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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello All,

    I would be buying a new 08 Accord Sedan LX-P on Thursday.

    The price which I have from a dealer in houston.

    USD 22,341.00 OTD Drive out price.this includes a TTL and tint in it this price is with out any form of negotiations.

    I intend to put forward my drive out price to be 21,000. 00

    can any one suggest if it is advisable to do so?

    thanks and regards
  • rambo007rambo007 Posts: 23
    I am from Pennsylvania, got a quote from a deler for $24,539.00 plus tax, tags, and $95.00 dealer doc fee. How is this deal, if I accept what are the extra things that I should be careful with...what is the lowest APR available for Honda...
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    My advice would be try for something between $21-22K. Offer $21K and then see what they comeback with. Even they offer $21,9K, go for it; at least its better then $22,341.
  • The dealer price here is 25000 plus TTF.
    I am hurry to get a new car, but want to get it before the 1.9% APR ends.

    I am in FL, any suggestions for me ? :blush:
  • Over the weekend, I bought this car (Polished Metal Metalic exterior, Black leather interior) for $25,288. No options or anything else. My "out the door" price was $27,700, which included tax, license, docs, etc. 0.9% financing for the whole thing for 36 months, with $0 down.

    I did this via email "auction" for dealers in the Bay Area, in California. Winner was AutoNation in Freemont with this price. Very smooth, easy transaction.
  • Hey,
    I just got an offer from a local dealer for 26.075 OTD (including tax) for this car, no extras except mud flaps, pin striping, wheel locks and door guards..And 2.9% interest for 60 months in addition..

    Does this seem like a good deal?

  • may i know what's the price before tax & fee ?
  • "Internet price" is $24616 + 670 freight. invoice is 25416 + freight
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 990
    $800 over invoice is not a good deal.

    I just received a quote for $350 over invoice for a Accord Coupe V6 that included Splash Guards, Trunk Tray and Tint but also include Lexan Door Moldings, Wheel Well Moldings, Accent Stripes, Nitrogen Inflated Tires, Security Window Etching, Zaktek Paint Protection, and the local $250 Honda advertising fees.

    I know most that stuff is BS.
  • Well, according to my calculations, this is $800 under invoice...Don't know if I'm missing something..
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 990
    sorry, brain fart
  • hello all,

    i just purchased a 2008 accord coupe exl for about 26000 OTD in california, does that seem like a good price or could i have dont a lot better??? :confuse:
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 990
    OTD means about 7,323 different things. What was the selling price of the car?
  • ashton_nashton_n Posts: 16
    what is the TTL in your state? My first impression says that the deal is wayyyy too good but maybe i say so because I live in california where we pay 7.75% tax...
  • ashton_nashton_n Posts: 16
    Just wanted to thank the board and the repliers to my posts.. This board has been a great source of information/insight.

    Bought from Spreen Honda in Loma Londa

    08 Ex-L v6 4dr, Selling price- 25100, OTD 27350 (SD county tax)
    No accessories, No extended warranty.
  • tax is 3.17%, tags and title fee is 75.50..

    $26.075 is including everything and what i would pay for the car. :shades:
  • ashton_nashton_n Posts: 16
    Assuming the value of accesories to be around 400-500 you got a great deal!

    if you get this deal i think you'd be paying around 24,900-25000 selling price which is quite amazing..

    make sure there are no other catch..
  • I got two different quote
    one is
    $ 23,295.00
    $ 599.95 (Dealer fee)
    $ 1433.70 (6% tax)
    $ 160-220 (Refundable tag transfer) with standard warranty
    the other one is

    $24,200.00. includes Destination and a Free Life Time Powertrain Warranty. Unlimited Time, Unlimited Miles

    which one is better ? or both are still high ?
  • john91cjohn91c Posts: 10
    I think that's a bit high. I know a couple people on here got the EX-L for $23,00 + tax including all the D&H. I just bought a EX-L in PMM a couple of weeks ago in Colorado and got it at invoice + D&H for $24,000, which included clear bra ,4 door guards & pin striping, these were already installed on the vehicle and told the dealer I didn't want them but he said he would throw them in all for $24,000 + tax.
  • john91cjohn91c Posts: 10
    I think that's a pretty good deal. Is the dealer fee the destination/handling fee or is that a dealer fee that is all profit for them? We had a dealer handling fee for ours but I got them to take it off because it is all profit for the dealer. Initially they told me they couldn't do it because it's a standard policy on all vehicles but I told them I would go to another dealer who doesn't charge the fee then they took it off.

    You can't get rid of the destination & handling fee, usually $630-670. It's added onto the invoice price, which made my vehicle $24,000. I got the EX-L in PMM with pin stripes, clear bra, and door guards for 24,000 + tax.
  • rambo007rambo007 Posts: 23
    Thanks John, are you sure you are talking about EX-L with navigation.? :confuse:
  • $ 23,295.00
    $ 599.95 (Dealer fee)
    $ 1433.70 (6% tax)
    $ 160-220 (Refundable tag transfer)
    D&S already included, but I am wondering is Free Life Time Powertrain Warranty a good buy at 300 dollars?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 18,187
    I would read the fine print on that warranty.

    This isn't a warranty being offered by Honda and there are probably a lot of stipulations.

    Nothing is ever free.
  • Your deal for $26,075 seems like a great deal. I haven't checked in too often since I bought mine in early April, but at that time my deal - $25,112 car cost, $27,100 OTD, no options but wheel locks thrown in - seemed like one of the best 2 or 3 deals for quite a while. You've beaten that all to heck. I didn't finance but paid cash, but might have considered doing so had 2.9% been available then.
  • What dealer did you get $1500 below invoice from?

  • john91cjohn91c Posts: 10
    Whoops..sorry wasn't paying attn. I didn't get the nav. so ignore my comment. I have no idea what nav costs. I'm actually looking into getting a portable GPS.
  • john91cjohn91c Posts: 10
    If you can swing getting the dealer fee out of the price then u are getting a great deal. $23,295 to include D&S is good. I got mine at $24,000 including the D&S. I would avoid the free lifetime powertrain because it's probably just pertaining to that dealer and the fine print might say you need to get the car inspected through them at $$$$ fee or it voids the warranty.

    For example: The powertrain warranty by Jeep/Chrysler states you must get your vehicle inspected by a authorized chrysler/jeep dealer every 5 years for the warranty to be valid.
  • sethnagasethnaga Posts: 50
    It is I4 Sedan. I am in Metro Atlanta area
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