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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ncsu1ncsu1 Posts: 6
    I got $23900 (the best) in NC. This price includes destination.
    I visited 5 dealers, and average was about 24200.
    Good luck!
  • torchetorche Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2007 Honda Accord 4DR EXL-V6
    Paid $27074.00
    With extras: rear wing spoiler
    Trunk tray
    Moon roof visor
    Mud Flaps
  • solid1solid1 Posts: 11
    Got a quote from dealer in NY today to match 2007 ex-l i4 for $22,250 including 595 dest. I wanted fog lights and rear wing spoiler added and the price was $23,420 including dest. Does this sound right? What's a good price to add on these accessories.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I have seen prices in my area as low as $17,998.00 for the LX automatic and $18,589.00 for the SE on select models, the longer the vehicle sits in inventory the better the deal.
  • Just wondering if anyone has recently purchased an LX V6,or an SE V6 in these areas. I am not getting quotes as good as some on this forum and wondered what luck everyone else has had. Thanks
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Try emailing 20-30 dealers in the cinci area from the Honda Website. Give your cell and your car, options, 1st and 2nd choice of colors price range, and tell them you are getting 20 bids and will buy before the end of the month. Towards end of the month is the only time to buy a car (if you can help it) Most people dont solicit enough bids.

    Only 1 out of 8-12 dealers will be significantly behind on their sales targets for the month and you need this many bid solicitations (1/2 will answer) to generate 2-5 really eager beavers. See what you can drum up. Work the top two or the most pesky. Its better than them working you.

    --Happy Hunting
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 134
    Can't speak for everyone, but our 2006 is that color. Don't know why they call it that, it really looks grey.

    We like it.
  • solid1solid1 Posts: 11
    Has this ever happend to anyone before?
    Got a quote the other day for a i4 ex-l. They wrote it up and I left a deposit. We went back to the dealer today (they were closed) to see our possible new car. We checked the VIN# and it was wrong. So we thought they were trying to sell an older one on the lot. As it turns out the VIN on our receipt was to a v6 ex-l, same color.
    Has this ever happend to any of you? Do you think they will honor the price? If we didn't see this, the dealers computer would have, right? Just curious.
  • If the VIN# does not match up with model name, you probably don't have too much chance to force them to honor the price.
    There is around a $2000 difference...
    Try to make them pay a penalty on deposit you paid if they don't honor it.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    REF: 14367
    Sounds like an honest mistake. Don't try to force them into anything or else you'll seem like the typical [non-permissible content removed] car dealer we despise on this forum. Renegotiate in good faith and make them give you a good deal (or walk away).
  • solid1solid1 Posts: 11
    Yes, I think it was an honest mistake. Looks like the stock # matches the i4. I wonder if they would have caught this, or if I would have done the insurance and bank stuff with the wrong VIN. Glad I checked. I will speak with them timorrow and get this resolved.
    Thanks again, this site has been very helpful.
  • bamaflumbamaflum Posts: 39
    Yep, I love the color. It is unique, nice looking, and hides dirt well.

    Our deal was easy and our salesperson was fantastic. Took the quote he gave me to other dealers and they couldn't come within 1000 of it. I will say the car I wanted was on their lot over 60 days and they were trying to get rid of it.

    2007 Honda Accord EX I4 manual transmission (typing it straight from the receipt)
    Selling price: 19,147
    Accessories: 1252
    Total: 20,399.80
    Sales Tax: 1274.99
    Inventory tax: 49.20
    TTL: 127.99
    Doc fee: 50
    Total OTD: 21,901

    I am estatic over of the deal we got. If anyone in the SA/south TX wants to deal with our guy, shoot me an e-mail. I highly recommend him!
  • 1. It's an honest mistake - if the tables were turned you would not want to pay for a v-6 and get an i4.
    2. Having said that, if the price is what I read in one of your ealier posts (22,400), then it's WAY too high. You should be able to do much better
  • solid1solid1 Posts: 11
    $22,250 for an i4 ex-l including $595 destination.
    $595 for a spoiler installed.
    A know it's not the best deal, but how much lower do you think the price could be?
  • abhinaikabhinaik Posts: 29

    What accessories did you get?
  • nyceltanycelta Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    Agreed to the following deal for a Honda Accord Sedan Ex-L 4-cyl. Automatic:

    Purchase Price: $22,241
    Doc fee: $45
    Tire Tax: $12.50
    Sales Tax (Westchester, NY): 7.375%
    Included extras: Wood Trim
    Color: Black on black

    However I am really debating between the above car and:

    2007 Honda Civic Sedan Ex w/ Navi --

    Purchase Price: $19,900
    Doc fee: $45
    Tire Tax: $12.50
    Sales Tax: 7.375%

    My question is this of the experienced Honda owners in this forum: Given the above scenarios which is the better car value-for-money? And which will have the better residual value (in your opinion)after 5 years?

    Lastly, the dealer is pushing the this a rip-off? Or is of value for a black exterior?

    Thanks all!!
  • bamaflumbamaflum Posts: 39

    I was going to get spoiler, fog lamps, and tint. With the purchase of 5 accessories, we got a discount so we added the trunk liner and trunk cargo net. Because of the low offer, we didn't really haggle over the accessories, plus they were reasonably priced installed. I can't wait to take it back and have the options installed and the dealer to prep it.
  • rubblerubble Posts: 12
    Going to purchase this weekend (end of the month!!) and have one quote for an '07 Accord Sedan EX-L V6 with MT, no navigation, for $23,320.

  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312

    Lastly, the dealer is pushing the this a rip-off? Or is of value for a black exterior?

    Totally unnecessary.

    Unless he wants to give you a free can of Simoniz.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I'm no Civic expert but the Accord would be a much better deal. That extra $2300 is going to be so worth it for you.

    Of course, I do like the Navi on my Accord so you may want it and get the Civic. A portable unit for the Accord would be a better way to go, imho.
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