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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    #1 - Don't write in CAPS. It is rude and lazy.

    #2 - We have no ideal if it a good deal since we don't know how much you paid. OTD can mean about 23,345 different things. Give us the selling price plus all of other costs as separate items.
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    # 1 get a life
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    I do have one, a very good one. Thanks for thinking about me though.
  • newguy8newguy8 Posts: 7
    ok , no need to be rude urself ok , all i was asking is if it was a good deal or not

    i am in the process of buying and one dealer in nj is offering me this this

    sales price : 19,445
    sales tax , nyc or nj

    so the out of the door price is : 22,445 , so i was asking if it was a good deal ok
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    Invoice on the car is $20,085 + $670 destination charge for a total of $20,755. So if the price they quoted you includes the destination charge, and it most likely does then you are $1310 below invoice which is pretty good for an Accord. The problem is that they are adding $3,000 to get to OTD which is ~15.5% tacked on. Take a typical sales tax of 8% that is ~$1600. Add in a dealer doc fee which could be upwards of $400, and you are still paying $1000 in mystery charges. Your exact sales tax and dealer doc fees will of course determine the actual mystery charges.

    Of course if the destination charges are not in the sales price they quoted you, you only have ~$300 in mystery charges.
  • newguy8newguy8 Posts: 7
    ok first dealer give me this prices

    Sales prices : $19,845
    sales NJ tax : $1389.15 NY taxes :1662.02
    dmv fees : $254.00
    destination : $670
    documentation : 199.00
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
    Total Sales : $22,357 with NJ taxes or with NY taxes : $22,633

    but i am trying to deal flat $22,000 but they wanted $22,445 and now i am trying to settle for $22,400 with NY taxes . so am i getting a good deal ? thx for all replies
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    You are getting the car for $240 below invoice. I don't know how much better you are going to get.
  • kchen1kchen1 Posts: 1
    Newguy8, would you care to share which dealer & sales-rep is offering you this price? I am in the market for the LX-P myself.

    By the way, can anyone here comment on the differences between the LX-P and EX (I4) in terms of how well it feels / handles? Most people on the Accord forum seems to say that the increase in horsepower for the EX is negligible. What about the slight increase in disc-break diameter (11.0 vs 11.8) and the increased wheel diameter (16 vs 17")
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    If you test drive the LX-P first, then the EX, you may notice a little increase in power and a smoother ride. However, after owning and driving it for a week you will not remember the difference in performance. It's a Honda Accord sedan I4, good solid reliable transportation. Not much of a difference between the two IMO.

    I chose the EX over the LX-P (1,400 increase) for these reasons, moon roof, 13hp difference, upgraded stereo & interior and wheels & tires.

    I don't remember noticing a difference in the brakes.

    Good luck dealing. I think you will like either choice.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    If you test drive the LX-P first, then the EX, you may notice a little increase in power and a smoother ride.

    If anything, the LX-P should have the better/smoother ride. The low-profile 17" tires on the EX model will cause it to have a harsher ride because of less cushioning from the sidewalls.

    I chose the EX over the LX-P (1,400 increase) for these reasons, moon roof, 13hp difference, upgraded stereo

    The stereo in the LX-P is identical to that in the EX model.

    -160-Watt AM/FM/CD Audio System with 6 Speakers
    -Radio Data System (RDS)
    -MP3/Windows Media® Audio (WMA) Playback Capability
    -MP3/Auxiliary Input Jack
    -Speed-Sensitive Volume Control (SVC)

    You have to upgrade to the EX-L to get an upgraded stereo, which Honda lists as:
    -270-watt AM/FM/6-Disc In-Dash Premium Audio System with 7 Speakers including Subwoofer
  • frag235frag235 Posts: 81
    Doesn't the EX come with 4-wheel disc brakes vs. disc/drums on the LX?
  • smithsincsmithsinc Posts: 15

    Does anyone know if $25,400 is a good OTD price on a Honda Sedan 4cyl automatic w/ BlueTooth w/o NAV?

    In addition, assuming good credit, is the interest rate given by Honda also negotiable, and if so what should I be asking on a 60 month? Currently they are offering 3.9% on a 60 month and 1.9% for 36 months. Should I be able to get at least a 2% on a 60 months? Please give me your feedback .... thanks.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    OTD has no meaning since we don't know the taxes, doc fee, dealer add ons, etc. You need to give the selling price for someone to tell you if it is a good deal.
  • pj1369pj1369 Posts: 16
    Smith - where are you looking arounf in D.C.? Or are you in NC?

    I'm looking around D.C. and I think I might be able to get a i4, ex-l, auto, w/ nav for 26 OTD. ($24.8K + TTL). I'll let you know - tonight I'm going to close the deal. We'll see what changes if anything before then...::fingers crossed::
  • Hi all,
    Great forum you have here and some very helpful folks. I am looking to get a 08 Accord EX-L 4cyl Sedan. i know the invoice per edmunds is $24,098. I have been reading a while on this forum and is it true that some people are paying as low as $23,295?? does this include destination(I am guessing not)? how much below invoice can I expect? I am located in CT. thanks
  • thewdwguruthewdwguru Posts: 10
    What have people been paying for these 2 cars - not including taxes, doc fees, tag fees, etc? I have been quoted 25,700 for the V6 and 23,700 for the V4. These prices include no options or accessories - just the car. This is roughly 400 below invoice. Thanks
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    Sorry Grad,

    I was only giving my opinion about the slight difference I experienced when testing both cars.

    Also, I guess I was mislead to believe the LX/LX-P comes with a single CD changer and not a 6 disk changer like the one in the EX model. If this is the case, I stand corrected.
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    To answer alot of questions for anyone, when you go to a Honda dealer get the Honda Accord booklet, the last few pages will tell you exactly what you will get with each model.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    Or you could go HERE
  • wongx2wongx2 Posts: 9

    I'm looking for an EX-L auto in the Bay Area. I don't mind traveling either, just do the deal over the phone and bring a check.

    Question - is it worth getting the V-6? We don't drive fast, but you know what they say about horsepower - you can never have too much.

    What are prices that people are seeing relative to invoice or tissue as they say it?

  • I when to the honda dealer, which is beside Longo, to buy lx-p last week. The dealer said they can only offer $24988 OTD to me since my friend can only pay check but not finacing. I read the post here that someone said the fair price for lx-p in CA is around $22000 OTD. Does this price satisfy in Los Angeles with paying check? I have no idea how to negotiate with the dealer since they have tons of excuse to mark up the price. Any way to fight with the dealer with good deal? Which dealer did u guys shop at before in LA with what price?Does japan made lx-p more expensive than US made?
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    OTD is a useless number for comparison since everyone has different tax rates and different dealers have different doc and misc fees. What you need to concentrate on is the selling price of the car.

    Also don't go to a dealer to negotiate at price and don't fight with anyone. Email every dealer in your area and negotiate that way. Pick the best deal, go into the dealership and pick up the car. You actually might have to pay more because of cash, since some dealers make money on the financing as well.
  • smithsincsmithsinc Posts: 15

    I am trying to get the Blue tooth added to the Honda Accord EX-L w/o NAV as an accessory, but I would like to know if anyone has done so already and is willing to detail the quality of the product. I am a bit concerned in that when added as accessory, the audio is not done through the car's audio system but rather via a little speaker in the kit which is placed the in the space in the overhead compartment used for the sunshades. Any advice please? Thanks
  • gmanandgegmanandge Posts: 19
    Hi Everyone:
    Just want to say thank you to all the people who post to this forum. Thanks to all of you and your great advice, I just took delivery of a new Accord EX auto I4 w/out leather for $21,550 (includes: doc fee and transportation; does not include: sales tax or plates). Lots of places that I e-mailed told me that this price was ridiculous; that the dealer would change the price when I went to pick it up, etc....but this turned out not to be true. I ended up buying the car from Curry Honda in Chicopee MA and they were fantastic to deal with. They have lots of inventory and are persistent but low pressure. I also financed through Honda at 1.9% for 36 months. Overall, it was as good an experience as possible for this type of transaction. They (Curry) were great but this forum is what helped me to make the experience great for me. And I got what I think is a great price for a great car! Thanks!
  • jimjay2jimjay2 Posts: 1
    I emailed all the dealers in SE Minnesota and the best price for the blue 08 Accord LX-P (including destination charge) was 20,039. Tom Kadlec Honda in Rochester, MN matched the price and 3 days later we had the car for a total price with tag/title/tax/doc fees of $22,063. The doc fees were $91. We did not have a trade-in or use their financing.

    Very nice to not haggle! We let them know that we are in the market for an Odyssey sometime in the next year too, so they were nice. They tried to sell accessories and a warranty, but after I said no, there was no high pressure. Our total time at the dealership on 3 visits when we were deciding on a car until we drove away with it was less than 3 hours and the night we paid for it and picked it up, we were only at the dealership for 45 min.

    The all season floor mats at the dealer were $150, but we went home and ordered WeatherTech gray rubber mats off the Internet (google search) for $114 with no tax or shipping.
  • bgj23bgj23 Posts: 2
    I just bough a 2008 Accord Ex-l sedan for $22710 plus dest, tax, and fees through the internet department at Vip Honda in N.Plainfield N.J.. I spoke to the internet manager George. They were very upfront with everything.
  • bgj23bgj23 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 08 Ex-l sedan at Vip Honda in North Plainfield for $22710 plus dest, tax, and fees. I dealt with the internet manager George, He was very up front with everything
  • Don't buy from that dealership, that OTD price is outrageous. Also, the "only pay check" excuse that they used against you is a way for them to make more money off of you. You should never discuss how you will be paying until the very end after you have a quote already because this is the reason why. The fair price of $22,000 OTD in the LA/OC area is correct for the LX-P, but you could do way better than that. I got my LX-P automatic from Hardin Honda in Anaheim for $21,400 OTD. Before ttl, it was $19618 (that's with destination already included in the price). And mine was Japan made. It's the same price both Japan made and US made.

    If I were you, I wouldn't even bother with that dealership anymore because of the BS they just pull with you and that stupid OTD price they give you. They think they could take you for a fool. Well, forget them.

    Just go send a email to all the dealership within a 15-20 miles radius and try to find which dealer will give you the best deal first. From there, negotiate with them over email. Or just call Hardin Honda and tell them that you know a couple of people that got an Accord LX-P from them for $21,400 OTD and that Hardin Honda seems friendly. Ask if you can get a very similar deal with them. I know 4 other people that got the LX-P for $21,400 OTD from them already and when you tell them, they will know that it's true.
  • cuvangcuvang Posts: 31
    This is also about right in SoCal O.C $23,327 plus TTL EXL 4 cyn. I am waiting to sell my Pilot to down for the Accord. Also dont forget its Clearance time.
  • cuvangcuvang Posts: 31
    You are totally right. The quote I got for the EXL 4cyn. $23,327 was from Hardin Honda Anaheim SoCal. They have a Huge inventory.
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