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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    With or without Navi?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Without Nav
  • jonpagejonpage Posts: 25
    $22,956 for EX-L-V6 is about $2500 below invoice (assuming destination charge is included in that price). That is pretty good. Who is the dealer?


  • jonpagejonpage Posts: 25
    That's the game Honda and the dealers are playing. They have incentives in a convoluted way. Either the dealers are getting additonal 2008 Accord quota based on 2007 Accord sales they make, or they will get pro-active discounts on 2007 Accords after they hit a number by end of August. I am not sure what is happening. In the second case, their ENTIRE July/August sales will get an additional juicy kickback from Honda if they meet certain targets. So, it is only logical that as they near their target, they will discount more. Once they hit their target, they will probably stay put.

  • rsabairsabai Posts: 4

    Great Price....I am also discussing with Sports Honda.

    If you can share the invoice details, please email me also


  • jessy2007jessy2007 Posts: 8
    Hi rsabai

    Could you please give me the contact info about the dealer? Thank you!
  • marlynnmarlynn Posts: 11
    Can you email me the contact person. Is that dealership near Silver Spring? We are going to Burtonville area in August and can purchase vehicle there and drive it back if deal is right. Please email me the details you can provide to

    john-r-j at hotmail dot com
  • chirocatchirocat Posts: 73
    I have just received my first round of quotes for a EXL with nav. So far the best initial quote was about $700 under invoice and included destination. All of them were under invoice a certain amount and some had *&%&$#&* "extras" that were not in the quoted price. The best quote so far came from Irving. ;)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I've been told I can't post that information on this board, feel free to send me an email.
  • h2olooh2oloo Posts: 2
    Bought a new 07 Accord EXL-V6 at Brilliance in Crystal Lake for 5000 under MSRP yesterday. This is a great forum
  • ljc100ljc100 Posts: 1
    Can you also send me a copy of your invoice with your personal info marked out. I want the exact model that you purchased that would be a great help. You can sent to gre8tday at gmail
  • kippermankipperman Posts: 2
    Could I also trouble you for the name of your dealer and perhaps a good person to deal with. i am also in austin having a hard time getting a deal.

    I's also like a copy of your invoice with the personal iinformation crossed out if you have already scanned one in for someone else so i can use it as a bargaining tool?

    Thanks ,
  • kippermankipperman Posts: 2
    Could I also trouble you for the name of your dealer and perhaps a good person to deal with. i am also in austin having a hard time getting a deal.

    I's also like a copy of your invoice with the personal iinformation crossed out if you have already scanned one in for someone else so i can use it as a bargaining tool?

    Forgot my contact info is

    Thanks ,
  • iamimeiamime Posts: 1
    Thanks smackldog & ddwmew's. I've been unable to deal with local dealers in this soft Louisiana market so after reading your post I sent for quotes from the competative Alexandria,VA.area where I'm told there are 30 dealers in a 30sq. mile area. I've always been suspicious of out of state transactions expecially the $20,300. quote from Landmark but took the risk ($3,100 savings from local quote)and flew in to DC and was met at the airport by the salesman who brought me to the lot where there was a large inventory to choose from. (Yes, I had a backup plan for a car rental if the deal went bad.)There was a $36.unexpected tax thrown in (probably cab fee,no big deal)for a total $20,336.(paid by personal check.) Tax and tag will be paid in my home state. I was so excited to get the deal I forgot about a $200. discount I was promised for a prompt purchase. My bad!
    All in all, the transaction went very well and I will do it again in a competative market such as DC or Los Angeles. Wife and I made a vacation of the trip and toured the area for a couple of days in an effort to break the car in (4mi. on ODO.)before the trip home.
    Thanks again to all who have posted.
  • glad4glad4 Posts: 2
    How about this deal in Martin Main Line Honda, PA
    price 18800
    tax (6%)1128
    tags 118
    No other fees
    OTD: 20046
  • doug52doug52 Posts: 25
    Iamime - thanks for the post. It's not just louisiana dealers, just try colo, $100's over invoice! Of course, who can really blame them, why discount when you don't have to? I see the quotes from faraway dealers and the seemingly unbelieveable prices people like you get from out-of-state dealers and just shake my head. Like you, I am naturally suspicious of the good old bait and switch, but for $2,000-$3,000 in savings, very tempted to take the chance.

    Thanks for sharing the experience - hope others will continue to do the same for the nervous among us.

  • partcanpartcan Posts: 1
    I'm not sure about the price, but I can tell you that I am extremely unhappy with this dealer. I purchased a certified 2003 Accord EX-L (24,000 miles)from Main Line Honda in January, 2007 for $16,000. The price appeared to be excellent; significantly below both KBB and Edmund's TMV price. However, the dealer failed to disclose that the car had been involved in a previous accident and had undergone thousands of dollars worth of bodywork. When I brought the car back both the salesman and manager lied about the vehicle. If you have any questions or want more details, feel free to e-mail me at've filed complaints with the BBB, Angie's List, etc.). Since that time I've had several contacts with another local Honda dealer, Keenan Honda (in Doylestown, PA.). This dealer appears to behave in a much more ethical fashion. I suspect that you will be able to get the car for at least $200-300 less (a previous posting cited $18,588). Good luck!
  • hbj2hbj2 Posts: 22
    I requested quotes from a number of dealers. Only 4 responded. None of the quotes is below what I am getting from ($18796 + TTL). I asked if they could beat it and only 1 reply asking me to come over. That too not with a concrete offer.

    What the heck is going on here?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Not much different than here, much depends on the inventory levels, if they have a lot on hand they will be more willing to bargain on prices.
  • ddwmewddwmew Posts: 42
    Need your email address
  • ddwmewddwmew Posts: 42

    Many people on this forum requested an email of the invoice and dealer's name.

    Spoke to the salesman yesterday and the dealership is not interested in selling a group of Accords at that price ... guess it is a money loser.

    However will send out an email (strategy) which may cause a dealer to lower their price.

    Will email the following people:

    This would be my strategy if still in the market?
  • raj07raj07 Posts: 2
    Got 07 EX-L 4-Cyl (Carbon Bronze Pearl) from Keenan Honda, Doylestown, PA. Below are the pricing details.

    Price of Vehicle: 20791.00 (Includes Destination)
    PA Sale Tax : 1247.46
    Tire Tax : 5.00
    Reg, Title, Lic : 76.00
    Online Process: 39.15
    Document Fee : 55.00
    Total : 22213.61 (OTD)

    Other Free Items:

    Full Tank GAS
    Mud Guards
    Front Floor Mats
  • ddwmew,

    If you don't mind, could you add me to the list...I would like to pass the tips on to someone who is looking to buy. The e-mail address is

    Thanks, and congratulations on your purchase.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 748

    That's really good price. Please email me the sale person info to newideaof2001 at


  • wellesleywellesley Posts: 8
    Picked up an 07 new VP-auto in Pa at Keenan Honda.
    list 20,020
    invoice 18,206
    minus 2500
    net 15,706, incl destination,
  • glad4glad4 Posts: 2
    Thanks, partcan.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 748
    Thank raj07 for the info.

  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    +1,182 (6% sales tax)
    + 180 doc fee
    + 15 title fee
    + 98 plate fee
    21175 OTD (corrected)

    I have gotten this offer from 2 dealers and a 3rd will match. This is for a 5spd manual car, so I figured it would be about a $500-800 less than an auto. This is within my target range; does that seem okay to other folks?
  • oldboy81oldboy81 Posts: 1
    07' EX-L, V-6, with navigation accord sedan for $28,300 (OTD), payments of $460 60mo $5,000 down?
  • ktm308ktm308 FloridaPosts: 17
    Wow, that sounds high! I just paid $24,721 plus TTL and $349 dealer fee for the exact same vehicle in Florida. Make sure you are getting the 4.99% financing on the 60 mths.
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