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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Probably best to wait a while to buy the new '08, as it'll be a sellers market for some time. just look at what happened with the launch of the '06 Civic. Best to wait until later in the model year. But I agree that there will be those that must have it now. Am happy for them but they will be paying the price for being one of the first.

    The Sandman :)
  • Saw the photos of the 08 models and thought I was looking at a Camry (4 door) and the Solara (2 door); the tail end is disappointing in both cars. I own 3 Accords and this model is one of the most "indistinguished" ever. Furthermore, I am impressed with the 190 HP of the 4 cylinder BUT only 268 in the V-6 (when the current model gets 244 HP) is disappointing. What did they do, steal the engine (3.5 litre) from the TL and call it all new??? Very disappointing in the engine. they should have shot for the sky and gone with a 3.8 with about 300 HP or more or at least give us an "S" model with 19 or 1 inch wheels and in excess of 300 HP. Come on Honda, this was your big chance to re-style the Accord and you blew it.

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Much nicer front end than on the '07 Camry! A nice evolution in my opinion. This car has a more rugged stance...a bit muscular and I do see some 5 series on the sides of it. When all is said and done, this car will become the new benchmark for the mid sized car and has the potential to overtake the Camry as the best selling car in America. Camry fleet sales will have to be taken out of the equation though. Can definitely see Honda selling close to 500k of this new model. Hopefully there will be no major problems like the Camry engine flare situation. Will be very interested in driving one of these puppies once the hoopla dies down.

    The Sandman :)
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    So Honda should have given the Accord as much power as their Acura RL flagship??? I dont think so......
  • fytfyt Posts: 13
    Hi pmaggan,

    The immediate price quote I got from Honda East for 07 SE AT is $19440, seems around $2000 more than the lowest price. Do you think it is possible to get the price down that much?


  • Hi all,

    I received my car 6 days after purchase! Anyways you guys were wondering how I got the accord ex coupe for 18,000 (including destination). I emailed about 15-20 places in the MA/RI/CT/NH area and got these obscure prices. My goal was to get the car for about 18,000. So I started emailing places asking them to beat other prices from other dealers. I got down to about 18,909 for an accord ex coupe. Herb Chambers said they would do it for 18,500 and I had it written down on paper that they would. I had a internet conversation via email and also by phone with Jazen Ing. The day I had written proof of this price 18,500...i called jazen and i said listen I have this great deal and I would love to do business with you...can you beat this price! He said Boch Honda (Norwood) is the #1 car dealer blah blah blah we will not be beat on price. I asked him 4 times during the conversation if I drive an hour down there that he will not be pulling my chain and he could beat the price. He said as long as your bring in proof that i have the car for 18,500 he would work something out. The phone conversation was recorded (as he had mentioned).

    Now 1 week later after selling my old used 99' corolla...i went on down to boch. I had some crazy email number that was informal sent through an aol account and not through balise honda with a price of 18,109 which was not what they were going to sell for. Also some place in CT said they would beat any deal by $500 guaranteed! So we walk in and Jazen refers us to a sales person who would be dealing with me. Nice guy he girlfriend and I test drive the car both the EX and EXL. I wanted cloth because the leather gets too warm in the summer and i just perfer cloth.

    We arrived at Boch at about 1. We test drove both cars, learned a little about both and the sales guy assured us that we would get the price we wanted (he did not know what was going on). Now the business began...i pulled out my papers for proof with the 18,500 and then i pulled out my email of 18,109 and I told them they have to beat that by 500. Manager comes out forget his name (large white fellow...sterotypical car sales manager type guy) and goes we dont even have a counter offer. I then get aggitated along with my girlfriend because the internet sales manager told me they were not pulling my chain. I told them i know that our phone conversation was recorded and he shoudl go check. He went to check...he came back with notes tht jazen had put down...
    he seemed iliterate..because right then and there it said that we would not be beat on price. Anyways, he went to listen to our conversations which were total 40 minutes long...he came back and said that he did not have time to listen to all of it and that we would to prove that he said we would beat the price. We went to 2 different computers and the speakers were not working...this took an hour itself. Finally, sales manager was like i dont even have to offer you anything...i can tell you that we are not doing it. I persisted that they were not being first he said if Jazen said something then they have to honor it. I had the quote for 18,109 and 18,500.

    He came with back from talking with the GM and said 18,450 thats all we are doing not a penny lower. Then after me saying $50 is not worth the drive and hassle he said okay 18,400. I told him I have a quote for 18,109 you need to beat gf was yelling at him as well and said her dad was a lawyer and this was not fair. The guy goes back to his GM and comes back with 18,109 final offer take it or leave...i said make it 18,000 and i will save my self the headache of going to CT to get the car. He goes back and we have a deal. Now these people were soo rude to us...unbelievable. The manager said do not ring the bell after our sale (they ring the bell after every sale). Anyways, they gave us such a hard time afterwards. They said we could not leave a deposit and come back the next day...i wanted to pay off the car in full without financing. It was 4 30 and they said we had to pay in full today somehow. I am only 21...i have good credit but did not want to finance and pay the fees when my parents and I are ready to pay off the car.

    Any how, I called my parents..they did not have enough money in the checking account at the only Citizens Bank that was open at 5PM. I then needed to walk out of the sales places because they were giving me such a hard time and cool off. I called another internet sales manager and talk to him about what was going on, and he said it was a good deal and they were trying to make me walk. The sales manager even said listen I will fill up your gas tank and give you a $100...go buy it for 18,100. My parents were kind of shocked because they expected to at least come down with me and see the car. Anyways, to make a longer story shorter...i drove home at 8 30 got my dad because the insurance needed to be under his name drove back and at 1130 the deal was complete and we only had to finance 7500 because my dad wrote a check for 9k and I paid 3k on my credit card. So it will be a $50 finance charge...w/e worth all the hassle I guess.

    Business manager said dont send any of your friends down here because they are not going to get this deal. Please do not tell them about me telling you anything on this website. I do not know if it is worth the headache, I am a college kid and I had the time to spend all day there...I am good with business stuff and if I actually had the money in hand I probably could have gotten a few hundred lower...but i did not bother. Do you guys think I should write a letter to the owner of Boch asking him for some sort of money back or something for all the drama they put me through?

    Final Breakdown:

    Sales Price: 17,405
    Destination: 595
    MSRP: 23,500 (24,195 w/destination)
    Invoice: 21,980 (w/ destination)
    Tax: 1260 (7%)
    Doc. Fee: 298
    Title/Registration: 86
    OTD: $19, 644
  • pmagganpmaggan Posts: 62
    Call and ask, I guess. Can't hurt, right? Lisle Honda has one for $18,300 on Ebay.
  • Not its 4 Cyl , Do you known any dealer ?
  • brmehtabrmehta Posts: 12
    Can you tell me which dealer in twin cities you bought this car from? I am also looking for a new Accord sedan EXL 4 cyl no navi. Based on your price for V6 and others who got their EXL 4 cyl, I think I should get my 4 cyl somewhere around 20600 plus ttl ($2000 less then what you got for).

    The lowest offer I have right now is 21500 plus ttl for Accord EXL sedan 4 cyl w/o navi. I tried calling other dealers around twin cities, but they would not give out any price lower then this and will tell me to come to the showroom to work out the price.

    Do you guys have any other tips or suggestions that I can use to force them to give out the price before I visit the dealer.

  • zswxzswx Posts: 55
    Thanks for sharing it with us! $4k below invoice is amazing. Since you are still in college, I think it's a memorable experience for you and well worth the time you spent.

    I do have a question. What is the $50 finance charge? It is because you used a credit card?
  • I am getting an offer for $6000 cut on the EX-L V6 from their MRSP. My Price will be around $23900 OTD. MD tax is 5% and $350 max for title registration and couple of hundred for extra options. Is this a good price? I was looking for a V4 but these guys are trying to sell me V6 which I also like. Their reasoning is that we are selling you same price as the v4 EX-L car. They have $6000 off for all V6 only. I would get a Se V6 for $19400 OTD but I did not like that car's interior as much as EX-L. Is this a good deal ?
  • That's what I am being offered in MD but our Tax rate is 5%. So that means your deals is better than mine. I should be able to bring them down further. By the way I am assuming you are talking about EX-L V6 right ?
  • zswxzswx Posts: 55
    What is the base price? It is hard to compare the prices with OTD.
  • I am getting a price of 23900 for EX-L OTD. What is your Tax rate. In MD, it's 5%. It seems that you got a good deal. I am going to try to bring this dealer down to match yours.
  • hey myodyssey1,
    My deal is for 23900 (21,700 + (9.2%)tax + lic) for 4 cyl. Any one got better deal in bellevue please let me known.
  • It was $22K and something. I did not write it down so can not remember the exact figure. The only number I remember was OTD price which included 5% Sales, Title/Reg. and could of other charges.
  • Anyone knows what is difference between Accord V6 EX-L AT and V6 EX-L MT models ?
  • AT = automatic transmission
    MT = manual transmission

    Or did you mean is there another difference besides the transmission?
  • Ooops, now I understand. AT is for AUTO and MT is for Manual Transmission. :)
  • I was just wondering what an Accord LX is going for in dealers around the central jersey area?
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    No deal is worth this much hassle. I would have left a long long time ago!!
  • jweston1jweston1 Posts: 15
    Others on board have paid $22,700 including destination plus taxes and fees for a EXL V6 sedan.
    Been a discount off MSRP of $27,995 to $22,700. Save about $5,300.
    A great deal if you can save $6000.00 off sticker.
  • armosuarmosu Posts: 3
    Can someone help me with what I should pay for an 07 Altima fully loaded and an 07 Maxima with leather and the technology package.

  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    armosu... you won't get much help here in the Accord section.

    The Maxima is here: Maxima Prices Paid

    And the Altima is here: Altima Prices Paid
  • mjk5mjk5 Posts: 43
    So after months of getting fed up with salespeople's BS I try negotiating via email. After requesting a quote on an EX-L coupe V4 I send them an offer of $22K OTD which is what people on here seem be getting. This morning I get emails from both dealerships, but they are both we don't want to pressure you into buying a car please respond to our email form letters, so I respond back asking if they received my emails. Still no response from one, other one responded within an hour that they didn't, resent the email and nothing from them. Considering the fact I believe they have in their email that they will respond within 1 hour on a business day, do they both feel they are getting lowballed or something and just not ignoring me? Ugh, I hate buying a car.
  • grant2grant2 Posts: 30
    Last Friday I got a ex i4 sedan accord @ lisle honda for $18950, ask for their internet sales (erik) and you should be able to get this price
  • everblueeverblue Posts: 27
    Does that price include destination? Is that manual or automatic?
  • grant2grant2 Posts: 30
    yes the price included destination and at. for the new 07 accord ex sedan i4 at. My deal included splash guards too, for 18,950.
  • I just picked up a Accord LX sedan AT from philly PA area for 18,800 OTD. Willis Honda in NJ were giving it to me for 18,700 OTD, but I had to get my own PA inspection and they wouldn't give me the first service free too, you might wanna try them.
  • rrd008rrd008 Posts: 10

    what dealer did you go to?
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