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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stachedstached Posts: 20
    Hopkins Honda is easily the closest to my place, they were the only dealer in town with Manual SE's, they have a large brand new dealership and service center, and they gave me a first quote that was right in the ballpark to what others were getting on these it was a no brainer for me to buy it from them.

    Good luck.
  • illaznillazn Posts: 3
    I think Honda may have done away with the whole trim badge deal.

    My EX-L is the same, only the Accord badge on the left side.
    My sister's '06 Civic is the same deal, only the Civic badge to the left.

    The only other badge available is the little V6 badge from what I've seen on dealer lots.
  • bugs22bugs22 Posts: 10
    I've gone as far as the phone. Plan was to canvas all dealers in the state via email first. I've done that; about half I sent an offer in my first contact, and half I just asked for a quote. I haven't heard from any that I sent an offer to other than one who said he "couldn't even get close ($22,500 - Accord EX-L, 4sp, auto). All dealers seem unified on the initial offer. I'm just going to have to look them in the eye. Keep in touch
  • rbaker5rbaker5 Posts: 1
    I've done the same, just asking for quotes though. I would check with honda of seattle, they offered me $22,600 for a Accord EX-L, with no accessories though.
  • dgoldb1dgoldb1 Posts: 11
    I am interested in trading in my 2006 Accord SE for a 2006 Accord Coupe LX V6. Does anyone have any idea how much additional I would need to put in for a trade-in for my current SE Accord?

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yes...Honda has done away with trim badging for their cars (for 2006)...I kind of wish they hadn't, but it's not a deal killer or anything. Don't worry though, they don't have them on ANY Accords, just emblems signifying "V6".
  • 23599 was the price I was offered prior to tax, licensing fees, etc.
  • Personally, I am waiting for a deal where there I can get a good price for the car and 0.0 APR because I don't really need the car right now. I already have one available for use but would replace it ONLY if a good deal came along, otherwise I would wait.

    People who want low or 0 APR's don't want to pay interest for the money they borrow. Honda, however, I have been told, never offers a very low APR. The only way you can get it is if you buy down the rate, which means you pay more for the car to get the low APR. Not worth it in my opinion as the extra amount you paid for the low APR is realized right away but the higher interest dollars you would have had to pay is taken monthly (plus you also get the opportunity to pay off the principal earlier if you come across some extra cash saving you further interest payments)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    If you can wait, then, might I suggest putting the money aside (that you seem to have) for a car payment...put it in your savings account, so that when a good deal comes around, you will finance very little (b/c your down payment will be bigger), or no financing at all if you wait long enough. This is the only way my grandmother will buy a car...She puts aside a set amount ($250 a month), and when that amount hits a certain number (usually around $20k since she buys Accord LXs always), she stops putting money in the account. Then she's earning interest while she waits on a good deal on her next car...So, in essence, she's making car payments, but only to herself...when the time comes she can just write a check and pay no finance charges.
  • Well I was offered 22406 out the door for an automatic EXL sedan, and of course the place that offered this rock bottom price doesn't seem to have the color in stock. Everyone else has sent me emails trying to convince me that there's "something wrong" with the price even though its just a few hundred below invoice - incentive. One salesman chided me on "forgetting to add" destination. Yeah, sure babe.

    So its friday, I'm going into the dealership tomorrow where they offered me the lowest amount and see what can be done, if they'll order me a car or what. It just seems like such a hassle, buying cars playing email and phone tag trying to save money while people are lying to me (Ma'am, we can't even order a car from Honda for the 22406 price you quoted me) and trying to convince me to show up at their place and pay more. For cars they don't have on the lot.

  • ravanipravanip Posts: 25
    you can..
    Actually thats what I got for my car...
    I wanted Silver with Gray interior and only Herson Honda had it and also they had only one left. So i bought it.
    I paid $60 more than Ellicot City dealer offer but I also got wheel locks and good thing is I am really close to Herson;s..
  • I was just on the Acura site doing a comparison with the TL and notice they had the 2007 Accord Sedan in the drop down box. Featurewise, everything seemed the same as the 2006 Accord in the comparison chart but noticed that MSRP has been bumped up by $100, not that anyone pays MSRP. This also DOES NOT confirm that there are no added features in the 2007 Accord, just that none were listed in the chart. I thought I would just pass this info along.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    That's good to know anyway...thanks for sharing the info!
  • smiling2smiling2 Posts: 12
    You will need about $2000.00 more plus your Accord SE. Whay are you trading you SE in?
  • Please help.... my brain is scrambled from reading emails from various salesmen. Im not even sure what a good deal is right now - but they all think they have the best! I know MSRP is 27,500 and Dealer invoice is 24,803 and there is the $750 marketing thing... but seems like there are lots of folks finding lower pricing with clearance of the 2006s? What would constitute a reasonable deal? Would like a rear wing spoiler added on - how best to negotiate that piece?

    Thanks Kate in Seattle Tacoma area
  • drobideadrobidea Posts: 2
    I just took delivery of a new 2006 Honda Accord LX with manual transmission for $15,986 which included documentation fees and destination charges. State Tax and registration fee was extra. The price was advertised off their website so no haggling was required. Edmunds list invoice as $18,580.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    Well I was just about to buy a Honda Accord EX-L when I came across this video about Vehicle Stability Control, which is ONLY offered on the V6. Not sure what to do now.
  • tsanyertsanyer Posts: 3
    plus TTL and $57 doc. fee totaling $19,849 from Grand Honda in Elmhurst, Illinois. Transaction was very smooth. Trunk tray ($110) is also included in that price. Do you guys think this is a good deal? They also offered me the 2007 LX Special Edition for $1200 more, but i got the 2006.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    I didn't know the 2007's were out. What's the difference?
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    You can read the messages here to see what people are getting. Seems like many are getting below invoice. It depends on what is on a lot and the area has a lot to do with it. Here in western WA, I haven't read too many outstanding deals like I hear about in So. Cal. and other areas.

    Personally, now that the center light is at the top of the trunk, I'm not fond of the spoiler. However, you can make a deal on the car and see what they'll charge you for the wing. You'll have more negotiating room if it is already installed on the car.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    The 07 Accord will look like the 06. People posted awhile ago that this was probably what an Acura would look like since the Honda name is different in other countries.

    The big change for the Accord will come in 08.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    No cosmetic changes at all? Do you know if they'll be adding electronic stability control to the 4-cylinder models?
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    If there are any changes, they will be minor. I haven't heard nor have I read anything here about features.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172! I've recently become very interested in vehicle safety. As some other readers have pointed out, although saving fuel is an important consideration when purchasing a new vehicle, nothing is more important than protecting the lives of your family.

    Here's an overview video of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

    It's definitely worth watching. Not only is it very informative, I believe that after watching it you'll have a better appreciation for the work that the IIHS is doing to help improve vehicle safety.

  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    What dealer? That is a great price.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    The 2007's are NOT out. Although not stated, kcrossley was probably offered that pricing for when they arrive sometime in September.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    That's the 2007 Japanese domestic market Accord on the Japanese website to which you linked your message. It's also the European Accord. But it's a very different vehicle than the U.S. Accord.

    In the United States it's sold as the Acura TSX. You can see it here: link title

    When there, click on LAUNCH WEBSITE, then on TSX.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 172
    I never priced an LX Special Edition. What are you talking about?
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