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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Go with the SE 4 and get a new car. Think you'll be happier in the long run, as you'll know who broke the car in and with the $ savings upfront plus the better mpg's, you'll be happier I'd think down the road. Now if you muct have a 6 and all the other creature comforts, then that's a different story altogether.
    Personally, i'd go with the SE 4 and have the joy of having a brand new car!

    The Sandman :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The prices are good, but they aren't so good that you won't find them later in the year. Instead, deals come summer-time will get better than these because of anticipation of the new 2008 Accord. If you aren't comfortable with a decision, or feel you need time to shop, wait things out. The deals will be there again soon, if not already found elsewhere.

    That being said, I have a 4-cylinder Accord that I love (2006 EX Automatic), and would go with the SE 4-cylinder. $24k even is a good price on the EX-V6 assuming that the only additional add-ons would be tax, title, and license. I'm afraid that price might not included things like dealer fees, etc... however, so be careful.

    Most of all, don't buy something you are uncomfortable with. If you wait, I'm confident you'll find a deal at least as good later on.
  • saleemsaleem Posts: 114
    Yeah graduate i'm not really familiar with whats a good price on VPs (just SE's lol) so I dont really know.

    And I *think* I saw "dealer invoice" prices for options on edmunds or some site like that... dunno where it is though, sorry. i think you can "build" your car, with options. maybe through there, IDK.
  • I am looking into buying a 4-cyl AT LX and got a few quotes in the SF Bay Area that are pretty much same as invoice price. Considering that these include dest charge of approx $600 (and the prevailing $750 dealer incentive), the quote is less attractive than some of the deals people have been reporting on this forum.

    1. Can anyone who bought/shopped for LX model in the bay area recently please share their quotes?
    2. Most of the recent good deals I see in this forum are for SE and EX models (greater than $1000 under invoice). Is the LX a good-selling car compared to SE/EX that the deals are usually not very great on the LX?

    Thanks much,
  • I just bought the VP Auto for 16K + TTL. Included in this price is: the molding for rims & door edges (protection package - for preventing dings from other's car doors), mud flaps on all wheels, and cargo net. This was with 3.9% financing.

    I'd like hear thoughts on getting the Security installed by them for $411 (a shock sensitive system) or an after-market system that will be about the same but will include remote start, shock sensitivity, paging, and few other things. Is it better to have the Manu. do the security system??
  • I just bought a 07 Ex-L V-6 accord with Navi(low 26K)this weekend from Rockingham Honda, NH. Believe it or not, I am actually comfortable with their sales staff! If you are in the market for a Honda, do check out Rockingham before you buy.
  • Purchased on Saturday, February 17 from Goodson Honda, Hwy 45, 1960 exit, in Houston, TX

    Accord SE 4cyl - Red, 5 miles on odometer
    Included extras: floormats, trunk liner, door edge guards, stainless tail pipe trim, sealant & protection package.

    $18,789 + TTL
    6.19% financing

    I used email to go back & forth between all 5 Houston area Honda dealers. When I got my lowest price from Sterling McCall, I took it to Goodson and they gave me an extra $100 off. Goodson started at $20,000 (invoice), dropped to $19,446 a few days later, then told me they would beat any deal by $100.

    I started my search at Goodson when I took my '03 Pilot in for an oil change. The dealership has super nice waiting rooms for service. The people are nice.

    I wish I had held out another week. I might have saved another $100 or more. What's the record low price on an SE reported on this Edmund's forum?
  • rikuriku Posts: 10
    Try contacting Roy Watkins of San Leandro Honda. I got a quote for 16,388 for an Auto VP, and he might be able to get a decent price on a LX.
  • I'm considering leasing an Accord EX-L-V6 using the nationally advertised $269/mo, 36 mos, 12K per year, $2,199 at signing deal available through 2/28. My current car lease is not up until 3/27.

    Should I be able to negotiate a better lease deal on this car? If so, how much better?

    What are the odds that this lease deal will still be available in March? If not likely, I'm willing to start the lease one month early.

    The dealership in White Plains, NY quoted an additional "bank fee" of $599 over and above the $2,199. Is this correct?

  • vf154vf154 Posts: 12
    I bought my '07 Accord LX 4cyl 4door AT for $18000 + TTL at Sunnyvale CA, Larry Hopkins Honda and used the Fleet Sales Manager (Thomas)there with no haggling. ...Wayne
  • Hi youngweb,

    Q:Should I be able to negotiate a better lease deal on this car? If so, how much better?
    Yes, most definitely. I've seen people say as low as 269/mo with no money down. Check out the Accord Lease Forum.

    Q:What are the odds that this lease deal will still be available in March?
    Probably available for awhile even if they pull the ads. But I wouldn't wait if I get a good offer.

    Q:The dealership in White Plains, NY quoted an additional "bank fee" of $599 over and above the $2,199. Is this correct?
    No, not correct. It sounds like your dealer is padding the price. If you check the fine print of ad, it will read 2199=595(back fee)+269(1st month)+1335(cap cost reduction).

    Tell your dealer he is off by a lot and you might consider paying $269/mo sign and drive.

    Let me know how you make out.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Wow... two posts in as many days with a salesperson's name.
  • he8833he8833 Posts: 52
    So you got this vechile 18,789 including destination and doc feee & any other dealer fee's for 18,789? According to my calculations I see 20,088 as invoice inculding dest fee. With the 750.00 incentive the true invoice would be around 19,338.00 So you got it for 550.00 under that?
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,060
    A reporter aims to talk with a Honda devotee who currently owns a Honda and previously owned a Honda. Please respond to no later than February 28, 2007 with your daytime contact information.

    Edmunds Community Manager Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.

  • Hey Mayur,
    I am planning to buy a 2007 Honda Accord VP. Could you pls let me know from which dealeship you purchased.
  • The dealer was in SF Honda. I ended up buying through another dealer for just a little more, in the end, b/c I was able to get a few additional things included. But, for a basic VP, the lowest I got them to was 16K + TTL.
    If you're in the Bay Area, shoot me an email at (this is my Spam email address but, I'll look out for you email)

  • Hi,
    I got the internet quote of $21200 (excluding tax,dmv and other dealer fees) for Honda Accord Coupe EX L model, thats 1500 less than the invoice price mentioned in Edumunds. Can someone please let me know if it is a good deal. Can I still negotiate from the internet deal?

    Appreciate ur help.

  • I sent you a mail with my contact info now.
  • In our 1-and-a-half year search for a new midsize sedan, we narrowed down the list last Saturday to the Camry and Accord. This past week, I went back-n-forth between a number of dealerships getting price quotes on the 07 Camry LE I4 and the 07 Accord SE I4. Each car has it's pluses over the other. (Note: I feel both cars have wonderfull merits!). For us, what it boiled down to was a combination of what features were most important to us... and the cost. And how we were treated in the deal.

    We liked the seats better on the Accord - they support my back a little better. My son liked the tighter feel to the road of the Accord - that baby sure did hug the tight turns on the back roads during the test drive. I liked the softer ride of the Camry - What can I say... I'm a late-40-something old fart that likes my comfort and luxury. I got a $1,500 better deal on the Accord. Like I mentioned, this will eventually be my son's car, so I gave more precedent to his likes. Dear ol'e Dad (and Mom) will drive this the rest of this year (2007) and when son gets his junior license in December... it is his!

    I was going to pick up our new 2007 Accord SE I4 on Monday morning, but we have a major snow and ice storm coming in for Sunday (tomorrow) and Monday morning. The Salesman called this morning and asked if I could pick up the car today.

    My first Honda is sitting in my garage right now! Woo Hoo!

    Was going to wait until about September to get a "leftover" 2007, but found an Accord in the color and options that we liked. Wasn't going to risk waiting and not get what we wanted. I didn't really care about waiting for the resigned 2008.

    My new baby is a Graphite Pearl 2007 Honda Accord SE, 4-cyl, with wheel locks, pinstripe, all season mats, splash guards, and the upgrade of the review mirror to the automatic day-night version. List price was $22,823. Quoted price was $19,696. With TTL it was $21,025.69. Even got approved with Honda Financing for 4.9% interest for 60 months.
  • Just wanted to post my transaction today -

    Purchased an Accord VP Auto Transmission from Honda on Grand for a base price of $16,475. Their doc fee was $58.48. I'll be picking my car up Wednesday!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    $16500 plus tax and license sounds too low for an Accord VP automatic unless they are making more profit somewhere else (like an undervalued trade-in, marked-up financing, dealer add-ons and accessories etc.) or they "forgot" to add the cost of destination charge and automatic transmission to their "base price" quote.

    That seems cheaper than even a discounted Civic LX automatic if everything is included in that price.
  • Hi all! I am a long time browser of these boards and I need your help.

    I've been waiting for the 2008 Accord to come out before purchasing my next car. I have a 99 Civic Si right now but am moving to L.A. and I don't want to deal with that traffic with a 5-speed. (Not to mention I've been having some suspension issues with my car)

    There is a 2006 EX-L Coupe with 14k miles being sold at a local dealership for 19,995. Does this seem like a good deal? Do you think I can do better than this considering that many of the 07's are going for under invoice. This is not a Honda dealership so it's not certified but I'm sure I can get an extended warranty.

    I need your help! What should I do in this situaton?
  • That's the exact car I'll be looking to purchase sometime next month. Did you do a lot of bargaining to get that price? That's also a good financing rate with Honda. Did you a really good credit score? Mine is listed as Fair (703), so I don't think I could get that rate. I'll probably go with my credit union at 6%. Any advice would be appreciated. My shopping will begin this week.
  • I got the internet quote of $21200 (excluding tax,dmv and other dealer fees) for Honda Accord Coupe EX L model, thats 1500 less than the invoice price mentioned in Edumunds. Can someone please let me know if it is a good deal. Can I still negotiate from the internet deal?
    :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:

    Appreciate ur help.
  • It was extremely low. The dealership is under new ownership and I think they are probably trying to just sell, sell, sell so they can get the word out.
  • The first quote I got from the $19,696 from the local dealer (Antrim Way Honda). I had actually INITIALLY contacted their Internet Manager via their online Quote form, and then opened a dialogue, and eventually stopped in.

    My wife's one nephew who bought a 2006 Accord last year, told me to check out a dealer about 40 minutes away - Hagerstown Honda. I contacted them via the internet. They actually beat the first dealer by $345, but in a momment I'll tell you why I didn't go with them.

    I contacted two other dealers about an hour away via their internet department. Bobby Rahal Honda and Hanover Honda. Both of those gave quotes that were at least $1,500 more than Antrim Way.

    Back to why I decided on Antrim Way Honda. Their General Sales Manager goes to our church. He and the Internet Manager actually came back to me and made a pitch to me that they would upgrade (for free) my rearview mirror to the auto-day-night one that I wanted to add to the car. Also, Antrim Way offered me a complimentary loaner car any time that I bring my car in for service. I was also told by some friends that they have a good service department.

    Regarding the interest rate, my credit union was offering me 6.84%. The salesman originally offered me 6.9%, but the internet manager later told me that he could get me 4.9% (thru Honda) if my credit rating was good. Apparantly it was good enough.

    By talking to a few others, I was told that if you make your initial contact with a dealer via the internet, and then schedule an appointment to stop in, in person, that you can usually get a better deal in the end. My salesman told me that he was giving me the "internet price".
  • Just committed to a VP atomatic accord for 16700 plus $76 to add 2 speakers in the rear. Price also included splash guards, tray in the trunk and wheel locks ( don't know why the insist on putting these on a car with hubcaps). I know some have done better, but fell this is not to bad. This is Willis Honda in Burlington NJ.
  • not bad. What about destination charges/documentation fees?
  • This includes destination. $125 doc fee. $234 4 year state registration Plus 7% sales tax.
  • I was given a price of 20152.49 for 2007 Honda accord Lx including all fees. This is out of the door price. Live in Jacksonville, fl (7% taxes). Thank you for your reply.
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