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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rrd008,

    I also live in philadelphia and I could not get near that price. Can you let me know the details of the deal and the dealership you went to get that wonderful price. I have been looking for a couple of months and I still have not gotten anywhere. I need help. You can contact me at mattjung2003 at yahoo dot com.

    Thanks in advance.
    I am in the Northern Virginia area. Thanks for your help.
  • rrd008rrd008 Posts: 10
    I am buying at sussman honda but my wife had a friend of a friend who was working there, and even then they tried to high ball me. I dont know if he would have agreed to my offer of 20,500 otherwise but I did tell him I had an offer from piazza honda for 20,587 (which was the lowest I could find). It was like pulling teeth but they took my offer. Of all the dealers I visited, your best bets would be Piazza, Sussman, or Sloane. I have also heard that Mainline is good too. Just be prepared to play off each dealers offer and also be ready to walk out if its not near what you are looking to pay....
  • Anyone got cheap deals on 4 door 4 cylinder accords in texas, new mexico, or louisiana preferrably vp or lx.

  • did you see any lx or vp models at the dealership
  • I'm looking for a Automatic LX 4dr near philadelphia and here's the quote I've got from one dealer (martin DE) so far:

    $17,612 (incl. destination)
    $1,056 (6% tax)
    $163.50 (Title... fees)
    Total: 18,832.22 OTD

    How much should I try to negotiate? Also, whats the best interest rate Honda finance is offering?
  • pmagganpmaggan Posts: 62
    I bought an EX-L with Navi for $25,127 last month, so I think $24k might be possible now. If I recall, someone else here bought the same car about two weeks after I bought mine for $24,8xx from the same dealer in Cincinnati.
  • pmagganpmaggan Posts: 62

    I wouldn't waste my time with the Dayton dealers. I found them to be useless when it came to price matching offers I had from Cincinnati. I ended up buying from Honda East. I got an email price quote from their website (took 2 minutes). See my previous posts for more info. Good Luck!
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 748
    Don't waste your time with Sloane or Mainline. ;)
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I got a quote for a new 2007 honda accord SE, automatic, 4 cylinder for $19,700 out the door in sacramento. Is this a good deal.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 748
    Yeah, I saw that in another thread. In summary for the sedan:

    Front = Sonata
    Back = Lexus
    Rear quarter corner light= Altima

    However, I think it's better than the current design. The inside control layout look nicer and cleaner but too many buttons all over in the middle.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Absolutely outstanding much nicer than the new Camry or the Altima! Will be interested to see the 4 cylinder trims also. The rear looks a little Mercedes to me also...the new C series...? I can just imagine what the next generation Civic will look like.
    Way to go Honda!!!

    The Sandman :) :)
  • 1lpn1lpn Posts: 11
    I bought the same car 3 weeks ago from Miller in Van Nuys, CA for 20.1k OTD, which was 18.4k + TTL. You are doing $400 better, 18k, which around 2.5k under invoice. Sounds good to me.
  • amshereamshere Posts: 19
    You should target $16500+destination+TTL. I bought my LX for 16500+TTL in VA.The invoice different between LX and SE is $ 600. Hope this helps.
  • I never go to a dealership until I have an email from the dealer with a firm price. You might try their website
  • hey pmaggan can you post the dealer you bought the car from greatly appreciated

    thanks a bunch
  • hey can you post the dealer
  • hey can you post the dealership because i was looking for an accord as well thanks
  • hey needacar5 post the dealer offering ex coupe for 18,500
  • It was at Norm Reeves in California, Bought the V6 SE for a little under $20,500 OTD taxes/licenses/registration included in that price. the car drives great had to drive it home 13 hours so got a good feel of the car, a lot more sporty than the camry. Test drove the I4 before and when I tried merging into traffic the response was really slow so I went for a V6 Go to a higher volume dealer to get a good deal and dealerships that are closer to meet their target for the month are more willing to bargain, especially when it gets closer to the end of the month. The 08 accords will hit the market on September 13 so hurry and bargain if you want a good deal because the 2008 Lot Allowance Incentives for the dealership.

    official release
  • Go to Socal and get it for 20500 OTD for V6
  • Any one bought recently Honda Accord EX-L in Bellevue WA, The best deal i got 23,900 OTD (incl of dest charge, (9.2%)Tax + Lic). Any one got better deal and could let me know the dealership ? Did i get a good deal ?
  • hd9691hd9691 Posts: 18
    Is this a V6?
  • Hi Oneohthree,
    Could you please email me the breakups of your quote (SE - 17497). I am planning to buy the SE model next week. Your quote is probably the best I saw in NJ. Please also send me the name of the person you dealt at Boch Honda

    It is automatic and the exact price was 17,497 but this was back on 8/2 and I the guy that emailed me said he was one of the Senior Internet and Phone Sales Managers.
  • pmagganpmaggan Posts: 62
    Honda East Cincy.

    You can visit their website,, click on Internet Dept, then you click on "New Car Inventory" to see their inventory and get an immediate price quote.

    No relation to them other than being a satisfied customer.
  • jweston1jweston1 Posts: 15
    If you gt a I4 you left money on the table. A V6 a good deal. Others have gotten a EXLV6 for $22900.00.
  • Anybody knows the prices of Honda Accord 2008? :D
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    MSRP probably a bit more than 07, real world prices a TON more than what folks are paying now for 07 Accords. It may be some time before you see Accord prices this low again. If you have to be the first on the block to drive the 08 you will be paying a premium for it - compared to getting the "old" car :D .

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