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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I finally made the deal on a 2007 Honda Accord EX-L 4-cylinder Automatic sedan.
    Its from a dealership in Hollywood, FL. 22,400 OTD. Here is the breakdown:

    Selling price: 20283.17
    Dealer service fee: 599.95
    Florida battery/tire fee: 6.50
    Sales tax 6%: 1253.38
    County surtax 0.5%: 25.00
    MVWEA: 2.00
    Registration/tag/title: 230.00
    Total 22400.00

    I feel like I made a good deal. What do you think?
  • im based in charlotte north carolina n looking to get a 07 accord lx in the range of 17,500-18,000 OTD, please anyone here knew about the dealers within the radius of 3-5 hours drive,post the details here, i am all set to buy the car anytime.
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    Pics from non-US markets.
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    Isn't this the Australian version of the Camry?
  • Wow, that was an excellent price! Did you get it from Maroone Honda of Hollywood? How did you manage to get that price?
  • everblue,
    Yep I got it from there last night. I requested quotes from dealers all the way from West Palm Beach to Miami. Pretty much everyone is saying around 23000 OTD. One dealer in Ft. Lauderdale agreed for 22500 OTD. Then I asked Maroone if they can beat it. He agreed for 22400 so I went with them.

    Personally I found that if you mention that you are ready to buy TODAY if the price is right, the dealers are more aggressive in their quotes.

    One thing I noticed is that these dealers do not have very many 2007s (EX-L 4-cyl Auto sedan) in stock, or it seemed like they didn't. So if you have a color preference and in need of a car, this is a good time to buy the 2007 Accords.

    For me, luckily, I found the car with my color choice (Graphite Pearl/Gray leather interior) and price.
  • I think I was quoted 19,600 OTD for 2007 SE V6 Auto sedan in Florida. I was looking for an EX-L I4 Auto though.

    Personally I would not pay more than 20000. So yes, I think 20000 is a good deal.
  • I got a similar model coupe minus navi in July for about $24K OTD. I'd say if you want a coupe, go for that deal. I don't know that you can or will do better since the 2007 coupes have been in rather limited supply.
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 234
    Thanks for the feedback myfunkycoupe. Let's see how low I can go. One of the dealers just flat out said bring me your lowest quote and we'll beat it. There seems to be one or two '07 EXL-Nav Accords at pretty much each dealer so I still have inventory on my side for a few more days.

    Any suggestions on accessories though? Where I get stuck in price, I'm sure I can squeeze in something. Backup camera? I don't need something like an mp3 CD player when I have the aux in and can just hook up an ipod.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Thanks for the review. It has now made me think twice about buying a 2007 model. Ugh. :confuse:
  • Hall Stateline Honda is located in Moyock, on route 168
  • Can anyone give me the price experience of Accord 2008 EXL 4 cyclinder AT?
  • If you are looking for automatic, you might be disappointed. An 07 LX auto's invoice is 19.6K and your target price is 16K. That is like $3600 under invoice.
  • I jsut got a discount of $1000 the MSRP of any 08

    Can you help me negotiate financing, extra options, and anything else I could get to make it a better deal.

    Lake County, IL :)
  • I am in lake county, what city in lake county is your dealer located?
  • I purchased on 07 EX-L V6 and it has a rattle coming from the back. The dealer is working on fixing it and is stumped. Did your dealer figure out what was rattling? If so, I'd appreciate you sharing what it was or at least giving me a name of someone who the service mgr working on my car can call. Thanks!
  • Excellent. This is great price for 2008 Honda Accord EXVL. Would you please email me the details of the dealership please!
  • Hello, I am shopping wround for 2008 Honda Accord EX-L. Would you please email me the details of the dealership.

    Thank You
  • First you should drive both cars to see if, for the model you are considering, the price difference leads you to one or the other.

    No doubt the 07 is a great car too. We looked at both. The deals on the 07s were and are incredible. But we concluded that all of the discounts on the 07s would impact the resale (and insurance) value of the car. Plus we keep our cars for 7-10 years, depending on mileage, and long term, we concluded that it was worth paying more for the 08 than taking the discount. It all depends on your model to model comparison (EXL V6 Navi 07 vs. 08 there are many differences), how you are paying (cash, loan, lease), and your usage. It made sense for us to wait and then get the best deal on the 08.

    I continue to see how much the local market is influencing the pricing on the new cars. So in CA they are charging well over MSRP, while on the east coast they are at MSRP, just over, or maybe $500 under. Never really thought of it, but YOU CAN PLAY THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!! We drove 1 1/2 hours each way to get the car, and saved big. The rural dealer we bought from had to take one EXL V6 Navi on his allocation from Honda, and I think he would have sat on the car if it wasn't for us. Depending on where you live, use the Honda website to locate dealers, and then go outside your local area to a place where you think they might have the car, but would not sell it because of their local market.
  • I would get the "door edge guards," and the "rear view camera." These are 'dealer installed' options, so perhaps you can get a dealer to 'throw-in' one, or both, on your purchase.

    Aniously awaiting my 08!

  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Hi Gotmycar/ Emailsuresh:

    Can you please email me the dealership's name and location. Thanks.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    One of them. They have the one we do plus this one called the Aurion which is a combination of our Camry SE/XLE with Se interior among other things. Will probably show up in our shores as a "refresh" for the Camry for model year 2010.
  • We got our 07 LX at $18,000 OTD. However dealer is in Fairfax,VA. Maybe little bit out of your range.
  • The sticker price on the 2008 EX-L V6 is 28,600 at the dealership I visited. any tips on negotiating a lower price or finding a dealership where I can get a better deal?
  • srizvi1srizvi1 Posts: 234
    Hey George,

    as this in response to my question on what options to get for when I hit a standstill on price? I'm not sure what door edge guards are, but maybe I'll go with that rear view camera at least.

    Do you know if this option can be put in an '07 Civic w/ Nav? That's the other car we're considering.

    Again, the goal is to get the Civic around $19k OTD because I'm pretty sure I can get the Accord for under $24k out the door. At my current best price on the '07 Civic coupe auto w/ nav of $19,390 + dealer processing, tax, & tags, It's not worth it for me to get the Civic if I can do an '07 Accord for only $3500 more.
  • I have leased many cars from American Honda. Never an issue. They also cover up to $1500.00 in wear and tear dings at no charge. That is 3 different body problems etc that total 1500 max. Not a single $1500.00 dent. I have never been assesed a penny at closing of the lease. I have ZERO deposit with them. Deposit may depend on your credit. I am very established with them so no fee. I dont know about new leases for others. NEVER NEVER NEVER pay a cap cost reduction. That is for SUCKERS. Sign and drive only. If a car lease is 300.00 plus 3600 down (36 month lease) cost is really 400 a month. If that same lease was 400 a month zero down that is a better deal. You are leasing so why pay anything down? I have never paid one red cent down other than tag/tax and I have donw at least 20+ leases. I will wait on the 08s as they seem a little high now as there are ZERO lease programs. If you can wait until nov/dec things should get better.

  • I would like to put an 08 Accord coupe on reserve, but I don't want to commit if I know it may be that I end paying $1000 over MSRP for it. I know have very little negotiating power buying a brand new model that's not even out yet, but can I expect SOME dealers to budge somewhat on the MSRP before reserving? Would they laugh if I emailed saying that I will reserve the car if I can get it $1000 below MSRP? Thanks
  • Would they laugh if I emailed saying that I will reserve the car if I can get it $1000 below MSRP?

    I already received internet quotes the first week for $1,000 under MSRP. You should use the link on the Honda web-site to get a quote from all Honda dealers in your area. Play the quotes off of each other and when you got a dealer who is willing to work with you, go face to face, tell him what color and trim level you want and that you're willing to wait for it to come in as long as he gives you the best deal. If not, you'll buy down the street.
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