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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rkh29rkh29 Posts: 9
    I have seen a number of posts suggested only look at OTD price, but I believe and total price of car, then tax and license info provides better details since the T&L fees vary so much state to state.
  • amad1amad1 Posts: 123
    Did you see the price quote on that 2006 Lexus I got? Do you see what wrong with it? Oh btw, that quote came from a Honda dealer.
  • amad1amad1 Posts: 123
    You're right. However what scare me are those fees that you find about once you hit the dealer. If there was a website that I could go to get a detail list of fees I'm expected to pay in addition to sales tax and destination charge, than what you are saying is truly the best way to negotiate over what I suggested before as the OTD price.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You are not going to get any kind of reliable price commitment verbally over the phone.
    Give up trying.
    When the dealer is ready to commit to a price in writing, have them disclose all of their fees, add them up and look at the total. Consider any dealer charges other than sales tax and license as part of the markup above invoice.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    Yes, I could walk to Costco.

    I'll try to choose my words carefully as to not incur the wrath of one of our hosts that isn't always appreciative of some of my comments.

    Because of this, I usually steer clear of the Prices Paid Forums. I followed a link and it took me here recently.

    Let me just say that some of the numbers are "over enthusiastic"

    Don't ask me what we just paid to have a new roof put on our house because I honestly dont' remember.

    A lot of factors get involved. People forget what they really paid. Maybe the trade in was a great trade that they wanted so badly they sold the new car at a loss.

    And I think "oneupmanship" rears it's head once in awhile too.

    And, sometimes, it's timing. If a person were here today during the Seahawk's playoff game, we would probably take almost anything just to log a sale!

    Hope that helps!
  • amad1amad1 Posts: 123
    I've been going over quotes via email. They always want you to call them or come down to the dealership. So bottomline, I should go for straight invoice? Or should I consider the profit the dealers has to make an sweeten the offer for them, not taking into consideration dealer holdbacks?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You don't have to try to calculate how much profit they are making or care.
    The day or weekend you are ready to buy, you can try for some price you want that includes dealer fees (such as invoice). The CA DMV website has a calculator you can use to figure what registration and sales tax should be:

    You can input the price you want to pay and see what the total should be with tax and license.
    If you are shopping OTD numbers, you need to see the breakdown so you can verify they didn't make a "mistake" (such as enter 5% sales tax or claim they forgot to add registration fees) in their OTD quote that they will "correct" to a higher number when you are ready to sign the papers.
    If one gives you the price you wanted then just take it, if not, keep shopping around until you find the one that gets the closest. Maybe none will sell for invoice including fees (example: $50 under invoice plus $50 doc fee), but one will sell closer to your price than others.
    You can shop around at several dealers that day and it doesn't matter if every dealership does a credit check on you because it will only count as one inquiry against your credit if it's all on the same day.
  • amad1amad1 Posts: 123
    Thanks alot. It so good to have people like you posting on a forum like this.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    I currently have an OTD price of 27689 on a 2008 4Dr V6EXL Accord W/O Nav. It also has mud flaps, body molding, wheel locks and trunk tray. Has anybody got a better price than this? (VA tax is 4%). I offered 27K and they said it would put them below invoice, I thought invoice was 25,500 on this car?
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    $27689 sounds like a very good OTD price. I was quoted $26800 before (TTL) which puts it over $29000.

    What is the price of the car?
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    Not sure of the price of the car but I just got another quote - 26941 WITH NAV but not the other parts like mud flaps, etc.. This is also OTD. I'm thinking this may be a better deal because of the NAV (although I could take it or leave it as far as the NAV goes) Going off the Honda site and adding the other parts to equal the 1st deal would leave me at 27448 OTD which is 247 less than the 1st deal. I may go take a look tomorrow. They have one black on black.
  • :lemon: The over enthusiasm and one upmanship comment is one that I've heard frequently from car salesmen! Are you sure it's not in your stand operating procedure manual as an excuse :)
  • rkh29rkh29 Posts: 9
    Is this car:
    2008 Honda Accord
    EX-L V-6 4dr Sedan w/Navigation (3.5L 6cyl 5A)
    which Edmunds lists invoice without destination at $27,404?
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    That's it. The invoice I saw on the 1st car was 26000. I thought it was supposed to be 25500 but since they had the add ons, I figured that accounted for the additional cost. I was going on the 25500 invoice and adding tax (4%) and everything else and getting it for right around 27000 W/O NAV. Then the 2nd dealer makes the offer of 26941 WITH NAV. I am going to visit the dealer tomorrow to see if it's really true. I have friends that have bought from there recently and have gotten amazing deals. All of the quotes are OTD.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    Well, I was asked a question and I answered it honestly.
  • kilnkiln Posts: 41
    How is $26941 OTD possible? Invoice on the car is 27404 (Navi) + 630 destination + 50 doc fee + 4% tax = $29208

    What am I missing?
  • jt777jt777 Posts: 1
    Let me know what you think. This honda dealer offered me a 2-door accord coupe 4-cyclinder EX-L leather interior with tint, Splash guards, and door guards for
    $27,500 OTD. Do you think its a reasonable deal? invoice is $24,150 already. Then tax is another 2k so its around $26,100 after tax. Then license at $299 and doc fees at $369. so its around $26,800 including TTL and doc fees
    So with the dealer add-ons is another say $200 of their cost. So it costs the dealer around $27,000 for the invoice cost. they want $27,500 OTD so they are willing to sell it around 500 over invoice

    do you think $27,500 OTD is a reasonable deal? it doesn't leave them with any profit if i do counter the offer for $27,000 OTD right?

    what do you think?
  • I agree on the dealer's invoice cost BEFORE tax, title and license. The lowest quote I've received in No. Calif. is $27,700 ( 339 less than invoice) before TTL. This includes the destination charge and excludes any dealer added accessories.

    $26941 OTD is an excellent price for an EX-L, V-6, with Navi. This price is more realistic for the 4 cyl. EX-L with Navi.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    I would be very interested to see how this goes. Unless there is a mistake in the price that will show up when he goes to the dealer on Sunday, maybe this is one of those "oneupmanship" that isellhondas was talking about.
  • 4cyl no nav 26,372.00 OTD
  • That is an excellent price. What is the name of the dealer in Dallas?
  • Hey everyone. I want to thank y'all for all your comments and input in this forum. I have never posted before but have been reading for months now. Thanks to everyone's input, I was well prepared to buy a black EX I4 sedan this weekend.

    First, I live in North Carolina and worked with 6 dealers. The 3 best offers I got were:
    Everhart: $23,000 OTD with a free first place finish
    Flow: $22,700 OTD, but they never put it in writing
    Crown: $22,500 OTD with locks, guards and sunroof visor.

    Naturally, I went with Crown. I was shocked they could do this price but I assure you, its what I wrote a check for yesterday. This is their breakdown:

    Car: $21,343.69
    Tax: $640.31
    Tag and Title: $117
    Dealer Fee: $399
    OTD $22,500

    Crown was absolutely amazing in this process. They were courteous, honest, and kind for the entire process. Again I thank everyone here because I never could have afforded $26,000 or so of sticker & Fees for the EX. If anyone wants to know more about the process I went through my email address is: I owe $3,500 in savings to you.
  • bxmtxbxmtx Posts: 1
    Frank- Based on what i read of the post i would say the dealership is Rusty Wallace Honda. I was there on Saturday test driving an Accord EXL. I was told that they would sell me a 4cyl at dealer invoice.

    If you have interest and are buying an Accord, we could go together and work a better deal if we were both buy an Accord. I have the name of a great guy there and already have an in with the sales manager.

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Ya, my dealer said they could sell an EX-L for invoice, but not a coupe EX-L. Which is fine for me, I will more than likely buy a Sedan.... But, this may sound silly, but its really about timing, and what color I should pick on the sedan. They have to be so casual grr. I thought about black, not sure I am in the mood to keeping it up. It'll show every flaw, but it'll look so classy. I saw a blue Coupe, and its was the so beautiful, black leather. The dealer said they had one on the lot for 4 hrs, and it was gone. I don't plan on leasing til spring, I still have a few miles let on my current lease.
  • nreanrea Posts: 2
    Sunnfan: What dealership in the DC area has made the great offer? I'm also interested in an 08 Accord.


  • So Close to invoice can mean lots of $$$ can you just state the price for the car and list the options w prices? If the dealership made you a great deal and you are recommending them share the price information.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    I found out last night that they are closed on Sundays. Something to do with the law in that county. Because of work and everything I won't be able to get there until next Sat morning. I will update this once I have met them. I did go to the lot this morning and looked around and they do have some colors that I like. I did verify that the offer is for a 4DR EXL V6, not the 4cyclinder. I am not sure why the invoice is so high in CA? The edmunds invoice lists it at 25500 W/O NAV( ction=2)
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    All dealers pay the same no matter where they are located.

    Most of the internet sites show the destination charge as a seperate item which it is. A lot of people miss that. It's currently 635.00.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    "Ya, my dealer said they could sell an EX-L for invoice, but not a coupe EX-L"

    This does not mean the dealer who sells at invoice will have the lowest OTD price. Just look at the whole picture (OTD price, dealer time, distance etc....) and judge from there.
  • Just picked up an 2008 polished metal metallic w/black leather for $23,995 + TTL.
    Came to $25,821 OTD. This was in the Philadelphia area.
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