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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I believe there is still a dealer rebate going on (honda->dealer), last month it was 750. Dealers are trying to move all the 07 inventory before the new models come out. More 07 sales, yield 08 allocations which they really want. It's a great time to buy, if you are okay with the old model style.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    That sounds like a screaming deal. Get them to fax you a completed contract signed by the sales manager. Don't let them ruin it by killing you on a trade-in!
  • Hi all,

    New member but have been stalking for more than a month trying to decide what I should get and the posts here have been extremely helpful. But it does also raise some additional doubts since there seem to be some expert buyers and this is my first "new" car.

    Been running around multiple dealers and got a quote for 18,500 OTD for an LX I4 AT no extras (This is after 3% tax, and $499 Doc fee). I know this is about 384 less than invoice, but do you think I can do a little better or is this as good as it gets.

    My worry is the value after the '08s come out, so I'm really trying to maximize the haggling so that I can get the best deal. I'm hoping all you pros on this forum can help me out.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I think your doc fee is about $400 too high!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    They are just shifting their profit from the car's price to dealer fees.
  • saleemsaleem Posts: 114
    This is true. If you can still keep an eye on the real costs, though, this is actually good for you--- the car and destination is taxed, the doc fee and other line items are not.
  • rick94rrick94r Posts: 5
    yatingg, I also live in Westchester NY and will be shopping for an EX V6 soon. Please keep us informed.
  • yatinggyatingg Posts: 4
    Just FYI, I live in Orange County, California. I will make sure they fax me the invoice with all the expected costs. Anyone else with opinions or suggestions, welcome. Thanks all!
  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    Take ten minuters and stop in at the dealer that has the lowest bid (or next lowest bid if they are closer to you)and say .... something like...OK, here's my check...give me the keys.

    You'll soon find out if they are serious and/or honest.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    That much below invoice sounds fishy to me. Is this a demo with some miles on it? Otherwise, beware the notorious "doc fee" where dealers try to screw us and hide their profit.
  • will26will26 Posts: 62
    I was offered $20,000 for an EX in Galexy Grey. It seems like they have a lot of the grey and black in stock. I've changed my mind and now want to go with Taffita white but the only problem is they are hard to come by (wisconsin). Does anyone know if this is because they are popular or because no one likes white?
  • vishayvishay Posts: 2
    hi servlet_us can you email me the info. for the dealer and saleperson's name at
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Not sure about the Dallas area but I have seen deals for $21,498.00 on that model so look for ones that have been on the lot for 30-45 days as they should be willing to deal.
  • he8833he8833 Posts: 52
    Hey, Will26

    What dealers are u looking @ in WI. I'm up in MN but willing to travel to MKE as I have family in Waukesha. I also have a list of dealers in Northern IL that I know of. Fill in your email on your profile or drop me an email off the boards to talk specific of whom u talk to. I had an offer of 21,000 for SE-V6, that was without countering from Wilde.
  • bamaflumbamaflum Posts: 39
    Anybody have any idea how popular/unpopular Carbon Bronze is?
  • abhinaikabhinaik Posts: 29
    How does this sound guys? Dont know what those fees are?

    07 Accord SE V4 with stripes, wheel locks,security, free oil change, lifetime free inspection,

    18918 car with destination of 595 included
    1135 Taxes (6%)
    55 document fee
    16 online service fee
    63 registration, title, encumbrance
    8 online reg fee
    5 PA tire tax

    20200 - TOTAL out the door / take away price
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    i'll fill my email in my pro. in northern Il. (gurnee)
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    Incentives are a lock from now until april 30th.
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    they don't have too much farther to go.
    There may be dealer cash in your state so you could get as low as 24116.00, if no dealer cash programs are available, the net is 24866.00

    watch the fees.
  • I was actually surprised by the high Doc Fee, but see that everyone from Toyota, Nissan and Mazda all charge the same Doc fee amount. Its almost like they all decided that was the margin they would keep. But I can't seem to get dealers to budge from the 18500 :( Might be as good as it gets for me. Thoughts?
  • he8833he8833 Posts: 52

    So are they offering 2.9% financing for qualified people?
  • will26will26 Posts: 62
    This offer was an e-price from Wilde. I haven't talked to anyone yet over the phone. I just clicked E-price on their website when I found the car I liked and the offer came within a day. The first offer was $20,800 and they dropped $800 in one week. Destination is included in this price.
  • chrisp81chrisp81 Posts: 19
    2.9% for 36, 4.9% 37-60, on approved credit (710+).

    Finance rate is in lieu of $750 dealer cash. Special financing not available to WI residents.

    So, if you live in Wisconsin, take the cashola :shades:

    see my email in my profile for "other" questions.
  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 44
    We bought an Odyssey from McDavid Irving last year and they were excellent to deal with. The internet mgr there just sent us an email today saying they will go $1500 below invoice on all '07 Accords in stock. Bring them your best internet offer and they will beat by $500. I would imagine McDavid Plano would also do those deals.
  • he8833he8833 Posts: 52
    Keep me in the loop what dealerships you talk to. And I dont see your email yet?
  • ncsu1ncsu1 Posts: 6
    You should be able to get 18000 or less.
    Where do you live in NC? What dealers have you visited?
  • ncsu1ncsu1 Posts: 6
    I am looking for the same model, this is a very good deal, but I think you can go lower 200-500 again.
  • yatinggyatingg Posts: 4
    Ok, Here is the scoop guys. I've got the dealer to fax me the invoice of everything I'm going to be paying for.

    Basically, $25,132 + $55 doc fee + sales tax + DVM fees. No more, no less.

    This is for the 4DR EXL V6 with Navigation in a Graphite Pearl.
  • ncsu1ncsu1 Posts: 6
    You offer dealer for 24900+fees.

    If they don't sell to you, then you pay 25132+fees

    Good luck!
  • thechosonthechoson Posts: 32
    Seems like the deals are pretty sweet right now.

    Any predictions on the best time to get an 07 Accord this year?

    Will deals get even better? Or will inventories eventually start running low to the point prices will not be cut as much?
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