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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    When you put in the ZIP if "directs" your price quote to an area dealer for that car (if any) and reports what they have told that they will sell that car for. If no dealer in your immediate area is willing to sell cheap (as is the case where I live) just put in the ZIP of a nearby large city and see what comes up. The difference between my home ZIP code and one 2 to 4 hour drive away is "lots" of money.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018

    Sells them pretty cheap. There are other places like Curry Honda that do as well. A Google on "HondaCare" should turn up a lot of choices.

  • jluedejluede Posts: 34

    You might be right about the best deal. I think you even got a better deal than I did in Houston. I got OTD at $21,400 but of course our 6.25% sales tax was a big chunk of the difference. Still, if your $20,500 included doc fees, title and license you must of got the price down to about $19,600 or so??? I think I've only seen one other person who had a deal close to yours in California but travel too the dealership was too much trouble so they ended up paying about $700 more at closer dealer.

    Can you break down your deal for us? There are so many variations state to state that its hard to compare somtimes. I know someone said in OK the OTD price didn't include TTL because the dealerships there do not handle the registration paperwork.

  • username2username2 Posts: 5
    I used CarsDirect and was contacted by the fleet manager at Brown Honda (Toledo, OH). A competing dealer (that I contacted directly) offered to beat the deal by $50. When his "out the door" price came through, it was much lower. He "forgot" to add the destination charge to his quote. Using CarsDirect was a very good experience for me. I received my offers by e-mail, and when I was satisfied that I was getting a complete quote, I then gave my phone number to arrange a test drive. I completed my purchase on Saturday (June 11):

    2005 Honda Accord LX Automatic Sedan
    $21,090.00 MSRP
    $18,485.00 Your Internet Price
    100.00 Ohio Document Fee
    7.25% Sales Tax
    15.00 Title Fees
    10.50 Ohio (30-Day Temp) Tag

    Invoice: $19,034
    CarsDirect Target Price: $19,134
    KBB New Car Blue Book Value: $19,403
    Edmunds TMV: $19,688

    I also financed at 1.9% for 36 months. The only negotiating was to have a $200 locate fee waived (the car was transferred from another dealer).

    Happy Hunting!
  • markinphxmarkinphx Posts: 37
    Take the ride, I did.

    You certainly will never regret burning your weekend to save $1,000.

    You will however in the future regret overpaying in Phoenix.

    Eventually it will eat you up, knowing you got soaked on the $300 doc fee, knowing that the dealer made a nice profit off of you, retaining his full holdback price on the deal.

    Take the ride man, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pavan_ivpavan_iv Posts: 6
    Excellent deal... why wouldnt Indiana dealer give me that price.. :( . probably I have to do some more search.

    What if I want to buy the car from VA.?? Or only VA residents can buy the car in VA.
  • I've been looking at a Honda Accord and I took it for a test drive yesterday.

    I'm going from a 1986 Hundai pony to something new som everything somes so wonderfully powered. (Actually about half the cars I tested were better then the pony, the others bombed. *cough*'97 camry*cough)

    Anyway when I took it out, it seemed to lurch a bit when the automatic gears changed. I don't know if it's my heavy foot or if something with that much power just does that.

    things I'd like to know:

    1. Is the lurching normal or a timing thing?
    2. There's a horrible tint in the back window. No bubbles or anything but it's pink. How hard is it to get tint off a window or should I go just get it retinted and they will remove it?
    3. Is $5900 Canadian a good price for a 1992 Accord? it's been in the lot for months and months now so I'm guessing something is wrong with it. I might be able to get away with giving them $3000 cash in hand.

    4. Should I get a warrenty on it? They offer a 30 day drive train warranty anyway but the extended is $600 and I figure if something goes wrong it was already broken before I buy the car.

    5. How easy is it to work on this car. ie. adding the K&N intake myself and possibly dropping in a turbo eventually.

    My comparisons to this car are as follows:
    1984 Volvo (I loved this car. Got it up to 120mph once)
    1986 Hyundai Pony (This car is simply put. FUN!)
    Test drove a 1992 Eagle Talon (Turbo was blown and the blue smoke coming out of every orifice was scary so I walked away from this deal)

    Tonight I'm going to test drive a Datsun 280z which is in perfect condition and only $5000.

    My goals for the car are:
    Do some modifications and learn to work on a car. Gages, exhause, intake, change the manafold put in a turbo.

    The mods I see locally are dirt cheap so I'm only really worried about the difficulty.

    If I get the Z, I'd feel bad touching it with anything neon because it is in perfect condition. 1987 280z. (I'll only get this if I love driving it from the get go, otherwise I'll get an accord.)

    I found another accord, 1990 for $3500 but the lot it's on is run by guys that like the $$$ in hand idea and I could probably walk away with the car for $2500 canadian.

    Is the 92 worth looking at?
  • I guess I should also say this is the first time I'm paying more then $500 for a car so it's kind of a big deal to me. I want to be able to keep the car I buy for another 5+ years without spending every dime on it or even going without a car for a week at a time.

    I noticed my last post was conveluted and didn't make much sense and I couldn't delete it. Here's what I want to do to "a" car.

    I have:
    2 12" Sony Xplode subs
    2 6x9 something speakers (150 watt rms each)
    1 Massive competition amp (Still yet to be hooked up. Supposed to be 1400 rms)

    I want to set up an onboard computer (I have plans for a laptop with dvd/wireless internet/lcd dash screen/projector (possible mod dunno yet)

    I'd like to try my hand at:
    (as I'm already somewhat experienced with putting a sound system into a crap car
    1. K&N intake kit
    2. Breaks kit
    3. Exhause (might be done already on the 1992)
    4. Add turbo
    5. Conversion from Automatic to Manual
    6. Lights lights lights (My pony blinks and lights up to the music on 3 different inputs and goes by the EQ I have set up. Right now I tend to get lauched at when I pull up with my booming hundai pony with the lights going. I have it tuned to the point where I'm able to beat a civic across an intersection. 1/4 mile HA right.

    7. Is it possible to convert the windows to electric? How much work $$$ would this be?

    I would love to turn my pony into a sleeper but it seems that everyones suggestion to upgrading my pony is to buy a new car. Sooo. I'm looking at a 1992 honda accord 4 banger and am wondering if the above mods are doable and if $5000 is too much for the car. All canadian of course.

    I looked at an 1992 Eagle talon and if the engine and tubro weren't toast, I'd be drinving that today for $5000.

    I'm looking at a 1987 Datsun 280z tonight but doubt I could do any of the above mods to it because it's almost in mint condition.

    If none of these cars seem worth it, what would you suggest?
    Thanks for any input.
  • calcal1calcal1 Posts: 2
    Just purchased one this weekend! I think that I got an amazing deal: $17,930 (includes destination charges, does not include TTL). I am very happy and grateful to those who have posted and made this experience so much easier!

    Out of curiousity, do you think that I could have gotten an even better price if I had waited? Today, I received an e-mail from a dealer whose quote request form I filled out (I am in Northern California). He quoted a price of $16,788 for a regular LX! Even plus the destination fee, this seems unrealistically low - any thoughts?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 451
    Dennis, What is sale tax credit?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 451
    You can buy a car in any state you want and bring it back. Contact the governmental agency who handles titles and license or taxation and get them to tell you their rules. In some cases, you pay taxes at the source. In some cases, you will pay taxes back in your home state where you register the car for license tags. In some states like mine, Tennessee, I would pay taxes at the source and the difference, if your state has a bigger tax, in your home state when you title the car.
  • username2username2 Posts: 5
    Post the dealers name! At those prices people will drive from California to buy one. Unless, of course, the OTD price gets inflated with fees and extras such as paint protection, sound deadening, advertising, extended service contract, etc.
  • mihinkmihink Posts: 28
    I would be happy to...sorry for the late reply.

    OTD price : $20, 500
    Dest. price: $515 (which everybody pays)
    Dealer processing: $289 (I don't know if I payed that)
    VA sales tax (3.18%): $approx $600
    VA tags/title/license: $65

    That's it....just to let you know...I called the internet sales manager and gave him a quote from "Open Road Honda in NJ"...they always have a rock-bottom "buy it now" price on Ebaymotors. After he saw that..he gave me the deal.
    Of course, I don't know if such a deal as mine is to be had in the month of June, I heard from this forum that Honda dealers were getting us much as $900 back from Honda corporation if they met a sales goal.
    Hope this info was helpful. ;)
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    I would first like to say that this wbsite rocks!!!
    There is so much information shared's great!
    In fact the info is so good here that when I went to a dealership and started talking to the Sales Manager about Holdback fees and Honda Incentives he thought I was in the business!!!

    One thing I do notice allot on this website is people always seems to want to separate the price of the car from the dest. charge, why I don't know?
    Dest. charge is a done deal....It is always figured into the price of the car...

    So in my opinion when people post the price they paid on the car it should be a given that dest. charge is included.
    And since taxes and other fees are so different around the country then those figures are not of any real value unless another member of this forum is requested specific info for that region.

    But again, this website will increase your knowledge, which in the end is going to say you those greenbacks!

    Rock On!
  • markkymarkky Posts: 7

    Thx...unfortunately, I'm getting quotes that is way better than subtracting the 3% hold back, FTD etc. $21,480(including destination) is the lowest quote I've for the 2005 EXL 2.4 sedan. I still feel I can do better than that in LA ...what do you think? I know people had been quoted $20, 086 (including destination) else where on this forum. I feel I'm about $1000 more than I should settle for... let me know
  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that $20,086 was on an EX not and EX-L. I paid $19,900 +TTL for an EX which was seems to be holding up as a really good deal. Here is my understanding of the current EX-L situation. Obviously the $21,070 would be at cost so more than likely no one will sell for that unless they are making a nice chunk of change from other fees/accessories.

    MSRP + Dest on an EX-L Auto is $25,115
    Invoice + Dest = $22,651
    - 3% holdback = $21,970
    - FTD Incentives ($400 to $900) = $21,570 to $21,070

    Someone correct my math and/or logic if it is incorrect.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    You have hit the nail on the head with your post!
    My numbers equal yours to the dollar!
    The word I received from a very good source (honda employee) is that the current incentives are up to about $750 for making 110% of your dealership unit numbers.
    And as the percentages goes down (and units sold) so goes the incentives!
    Basically what he told me was, the least amount any normal dealership should make on a car is about $450 (incentives).
    If the dealership is a smaller one, in a smaller market, then the $450 is more realistic...but if it is a volume dealer in a larger market then the $750 seems more likely...I think currently at the moment you could get the 3% holdback below invoice which should be around $753.00 (for the EX-L Sedan (auto) ).
    Since we are only in the middle of the month some dealerships are going to wait until the last week in June to see where they are at as far as number of units sold.
    If they are close to meeting that 110% of their goal they might be more aggressive on the pricing...but if they are not going to make it then I think they will stick with no price below invoice minus holdback.
    But it doesn't hurt to try though...the worst thay can say is no right?
    I think a dealership should make about $300 per car...seems reasonable to me...I mean they are in the business of making a profit...
    Trust me, they would be the first to take all of your money if you don't watch them close...but they should be allowed to make some money I guess.
    I have already had some dealers tell me straight up that they were not going to sell their cars at the price I wanted...told me to go somewhere else...they were nice about it...but at some point fair is fair...and eventually you either buy the car or ride the bus right?
    Just my two cents!!

    Car buyers unite!!!!
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    your welcome...
    according to my numbers....if we are talking about the Accord Sedan, EX-L, Auto, and they are giving you the price of $21,480...that seems like a pretty good deal to are already at an additional $418 dollars below Invoice minus 3% Holdback...and you well into the incentive part now.
    I don't think there is a car dealership in this world who is going to sell you that accord for $20,480? That's $2171 below invoice! The most they could go and break even would be $1653 below invoice. Thats 3% holdback plus $900 incentives (I think max incentives is only $750 right now though)...
    As you can see there is no way any dealership in this world is going to do that!
    Again, we are talking about the EX-L Auto....not the plain EX.
    The $20,086 is problaby the price of the EX...not the may want to scroll back through these posts and double check....
    But if indeed you can get a EX-L Auto Sedan for $20,086 (including dest) please let us all know, because if that is the case then I am going to charter a bus to that dealership and pick up as many buyers as I can along the way to buy our accords there!!!!
    Happy Hunting!!! Let us know how it all works out!!!
  • carbuyer25carbuyer25 Posts: 20
    On, it shows the Satin Silver Metallic Accord as having "Black" Interior. Honda Cars of Concord, NC's web site shows this car as having "Ivory" Interior. I thought that each exterior color only came with one interior color. After I choose my exterior color, do I then have a choice of interior colors too?
  • piturrapiturra Posts: 30
    The following I posted in the beginning of May ...

    2005 Honda Accord EXL 4 cyl. PZEV** AT EXL Sedan - MSRP: $25,265 (w/$515 Destination)
    Dealer's INV.. $22,271 (4cyl. PZEV AT)
    DEST............. $515
    Total......... $22,786.00** Invoice costs above from
    **NOTE: All California 4 cyl. Honda's = PZEV certified

    Purchased on May 4th @ Anderson Honda in Palo Alto, CA:
    Price: .........$20,986.00 (w/DEST = $1,800 below INV)
    Tire Fee: ...........$8.75
    Doc. Fee: ..........$45.00
    8.5% tax: .......$1,735.06
    DMV (Est): ........$187.00
    TOTAL: .........$22,961.81 OTD :) - for my dealer's experience, see my link @ below.

    IMHO - $1,500 or more below INV w/Dest, ... is a great deal!

    Pic's of my 2005 Honda Accord 4 cyl. AT EXL PZEV Sedan
    My 2005 Honda Accord Review
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