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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Has anyone tried to get pricing though a Sam's Club Discount?

    I am looking at a 2006 Honda Accord EX Sedan, 2.4L automatic with leather.
    I was told the mark-up is 3% over cost.

    Here is the breakdown.

    Invoice Price--- $22,496.00
    Destination------$ 550.00
    Inspection fee--$ 175.00

    Total $23,221.00

    Mark-up 3% $ 679.00

    Total Cost $23,917.00

    Is this a good deal????

  • brunnabrunna Posts: 53
    That's not a bad deal, but do yourself a favor and call the guys at Jay Honda in OH. I got a scanned offer sheet via email for only $200 over invoice for the same model you are looking at, AND they give you $100 toward airfare to OH to pick it up and some other cool incentive via coupon off the website. I bought my wife's 2003 Odyssey from them (I live in MD) and I referred 2 other people who also bought Ody's there as well. Straightforward business people, very friendly and forthright. A pleasure actually to buy a car that way. I also took his sheet to 2 local dealers near me today and the best they would do is $400 over, but of course I don't have to fly anywhere. I love the car in carbon bronze/black leather and they found one today somewhere (but close by evidently). The 4-cyl has plenty of power and niceties in the EX. I will make my decision soon and post the deal for everyone. I love these boards! Thanks to all who contribute.
  • 96hawk96hawk Posts: 3
    Well, I finally found what I want for a good price and couldn't be happier. This was at Wilde Honda in Waukesha, WI. Tried to buy locally (St. Paul/Mpls area) but no dealers in our area had much for availability on the 6 speed Sedans and the one that did have a car coming in (Brookdale Honda) first quoted me $25378 and then when I was ready to buy they actually changed the quote to $26850. Unbelieveable and I will be writing a letter to someone at Luther Auto (parent company) telling them how poorly this particular dealer treated me. I've bought from 2 other Luther dealers over the last 3 years and have had very good experiences.

    Here is what I got from Wilde Honda:

    2006 Honda Accord EX-V6 6-sp Manual Sedan
    MSRP (Window Sticker) Price: $27,850
    Internet-only discount: ($3,232)
    E-price: $24,618*

    *E-price includes Honda's $550 destination charge, but does not include sales tax, registration fees, any accessories or the $89 service fee.

    Highly recommend them. Note that due to finding the color & model I wanted, I made it clear that I was willing to pay over $25000 and they still quoted me the lower price. That's the way it should be and I really appreciated it. They made it very easy and I pick it up tomorrow!
  • We purchased our new 05 Accord MT from Open Road Honda back in mid-June. Overall, it was an excellent experience. We paid $1,500.00 under dealer invoice, and the only add on was a $189 doc fee. We travelled from Raleigh, NC to central New Jersey and still feel the trip was worthwhile. There was no back and forth, and we had our new car within about two hours of arriving at the dealership. The salesman was very friendly. I had negotiated with dealers in NC, VA, and MD, and several said that if we could get the car at $1,500.00 under invoice, they could not come close to the deal. We heard about Open Road via this forum. The only glitch was that they didn't process our out-of-state tag request immediately, and our temporary tag expired before our NC tags arrived. So, other out-of-state buyers might want to call and check the tag status frequently.
  • Are these prices for North Cal. ? If so can you please mention the dealer/s

  • Any one bought a 06 Accord AT sedan LX recently in North Cal.?

    The best prices I have for a 06 Accord AT sedan LX are $19, 200 before Tax+fees + Docs

  • I test drove an '06 Accord EX 4-cylinder/manual transmission a few nights ago. I'm very impressed with it and it's in my favorite color combination, Carbon Bronze with black interior. The dealer offered it to me for $20,250 plus TTL. A good deal in my opinion, especially since they're the only dealer in Atlanta with this color combo.

    I could save about $2k if I got an LX SE model, but it's not available in the Carbon Bronze color. It also doesn't have a sunroof.

    The quoted price seems really good to me for the EX manual. What do you guys think?
  • There are two pieces of information missing on this comparison page:
    1) The 2005 engine is an i-VTEC
    2) The 2005 has the independent Wishbone Front Suspension and the independent Wishbone Rear Suspension.

    While the specifications do not deny what I say above, they also don't tell the whole story, making the difference between the model years appear to be more than they are.
  • bbtacobbtaco Posts: 15
    That sounds like a too good to be true price! That is $500 below dealer invoice. Did you buy it? :)
  • Just bought a 2006 Accord LX V6 for 22,600....after tax, etc 23, 700 out the door. MSRP is 25,650. I recommend the buying guide from consumer reports. It helped me get the price almost 600 below invoice. Also, call every dealer in town.
  • hminhmin Posts: 8
    Got a quote for $26300 OTD. No navigation system.

    But need buy before the end of Oct.
    Is this a reasonable deal? Have to make a decision soon.
  • Hi Folks,
    I have to make a decision by tomorrow. Hope someone will have some advises for me. I got the following 2 deals and I am really hesitating on making a choice:

    1. 2006 Accord Coupe LX MT $16300 (destination charge included) + TTL and taxes: $4000 below MSRP, $2000 below invoice. (mud guards and winter mats included)
    2. 2006 Civic LX Sedan AT $16700 (Invoice at $16375)

    Well, I really had my eyes on the coupe, and as you can see I got a very good deal (thanks from all of your post guys. That's how I could shoot for so low). However, this dealer had about twelve 2005 accord coupe while only one accord sedan 2005 (an EX manual) letf on the lot!!!! Is there anything wrong with the coupe??? Are people shying away from them in favor of the sedan? I also saw plenty of those used coupe returned after 1-3 years when surfing online (maybe this is just an impression since I was putting my eyes on one). I am asking this question to those who owned a coupe and after the "initial falling in love story", they felt that it was really not practical and sold it. I just got married and we are planning to have kids in 2-3yrs... We have currently a 1999 Civic SE sedan as a second car.

    The other car we looked at with my wife is the sedan Civic 2006 (I was able to get decent deal given that everyone get this car at MSRP). My wife would prefer the Civic... I opted for an auto as we wouldn't have been able to get an MT within a month with the color we wanted. Hard to find.

    So now, my second question (maybe related to the first one) is beyond personal preference, would the resale value down the road (3yrs or 10yrs) of the accord 2005 coupe (or sedan if coupe is not really the way to go) be more than that of the Civic 2006 (given that I am paying pretty much the same price for both at this point)???

    Please let me know what you think (hope someone will read that by tomorrow. The deal holds only before the end of the month)


  • mylmyl Posts: 1
    I am a first time car buyer, and I am interested in purchasing a 2006 Honda VP AT in the state of Maryland. The cheapest quote I’ve received for this model is $16,995, which does not include destination, tax, tags or any dealer options. Is this a fair price?

    In addition to the above price, the dealer quoted some extras: $4 tire recycling fee, $491 appearance package fee, $99 processing fee, $206 registration and what seems to be the standard $550 destination fee. I question some of these extras. Are they valid?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  • Which state are you in? I paid 27K out the door for NJ couple of weeks ago (6% sales tax).
  • hminhmin Posts: 8
    I got the quote from Paramus Honda, NJ. My sales tax (WestChester County, NY)
    is 8% though.
  • willis3willis3 Posts: 76
    That's a good deal!!

    Open Road Honda has three V6 MT's in stock, two w/o Nav and the other with Nav. I asked for their best price and they replied with Sticker - $29,300 w/Nav or $2k less w/o. I told them if I wanted to pay sticker, I could choose any Honda dealership.
  • hmin and tandy_13, what is the price you are paying before TTL for the EX V6 Auto?
  • jfergusjfergus Posts: 30
    If you plan on transporting newborns in this car often before trading it in, then I would say stick with something with 4 doors. Today's car seats are huge, and you are going to have a time getting them in and out of a 2-door car with the front seat flipped over. A 4 door will provide much easier access.

    Have you considered the lone '05 EX sedan they have left? I guess that depends on if you can both drive the manual (i.e., your wife as well). If she will be the primary driver and prefers an automatic, then leave that decision up to her (Civic auto vs. Accord manual). Why the Accord sedan? Mainly because of the kid and car seat factor again. It is a bigger car, and your other car is already a Civic. Also, if you take this car for out-of-town trips, the Accord sedan will have more room for luggage and baby stuff (the trunk is slightly larger even compared to the Accord coupe: 14 cu. ft. vs. 13 cu. ft., respectively). The Civic could be cramped. Then there is always the debate: is a bigger car (Accord) safer than a smaller car (Civic)?

    So, I'm not really sure if I helped here because I just threw in a 3rd option. You might not even get as good a deal on the Accord sedan, since they only have 1 and the dealer knows it will eventually sell, whereas they have a lot of work ahead to sell twelve '05 coupes. But do think about the future and take into consideration the "baby factors": car seat installation and removal, space for diapers and other baby essentials for road trips, safety of a larger car.
  • I paid 24,568 plus 550 for destination. As I understood 24,568 is invoice for 2006 V6 auto.
    Tax was 6% and add to that 275 NJ DMV fee for 4 year registration. $45 for dealer doc fee.
    hmin's deal is much better though, almost 1000 below invoice if I understand correctly!
  • I don't know what you should expect in your area, but here in Cleveland I closed a deal for 2005 Accord LX MT coupe for $2000 under invoice at $16300 (destination included) + mud guards and winter mats. I started with $16000, and seems like with some more determination I could have even got it for that price. The manager was nice, not too much hassle, after some hesitation he eventually agreed on $16300 (but I had some leverage, he had about twelve 2005 coupe left on the lot). 50min discussion after test driving a couple of cars.
    Apparently Honda dealers receive a $1200 sale support from the manufacturer on 2005s (the manager was telling me that it was $1200 on the V6 and $700 on the 4 cyl, is that true???)

    I also received an ad by email from honda of bloomfield [Detroit:] advertising the accord EX V6 for $22488 (instead of $27365), so I would not hesitate to be very aggressive on the price.
    And for those interested they have a special end of the month for this Monday for the Accord 2006 LX for $19249 (instead $21375)

    Good luck
  • hminhmin Posts: 8
    The price before TTL and destination charge
    for EX V6 auto w/o Nav is approx $23500.
    The dealer is Paramus Honda, NJ.
    They are very nice people to deal with. It's unfortunate that
    my wife says "no". She thinks it too quick to close a deal on my
    first day of car shopping :(
  • That's a real good deal, $1000 below invoice! Haven't heard anything like this this early in the season for 2006 models.
  • hminhmin Posts: 8
    The sales person told me that this offer only good if I buy before the end of Oct.
    They seem to fall short of sales target for this month and thereofore push hard.
    So you may take a shot tomorrow to get a nice deal there.
    Good luck!
  • vf154vf154 Posts: 12
    The best quotes I've received (San Jose & Palo Alto) for an '06 Accord AT sedan LX are $19, 600 before Tax + fees + Docs
  • I already bought the car a couple of weeks ago. Guess I missed out on a better deal!
  • va_guyva_guy Posts: 12
    Hello All,

    I have been "lurking" on this forum for many months now, and finally decided to purchase a Honda Accord. I received an Internet Quote from Criswell Honda in Germantown, MD (I live in Virginia across the river) for a 2006 Accord LX SE Sedan 4-cylinder Automatic for $19,450 ($72 over invoice from my calculations). The only "add-on" that I was charged for were wheel locks for another $99 when I went to pick up the car, which I didn't mind paying since this car has nice alloy rims (in my opinion :) ).

    This quote was over $800 less than the local dealership in Fairfax, VA that quoted me their "Employee Only Price" special that they were advertising for the weekend, plus I save another $199 by the fact that Maryland dealerships charge a processing fee of $100 versus Virginia dealerships that seem to be charging $299. All-in-all, I was very happy with my deal and the salesman I worked with (since I can't post his name on this forum, I hope I can post his initials...A.R.). No pressure and I spent the better part of a Saturday evening with the salesman test driving the new Civics and Accords.

    The out-the-door price I paid after the wheel locks, Standard Destination Charge, Virginia Tax (3%), Tags and Title came to approximately $20,875. I've only had the car for 2 days, but am happy with my decisions on which car to buy and on the dealership to buy from.

    Thanks for everyone's input on this forum, too!">
  • stentstent Posts: 5
    Did the $22,600 include $550 destination charge. The best price quote that I have received has been $23,141 which includes a $550 destination charge.

    What is the name of the dealer ? :
  • k2222k2222 Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a new Accord.
    Does anyone know which dealer has the best price on a 2005 or 2006 Accord LX Automatic in Texas?...or neighboring states

    I am not really particular about the year. I am looking for the best deal possible.

    Thanks in advance for the information.
  • varyesvaryes Posts: 4

    I got OTD price on 06 Accord LX SE in Virginia 20,590. Which dealership offered you $21,000 quote?
  • I am looking for a 2006 ex or exl in south carolina. Has anyone purchased one similiar, what is the best price I can expect. I am also looking to trade a 2004 accord so I will probably be about $1000 over my head with this trade because it has 68,000 miles.
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