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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Guys please help me out. I have visited dealers in Gurnee and Elmhurst and they want me to buy the Accord Coupe EX-L I4 at MSRP. If anyone on the board can help I am looking for a dealer in the Chicagoland area that are currently working with buyers and are willing to deal around the invoice price. If I can't find a decent dealer and price then I am going to wait until the end of Dec.

    Thanks, ;)
  • jso4

    I got the lowest internet quote from Melton Honda in Southgate. I asked Brighton Honda, which is near me to match it and they did. Melton came in at $150 over invoice whereas Brighton came in at $275 over invoice. I requested internet quotes from all 15 Detroit area dealers. About half of them responded and Melton was the lowest. Good luck.
  • cljackcljack Posts: 13
    I would suggest to wait untill end of the month. If you are in a hurry goto Castle Honda I guess thier prices are 300 below invoice. Be carefull with O'Hare Honda as their prices are high and they have so many hidden costs at the time of buying.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    It Pays to wait. Dealers are always going to take advantage of the buyer's eagerness to want the car NOW! Don't be too emotional about buying a car. Buy what the dealer's emotions are making him sell at a nice discount.

    Please let us know if there are any issues with the V6 engine. Some here have experienced vibrations and surging when doing 60 to 70 MPH. Please let us know if you are have that problem.
  • holewholew Posts: 71
    I found a dealer in the Baltimore area, Anderson Honda, who will deliver the car with or without dealer installed options. Using their INTERNET buying service I talked with the salesperson and she told me that the four items they add are mud flaps, wheel locks, and edge guards on the doors and wheel wells. All for $245 which she said was their cost.

    She told me I could order the car off the truck without these items if I wanted. This was only trough their INTERNET pricing service. If you walk in off the street you will be hit with the usual CAR DEALER BS.
  • cljackcljack Posts: 13
    I guess late Dec or Late Jan would be the best time to buy this car in Midwest region by that time it will be too cold and there will not be many buyers so dealer will give more discounts. I heard V6 has vibration and surging problem. Did not hear anything about L4 yet. I would wait and see if someone reports anything.
  • In, the invoice is 24,820. Dealer gets $2k incentives. So the invoice should be 22,820 and you use this number as a baseline.

    Since i need a car ( i was driving a rental car), i can't wait. If you take your time, i think you can get a better deal since the dealer wants to get rid all of 2007 models. Again, the price depends on the location, the inventory that the dealer has....

    One thing i don't like that dealer forces buyer to pay for the optional stuffs like mud guard, door edge, wheel locks...etc You can get these online much cheaper. However, if you can deal with them, you may get it included in the price.
  • Try Herson Honda (in Rockville MD). I got a quote on 2008 EXL V6 = 26,339 but the dealer is willing to lower price if i'm interested in the car . This price does not include optional appearance charge, TTL.

    Since i decided to get 2007 model instead, i didn't make a deal. Give it a try. To me, Honda dealers in Maryland are easier to work with , plus cheaper processing fee ($100).
  • justlooking88,

    i just want to clarify your thoughts..

    07 EX-L V6 fair price: 22000(includes dest) + TTL ?
    07 EX-L I4 fair price: 20500(includes dest) + TTL ?

    So far I have found an OTD price of 22889 on 07 EXL I4 with a local tax of 7.375%...I am trying for lower.
  • If comparing prices get the best OTD price in your taxable area...if you venture outside of your taxable area take that into consideration when receiving the best OTD price.
  • I just got a quote online for Accord EX =$22,255.71+TTL

    How much more can i lower the price? thx
  • actually, i bought it in MD, but paid tax rate in VA. I think VA tax rate is cheaper than MD, but we have to pay car tax each year :(
  • I just got a quote online for Accord EX =$22,255.71+TTL

    How much more can i lower the price? thx

    Regular guys like us can't get much better than that price as it is hte exact invoice price.

    I will try to get below invoice on my next car purchase, and certainly never buy a car above invoice price! Unless of course it is the new model just released last month.

  • See my post above...I found out the door price of 22889 for 2007 Accord EXL I4 sedan. This price includes tax rate is 7.375%. For a V6 it is $24408. This is from a northern CA dealer.
  • No problems at all with my V-6. I just put about 275 highway miles over the last two days and it was smooth. No vibrations or other issues. If it wasn't for the tiny ECO light on the dash I wouldn't be able to tell if it was running on 6, 4 or 3.

    The power from a dead stop is great too.

    My only real complaint is the brakes. They're not bad, but a little mushy IMO.
  • 74357435 Posts: 39
    i have owned many hondas including a 2006 EXL i4 that i just sold to be able to buy a 2008 accord EX-L V6 which now has 80 miles on it. I have never needed any major repairs that would have been covered by an extended warranty. i know i have 6,000 miles to decide if i want to buy the extended warranty. from posters on this site i have printed the prices from www.bernadi and my honda warranty saccuco honda. there prices are the same and were what my selling dealer said were there costs. the selling dealer were asking over twice the internet prices.
    has anyone found a lower price for the honda care extended warranty? has anyone run the numbers to determine if there is a economic advantage to one plan yrs and miles vs another. i am 72 and retired and probably driving less then 5,000/ year . in fact this may be my last car.
  • Yes, try Castle Honda in Morton Grove. I just got a new car there. Very good experience. The sales guy even helped me move my old car home at 9PM :-) If you need the sales guy's info, you may email me at
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Congratulations Papa ! You must be another "Accord man". I did buy extended warranty for my Accord hybrid '05. I plan to buy the '08 V6 sedan EX-L w/ navi soon.
  • Just my thought: Try 22200 OTD. Good luck.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Dear Papa 7435:

    How do you like your brand-new V6 '08 as to:

    1- Variable Cyclinder Management (VCM)
    2- Road noise
    3- Transmission smoothness when it shifts up and down for changing speeds.
    4- Navi (Is it 100% voice activate)?
    5- Others

    You bought the top Accord you may want to drive /travel more. One only highly appreciates the Accord on long non-stop trips.
  • jet10000jet10000 Posts: 656
    has anyone found a lower price for the honda care extended warranty? has anyone run the numbers to determine if there is a economic advantage to one plan yrs and miles vs another.

    I have not seen any report finding a lower extended warranty price than at the two dealers you named.

    I got the numbers from one of the sites so I could do a comparison. Since you only drive 5,000 per year, your factory warranty will run out in 3 years. So the extended warranty is basically paying for time beyond 3 years. I pulled the lowest miles from each time frame and the cost per additional year of coverage is as follows:

    5 year 60K $305. Cost per additional year of coverage: $152.50
    6 year 80K $590. Cost per additional year of coverage: $197
    7 year 80K $635. Cost per additional year of coverage: $158.75
    8 year 100K $895. Cost per additional year of coverage: $179

    So based on your driving situation where mileage isn't as important, it looks like the best values are the 5 year and 7 year.
  • This forum was very helpful as I was preparing to purchase a new car. Yesterday (11/13) I purchased a Burgandy LX from Crown Honda at Southpoint in Durham, NC
    Here is the deal I got:

    Subtotal: $20,076
    Tax: $602
    Lic/Title: $102
    Processing Fee: $399
    OTD: $21,200

    Any thoughts? The transmission on our only car failed last week, so we were under some time pressure. Thanks again for all that contributed to this forum
  • 74357435 Posts: 39
    thanks for the info
  • 74357435 Posts: 39
    so far everything is perfect . i have not driven enough miles to know anything. i did not buy thr nav sysytem. we have a tom tom/ that we use it cost about 200 and when i learn how to use it better shoud be helpful as an alternate to the honda system.
  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    Auto or manual?

    The $399 processing fee is quite high.

    Actually it's a $350 rip off as some states set the cap at $50.

    But, overall, the price looks OK...and good luck and happy driving.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    That 399 if very typical in Raleigh area. Although if you go 15 miles outside you'll find dealerships with much more reasonable fees.
  • Do not worry about the fees... just look at the OTD price taking into consideration tax.... Dealer "A" may have a car that has a higher OTD price however their fees may be lower vs Dealer "B" who has a higher fee however they have a lower OTD price.
  • cljackcljack Posts: 13
    Total no of Honda Accord sold (2007/08)

    In Aug=47,360, Sept=35,031, Oct=30,936 so as you see sale is declining. I hope there will be a good offer from Honda to boost the sale.
  • jennmajennma Posts: 40
    I didn't buy a Honda, but the new 08 Accord is on the list for me to check out for my husband.

    Give Motorwerks of Barrington a try, they do sell Hondas there. Prices were negotiable when I purchased an Infiniti there about 6 weeks ago. It will likely be my first stop when we're ready to purchase (if his '98 Civic needs another particularly expensive repair).

    Good luck!
  • cljackcljack Posts: 13
    Try McGrath City honda, Chicago, for a limited time they are beting any best deal by $700.
    Good Luck
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