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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • EX 4cyl AUTO 4 door invoice according to Edmunds is $20,070.00 Does this mean you were offered a price of $19,570.00 ? ? ? ? Sounds like a good deal for an EX. Does the price include destination?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    And demand...there is a good supply of Accords (and Civics) in much of the Country, as a result deals like this are possible for some.
  • Hi, guys, my local dealer offered me price $500 bucks below invoice for the Accord EX 4door sedan auto. Did anyone get a better deal than this? Or why they willing to go under invoice now?

    Thank you!
  • Sorry, jsut press the button too fast.

    Here is the price:
    Car 16840
    dest. charge 460
    Dealer process fee 25
    Tag transfer fee 73
    5% MD tax 870

    Final price out of door 18268
    Trade in my 96 LX for 4000, and got 2.9%
    need to pay 414 per month

    Got the floor mat, door edge protector, mud guard, and some other minor things for free. Also got free life time oil change free if all scheduled maintainance done from the dealer I bought the car. Also got the 15% coupons for all future maintainance.

    I hope this is helpful for you guys.
  • tiger_wootiger_woo Posts: 10
    Has anyone dealed with them before?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Depends on where you are located if it's a good deal. Accords are in pretty good supply right now.
  • rand18rand18 Posts: 2
    what do you know about Bentley pricing?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Nada, nix, nein, nuttin.
  • billyleebillylee Posts: 9
    I do like the price of SE. But why does it not come with ABS? Do you guys have any comments on ABS?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    The SE is a more basic model. ABS would add to the cost.
  • prodigy9prodigy9 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2002 EX Accord Sedan Auto w/cloth interior for $18,740 + tax + lic fees. Almost $1,800 below invoice. Enjoying the car so far.
  • azaharchukazaharchuk Posts: 22
    Sounds like a great deal! I have not seen any that low yet! Here in Phoenix they advertised Accord SE's (not EX's) for as low as $18330 + tax, Lic + doc.
  • pleasantsapleasantsa Posts: 3
    Hi I just got a pristine 1997 Accord SE 4dr. from Sport Honda in Silver Spring, MD w/75k mi. out-the-door for $11,000 even. The car had one owner who kept the receipts for EVERYTHING. He was religious about oil change, routine maintenance, etc. He apparently drove the car to Florida for the summers (accounts for some of the miles) because he had oil change receipts from there too.

    I researched 97-99 Civics and Accords to death on Edmunds, I read the confessions articles and the buying guides, ran the customized TMV for the car before I went. I was all set to beat the dealer at his own game, but instead I had one of those surreal positive experiences. The guy asked if I was familiar with the SE, if I was a previous Honda owner, and if I knew the area. When I said yes to all three he handed me the keys and said I was free to take her where I wanted.

    When we went inside I was prepared for the upsell, the waiting, the hand-off to the sales manager. Instead he gave me an out-the-door price of $11097.70 (internet price of $10,345 +6% tax + title/reg./tags + document fee) I asked about wiggle room and he said the $97.70 was about all he could do. I probably could have gotten it a little lower, but it was such a fair deal and I really liked the way I was treated so I took it. This guy was the internet manager and he's obviously used to dealing with the overly prepared customer. Forget "no haggle" "no B.S." dealing is the way to go.
  • aroberts12aroberts12 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. This week I went to a Honda dealer up here in MA searching for Accord Coupes. I found one in excellent condition, 54,220 mi, V6, all the options, 1 prev. owner... for $15,000 even. Is this a good deal? It is certified also. I've been researching them for awhile and the price seemed about right, but on the price was much lower. Any thoughts on this?? Thanks!!
  • oricoorico Posts: 1
    Hello. I just saw a 2001 Accord EX Coupe, 27000 miles, V6 3.0 VTEC, CD Changer, Premium Sound, Leather seats, Cassette + CD, for $20,880. I live in LA. I've done so much research that I'm tired of it. So I must ask you, the experts. What do you think? Thank you for any thought and opinions.
  • hjiang1hjiang1 Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2002 EX V6 Accord Sedan for $21,916 + tax + lic fees. Almost $1,300 below invoice. Enjoying the car so far.
  • buffy_nuibuffy_nui Posts: 4
    I mean which dealer.
  • hjiang1hjiang1 Posts: 2
    Beaudry Honda in Tucson,Arizona. I also got free lifetime oil change for free.
  • azaharchukazaharchuk Posts: 22
    Accord SE Sedan 2002 adv for $17988.00 at a large Phoenix Honda Dealer. EX 4 cyls adv for $19300.00 at another Phx area dealer.
  • catia1catia1 Posts: 1
    I believe you got took on your trade, unless it had obvious body damage or was verry high in mileage... 4k is not enough, I have been offered over 6K for mine and it has been modified.
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