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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just purchased an 06 accord EXL w/ Navi Auto 4cyl.

    The starting price was $1000 under invoice ($23803), but the dealers were real jerks with their protection packages (wheel locks, mud guards, etc) they wanted $1995 for it. I laughed, and laughed at them. Beware of these packages. They typically only cost the dealer $150 to $200, but they charge $1500 to $2000 for it. Do your homework on the accessories as well as the car, that is where they try to stick it to you. Also skip the extended warranty stuff, It's all 100% dealer profit.

    My final before TT&L price was $25,135, which included wheel locks, mud guards, rear deck lid spoiler, and window tinting. Which is $332 over invoice but with all those accessories. I can sleep at night paying that.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 855
    "... Also skip the extended warranty stuff, It's all 100% dealer profit...." got that right. During purchase of HAV-6 EX coupe 6M this summer, dealer pushed hard (sales - finance tag team) for EW.............. starting at $2800 (then special today only $1800)..... EW online from one of the four most popular sources seen right on this very forum: $583.50........

  • I have gotten two quotes from local dealers in Richmond, VA for the 2006 Accord LX V6 Sedan for $23880 out the door. This is the best price I have gotten, and I have emailed every dealer in VA and one in MD and NC. $1700 under MSRP out the door is a very good deal to me.
  • Where u get that price? let me know, because i'm planning to get honda within 2 weeks.
  • Can you tell me where you get that price for Accord 06 V6 EX-L $23,500, please let me know and i woukd like to know that you get Accord for $22,500, please let me know ASAP, beacuse i need to buy new car, because can't use my old car.
  • I hope we got a good deal. I paid $24,800 before TTL for the same vehicle. It did not have a spoiler or window tint but had wheel locks, mud guards, cargo tray and pin stripes. Wonder if anyone else got it cheaper? I now need a '06 CIVIC LX AT. Any ideas on price? This dealer is in Dallas. Where is yours?
  • A local dealer has an advertisement to lease the above Accord for $217/mo. plus tax. There would be $1,870.00 due at signing. Sounds like a pretty good deal. Any thoughts?
  • I forgot to mention that it is a 40 month lease with 12k per year.
  • $499(spoiler+installation)
    $50 (Wheel locks)
    $95 (mud guards)
    $904 total for accessories

    That would make my deal of $25,135-$904=$24,563, or about $572 below invoice of $24,803.

    I'm going to pick up a trunk cargo tray this week for $100-20% at the honda parts counter. My wife has alreay started spliing things in the trunk, thankfully it was only water.
  • lrmanlrman Posts: 4
    I am in the Balt, MD area and ready to purchase by the end of the month an Accord EX-V6 4 dr sedan with 6M. Anybody get a good deal?

    Any info would be great. Thanks.
  • Im in Illinois...

    but..I am still trying to figure out what I SHOULD be paying for this car...

    2006 Accord EX v6 or LX v6. Factory installed options.

    What is the range or price I should be looking for when buying this car? Thank you ...please HELP!!! I need to buy a car Saturday but I dont want to get screwed...
  • Can you tell me where did you get that deal? and did you pay cash or financing, beacuse i'm planning to buy honda ASAP.
  • mamamia2mamamia2 ChicagoPosts: 707
    ...Am doing a little research about WHAT DO DEALERS CHARGE FOR DOC (DOCUMENTATION) FEE....

    Again, it's what they charge you, it's not what you end up negotiating for Doc Fee, 'cause Doc Fee is sacred, it's like sales tax.... It's a given... Written in the Old Testament.

    Problem is, it's really a SCAM, which too many times (or in some specific states?) it's an "elegant" way to make extra money.

    So, my question is, is there a CAP on Doc Fee in some states? In Illinois it's always been $53-$55, but is that regulated by STATE LAWS? Has anybody paid more than that in IL?

    I know in Florida -- the sky is limit. $300-$400-$500... Jeb Bush must own a few car dealerships there...
  • I got the car from Honda/VW in Laurel, MD. They price matched my quote from College Park Honda (1000 under invoice + $560 for protection package). Remember what I said about the protection packages, negotiate them off the car, or get them to drop the price of their packages to a reasonable charge on what you actually get. You should aim for invoice price or lower after protection package has been added. I must add that Honda in Laurel was very slow, 3.5 hrs to finalize the sale, and that after settling on final price on the phone with sales manager.

    I first got the $1000 under invoice no nonsense quote from College Park Honda Internet sales dept. They told me to bring in the internet quote inorder for them to honor it. I also called to see if their 0% financing they advertise each week was available at the price, which they told me yes on the phone.
    When I showed up to buy the car, their no nonsense quote did not include the $1995.00 protection package (wheel lock and mud flaps), and they said the financing was only for people who pay full MSRP or higher? College Park was the classic case of bait and switch, they will say anything just to get you in the door, then it's a whole new ball game.

    I financed the car thru a car loan from Capital One, I got a quote from them thru My rate was 5.65% for 60 mo. or 5.39 for 36mo.

    Honda Financing only approved me for 5.64% so i stuck with my Capital One rate even though it was a 0.01% higher.
  • im in CA, San Diego
    I just got a quote for $22,000 OTD. I feel like i can do better but i don't know. Will this be any cheaper next month ??? also anyone from my area bought 06 accord pls share your price and recommendation.. :):);)

    Thank you \(^_^}/
  • jwatsjwats Posts: 72
    I live in Minnesota and have a " basic car" I drive mostly in winter--my '92 Maxima has served this role, but rust will soon take it away.

    I noticed I can buy the SE couple for about $17,500 OTD--this is their basic LX coupe with a wheel upgrade and spoiler.

    This is about $1,000 below invoice and equal to Edmunds TMV.

    I understand that coupes and MT have lower resale, but this strikes me as an unusual bargain that would give me 10 years of safe and economical use.

    Am I missing anything? Hondas hold their value so buying a used one seems crazy.

    thanks for any insight

  • I paid 24,800 for my accord with an addrear wing spoiler. and that was a custom order (5 speed stick with navi and leather) got it was 6 miles on it, NO test drivers beating on it. so I definetly think it was worth it. Been breaking it in nice and easy. I'm looking to get a honda care extended warranty. whats the best price people are getting (I've seen about 1,000 for an 8 year 120k 0 deductable). thanks

  • Just bought a new honda EX-L 4 cyl for $24,322
    that's include tax and evrything, that without navigation, what do you think about that price? but my credit history is bad, after they check my credit history they can approve me with 7.94%, i will pay $515.35 for 36 month and is absolutly beautiful that car.
  • ramidaramida Posts: 67
    "I understand that coupes and MT have lower resale, but this strikes me as an unusual bargain...Am I missing anything?"

    You need to understand that this 2005 model, although new, is already one-year old! If, for some reason, its actual cash value or fair market value (FMV) needs to be assessed (like when it is declared a total loss after an accident), its depreciated value is way more than the $1000-below-invoice bargain you're getting.

    Accidents happen even if you are a safe driver.

  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 855
    I'm looking to get a honda care extended warranty. whats the best price people are getting (I've seen about 1,000 for an 8 year 120k 0 deductable).

    ...8/120/0 I'm no help.....

    ...However: paid about $584 for a 6-year/80k (100 DED).....

    ( OR 1-888-RAY-LAKS, your call)

    ...seasons best, ez......
  • dglozmandglozman Posts: 178
    I got the same car for $273 a month with $1000 due at signing (36 month lease, 12,000 miles a year) INCLUDING taxes (NJ), title and registration.
  • Just wanted to say that please check out the prices of all the dealer added options. I checked with the parts dept of this same dealership and here is what I got:

    Dealer added options price (parts dept price)
    Splash Guards $295 ($93.60)
    Wheel Locks $195 ($61.60)
    Cargo tray $195 ($110)

    So there you have it, there is a huge markup on all dealer added options. I cannot believe that dealers do this when their parts dept is down the hall. I guess people do not bother to check.
  • jwatsjwats Posts: 72

    That is an excellent point--and frankly one I had not thought of because I plan to keep the car for many years. Here is the important question, at what level do you think an 05 is a good value? For example, would you pay $3,000 more for an 06 for this reason alone?
  • jwatsjwats Posts: 72
    Has anyone found a dealer they really like and can recommend?
  • FYI I'm in Las Vegas and just bought an '06 Accord SE 4 cyl,man OTD for $21,400. (7.75% sales tax. incld in OTD price) Sounds like your doing pretty good. My guess from all of Honda's advertising lately is that they want to clear a few off the lots before tax time. Don't worry about a couple hundred more dollars and treat yourself to a nice Christmas present.
  • Hey all I have been shopping for my first car (college senior) and recently decided on a Honda Accord. Was looking at the new civic but they are really too expensive when compared to the accord based on price per practicality purpose.

    I got quoted for 19.3k for the VP and 21k for the LX OTD.

    I am leaning towards the VP unless there is anything the LX has that might lower my insurance.

    Are these good deals? Should I have them install an alarm system to lower my insurance or should I go to pep boys/best buy for this? I will not bicker over a hundred here and there. Just want to know if it is ok to take the plunge.

    This is my first car and been lurking in these forums for 6 months deciding on tacoma/sonota/camery/civic/accord.

    Thanks for all the useful information over the last few months.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    Oh, I don't think so. I'm sure the retail book value is higher than 1000.00 below invoice.

    That is one tough car to sell. It's a coupe and a five speed too. Nothing wrong with them...great cars, just hard to sell both as new cars and later as used.
  • Civic LX Sedan Auto $18,300 OTD
    Accord LX Special Edition Sedan $21,000 OTD
    Accord LX V6 Sedan $23,000 OTD

    Thats the lowest price i got on these cars. For the civic paying Exactly around the MSPR price is not worth it. One of my friends bought a 2005 CivicSedan LX 15k OTD (in September) the price is gonna drop for 2006 and thus making atleast $3k downfall in the price just after couple of months. I do say for those who wish to stay under the 20g range should head for an nissan altima for a better package and deal. I considered Scion TC but less resale value (relatively) and less market awareness makes me run away from it.
    Any suggestion what should ne done? I want to stay under the 20g range. I HAVE to consider the price is WORTH the car or not? Let me know.
  • ramidaramida Posts: 67
    Here's an actual Kelley Blue Book comparison of the retail blue book value of a Honda Accord LX Coupe 2D:

    2005 Model -- $19,615
    2004 Model -- $17,985

    One-year depreciation: $1,630

    You may factor in the increase in base price of the newer model, but then in the case of Honda, the newer model, although slightly higher in base price, comes with new features not present in the older model.

    Here's a hypothetical situation:

    2006 Model -- let's say can be had for $200 below invoice price of $19,000 = $18,800

    2005 Model -- let's say can be had for $1,000 below invoice price of $18,500 = $17,500

    Price difference is $1,300, which is still lower than the KBB-based depreciation of $1600 shown earlier.

    I'll take the newer model every time. Why? Because many car dealers are opportunists and are so damn "smart" selling older cars that a $1000-below-invoice deal is a rare find (except for the higher-end models; EX/V6 with NAV, for instance).

  • ramidaramida Posts: 67
    Hi jwats -- see my recent response to isellhondas.

    If the price difference is more than the forecasted one-year depreciation for this model, then it may be a "good" buy. But you also need to consider new features that come with the newer model, if they matter to you. It's your call.

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