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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Dorcca,

    Could you share your internet dealer info with me?
    My email is jg20605 (at) Thanks.

  • guys please share ur experiences with me about an 07 accord EX(I4 BASE MODEL WITH LEATHER). How much should I pay for the Out The Door price??? What techniques I should prepare to win the deal??? (I've never bought a car myself before). by the way i live in Tampa Florida.
    Thanks for all replies
  • Just picked up the car on 12/30 and was very satisfied with the whole process. I negotiated the prices with a couple of dealers through emails before one offered me a great price: $25,375 including tax and everything else. Drove there and spent about two hours on checking the car and finishing the paper work. Very smooth and pleasant experience.

    Really appreciate all the info I got from this forum. Good luck with your buying process.
  • I was interested in buying a Civic LX auto (Invoice: 16,855)
    I just came back from a dealer in Oregon, and the dealer offered $17,300 including everything except title and registration. Unfortunately, they donot have the color that I want, and he will look for the color and let me know asap.

    Thegraduate left a reply to my message in Civic forum, and recommended to buy Accord LX by just paying $500 more rather than buying Civic LX. (Thank you Thegraduate!)
    It means that I can buy Accord LX auto at $17,800 including everything except title and registration???
    I found that the invoice of Accord LX auto is $19,458.

    I am willing to pay $18,500 for Accord LX auto including everything except title and registration.
    Could anyone tell some experiences?

    Happy New Year!
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    The deal I got was on 2006 EX-L V6 MT w/Navi (they threw in iPod link): 26,200 minus 8,000 for 2001 Mazda Millenia S (71K miles). So that comes down to 18,200
    Fees were
    - 299.75 documentation fee for the dealer (I knew that up front)
    - 65 for plate transfer
    - 5% MA tax on 18,200

    I didn't get any extended warranties - they ofered 6/80 for $1,050 (I think I can do better through that dealers web site hondawarrantyinfo - I got extended warranty for my wife's Pilot last year, it was like $800 for 6/80).

    Hope this helps,
  • Bought my Accord EX V4 on 12/30.

    Dealer added tint, pin strip and mud guard. Sale price $20000. 6.25% Texas tax=$1250, .3% inventory tax=$60, Doc fee $50, TTL $127. Total $21487 OTD.

    This is in North of Dallas area.
  • That's a great price from Sport Honda. Does your EXL V6 have the 5 speed auto or the 6 speed manual?
  • I can also recommend Sport Honda in Silver Spring. I just purchased a SE V6 Accord for $20,690 + TTL. I also received a fair value on my trade in.

    Note that I received a quote for a 4 cyl SE for less than $19,200 + TTL.

    Other dealers in the area said they could not match the price and tried to charge $100 for wheel locks, which Sport Honda through in.
  • If you don't mind, could you share the name of the dealer? Thanks.
  • yykkyykk Posts: 14
    Just bought a 2007 Accord SE for $20850 OTD (includes 4 years registration fee).
  • hey frog_kiss-
    i live in Atlanta and am looking to buy '07 EXL V6 this week and wanted to ask where you ended up buying from. am considering Ed Voyles and Honda Carland. sounds like you got a great deal.
  • Thanks rgb. So how much(I presume you did) below invoice do you think you got the car for?

    What kind of trim do u have. I'm guessing that you have the EX Sedan AT in which case you seem to have got a great deal.
  • Leased a Honda Accord SE w/ V6 for $0 down $313 a month. Includes taxes and fees. 3 years /36,000 miles. Dealer eating first months payment.
  • sgreen,

    No prob. Good job on your efforts!
  • Btw, what is an administrative fee??
  • An administrative fee's only purpose is that you do not have to pay state tax on that portion since it is a service and not a product (at least in MO). But it should not effect what you have to pay for a car. All that matters is what the total the dealer charges you before TTL. The size of the administrative fee should have no effect on an OTD price.
  • joeyc1joeyc1 Posts: 2
    Hi I live in NJ and would like to buy this car. I am not a good negotiator and would like to do most nego online with dealers before I go in. Any advice on how to start this process would be appreciated.
  • joeyc1joeyc1 Posts: 2
    Hi I took your advice and emailed dealers thru Honda web site. Can you email me what dealer you used in the end. I am also in NJ
  • Hennessy Honda Of Woodstock.
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