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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • seanpaseanpa Posts: 7
    That price was ABSOLUTELY too high. I got a same silver I4 SE back in April for 18900 plus TTL (6% tax, title/reg work $125), OTD 20,200. If you had done your homework in this forum, you will find you should never pay over 19000 for 07 SE I4. IMO, my 18900 was already too high, someone did 18400 + TTL. BTW, I am in Philly area.
  • If you went in willing to spend 19.5k and thought that was a good price, then enjoy the car and don't look back. to be honest I don't know anything about the SE (I've been concentrating on the EX-L out here), but someone is always going to have a better price quote. the quotes I'm getting out in the midwest can't match the stuff on the coasts, but I'm also not going to buy a car sight unseen/test driven...congrats on the new vehicle and best of luck!

  • rana3rana3 Posts: 3
    hi, trying to close a deal this week end on a Se or an EX. which dealer did you use to get such a price. in the philly area?thanks
  • bestdealsbestdeals Posts: 11
    This is a great price and thanks for posting.
    Very very good information for buyers, i will try to get this deal from local dealers here in DFW, if not I will go to Freeman.
  • vrynicevrynice Posts: 22
    Received two identical prices for a 2007 EX-L V6 model. Wanting some input to see how they stack up. Below are the details.

    Price – $23,915 includes destination fee ($595)
    Tax - $1,674.05 (NJ-7%)
    Doc Fee - $125
    Tire tax - $7.50
    Online NJ Fee - $7.70

    Total OTD – $25729.25

    Please let me know your thoughts.

  • tirutiru Posts: 4
    I got the quote from the dealer...

    MSRP: 23,645
    Internet offer price: 19692
    Out to door price: 22,384/-

    Trade-In: 1998 Camry LE
    initial offer was 2,900... final offer 4,500/-

    With trade-in the final out to door price is 17,884/-

    Is it worth buying this car?
  • dad23dad23 Posts: 430
    What is the Online NJ Fee for and who receives it???
  • vrynicevrynice Posts: 22
    Not exactly sure.....First time I ever heard of was included in the break out of the total price from the dealer in the email....I figured i would deal with it when i got there to finalize the deal.
  • olemedolemed Posts: 27
    Hi, no I'm in Massachusetts, south of Boston. I think different areas of the country have different prices. I'd get equotes if I were you and stroke the various dealers and tell them how much you are willing to pay.
  • stopainstopain Posts: 2
    Here are the break-ups. Give me some advice thanks...
    Vehicle 20488.00
    Tax 1229.28
    Reg 36.00
    Title 22.50
    Encumb. 5.00
    Doc 55.00
    Tire Tax 5.00
    Onlin Ser. 15.45
    Online Reg. 30.00
    21886.23 :sick:
  • seanpaseanpa Posts: 7
    my email address: seanddd"at"
  • seanpaseanpa Posts: 7
    Yes I agree, there must be ppl out there who paid more or less than we did. The most important thing is that we enjoy the car, if extra $x00 can buy us some joy, it's worth it.
  • smackldogsmackldog Posts: 82
    Hi, I'm planning to purchase either an automatic EX I4, SE V6, or LX V6 here in the VA/DC area within the next few days and will be sending out emails to all the local dealers shortly to get quotes.

    I've got my financing already all set up via Costco/Capital One Auto (their blank check's on the way) with a rate even lower than on their website :) but am open to entertain offers from the dealers' financing if they can beat it.

    Some questions:

    - Looking through the figures (invoice pricing) as listed on and other sites, I see some discrepancy. lists EX I4 or SE V6 invoice at $21,160 and LX V6 at $22,832 but when I check Yahoo! Autos, it shows invoice as $21,043 for EX I4/SE V6 and $22,706. Who is right?'s invoice, for the EX I4, is the same as Yahoo! Autos.

    - I assume that the current marketing support incentives for EX trim levels is actually $1200 and not $750 AND $1200 (for a combined of $1950) even though lists both?

    - For those who are in the metro VA/MD/DC) area, what kind of pricing are you getting for any of the above models? I've browsed through the threads in this forum and I'm seeing other buyers reporting $21,300 for LX V6, $19,675 for EX I4, and $19,738 for SE V6. Are these "reasonable" numbers to start the negotiation from?

    - Comparing between the I4 EX and the SE V6 (both which have the same MSRP), is it better to go with the SE V6 (to gain safety features not found on I4 models like VSC, brake assist, etc.) over the extra amenities that are on the I4 EX? By the same token, would it be worthwhile to move up to the LX V6 (for moonroof, etc.)? What is the threshold $ wise as the determining factor? This is where my dilemma is right now. This car is for my wife who is coming from a '98 Accord LX V6 before it got totaled last week. :cry: She is open to the I4 but at the same time, I think she is used to the V6's characteristics and "feel."

    - "Wood trim" interior; the brochure isn't very clear and neither is Honda's website but can someone clarify that the wood trim interior is only available with the Ivory interior choices?


  • arnp99arnp99 Posts: 12
    Hi David,
    Good luck with your search. I have a comment on the I4 vs V6. I went from a 2002 V6 to a 2007 I4. I don't notice much of a difference unless I really step on it to pass another car in a short passing zone. I'm past the days of having a "need for speed". The increased mileage with a 4 cyl was attractive as was the much lower insurance cost. I haven't driven it in the winter so don't know how much I'll miss the traction assist. Otherwise I think the I4 will be fine.
  • meghnapmeghnap Posts: 3
    Congrats for the great deal and thanks for the postings.
    I asked for a quote for Accord EX-L after seeing your post to Freeman Honda, and they quoted me for $23715 (OTD) for it. I told them about you getting a better deal on the car to which they said I need to present them your name and only then they can match me the deal.
    If you don't mind can you please email me your name at my personal email id at . I would really appreciate if you could.
  • ddwmewddwmew Posts: 42
    Live in NOVA and was quoted $19.3K on a I4 Auto EX. The quote is not bad but the dealer has $399 processing fee. Believe their is still some wiggle room because the dealer quoted the car at $19.1 about two weeks ago.

    Not thrill with the processing fee of $399.
  • smackldogsmackldog Posts: 82
    $399 processing fee? Wow!

    The highest that I've seen so far (again, having just started the process) is $299. Which dealer is this, if you don't mind me asking? I'm assuming there is no way to get that amount waived/reduced unless it's factored into the price of the car itself?

    I've just finished sending online requests for quotes from 14 dealers total tonight in VA and MD and am now sitting back and waiting for the quotes to come in. :)

    I assume that you haven't purchased your I4 Auto EX yet? If you like, we can compare notes throughout the process as I will be purchasing within the week if not sooner. The only unknown variable is will there be a different/better incentives after 7/5?

  • Working backwards from your OTD, the quote breaks down roughly like:

    selling price of Car -> $22,101.68 (roughly $511 over base cost of car)
    taxes -> 1381.36
    inventory tax -> 56.20
    registration - > 127.05
    doc fee -> 50

    Does the car have additional dealer installed accessories?
  • smackldogsmackldog Posts: 82

    I assume you bought your I4 recently? If it's an EX, do you mind sharing what you paid for it? I realize there may be regional differences in terms of discounts/pricing, but that would give me a general idea what the baseline figures are to compare with.

    Interesting comment re insurance being cheaper on a 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder as I wasn't aware it made a difference. How much cheaper was it?

  • compositecomposite Posts: 5
    [quote]Replying to: hondahawk (Jun 25, 2007 9:22 pm)

    Msrp 29995

    Dealer quote is 26000 plus 50 doc fee. My state tax is 5% (1302.50) and title/tag transfer is another 50ish. So that would put me 27402.50.

    Draw back being that I dont want the color they have and to get it they want another 300 for the transfer.

    Also I got a quote from another dealer that was 24800 on the same car only they had a 399 processing fee and a 399 destination charge. I have to drive about 3 hours to get that one.

    Are these prices coming in average for folks? Im in the southeast.[/quote]

    FWIW, in southern California, I got an internet quote for $25k including $600 destination charge. That was 2 weeks ago. I bet today - well at least before the 30th, you might find better deals.
  • ddwmewddwmew Posts: 42

    You should get quotes around $19.5K (I4, auto EX) however not sure if it's their bottom line price. Anything out of this range is high. The price does include their dealer add-ons.

    This quote is about 22% off of MSRP however again must add TTL, dest & processing fees.

    The $399 is a high processing fee. Suspect it may be negotiable if they have some additional money off available for the vehicle.

    However a good strategy is price compare the quotes ($19.3K) with other dealers. Dealers will try to beat their competitors. Most MD dealers processing fees are much lower than VA ... believe they average a $100.

  • texashazetexashaze Posts: 1
    Yesterday I leased a LX 4 cylinder sedan. The radio advertised a $199 deal w/ $2750 + TTL so I came in to see the details. My plan was to trade in my 1995 Camry w/150k miles as a down payment. It was in bad shape but the deal was pretty good I thought:

    $225 a month w/ $0 down and they got the Camry (thank goodness)

    36 months at 12k miles a year

    I'm not one to lease as this was my first. But I needed a good car cheap and as a business owner I was looking at it on a cash flow basis. My annual miles are about 10-11k a year so it seemed pretty safe.

  • We are also looking for a 2007 EX-L V6 in NJ. What dealers gave you the $23,915 quotes?
  • smackldogsmackldog Posts: 82
    ddwmew -

    You mentioned being quoted $19.1K about two weeks ago, for an I4 EX. Do you mind sharing the name of the dealer? I can be reached at "dtay_us" at yahoo dot com.

    Out of 14 dealers that I have contacted, I have received responses from 6 initially. For an I4 EX auto, the lowest sales price of just the car not including proc., dest., tax & tags, is $19.3K and the highest is $19.8K.

    Some of the dealers didn't even had the courtesy to provide a quote and merely wrote to call for an appointment and/or to come in to the dealer to talk! :mad:

    BTW, one dealer did offered the following:

    LX V6 - $21,762
    SE V6 - $21,977

    These prices include $299 proc. and $595 freight, but not tags, tax. I was surprised to see the LX V6 being cheaper than the SE V6; my guess is that it's been sitting in their lot too long.
  • Good evening/morning, folks -

    After milking this board as much as possible and most likely driving everyone nuts in the process, we brought home the new family car. Final price was $21,795 OTD;for those of you keeping score at home, itemized was:

    $21,000.00 base price
    $199.99 doc fee
    $595.00 destination fee

    Also brought Benardi's price quote for 8yr/120K w/ $0 deductible Honda Care ($940),whic the dealer immediately matched.

    Price isn't lowest in the country, but based on the contact I had with 8 dealers in town, 6 were willing to walk away once price went below $22.2K. The final two were $25 apart; the decision maker was to go with the dealer who made first offer,and ultimately underbid by another $50 (not so much the money but was willing to just cut the deal and get the inventory off of the floor).

    If you are in the metro K.C. area, If you have done your research here and know exactly what you want (which most people here seem to fall under), then give Rolling Hills Auto Plaza in St. Joseph, MO a call. They did not spend any time upselling once we subtly dropped the warranty quote on them, so you shouldn't have to waste a lot of time there.

    Came away with Carbon Bronze w/Ivory interior unit which was brought up from a rival dealer who we'd been touch with as well.

    General note on pricing I saw in market: dealers on south side seemed to price higher. If you need additional info/disclosure, please let me know and I will be glad to help.

    Thanks to everyone that offered advice tome during the last few weeks - will definitely be back here!


  • vrynicevrynice Posts: 22
    Willis Honda and Mike Piazza Honda right over the bridge in PA.
  • tirutiru Posts: 4
    Go to Route 22 Honda, NJ... u will get the Accord EX-L V6 for 23,500 + tax + doc

    otherwise go to DCH Acadamy honda, route 9, NJ for online price...

    these two have good deals...
  • charhondacharhonda Posts: 3
    Congratulation, Frank.

    I am still hesitating on the purchasing time and the state. Since I am going to move to Kanas in August and do not know if it's not convienent to buy car in Missouri now. What did you get the final price from Independence Honda, $21845?

    Did you finance the car and what's the car loan you got? I got 6.25% from Captial One.

    Besides OTD, what else you pay at the dealership, like title, tax etc.?

  • ddwmewddwmew Posts: 42
    Check your email ... let me know if you received it.
  • meghnapmeghnap Posts: 3
    My wife and I got Accord EXL, black in color and ivory interior from Freeman Honda. But we ended up paying $24150 (OTD) because the car we picked had moon roof visor, trim, spoiler and we also wanted to get tint on the car which added additional $1190. Without the accessories the car is prices $23072.08 (OTD) which they would happily give for the EXLs without accessories. The person we dealt with was Mike Allen. He's a great sales associate.
    All and all very happy car buying experience.
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