    -Dealer Retail: $26,000 (approximately)

    This suggests to me that a great price is $21,500 to $22,000 - does that seem reasonable? (Is it even possible to get dealer to go below trade in price?)
  • Just checked Edmunds pricing for used cars for the Demo Accord EX V6 2005 with 4500 miles. It is:

    dealer trade in - $22,350
    private party - $23,500
    dealer retail - $25,500
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 855
    ..sort of a color coordinated molding found on the leading edges of wheel wells, doors............

  • I have listed your price below for a reason. My wife and I, after a ton of shopping, comparing, etc., just signed papers with DCH Academy Honda in NJ for a brand new, 11 mile odometer, EX V6 sedan, for 22103 + 515 dest + 100 doc + tax, title, reg (state specific). We pick the car up tomorrow or Tuesday. Good service - Open Road Honda had the same pricing, basically, but DCH had a slightly wider selection of colors.

    If you can get the brand new one for this price (and there is no guarantee in your area that you can), I don't see why it is wise to get a car for a few hundred less with almost 5k miles on it.

    I also think, on a side note, that the KBB dealer retail is beyond nuts given current incentives in the marketplace (1250 dealer cash plus low end-of-model-year demand).

    #9471 of 9473 More on Accord EX V6 2005 by hunt4car Sep 02, 2005 (8:30 am)

    Just looked at the blue book and here are the prices for the Demo/Used Honda Accord 2005 EX V6 with 4500 miles on it and in excellent condition with the features the car had:

    Kelley Blue Book:

    -Dealer Trade In: $21,065
    -Private Party Sale: $23,505
    -Dealer Retail: $26,000 (approximately)

    This suggests to me that a great price is $21,500 to $22,000 - does that seem reasonable? (Is it even possible to get dealer to go below trade in price?)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    " Take Action" ??

    What kind of action? 200 miles is nothing but if it bothers you, just don't buy that car!
  • Signed the papers on a 2005 Accord LX Automatic last night. I think I got a fair deal:

    They gave me the car at 19000 flat including destination which is between TMV and Invoice. I know they have some marketing support that they wouldn't talk about but they gave big money on my trade = $7000 for a 2001 Golf GL 5spd. Since it was leased and not due back until Feb of 06 there was about a grand difference between the value and buyout that I rolled in.

    Final Cap Cost including Acquistion Fee and Negative Equity was 20603. Residual at end of 36mo / 12k lease was 11388. Money Facor on the deal was .0005 which was the Honda Credit Super Preffered Rate so they tell me. Total monthly payment is $288 which includes sales tax (272 without tax) with only first payment due at signing, no cap reduction.

    They weren't making a big deal out of the price they were giving me so I don't know if they were secretly smiling that they cleaned my clock or not making a deal out of it since I got a good deal. They had 06s on the lot so were claiming they were doing what they had to make the 05s disappear.

    Will never know if I really got as good a deal as possible, but I think I got a fair deal and into a very fuel efficient family hauler for three years that will cost me next to nothing to maintain.

    Let me know how I did, not that it matters now, but would like to know I did okay!

  • The Accord EX sedan, automatic, 4 cylinder they have is in their showroom with $169 tinting and a $450 spoiler added.

    They want invoice $21,213 plus $299 fee plus TTT for an out the door of $23,635.

    I want to pay $20,000 for the car including their fee.
    Is that unreasonable?

    And what is a reasonable add for the tint and spoiler?

  • 22.6k OTD or less would be a very good price IMO.
  • "Do you think that when Ford mass produced the Model T that the most popular and desired color was black because it truly was that popular or because it was the only color offered?"

    Not sure what your point is - you answered your own question. Ford even joked in advertising that the customer could have any color he wanted as long as it was black. "Popularity", which will result in higher selling price, had nothing to do with Ford's decision. Ford built the Model T strictly to a price point. The price point was the basis for the Model T's popularity, not gee-gaws or appearance issues. Working class families, the group to which the "T" was targeted, were ecstatic that here was finally an affordable, reliable car for them. (The guys who built the darned things could even afford one.) Paint color, as Henry Ford realized, was irrelevant, so he was able to maintain a standing order for black paint with his supplier. Black pigment is carbon black - VERY cheap to produce. Black also meant that the same paint could be applied to chassis pieces as well as body sheetmetal without the need for alternate spray booths or regard to downtime to clean spraying equipment to handle other colors. The supplier, in turn, was able to stockpile the ingredients at the best price with the assurance there'd be a ready market for the finished paint to the factory and dealer network. Ford, however lavished attention to the engineering of the "T". The front axle was drop-forged from tool steel. While an expensive piece to produce, there were very few busted axles on Model Ts. (Paved roads were the exception, not the rule.) His engineers designed and developed a unique transmission that only required clutching in order to start the car from a dead stop. In many ways the Model T's transmission was a forerunner of later automatic transmission design - two planetary gearsets engaged by hand levers to manage 2nd, 3rd, and reverse "gears". Overall, the "T" was very cost effective to produce. But, though inexpensive to buy and maintain, the Model T was not a "cheap" car.
  • Thanks everyone for the information and comments - this will help a lot as I negotiate with the dealer. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  • Hey Guys

    I'm trying to decide if I should get a 4 cly or V6 accord. I've had people tell me their opinions about why they would get a V6. They say it's good to have the power of a V6 b/c it's a better ride and better performance.The minus side is it eats up alot of gas. i've had people tell me that the 4 cil is good enough and that you wouldn't notice much of a difference. So for any of you who own 4 cil and v6's i'd would like to hear some your reasons for why you chose your particular accord. Thanks.
  • Which Bay Area dealer was this?! I'm buying a similar one this weekend!
  • Well, its all relative. A 4 cylinder is definitely "good enough" if you're single and the driving terrain in your area is relatively flat. I've been driving a 1996 Accord for the past 9 years (I was single when I bought it). For the longest time, I also thought it was "fast enough" or "had enough power" and it probably did for my purposes. But now I've got a family and I often have lots of passengers and cargo. I definitely feel a lack of pulling power and passing power when my family (and all our cargo) is in the car. At times, I feel myself struggling as my car struggles to accelerate (weird huh?). When you get into a 6 cylinder car, you'll definitely notice a difference in pulling power..especially if you've got a full load of passengers/cargo and you're on hilly roads. Your acceleration and passing power is greatly eased which makes for a relaxing ride. Having the power of a 6 cylinder under your feet gives you peace-of-mind knowing that it's there when you need it. Unfortunately, I can't say that for my 4 banger.

    Currently, I'm shopping around for a 6 cylinder vehicle: 2006 Odyssey; 2006 Acura MDX or the 2006 Infiniti QX56 (a V8).

    My wife and I both have 4 cylinder vehicles ('96 Accord & '97 Civic) which I'll use to tool around town and for commuting to work

    These days, it's good to have a gas economical car. So, if you've got a 6 (or 8) cylinder vehicle in your garage, a new 4 cylinder car is a smart investment. Honda has probably mastered the art of the 4 cylinder engine.

    In conclusion, you should base your decision on your particular needs.

    Hope this helps.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 855
    .....N69 summarizes the 4 vs 6 question quite well for you...............

    ..I would point out that the 4 has a timing chain versus the 6 having a belt..........

    ..I have the six; getting about 27 (70H/30C) at odo 1600......

    ..either way, it's a great car.....

    .best, ez.......
  • Thanks guys

    Those were alot of great points I nevered realised. Thanks again!
  • I just bought a 2005 Accord EX V-6. With only 44 miles on it someone open their door and put a dent in the door.It is probably the size of a quarter but very noticeable.I realize this does happen .I heard something about spotless dent removal Does anyone have any info on removing such a small dent? Thanks alot
  • What kind of action? 200 miles is nothing but if it bothers you, just don't buy that car!

    You're entitled to your opinion that "200 miles is nothing", but many people would say that they wouldn't by any new vehicle with more than 50 miles on it.
    It did bother me, because I considered it quite misleading especially when I was told the car would have less than 50 miles on it, at the time of agreement of purchase. We had already invested quite a bit of time in negotatiating and having the car procured from another dealer. So next time read the thread (and think) before jumping to any simple conclusions.
  • Put a deposit on a 2005 Accord LX 4 cyl for the wife for the tmv price of $18,953 + tax. Dealer was pretty haggle free. After the test drive we sat down and the salesman pulled up and the TMV price and said this is what we charge you. I was pleasantly surprised. Tuesday is the last day for the current 4.9% promotion on 5 years financing. Can I do better? The other Honda dealer near me was a b*tch to haggle with and there are maybe 3 other 2005 Accord LX 4cyl automatics within an hour drive of here.
  • Since the Honda incentive is factory to dealer, does the Edmunds "true market value" include or not include this?

  • As others have stated on this board, the LX can be had for $17800 + TTL... some have done even better... read through the posts. I believe the TMV doesn't include the recent FTD incentives and end-of-year holdback....You should try to get at least $1000 below invoice.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,857
    greenlight1.. This discussion is about prices paid and the buying experience.. You might have better luck getting an answer to your question, if you post it here:

    Paint and Body Maintenance and Repair



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    You totally missed my point.

    If you were told the car would have less then 50 miles than that should have been the case.

    In the life of a car, 200 miles is, indeed, "nothing". I was simply trying to put you at ease with that.

    And, you should also stop to read the last part of my sentence..."but if it bothers you, just don't buy that car"

    I think the dealer was wrong in underestimating the number of miles the traded for car would have but I also don't think it's that big of a deal.

    I did read the thread, and I do think. I was only sharing my opinion for what it's worth!
  • check as they have LX auto listed at 17900 in New York area. I think 18900 is almost 1000 more than this, where you can have hassel free buying with carsdirect. I bought my accord LX 4cyl auto from Willis Honda in NJ for 16864+125 doc fee +1264 tax and title all total under 18300 including taxes OTD(thanks to Raaga and Rain 3 here on this forum). I would check rate with and then take the printout to the dealer to see if they beat that price.
  • I did check They have it listed at $18,719 for my zip + tax + fees.
  • Thank you for your response,your site went to the info without having to post the question.I looked for this post after you gave it to me but did not see it. New Member Anger Management
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