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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jmw977jmw977 Posts: 3
    I bought the 2005 Accord EX w/Leather, auto trans, no nav. last week in northern NJ for $21,700 - including destination, but not including sales tax, DMV fees.

    I think the invoice on the car is 22,600, so these guys have a way to come down in my opinion.

    Picking up the car tonight!! Good luck and happy shopping.
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    To end the endless discussions about pricing etc (and partly because I love tabulations since I am an engineer) I propose to use the following template for all future quotes. All you need to do is copy this to your message and fill in the blanks. I included the possible answers in paranthesis. This covers all the options and would standardize all pricing info.

    Location: (City / State)
    Trim: Accord (DX, VP, LX, EX) (2dr, 4dr)
    Engine: (4cyl, V6)
    Transmission: (AT, MT)
    Other options: (w/leather, w/o leather), (w/ Nav, w/o Nav) etc...
    Base price including destination charge ($515):
    Tax: ($)
    Title: ($)
    Registration: ($)
    Doc Fee: ($)
    Other Fees: ($)
    Total OTD: ($)
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    ...but for the record (and good engineering practice), my destination charge was $460.

  • ashahashah Posts: 3
    I also got the best quote from Open Road Honda. do they negotiate on top of insta quote...
  • I got a quote for $22 900... is this a pretty good deal?... thanks!
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    Hmm, I thought the destination charge never changed. Where are you at? Maybe closer to the factory?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • pgy76pgy76 Posts: 5

    I'm looking to buy the Accord EX-V6. I have a quote from Open road in NJ @ $22,004 (not including destination). Has anyone seen better numbers from this dealership or any others in NJ? What are your thoughts on this price? What is a good OTD price? Any help/comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  • I am also in the market for an Accord in NJ. Have used Open Road's InstaQuote too. Any opinions about the dealership?
  • capt41470capt41470 Posts: 38
    Does anyone know a good resource of finding the lowest interest rates form banks?
  • dealneederdealneeder Posts: 19
    Phillyguy 6 and PGY76 - That is their base quote. Have either of you been able to get an OTD quote? DCH is offering a 22103 quote, NJ out the door around 24250. The only way to compare would be to get the OTD from Open Road. I have emailed repeatedly and not heard back. I have called only to get no answer and no voicemail - they aren't exactly the best businessmen in the world.
  • pgy76pgy76 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the response dealneeder. That $24,250 OTD price looks pretty good compared to the OTD provided to me by Open Road. They gave me an OTD price of $24,809 for the EX-V6 and $23,228 for the EX-L (auto - no navi). I had to speak to the internet sales person to get those numbers, wasn't easy though. My price includes NY sales tax since that's where I live. My numbers were given to me almost a week b4 the clearance sale. Is anyone seeing better prices NJ area?
  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to share the deal I got on the purchase I just made today. I got this at Concord Honda in CA.

    Honda Accord EX V6 with navi in automatic (silver) = 24,926
    Full Rear Spoiler = 565
    Package with Splash guard, wheel locks, trunk cargo tray = 190
    Doc Fee = 45
    License Fee = 230
    Tax = 2122.40
    OTD = 28,087.15
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    Destination of $460 was what I paid when I bought my '04 Accord EX-L in August, '03, at the start of the 2004 model year.

    A few months later, the destination fee was raised to $490, then raised again to $515 about year later.........Richard
  • $21.9K was OTD. It included tax, title, and license. I'm assuming that these items(title specifically) are generally refered to as "doc. fees." This is my first new car purchase so I'm a bit "wet behind the ears" when it comes to the terminology. After doing some research, this appeared to be a pretty good deal. I wanted a '05 WRX but was shell shocked when I called about insurance. I drove a certified Audi A4; nice car but sketchy quality and over priced. I paid less for a new car then I would have for the A4. The interior in the EX-L reminded be a lot of the A4. The Accord is a nice car... Initially, I thought it was boring at first glance. I changed my mind once I drove the 5spd. Its not fast but it is extremely comfortable. I'm taking it for a long trip this weekend and will report on my findings.

    Most Mfg's are offering all kinds of rebate incentives but eliminated any financing specials. I heard Honda Financing pulled their rate specials last month. Any comments on rates?
  • Hi lowbearcat,

    Would you care to detail out the price components that make up OTD (tax, lic, etc...). Your price is very low. I got a quote from Santa Ana Honda in CA of EX 4cyl coupe (no leather, no NAVI), with Mudguards, wheel locks ... $19,600 and they did not go down even 1 cent. And I considered this price as already good.

    Thank you

  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    Just so people don't get confused, lowbearcat's price of $21,940 was for EXL 5 spd. So that should be taken into account if your shopping for an Auto. Also his deal which was detailed in an earlier post, included a trade-in. While he did add the $3,000 trade money back into when he posted the OTD price, its likely that he saved almost $200 off his tax price due to the trade in that would also need to be accounted for, for proper comparisons. As stated by several others, OTD comparisons aren't worth a whole lot unless the two parties are in the same region.
  • chronochrono Posts: 149
    Sorry OT but I'm using petagon federal. They seem to have the best rates for new and used at 4.5% for 60 months.
  • sree2sree2 Posts: 4
    Looks like it is final price.He quoted 17053 for accord 4dr LX automatic + 200 doc fees + 515 dest fee + taxes

    is this a good deal
  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    I just bought my car here in Maryland at a great dealership..( Honda Accord EX-L auto 4cyl no navi)

    This is the breakdown:

    $21,140.00 price of the car
    $100.00 processing fee
    $1062.00 5% sales tax
    $192.00 tags
    -125.00 discount from dealership.

    Total OTD $22,374.00
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