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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,358
    Sales tax on everything except cars is 8.8% in King Co. On new and used cars .3% gets added making it 9.1%.

    The state added this to help make up for the revenue they lost when the Tim Eyman deal happened. License fees are still WAY less thna before.

    Your salesperson doesn't know what he/she is talking about!

    "state auto tax add-on" ??? What a joke!
  • gloomgloom Posts: 1
    Scottimusprime, that's the exact car I'm looking for. I talked to 4 dealerships in the So. Cal area and have been getting around the same quote, ranging from $21,703 to $22,008 on the 06 EX Coupe. Anyone getting a better deal on this model?

    Earlier also got quoted $19,738 for the 05 EX Coupe which dealers don't even have in stock anymore. So I'm actually still choosing between getting the newer 06 EX Coupe or reaping the discounts off of the still available 05 LX SE Coupe (There's that $1200 factory to deal marketing support). Advice, anyone?
  • jj655jj655 Posts: 8
    I just bought my new Accord last week in Salinas, California. I have the new Carbon Metalic color and get many compliments. I really like the new 2006 rear end.

    The car is great and I paid $500 over listed Invoice. (Not too bad for a desired color),

    I did not buy anything extra and appreciate the new powertrain warranty on the 2006 models. I know this is a Honda and I should not need the warranty. I actually wrote Honda a letter of compliement regarding the dealer in Salinas (Sam Linder Honda). I really did not do any negociating and they were very professional. Entire transaction was completed in about 90 minutes.

    This is my first Honda. (My previous cars were Porsche, Lexus, and MBZ...I must say I love my Honda and really think the MPG is terrific!!!)

    Good Luck!
  • corey2corey2 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to buy a leftover '05 EX V6 in the NY metro (Long Island) area. Does anyone know the current incentives and what would be a good price?
  • MSRP was $24700 (including destination). Paid $22787 ($500 over invoice).

    Bought from Ancona Honda in KC. Great experience. Great salespeople. Still takes too stinking long to complete the whole process (90 minutes), but I survived. No negotiating to speak of. Deal was made in about 2 minutes over the phone.

    Earlier this year, I sold my '92 Accord with 245,000 miles (still had the original clutch, hence my return to a manual trans). Three weeks ago I sold my '95 Legend with 163,000 miles. Both were touble-free cars, and I look forward to spending another 5-7 years and 150k+ miles with my '06.
  • Hi, I'm looking to buy in the next month or so and would like some feedback if this would be an adequate price. So far have a quote of 20,262 from Dublin Honda. The high is Anderson Honda in Palo Alto : 20,988.
  • bbtacobbtaco Posts: 15
    Is this an Out the door price or before doc fees and TTL? I have a Quote of $21,000 OTD in Virginia for a 2006 LX SE auto with the factory splash guards. This seems like a good price to me, what does everyone think about that price? We have 3% sales tax and about $75.00 for tags and title. That works out to about $20,300 + TTL.
  • The invoice price is BEFORE documentation and TTL. . So it would be invoice price plus another 8% or so.Thank you.
  • badoybadoy Posts: 6
    That's a very good quote that you got at $21000 otd in Virginia.Thats excellent.We purchased our 2006 Honda Accord SE AT Silver for $21500 OTD in Southern CA--Spirit HOnda in El Monte.
    Mendota99 --try to ask for a lower price from your quote of $20262--I think by this time the dealers are willing to come down on the prices a little more.
    We purchased ours first week of Oct.
    I hope this helps you guys out.
  • Hi Folks
    We signed a contract with a non refundable clause in NJ. With that, we put $500 down on an EXL/Navi that the dealership was supposed to "find." Long story short, they couldn't find one on the whole Eastern Seaboard in the Desert Mist. They only checked three states, I checked the rest! We asked for the money back, the rep took all the data and said he would take care of it. A week later, we went out of state and had a wonderful buying experience, great deal (over the phone, no money down) but a different color. A week after that, still no refund. So I called my sales rep who sold us the car and asked for his advice. It was a credit card transaction, so I knew that I could always go that route. I was advised to bring our plight to the attention of the General Manager. I knew better than to call him, and I sure wasn't going to leave him a detailed message for obvious reasons. So I got his name, his exact email address, and I sat down and wrote a narrative that detailed our experience. By 10 o'clock in the morning, the idiot who had a brain fart called my husband asking for the account numbers. It seems like he lost the paperwork. Early in the afternoon, I received a very cordial email from the GM who in essence said that he was very embarrassed. I received a telephone call from his right hand man who assured me that the refund process was finalized.
    Lessons learned: DON'T SIGN A CONTRACT WITH A NON REFUNDABLE CLAUSE. DON'T GIVE MONEY TO A DEALERSHIP FOR A CAR THAT THEY HAVE TO TRADE. Go online and find it yourself. Then deal with the people who have the car.
  • Has anyone tried to get pricing though a Sam's Club Discount?

    I am looking at a 2006 Honda Accord EX Sedan, 2.4L automatic with leather.
    I was told the mark-up is 3% over cost.

    Here is the breakdown.

    Invoice Price--- $22,496.00
    Destination------$ 550.00
    Inspection fee--$ 175.00

    Total $23,221.00

    Mark-up 3% $ 679.00

    Total Cost $23,917.00

    Is this a good deal????

  • brunnabrunna Posts: 53
    That's not a bad deal, but do yourself a favor and call the guys at Jay Honda in OH. I got a scanned offer sheet via email for only $200 over invoice for the same model you are looking at, AND they give you $100 toward airfare to OH to pick it up and some other cool incentive via coupon off the website. I bought my wife's 2003 Odyssey from them (I live in MD) and I referred 2 other people who also bought Ody's there as well. Straightforward business people, very friendly and forthright. A pleasure actually to buy a car that way. I also took his sheet to 2 local dealers near me today and the best they would do is $400 over, but of course I don't have to fly anywhere. I love the car in carbon bronze/black leather and they found one today somewhere (but close by evidently). The 4-cyl has plenty of power and niceties in the EX. I will make my decision soon and post the deal for everyone. I love these boards! Thanks to all who contribute.
  • 96hawk96hawk Posts: 3
    Well, I finally found what I want for a good price and couldn't be happier. This was at Wilde Honda in Waukesha, WI. Tried to buy locally (St. Paul/Mpls area) but no dealers in our area had much for availability on the 6 speed Sedans and the one that did have a car coming in (Brookdale Honda) first quoted me $25378 and then when I was ready to buy they actually changed the quote to $26850. Unbelieveable and I will be writing a letter to someone at Luther Auto (parent company) telling them how poorly this particular dealer treated me. I've bought from 2 other Luther dealers over the last 3 years and have had very good experiences.

    Here is what I got from Wilde Honda:

    2006 Honda Accord EX-V6 6-sp Manual Sedan
    MSRP (Window Sticker) Price: $27,850
    Internet-only discount: ($3,232)
    E-price: $24,618*

    *E-price includes Honda's $550 destination charge, but does not include sales tax, registration fees, any accessories or the $89 service fee.

    Highly recommend them. Note that due to finding the color & model I wanted, I made it clear that I was willing to pay over $25000 and they still quoted me the lower price. That's the way it should be and I really appreciated it. They made it very easy and I pick it up tomorrow!
  • We purchased our new 05 Accord MT from Open Road Honda back in mid-June. Overall, it was an excellent experience. We paid $1,500.00 under dealer invoice, and the only add on was a $189 doc fee. We travelled from Raleigh, NC to central New Jersey and still feel the trip was worthwhile. There was no back and forth, and we had our new car within about two hours of arriving at the dealership. The salesman was very friendly. I had negotiated with dealers in NC, VA, and MD, and several said that if we could get the car at $1,500.00 under invoice, they could not come close to the deal. We heard about Open Road via this forum. The only glitch was that they didn't process our out-of-state tag request immediately, and our temporary tag expired before our NC tags arrived. So, other out-of-state buyers might want to call and check the tag status frequently.
  • Are these prices for North Cal. ? If so can you please mention the dealer/s

  • Any one bought a 06 Accord AT sedan LX recently in North Cal.?

    The best prices I have for a 06 Accord AT sedan LX are $19, 200 before Tax+fees + Docs

  • I test drove an '06 Accord EX 4-cylinder/manual transmission a few nights ago. I'm very impressed with it and it's in my favorite color combination, Carbon Bronze with black interior. The dealer offered it to me for $20,250 plus TTL. A good deal in my opinion, especially since they're the only dealer in Atlanta with this color combo.

    I could save about $2k if I got an LX SE model, but it's not available in the Carbon Bronze color. It also doesn't have a sunroof.

    The quoted price seems really good to me for the EX manual. What do you guys think?
  • There are two pieces of information missing on this comparison page:
    1) The 2005 engine is an i-VTEC
    2) The 2005 has the independent Wishbone Front Suspension and the independent Wishbone Rear Suspension.

    While the specifications do not deny what I say above, they also don't tell the whole story, making the difference between the model years appear to be more than they are.
  • bbtacobbtaco Posts: 15
    That sounds like a too good to be true price! That is $500 below dealer invoice. Did you buy it? :)
  • Just bought a 2006 Accord LX V6 for 22,600....after tax, etc 23, 700 out the door. MSRP is 25,650. I recommend the buying guide from consumer reports. It helped me get the price almost 600 below invoice. Also, call every dealer in town.
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