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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The base price is indeed $100 below invoice. but that doc fee is too much.
  • vf154vf154 Posts: 12
    I am interested in the same car or a regular LX,4dr,4cl,AT
    and live in Sunnyvale. Where in the Bay Area are you and what dealer did you use?
  • Ended up getting the car for $22,500 so I'm pretty happy. No all-season weather mats, though.
  • suvasuva Posts: 6
    Can you please specify which dealer and in which state were you offered this price. I am also looking to pull the trigger on HAH with NAVI.

  • sepasepa Posts: 41
    You got a great deal, rickster. Which dealer? And what was your out the door price?
  • Can someone confirm there will be a Honda sale towards the end of December? Thank you.
  • Hi sepa,
    Thanks for sharing the info. Could you tell us the name of the dealership where you found this deal?

    Thanks a lot in advance,
  • sepasepa Posts: 41
    sharathsimha - My deal 06 EX-L Sedan 4cyl for $23,000 + tax + tags was at Sussman Honda, Willow Grove, PA. If you go there, first get the internet quote (supposedly better than just walking in). Similar price at Faulkner in Harrisburg, PA. Trying to find out where rickster paid $22,500 for the same car . . . .
  • Has anyone purchased this vehicle yet? What are people paying?
  • Thanks. I thought your price was for the V6. I have a quote for V6 EX-L for 23,500, but thats only if I take their financing.
  • A dealer offered a quote that she said was valid only if I also took their financing. She said banks pay dealers each time they bring in a customer, and they pay them even if the customer were to pay off the loan after a week. So thats why she said dealers offered better deals with financing v/s cash.

    She says I could get a lower quote if I agreed to the financing and that I could always pay off the bank after the deal. And that there would be no closing costs (early payoff) either.

    I smell a rat, so wanted to get some thoughts on this.

  • I got mine at Conicelli. My sense was that I could have gotten similar deals at Sloane and Piazza. Sussman wouldn't go below $22,800. I think the key was that Conicelli had this car on the lot (and were therefore incurring floorplan loan expense on every day it wasn't sold).
  • Sorry for delayed response.

    Bought mine from Fremont. Got the Graphite pearl

    ~2K tax & licenses (8.75% tax ~238 DMV fees)
    370 (dealer oil change/tire rotation/20 point inspection for 5yrs/60K miles)
    21,500 OTD (also got the wheel locks for free) + dealer was ready to offer Honda Care for $1000 (80k/6yrs)

    Overall buying experience was great. No pressure or deception on their part. Great Value!! in my openion

    Thank everyone for their help, and this Forum has helped me tremendoulsy.
  • Hi
    I am planning to buy a 2005 Honda Accord LX/EX. (area Stamford)

    As dealers are clearing stock, they have offered me 15k for an LX. Is this a good price?

    Now I am planning to look out for 2005 EX. Whats the best price I should look for? They gave me an offer of 20.5 K.

  • has anyone in here leased an accord recently? I'm planning on doing this when my car comes in (should be this week) was just wondering what fees I should be paying (aqusition fees / bank fees) any fees I shoudl AVOID paying? just trying to get an idea of what I'm looking at for fees, and want to make sure I'm not being overcharged on teh fees (got a great price on teh car itself) thanks

  • End of the month I paid a little more than the lowest price ($18,748) to get the color combo I want and only 5 miles off the truck that morning. Put $5000 down and financed at 3.99%. This was at Honda of Hollywood in California.

    Silver Exterior / Black interior
    Price: ............$19,000
    Tire Fee: ...........$8.75
    Doc. Fee: ..........$45.00
    8.5% tax: .......$1,571.21
    DMV (Est): ........$187.00
    TOTAL: ............$20,811

  • I think the doc fee is outrageous!
    "Documentation fee.........398"
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    Come on down to think $398 is bad....that's about $499 & $599 for luxury cars!!!! Plus 6% sales tax!
  • Just got another quote from Landmark Honda in Alexandria, VA of $23,880 out the door. Awesome deal, let me know if you have gotten a lower price otd on this car.
  • ramidaramida Posts: 67
    Yeah, $398 for documentation fee is outrageously excessive! These Honda dealers here in the Cary-Raleigh-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, area are real suckers!

    Avoid Leith Honda in Raleigh -- go to Cary Autopark Honda instead (relatively better people, relatively better service). Take note of the use of the word "relatively". :-) Cary Autopark Honda also charges $398 for documentation fee.

  • Prices tend to be much lower in Florida, which is offset somewhat by the dealer fees. It all evens out.
  • I finally got my accord after waiting about 2 1/2 months. Ex-L sedan 4cyl, 5 speed manual with Navi. it's so great. total price paid was 24,800 (including added and installed rear wing spoiler)+ fees of aqusition fee (595) dealer fees (90) reg. fees (180), security deposit (400) and first months payment (390) (total fees were 1595 which I paid up front). onyl thing I did't realize that it dind't include an auto dimming rear view mirror. I tried to get them to throw this in for 200 busk more (making total 25,000.) and the salesmen showed me a sheet saying it was 295 installed I said "can you do it for 200" he sort of cuckled (as he was going to fill out the rest of the paper work) and said "no". so I wasn't happy about that. other than that, it's a great car (getting the mirror somewhere else). probably another dealer.
  • picked up a lx se w/manual trans tonight.
    had 5mi on the odo, but already had the mystery 'paint and cloth protection', wheel/mud guards, fenderwell trim, wheel locks, and tint (dealer wanted well over $1k for all of his dealer options).

    got the car for $19,409 with on OTD price of $20,850
  • sharathsimha - that's a great quote on a 2006 EX-V6, $23,500!. Edmunds shows a list price of $25,118. That's a quote of $1,618 below invoice. Do you have any advice on how to get such a good quote? I'm looking for the same car & plan to send out either emails or faxes to dealers soon. thanks
  • live in Illinois and am considering the 2006 Accord EX v6 (leather?) or the LX v6. No other options except maybe a sunroof....

    My question is 2 fold.

    1. What is the target price I should be looking for for these 2 models? Also, what should the fees be roughly buying versus leasing? THank you.

    2. If I were to lease, what should I look for as far as:
    MSRP + Dest -
    Selling Price -
    Residual Value -
    Money Factor -
    Target Lease Payment for 48 mos/12k -

    Any other information I should be concerned about?

    Thank you.

  • tarptarp Posts: 3
    Just got an internet quote from a dealership for an 06 Accord 4 cyl NAV for 25,500. Is this a good price?
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    " considering the 2006 Accord EX v6 (leather?) or the LX v6. No other options except maybe a sunroof...."

    Leather and sunroof are standard on the EX V6.
  • jdangjdang Posts: 6
    Hi everyone,

    I am in Houston-TX and ready to buy a new 06 Accord SE/AT. I want to know the best deal in town. Please share your info if you can.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hey shahrathsimha!
    I am lookign exactly for the same car but not getting the quote u got. i got a deal for LX V6 06 Accord as 23,300. Please let me kno where u got this deal from?
  • Hey !

    The least quote so far i got for a Accord LX V6 is 23100 inlcuding destination charge (without TTL ). What is the least quote u ppl have got for an Accord EX V6 or LX V6 and from where? I am in Dallas/ ft worth area...pls help if u can. ASAP( i m looking to buy in the commign week) :cry:
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