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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • grace2grace2 Posts: 3
    I am in Northern California and this is the first time I have bought a car without my Dad's help so I am on my own and came to this forum. I want to know if the TMV is $20,513 and the cash to dealer incentive is $750, does this mean that i should be asking for the bottom line price to be $19,763? Then how much do I add on to that for OTD price and I want to lease for 36 months and know what the residual is for a lease to buy. I think I should negotiate the price of the car first, then the lease amount, right? I guess I want to know what the bottom line price is I should ask for before adding on the other things. Do I negotiate the price of the residual at the end of the 3 years too?

    How do I calculate how much tax, license and tags are? Do I also have to add the destination charge of $515 in there somewhere before I have the final price?

    I want to lease, have excellent credit, want to put $1,000 down and pay no more than $230 a month. Is that feasible? And is it dependent on what the residual is that is left after the 3 years?

    I am thinking that if I wait until the end of August, I should be able to get a much better deal on leasing a 2005 since the 2006 cars come out in September, right? I may not be able to get the color I want, but I just want a basic 4 cyl cloth, no extras, Accord EX. Every dealer has given me a really high price until I say what it is on and they all have said that they will match that. But will I get a better deal if I wait until July 31st or August 31st? I am beginning to think that a young woman alone gets bad offered bad deals because I have been given prices that are SO high compared to and what people have been posting here. I don't want to be taken advantage of, so I figure knowledge is power.

    Any one who can advise me or help me with this, would be greatly appreciated. I do not want to buy a car, just lease one. Thanks
  • so you got your car? where you got it? who was ur dealer? and how can i find it?
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 160
    Checked out carsdirect today, for an LX-V6 in North Jersey. It's now $4K off list, going for $20,4xx, down from $20,8xx about two months ago. I think this is the bottom as far as prices go. Anyone know which dealership carsdirect uses?
  • bayguybayguy Posts: 8
    I'm also in California. I don't know much of anything about an auto lease as it is just too complicated. I can say that the deals that are out there now are pretty damn good. I spent the day getting quotes from dealers all over the bay area for an Accord coupe EX auto. Selection is very limited now and most are not getting any more 05's so it's best to act now. I plan on buying next week as I finally found one with my choice of color in my own backyard. All the quotes I received are well below invoice.. To get tax, title, and DMV fees go to the DMV website and use their vehicle fee calculator. It works great.
  • dillydilldillydill Posts: 76

    I am helping my brother buy his first new car in a looong time.

    I have been quoted 20,349 for EX 4 cyl AT
    and 21,878 for EX-L 4 cyl AT
    This seems about 900 under invoice.
    Any thoughts on these two prices would be appreciated.

  • wardgb2wardgb2 Posts: 1
    Just totaled our 2000 Accord and need to replace it and going to buy 2005. Can you supply the dealer names in Chicago where you got these quotes?

  • ajax2ajax2 Posts: 6
    Hi ,

    I am now a proud owner of a '05 Accord LX. I noticed that the odometer reading was 039 miles on delivery from my local dealer in NY.

    I was a little suprised that it was this high. Is this common or should I suspect there is some history to this car already!!

    The car is doing good and I am happy with it. But just wanted to get the opinion of the experts out there for my next purchase!!

  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    What is a good deal on this car right now? Have been considering the EX-L auto but now wondering if deals can be had on the EX-V6. There seem to be a lot more of them sitting on lots.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    1) Include the destination charge in all calculations.. MSRP, Invoice, selling price, etc.. So, your TMV would then be $21,028...

    2) Invoice on the car is $21,214... From postings on this board, I'd say invoice minus the $750 incentive is an achievable price.. Some people have been getting into the holdback, so I'd shoot for $20K, but be happy with $20,500 (including destination... including everything but tax and license).

    3) Tax and license fees are set by the government.. All of these fees have to be delineated by the dealer... Just watch out for extra fees that don't belong to the government... If you are leasing, the tax is figured on the payment... Example: $250/mo. X 8.5% tax = $21.25/mo. tax..

    4) I don't know what the residual and money factors are on this lease.. If you can get those numbers, we could calculate a payment.. Residuals aren't negotiable.. the bank sets them.. There is a "base" money factor that the dealer can't go under.. but, he can mark it up for extra profit.. Always insist on the base rate.

    5) By "$1000 down", I assume you mean $1000 due at signing.. This will go to pay the first payment, security deposit and title/license/tag fees.... That is all you should pay at signing... It might be even less than $1000.. Don't offer to pay a set amount... just what is necessary. NO cap cost reductions.

    6) You didn't mention mileage.... The residual will change based on number of miles allowed.. 12K/yr leases are cheaper than 15K/yr leases.

    7) There will also be a $595 acquisition (bank) fee.. They should add this onto the selling price (cap cost).. It is another non-negotiable fee that goes to the bank.

    8) I don't know the exact numbers, but I don't think you will get an EX for $230/mo.. that sounds more like LX territory.

    If you post a message in Lease Questions, with the year, make, model, term and mileage allowance, Car_man will get back to you with money factors and residuals for that model..

    Then, we can calculate a lease payment.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    Adamho, congrats on your purchase. Well done!

    Did you learn of any other additional incentives the dealer has right now that may not be published? Your price seems to indicate the dealer made about $120 on the deal (mostly gained in the processing fee), assuming $750 incentive and 3% holdback. I've constructed a spreadsheet that spits out the figures, based on assumptions that are rumored (holdback) and/or published (incentives).

    What color did you end up with, just out of curiosity?
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    Could be that the car was used for a few test drives. The first Accord I tested a couple of years ago was a brand new car with very few miles on it. I didn't buy that car, but it's a sure thing somebody eventually did. I did nothing to harm the car, so no problem should have resulted from my having driven it.

    Another possibility is that your car was traded with another dealer. The Accord I bought (from a different dealer) was delivered to me with about 19 miles on it because my dealer traded a red Accord with a dealer who had the silver one I wanted. That dealer is about 16 miles away, so the 3 miles on the new car plus the 16 miles from the dealer of origin to my dealer explains the 19 miles.

    Your dealer should be able to tell you why the car has 39 miles on it. So long as the salesman accompanied any test driver, it's very unlikely that the car was mistreated in any way and should serve you well. Best that you not worry about it :D ............Richard
  • cardancardan Posts: 3
    Does anyone know anything about national 2005 Accord inventory levels? Trying to guess how the $750 (I4) / $1250 (V6) FTD cash incentives will change on August 1. With the projected September release of the 2006, Honda will want very low inventory levels by the end of August. Anyone have the scoop on this?
  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    Thanks man. I did ask if they got anymore rebates and they pretty much told me no. They said they had a decent rebate from Honda at the beginning of the month. However I know all of the sudden after the 18th I had 2 quotes from dealers that were much much better so they had to get something else. They were pretty much asking 22k + TTL etc. and then both of them went from that price to $22,499OTD. The one I went to and bought the car from went a little lower so I bought. $1600 under invoice! I couldn't wait any longer as inventory was getting real weak.

    I bought a silver with black interior. It is really the best color in my opinion. Just put some tint on it and you don't have to worry about the interior getting too hot. It doesn't get that hot anyway. Yes, we have upper 90's days here too!

    The grey leather in other color cars is very light and it looks bad after a year or so when a little bit of dirt gets ingrained in the seats... it looks like crap. We thought about the black with ivory but black exterior just gets dirty too quick and the ivory interior also shows marks. We saw several little black marks throughout the black car and it had only 10 miles on it! You will also get a lot of marks when you get in the car by the floorboard. I was thinking in the long term the silver with black was the better move. I have one other silver with black and it has been great.

    The silver exterior also hides dirt big time! You know the car is going to last forever so why not get the best color?
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82

    Hope everybody is OK and the insurance gives you a good price for the old one. Anyways, I just got my car today, using my own template(!):

    Location: Chicago / IL
    Trim: Accord LX, 4dr
    Engine: 4cyl
    Transmission: MT
    Other options: none (floor mats for free)
    Base price including destination charge ($515): $17162
    Tax: $1506 (for some reason they used 8.75% instead of 9% and insisted it is correct - I don't care)
    Title Registration: $ 80 (transfer plates otherwise it would have been $143)
    Doc Fee: $55
    Other Fees: ($0)
    Total OTD: $ 18,804 (+-) PAID CASH NO FINANCING
    Color Dark Blue / Gray interior

    Bought it from Honda of Lisle. Their initial quote was $17722, but after some discussions I was quoted $17,000 web price, and it was only good for 7/18 only. I told the rep that I have a newborn and cannot come out to the dealership until Saturday, and refused to put a deposit. Then emailed back on Thu to arrange for the Sat appointment, and at that time $17,000 was still good. Test drove the blue this morning, sat down at the table, sales rep put down $17,000 on the bill of sale, and went back to do the paperwork. That is when the manager came out and said no way they can honor the $17,000, it is $17,250 today. I was furious and was about to walk out (but I live north Chicago and it would hurt to go back all the way to Gurnee for the next lowest price). Anyways he said the incentive they had before is not there today, and I should have known that the price is only good for that day, and they would be losing money if they sold for $17K. And I said you'd be losing money on 7/18 or today, what is the difference, and plus there is no such incentive, the only one out there is the 3% holdback and the FTD $750, He said that they actually made their sales target since the last time I talked to them and the incentive is not there anymore. rep should have told me that blah blah and it is his fault too. So I said I am not paying the extra $250 if it is the reps fault that he did not tell me and take it out of his commission. He went and came back and gave me the $17162, which he said is less because he took out all of rep's commission. He said that he knows he is getting negative feedback on this sale from me but said this is the absolute minimum. I said you bet I will leave a negative feedback since this is BS, but bought the car anyways since it was the only blue MT in Chicago. So my experience is not good at all with these people. If only I had known that this would happen, I would have bought it at Castle Honda who gave me a quote of $100 less than these people did and is only couple of miles away from where I live. Other than that they did not push me to get extended warranty or other extras.

    Anyways, my lowest quotes were (low to high) Castle, Valley, Rosen, Ed Napleton, Continental (all between 17066 to 17316) and I ended up with Honda of Lisle. I am seeing that Castle is consistently offering the lowest in the group - search for desseekingcar's posts, she bought it from there (LX 4dr AT at $17700 or so).

    Good luck.
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82

    I do not know the national levels but the dealer I went to in Chicago had at least 100-200 Accords in their lot, all different trims and colors. Hope this helps. I ended up buying mine today since I was looking for MTs and there are not too many here in Chicago (no mountains etc!)
  • bajangalbajangal Posts: 6
    First time buyer and interested in Honda Accord DX. What kind of quotes should I be looking for? I'm in the Wilkes Barre/Scranton, PA area. Any other advice when dealing with the car salesmen?
  • just no matter what they say, NEVER EVER put down any money when you try to deal w/ a dealer until u got all different quotes from different dealerships, or YOU WILL BE STUCKED and getting RIP OFF, just like naked when you driving ur new car home!, .


    Because one of the evil salesman in Jim Coleman Honda, Maryland wouldn't give me a quote until i put down a 500$ downpayment, he kept saying "You need to give me a commitment in order for me to get a very good quote from the manager" then i kept asking "what you meant by commitment" , then he said "like you give me something so i can help you", then i said "why do i need to give u something if i just only want to know the price of the car" then he said "cause i can get you a good quote" then i said "this is very funny, becuase i never heard something called "commitment"", then balalalala, he kept asking for "commitment", he wouldn't go get me a quote, so i said i got to go. He said "wait a minute, my manager will come by and say thank you to stop by" I didn't even want to wait becuase i felt like it's going to be bs again.

    So i walked out for and called the internet manager in that dealer that i was suppose to meet, (b/c when i got there the internet manager wasn't there). I walked back in and talked to the internet manager, he's pretty nice and friendly but he couldn't get down to the quote i wanted. then i said i will come back later if your price is lower than anyone, then he said "Wait a minute, my manager is coming to say thank you to you". So i waited, and there's a very tall asian manger came by and talked to me, he was like "what's up my dog" I was like i am not ur dog. "how's it going" i said "pretty good" "what's going on" "i am abou to leave" then he pointed out "we are both asian....... juse like coming out the same school" i had no clue what he was saying but one thing for sure is that he tired to act friendly. I said i am not going to pay that much for this car, and this time around it shouldn't be that expensive. then he kept talking and talking, and i lost interested to him. I told my mom we are leaving no matter what, then they kept talking and talking, and my mom just standed there, i pulled her and walked out. the sale manager yelled out 100$ cheaper but i didn't even hear it. So balalalala, now i think back abou this and i think it was very funny.

    The car i am trying to get is a 2005 Accord V6 EX w/o nav
    the best quote i got so far is 24578 OTD w/ wheel locks, mudguard, trunktray, pin thing, w/ 5% tax MD, fees and all the things. He also offered me free lifetime oil change, and 300$ store credit to buy anything. But is that really a good deal?

    How much i should really pay for it as this time? thanks
  • I too will be leasing an Accord EX this week (36mos/36k miles). It was my understanding that the $750 dealer incentive could not be applied on leases. Does anyone know if this is true?

    Right now, I've got it at $275/mo + tax w/$0 cap cost reduction. Does anyone know where to find the money factors or residual %'s from American Honda Finance Corp? I know there's a special on the LX and the money factor on it is 0.00041 but can not find the details of the EX?

  • whd23whd23 Posts: 9

    I recently purchased my 2005 Accord EX V6, leather, no Navi for $22,849 at Commonwealth Motors in Lawrence, MA. I am a NH resident so I didn't pay for any MA related fees (sales tax, title, registration, etc.)
  • ansehdansehd Posts: 7
    First time to post here but I was helped a lot with savvy people here.
    Appreciate every auto-enthusiast putting valuable information.

    I have been a pursuer for Auto EX-L V4 for a month and finally come to the conclusion that I should at least sepend 21,900+TTL for the trim. I will go to the dealer shop in salt lake city to get the deal done tonight.

    Before i head to dealer shop tonight, Is there any advice i need to be equipped with? Is this price fair according to regional consideration(Carsdirect target price: 22,401 in my area)? I wish i could learn more tricks making the expense as low as possible.

    Your help is greatly appreciated
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