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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cmengcmeng Posts: 26
    Note: Cross posted to the Honda Lease Forum also.

    A daughter needs to buy a vehicle - Maybe this week. Nothing to trade in.

    The I-4 Honda Accord LX would be a pretty good choice from the standpoint of suitability for her. MSRP is $21,375 and the Cap Cost is $18,052 with a final purchase option of $12,183.
    A link to the Honda description of the promo is:
    Honda Promo Lease Deal

    I'm sure many here have looked at the $1,999 cash payment and $199 a month for 3 years deal. I know that I'll have some taxes to pay on top of the $199 a month - OK with that. Wondering if I should expect to get one for less than the $1999 up front. Any knowledgeable advice would be appreciated.
  • howardmdhowardmd Posts: 6
    Where in Dallas do you get your car. I am also in dallas and trying to get an SE auto 2006. Hope you can help with the dealership and salesperson. Thanks
  • jpgolf55jpgolf55 Posts: 34
    Do you know when the '07 will be at the dealers?
  • maneeshsmaneeshs Posts: 4

    See post 11917. I still haven't gotten the car so nothing is final. Hopefully it will be here by the end of the month. It is still being built at the factory. The dealer is Howdy Honda in Austin, TX. Also, I am getting a manual transmission which is why he wouldn't go lower. They are pretty rare in Texas.

    Goog Luck!
  • tajones05tajones05 Posts: 9
    I just bought my car after months of searching...

    2006 Honda Accord EX w/ Nav & Leather
    -Wheel Lock
    -Prep Package (pin-stripe)
    -Cargo Net
    -8 year/120,000 extended warranty

    $25,800 OTD.

    What do you guys think
  • channjchannj Posts: 2
    I bought a Silver 2006 Honda Accord LX for 17800 + TTL. Is this a good price. I bought this vehicle in NewJersey.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Thanks for the information. Had requested a price quote online from them and their offer was higher than the San Antonio dealers, well over invoice.
  • rheorheo Posts: 4
    If 17800 includes destination, that's a good price.

    Which dealership is that? And how much they charge documentation?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Considering I got my Civic LX for $17,000. including destination.

    The Sandman :) :)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Sounds in line with what message 12113 paid for the LX SE model in your area.
  • stanwelksstanwelks Posts: 35
    Where do you live? Which dealer?
  • tasaytasay Posts: 36
    I got mine @ honda of Mckinney on I4 SE Manual Tranny silver color for 18200 with wheel lock, mudguard and pinestripe but I didn't like the way they handle me much. I think it is best to call Frank Kent honda of fort worth and talk to fleet manager. He gave me the same price with tint included but w/o others like wheel lock, mudguard and pinestripe. They are a bit far for me so I haggle with Mckinney. Frank Kent fleet manager will give U the best deal. I called him and he gave me the best price w/o haggle but when I begin to buy they just sold manual tranny so I dealt with Mckinney. U can click on email me and I can help U further. He gave me the price for SE AT for 18900 with tint too. So good luck n let me know if U need help. Plus they gave me a high financing rate @ 7.99 % I got another financing but it expired so I temporary took their credit n get another financing to pay them off. I am going to give them a bad survey. since they didn't treat me right.
  • louisnlouisn Posts: 110
    Depends what the OTD means. Each state has their own tax rates so OTD prices are meaningless to those that live in the other 49 states. That car invoices for 23 right??? so if you bought it for less than invoice then you did OK.
  • louisnlouisn Posts: 110
    Bought a 2006 Accord 6 cylinder 6 speed EX Coupe with leather for 24,550 which included the following accessories: day night compass rear view mirror, wheel locks, pinstripe, mudflaps. I guess the car itself was right at 24,200 and I paid 350 for the accessories. Invoice---25,200 minus 1000 incentive is about right. Dealer was Wolfchase in Memphis.
  • OH Good! Well I am coming from a Civic so for me this is a step up to say the least in size and power. I don't have it yet. It is in transit from the factory. Should be in no later than Monday. I think you have a good point about devaluation. Honda retains its value better than any other car out there as long as you care for it well and don't put tons of miles on it. 5K is nothing I will probably put closer to 10K a year but still pretty low. I an also getting the silver w/ black int. I like it best goes with everything and it is easy to keep clean.

    I wouldn't feel bad about the price at all like you said they wouldn't have done it if they couldn't. I talked to Mt. Kisko honda and they wouldn't beat the last price and Brewster did so they were the winners. Plus, they offered 1K more for my Civic which factored a lot into the equation.
    Is it comfy? Do you miss any features that aren't on the VP that are on the LX? I couldn't see spending the extra $$ on those few things.
    I will let you know when I get it though and tell you how I like it. Thanks for the advice.
  • fwbuysfwbuys Posts: 7
    do not miss it at all.... 4 more speakers, colored mirrors and handles, map light, coin box, auto off lights for 1000? i dont get it. i may add speakers later which is very cheap and easy to do. as to the colored stuff, heavens so!!! will never miss that. i can't possibly see how any of that will be recouped when it's time to sell. 200? 100?

    either way, i'm happy with the car. the only thing i might have considered paying up for are the alloys. i may get that anyway secondhand if the steel rims bother me enough. i'm sittin here feeling real smart and happy about the purchase. good luck and enjoy your new accord.
  • tajones05tajones05 Posts: 9
    With destination the invoice is $24,803 (edmunds), minus the incentive it's $23,803. $24,600 with taxes and tags... Plus I got the extended warranty (8/120,000) so I think I got it for a decent amount under.
  • tajones05tajones05 Posts: 9
    Northern VA, got it at Koons of Manassas
  • louisnlouisn Posts: 110
    Sounds like a good deal-Somehow I missed the navigation designation in the title of your post-that's how I had the invoice at 23,000 rather than 24,803. Enjoy the ride!
  • jpfivejpfive Posts: 37
    I'm sitting overnight on an offer, $23,700 (pre-tax) for a an EX-L V6. There is only a $50 procesing fee and $395 security deposit on top of that.
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