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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ja716ja716 Posts: 3
    Great posting, thanks. I am looking for the same car but I have a much smaller pool of dealers. The best price I have received is invoice minus $750. Still pushing on the dealers so we will see what we end up with.
  • tasaytasay Posts: 36
    that's a good negotiating tactics. I called Vandergriff and the guy on the phone said, they do not sell car under invoice period. I hung up the phone. I got quote from John Eagle and they give me the quote n not going anywhere under that. I dealt with david mcdavid and they don't budge much unless I got quote from others and print it out for them. Honda Mckinney is good but I just got quote from them. I like 4cyclinders SE in Manual tranny but not many offer that. Well I can wait till the end of the month with memorial weekend coming and see what it does.
    Lute Riley kept calling me but I haven't call them back plus they don't have manual SE.
  • elizasmom1elizasmom1 Posts: 19
    We are planning to pick up our VP tomorrow. However, I am really concerned about the lack of a stabilizer bar in rear. Is this a possible safety issue in collision avoidance? I looked into adding one, but dealer says they won't modify the vehicle in that way. I will pay $2000 more for an LX if that's what I have to do, but I don't want to do that if it really doesn't matter. Please help!
  • jpgolf55jpgolf55 Posts: 34
    Great experience and well told. A few questions: what is the difference between talking to a Fleet manager or dealing with the so called Internet manager? How do these two managers differ within the dealerships? Thanks
  • ftrainftrain Posts: 29
    Got the car for $750 (the dealer cash) below the Edmund's listed invoice. Price including destination but before taxes and fees was just under $19,200. He also gave me $500 more for my 10-year-old trade-in than I thought I'd get.

    Is that a good deal? I was very pleased with the experience, but found it a little odd that the salesman practically raced to invoice. There wasn't much of a negotiation. He began by pulling up Edmund's web site right in front of me, showing me the invoice and saying that's the best he could do. I countered that I also wanted the $750, and a 5.9% interest rate for financing over 5 years, and after only a little bit of back and forth, he said okay. It felt so relatively easy, I almost got cold feet and backed out of the deal. I felt like I must have been missing something. He did try to push a "protection package" (wheel locks, trunk liner and mud guards), as well as another protectant package called "First Place Finish" (at $500 for each package), but I declined.

    Anyway, let me know if you think this sounds like a reasonable deal--maybe I can learn something for next time. I feel pretty good about it. The only part of the deal that irked me was the $399 documentation fee. But that was the one number he absolutely refused to budge on. Is that maybe where he made his profit?
  • cubby3cubby3 Posts: 8
    Hi,all Thought I'd give the latest in my search for the best price on an Accord EXL/auto/4 cyl.What I got from Edmunds is that the invoice(incl dest.) is $23046.Subtract $750 dealer incentive and I get $21296 Ok,so I contact the first dealer and qute my info and sources and am told that Edmunds is not correct,must be quoting for a manual trans mission.I tell them that,no,the information I have from Edmunds and other sources is correct.Round TWO: Dealer tells me that my info and Edmunds is still not correct.He says that their Net Invoice is $22,257,subtract $750 and get $21507.Then he goes on to say that Edmunds does not include holdback which brings their cost to $22257,THEN subtract $750 to get their $22257.He says that is their correct cost for that vehicle and that If I can get it for $21490 to 'grab it before they change their mind'.and to look at the true total cost.Sounds like a bunch of gobblygook to me.I read here that two folks bought EXLs for $21490 and $21609 This dealer says that at $22500 they are making $1000 profit and if I think I can find one cheaper to do it.On his attitude alone I'llkeep looking.
  • cubby3cubby3 Posts: 8
    To add to what I posted.This is what the first dealer came up with: Quoted $22257 as the correct net invoice.Subtracted $750 from Honda to get$21507 Net Cost.Added $750 holdback to get $22257 then subtracted $750 to get $21507.Openly stated that his offer of $22500 was with a dealer profit of $1000 and said that if anyone got one for less that I should look at the true out the door cost.What kind of OTD prices are people getting for an '06 Accord EXL/4 cyl/auto ? Dealer claims the $750 is only for a short time but I'm guessing with '07s coming that it will be around awhile.
  • cubby3cubby3 Posts: 8
    Jay, The price you were quoted of $21609 did that include destination ? Either way seems like a decent price from what I'm finding so far.Dealer #1 won't go below $22500 OTD price.
  • ftrainftrain Posts: 29
    I guess that likely explains my experience--the dealer had a juicy holdback coming to him, so was willing to part with the dealer cash without a fight so I'd think I was getting a great deal and leap at it. I guess I should have pushed back more.
  • cubby3cubby3 Posts: 8
    That's why I'm trying to get an idea of what others have paid OTD for the same auto.The first guy has me running around in circles.First he takes the dealer incentive off the 'correct net invoice' then he ADDS $750 as a holdback to come back to $22257 then he SUBTRACTS the $750 again to come back to $21507 Edmunds has the same auto for $23046 incl dest (invoice)subtract $750 dealer incentive and get $22296 if there is a $750 holdback that Edmunds does not show I would think that the holdback is $750 more that the dealer gets from Honda.Jibes,sorta with what the dealer is telling me.He is offering the car at $22500.He clearly says that they get $1000 profit and dares me to find the car at a better price.I think I can do that.If Jay was offered the car at $21609 with or without dest that would still be cheaper than my $22500.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,652
    Stabilizer bar? It isn't really a safety item... though it will make the car handle slightly better.. The chances of it being the difference in a collision avoidance are very, very, very (did I say very?) slim.

    You can really take that to the Nth degree... You could pay $20K more and get a BMW, then you could really dodge the other cars... but, you probably will raise the chances of being vandalized..

    If you are happy with the VP model, I certainly wouldn't pay $2K more to get the LX, just for the stabilizer bar.. Honda isn't in the habit of selling unsafe cars..


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  • >>what is the difference between talking to a Fleet manager or dealing with the so called Internet manager?

    In GENERAL, the fleet sales manager deals with leasing companies, auto brokers, businesses, rental agencies, etc. When an individual makes contact with a fleet sales manager, he/she understands that we are knowledgable shoppers who know invoice prices, manufacturer incentives, etc. They generally just try to sell us a car for a fair price without jerking us around, especially when we use a tactic similar to what is described in my previous post.

    On the other hand, the internet sales manager may just be a regular salesman, or a regular sales manager, who has been tasked to deal with customers who email the dealership. Once upon a time, when the internet was a new phenomenon, internet managers operated similarly to fleet managers, or they were the fleet managers. Now that everyone uses the internet, many dealers just treat the internet as another way to get you in the dealership. Or they might give you a "no dicker" price which still may be $1000 over invoice.

    That said, at Honda of McKinney, there seem to be several "fleet sales managers" who are also normal sales people.

    If you are near the DFW area, I highly reccommend the sales managers at Lawrence Marshall or Frank Kent. I'm not going to write exactly what the fleet sales manager at Frank Kent told me--but his motivation is volume. He is not concerned about profit per vehicle. He went about 44% into his holdback on our price. Figure out what that is on the Honda you want, and then subtract it from the true invoice price and call up with that as your offer. I'm guessing it will be accepted. That's much better than a couple days of phone calls. We drove more than an hour on the highway to get to him, and it was well worth it!
  • Dealer holdback on that is about $646. Given current trends, I would push for the dealer to go $200-300 into the holdback. You really shouldn't have to pay more than invoice minus $750. Figure out what is your true invoice, subtract $300, then call up the fleet managers and tell them that you are going through the yellow pages and the first dealer to agree to that price gets to sell you a car (make sure doc and other fees are stated up front). If there are no takers then bump it up $100 and do it again. Rinse and repeat.
  • ftrainftrain Posts: 29
    I appreciate the advice, and will definitely use it next time we buy a car (which might actually be in the next few months). Unfortunately we signed the contract already. So we got it for the $750 below Edmund's invoice that I mentioned in my follow-up message--$19,178 (+TTL+documentation). But it sounds like we could have gotten another $200-$300 lower (especially since I know that documentation fee was pure profit). Well, that kind of sucks then. I felt like I did well, but it looks like I didn't do as well as I thought. I guess for all the research and reading I did here I didn't do enough.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Is that maybe where he made his profit?

    Yup. But if you got $500 more than you thought for your trade-in, you can't be too upset.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 134
    I don't understand why he is ADDING the holdback, like it is an expense. He should subtract it to come to the true cost of the car. He is subtracting the dealer incentive twice, so the cost he's giving you is about right, but he's getting at it the wrong way.

    As far as making $1,000 profit, it would depend on where you are. I just bought an EX cloth, 4 cyl, for $20,300, before TTL. Profit for the dealer is $100. This is in Staten Island, NY. Add about $1200 for the leather package, you should be able to get it for about $21,500-21,600. Again, this is determined by where you live.
  • cubby3cubby3 Posts: 8
    Hi,all I pappreciate the info and advice.This is what I've got so far looking for an Accord EXL/4 cyl/auto : First dealer started out at $22,850 + $50 DOC .When I haggled with him he dropped to $22,500 and said that's it.An internet offer from another dealer came in a $22,255 .Going to talk to dealer # 3 later today.Of course then we have to deal with the trade-in but this is actually kind of fun !
  • marys236marys236 Posts: 75
    Is anyone getting great deals in Oklahoma on EX-L 4cyl? I see alot of prices around 21,400 to 21,600 quoted on this board, just wondering if I can expect to get the same kind of deal here. Mark Roberts Honda in Bartlesville, OK, is quoting $23,400 on their website, and I've heard their website prices are usually better than you can get from the dealers here in OKC. Kind of discouraging.
  • cubby3cubby3 Posts: 8
    I can't get below the magic $22K for an EXL/4 cyl/auto best so far is $22.3 incl dest and doc.I would think with the '07s coming out before long that they would deal a little more aggresively.
  • jay_gatsbyjay_gatsby Posts: 45
    I didn't buy at the $21,609 price (actually it was $21,605.92 to be exact), which excludes tax, tags, $550 freight and $100 processing fee. It was the first quote I received from 5 different dealers in my area, so I'm waiting on the others to respond before playing one against the other. As for the $750 "marketing support" (it is not a "dealer incentive" or "holdback"), I don't know whether the Internet Manager who sent me the quote already subtracted that or not. I would assume he didn't, since that's free money in the dealer's pocket. If he didn't, then doing so would bring the quote down to $20,855.92. Likewise, I don't plan on paying the "processing fee", as these boards have indicated that many of the dealers in the D.C. area are waiving it.

    Cubby3 -- in your case, I think $1,000 profit is WAY TOO MUCH to give to the dealer. The dealer allegedly paid $21,500, which is only $9 less than the Internet quote I was given with no haggling. Assuming the dealer isn't lying to you, that would mean the dealer from whom I received an Internet quote is only making $9 profit. I highly doubt that dealers around the country are paying significantly different wholesale prices to Honda. More likely than not, the dealer with whom you've been negotiating paid somewhere between $20,000 and $21,000 for the car, giving him an actual profit of $1,500 to $2,500 if you paid him $22,500 for the car.

    My personal view on profit for a commodity car like the Accord, which sells itself through reliability and resale value, is no more than $500. An Internet sale takes very little dealer time, and is a relatively easy sale to make. It doesn't require a salesman to demonstrate the vehicle and cajole a customer to buy it. Thus, the dealership doesn't need to pay a commission to a salesman. Internet customers know what they want, and rarely set foot in a dealership until they're ready to buy.
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