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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    What Ohio store gave you that quote?

    It's not, technically, a "state doc fee," but a state limited doc fee. $250 is the maximum they can charge and turns your $138 over invoice deal into $388 over invoice deal.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Excellent advice Mackabee, and agree with your re-write completely though am curious about the dealer financing part, is that something that helps to get a lower quote than if financed elsewhere?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I can't get nothing past you jaxs. image Of course everyone wants to sell all they can. They are not museum pieces. But so soon after it's release and they're dropping their shorts right away? image
    Do a search for year to date 2008 Accord sales here: image
    and see what you come up with.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The dealer normally gets some "fee" for doing the financing, so they may give you a little better of a deal if you say you MIGHT finance with them. You should always get pre-approved for the financing from your bank, credit union, and someone like CapitalOne before you visit the dealership. Then you can challenge the dealership to beat your rate and don't go with their money if they do not. Going in without pre-approval is like not knowing the invoice on the car or the dealer incentives, you can't get the best deal without all the info.

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I sell Toyotas and some Hondas on ocassion since we own both marques. A sales manager is more apt to lower the price for a customer if he knows the customer will finance with the dealership through the Parent financial arm, in this case TFS or American Honda. So they lose a couple of hundred on the sale of the car but make it back on the financing, and it gives the F$i guys/gals to pitch their extended service packages and warranties. It's not like the old days where customers would soundly proclaim "We're paying cash. I want a discount!" image We hate cash paying customers. And I mean cash, not a check from their own bank or credit union they took a loan on. We want it all, the financing, the gross, the mop & glo, rust $ dust,.etc image
  • Just drive home with the 2008 Accord EX-L. Got it for $487 above invoice. The dealer threw in the trunk tray, mud guards, and wheel locks for $115. The taxable total is $24,665. The car only has 5 miles on it and drives very very nicely. Its certainly a head turner. A deck lid would finish it nicely but thats for next year. I'll have more info about the car as I break it in.
  • 74357435 Posts: 39
    hi bug 4

    i would like the mystic green too with irovy/tan interior. i can not find irory/tan anywhere. not on the honda site , in the honda book , or at a dealer. please tell me where you saw that a mystic green can be ordered with ivory. i can only find black interior.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 19,814
    you tease! your search box doesn't work!


    '14 Jetta TDI wagon; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 41-car history and counting!

  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    My Bad 7435!! You are right! The mystic green does not come with ivory interior. My question . . . why the hell not???? Sometimes Honda is frustrating with their color options / or lack thereof. The mystic green would look great with the ivory interior.

    I am sorry -- I was thinking of a beige metallic car that I considered before I bought my silver Accord. The beige does come with the light ivory interior and, in my opinion, looks really nice!
  • forgopforgop Posts: 16
    I'm looking at a '97 EX Sedan V6 with 157k miles w/ leather, moon roof, new tires and battery, and everything is in great working condition. The car comes with all maintenance records from someone very anal retentive about maintaining their car.

    The asking price is $3500. Doesn't this seem like a steal?
  • 74357435 Posts: 39
    bug 4
    thanks for the prompt reply. i agree with you the mystic green or the pol metal would look great with ivory too. i am getting quotes for msrp less 2,000 but cant find the color i want. i may have to stay with the alabaster silver and gray that i have on my 2006.
  • recadanrecadan Posts: 10
    Most cars with that kind of milage and age will start to break down somepoint...pretty soon

    But if your budget is $3500 firm, this is a nice car based on your description.
  • grmercgrmerc Posts: 2
    $138 over invoice on a brand new '08, and your questioning if it's a good deal? Sure it is, after they pay the floorplan on the car, they start going into holdback to pay the salesperson who spent his/her time helping you pick out the car, make sure the equipement is right, and the car is clean for you, and the other business expenses associated with running a successful business.

    Also, would everyone on these forums please finally agree that the destination charge is part of the cost of the car and is non-negotiable. Edmunds says so on it's pages, yet everyone seems to think that it can be negotiated...
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Also, would everyone on these forums please finally agree that the destination charge is part of the cost of the car and is non-negotiable. Edmunds says so on it's pages, yet everyone seems to think that it can be negotiated...

    It can't be negotiated and should be included in prices posted along with any dealer doc or prep fees.

    In another forum, someone posted they were offered a car for a $200 or less over invoice (sounds good) then said the dealer charges a $695 doc fee! Ouch. Posting the price of the car with destination and dealer doc/fee included helps keep the prices straight. The TTL stuff is different for all of us, so "OTD" prices don't do any good.

  • Is it typical to negotiate a price before or after special ordering a car?
    I'm looking to get a 2008 4 Cyl EX AT Coupe but dealerships around me have only a few, so the chances of them having the right ext&int colors are slim. I've never bought a car before, so I'm not sure how it typically works. I'm afraid if I don't talk price before i put my deposit down, they will hit me for all I got once the car arrives. On the other hand, getting a price before hand will be no suprise at all. If that's the route to go, do i need to just get them to get a quote on paper so they honor it once the car arrives? any help would be great. thanks.
  • forgopforgop Posts: 16
    I certainly wouldn't buy it if I knew it hadn't been maintained to the standards that it has. I'm trying to keep it in a price range that will be something I can get by for $3-4k. Any input on what kind of mileage one could expect out of a well maintained Accord? Is 250k miles doable? That would last me at least 5-6 years.
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,411
    I think you negotiate the price in advance. Don't be surprised if they ask you for a deposit. On a special order car, obviously you are getting exactly what you want on a hard to find model, and so you may have to pay a bit of a premium. I special ordered an 08 Accord Sedan EXL manual with Navi, white on white. There was not a single one like it in the country. My dealer gave me 1000 off of msrp. There's a mark up on this car of maybe 2300 or so, and so the dealer got a decent markup, more than many people are paying at this point. But I was willing to pay extra to get exactly the colors and the options I wanted. Plus I liked my dealer, who I've bought from before, and I wanted him to get a paycheck out of it. He treated me really well, and was patient in showing me all the features, and didn't pressure me all. My car is expected in about 2 months. It may take about that long for yours too...
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You have to talk price before ordering a car and put a deposit down. The negotiation process is basically the same. You sit and cordially talk about what price is mutually agreeable. If they have the car on the lot, then you move forward to prep the car, arrange for the final payment method, and sign 'all' of the paperwork.

    If they don't have the car, then they put it on order and take a deposit.

    Same front end negotiation process.

    I ordered probably 70% of the vehicles I've bought. Depending on what you are buying, when in the model year it is, the supply they have, their future allocation, and how close they are to making current month and quarter objectives.....their desire to 'negotiate' varies substantially.
  • "I special ordered an 08 Accord Sedan EXL manual with Navi, white on white."

    Um, hang on here a sec. Did you mean to say 'white on ivory', or actually custom spec an actual 'white on white'.

    The thing is with Honda, there really is no 'special ordering', as they come in trim levels, and only the highest trim level in any model will allow options, of which there are only usually 2 (Nav and/or RES). The dealer will trade with another dealer for a car it doesn't have, but no actual order goes to a factory (ala Volvo, etc...) and is then placed in a production schedule.

    I sell Hondas in CA as a second job, and we've already had a few 08 EXL white on ivory Accords come through.
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,411
    tanngrisnir: yes, it's the ivory interior. But did you have any 08 sedans with the Navi with the 5 speed manual?
  • Ah, good point. I'd overlooked that you stated the manual. No, we haven't had any white ones yet (or any manual w/Navi), but we did have one manual non-Navi in a diffferent color that our fleet guy snapped up before we ever even saw it off the transport truck.

    Good thing, it likely would have collected dust on our lot.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    They can order the less popular combinations (such as manual transmission with Navi), but they will not be built until they have 30 cars ready to be built that way. Then they ship one of them to the dealer that "ordered" it.
    They will not build it for just one person.
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,411
    Yes, those of us who prefer a manual are a dying breed, but Honda makes some of the very best for us.

    How are sales of the new Accord going in your neck of the woods? My dealer seems to have a fair number in stock at this point...
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,411
    So it sounds like how long it takes for my white on ivory manual navi to get made depends on how fast 29 other people order 08 EXL manuals with the navi in various color combos. It could take a while, although there have been two other special orders of that kind mentioned on this site. So that's just 27 more to go, and I'm hoping they'll get orders for those in the next few weeks.

    Although Honda may not "special order" for one person, if it all works out the factory will be making at least one car in my particular combination that it wouldn't have made otherwise. That is if it all works out. I'm now worrying a bit about those other 27 orders. My dealer guessed it would be late Nov. or early Dec. I hope he's right. But if it takes longer I'll wait. If they never get up to 30 orders, however, I guess it won't get built...
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    30 orders in the entire country may not take that long. A couple months might be plenty of time. They will eventually build at least 30 of every possible combination regardless and then they can ship your "order" to the dealer from that run of cars.
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    You know, I've bought lots of cars over the years and I always obsess about them for several months after my purchase and monitor all the relevant web sites. Fact is, I love cars and talking about cars. I'm even a bit proud of my 08 Accord because I love the car I got for the price at which I got it! But, if i could offer one piece of advice . . . DO NOT gauge the purchase price you paid for your new Accord by the posts on this, or any other, forum.

    I'm not saying these forums are bad or that you can't learn anything from them. . . Certainly, this forum shows you that a reasonable negotiator who is willing to walk away from a bad deal/dealership/salesman should pay a little less than MSRP for a new 08 Accord. But, I'm not sure it tells you anything more than that.

    A good example is post #17748, above. Benjaminh feels he has to justify why he paid $1000 over invoice for a new 08 Accord. MY GOD Benjaminh-- that's fantastic! Its one of the best selling cars in America and the model year is only one month old -- you apparently got exactly the car you wanted, from a dealer you like for a $1000 over invoice. You don't have to apologize or try to explain away that deal!

    Even if everyone on this forum is being absolutely truthful about their "deal," you are still listening to only a VERY small fraction of the people who are buying Accords. Plus, the people on this forum usually are 1) very invested in and enjoy the purchasing process 2) very informed about the process and prices and 3) the type of people who like to talk/write about it on web forums. How many people have posted the price they paid on this forum? Not very many!! The fact that they are posting may be an indication that they are proud of the deal they achieved.

    This is a complete guess, but I would think that the people who post their deals on this forum are among the top 5% deal-getters in the nation. Further, most are from different market regions and most purchased their car from a different dealerships or salesman using different financing options etc. etc. etc. Who knows. . . .truth be told, those who post the best deals on this forum may be dating the sales manager :D I hope you see my point.

    My $.02 on price is this. If you are deal-seeker, try not to pay MSRP on the new Accord. If you get the dealership to split the difference between MSRP and invoice, I think you did a VERY VERY good job. If you do better than that, make yourself a little awards ribbon to hang on your rear-view mirror, use your extra money to enroll in a negotiation school and change careers.

    If you have the unfortunate luck of being just another guy/girl who simply wants a great car at a fair price, get educated, get quotes from as many dealerships as possible, don't be afraid to show those quotes to other dealers, don't be afraid to walk away and, most importantly, after you have achieved the best price that YOU (not someone else) can do on an Accord . . . have fun driving it!!!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    For sure negotiate the price on any car purchase.

    There are not that many color and trim options - and something like you want does not seem like it would be that hard to find.

    I usually have good luck finding what I want a some dealer, but I don't limit myself to just a single dealer or even just to a single city. Go where the prices are lower and/or the selection is better.

  • "How are sales of the new Accord going in your neck of the woods? My dealer seems to have a fair number in stock at this point... "

    We have about 15 or so, and started getting them around a month ago, but our entire auto plaza has been literally torn up for complete redesign and construction (roads, sewer/water/electrical mains, lighting, landscaping, new dealership buildings, etc...) so our traffic is massively down. It's simply too much of an adventure for most local people to come in because of the earth moving equipement, one-way thoroughfare, etc...

    We've got the cars, we just can't get the people in.
  • Great point! To add to that, on pricing. I am planning on paying 1K off MSRP. Nothing at all to brag about, but I am fine with that. Love the car and can afford it. I would really love the car if I could get it at the price some are talking about on here! haha
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    Also, would everyone on these forums please finally agree that the destination charge is part of the cost of the car and is non-negotiable. Edmunds says so on it's pages, yet everyone seems to think that it can be negotiated...

    Who is this everyone who is saying that?

    I can't recall seeing any posts where people say that the destination charge isn't a part of the cost of the car.
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