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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Have you considered looking outside the Houston area? May want to expand your search to the San Antonio area to see what they offer.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Holmes Honda over in Shreveport used to (maybe still does?) offer really nice prices as well.

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    There are ways to deal with this. I've sold a non-paid-off car to a private party and the bank sent the title directly to the new buyer's bank and the cash overage to me.
    They do not have to rely on "trusting you" if you do the right paperwork.
  • zzzooomzzzooom Posts: 17
    State Line Honda..just across the VA border on Hwy 168 (a.k.a. battlefield blvd).
  • poepoe1771poepoe1771 Posts: 14
    Mindaugas, what does that price include? Destination? Doc? Or is that the base price plus all that other stuff? I would greatly appreciate your help. What was the dealership you got that qoute at?
  • azimoazimo Posts: 3
    Not sure what model you are considering. I just purchased an 07 automatic value package for $17,200. This was purchased in Amherst, NY.

    Good luck.
  • rajjarrajjar Posts: 4
    Got the car yesterday at 22,100 plus Tax, Title and License..Long story short..This dealership has two different locations. I visited the second dealership telling them of my horrible experience with the first dealership...The second dealership honored the price and was able to reduce the price because I financed through Honda which gives the dealership a kick-back. Also, the car had no extra dealer add-ons. I highly recommend this internet rep...He fought for me...BTW: The car would be perfect if V-6, but would require higher costs for engine and gas... :)
  • jak666jak666 Posts: 4
    Giving back for some of the useful info found here.

    I just took delivery of a 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid with NAVI, purchased on 5/8/07. This was a straight cash purchase with no trade-in, no financing. Deal was consummated after a modest amount of haggling (). Starting point was Costco pricing at $29,885 for the car without the wheel locks. (The Window Sticker (MSRP) was $33,090, invoice $29,796.) Wheel locks were installed (List $98)

    Final Price Paid $29,485.
    Savings $ 3,703 or 11.2%.

    Transportation, taxes, registration & miscellaneous junk fees are not part of these figures. Dealer was Honda of Stevens Creek Honda in San Jose, CA. (owned by a big automotive group, Sonic Automotive).

    Honda seems to be getting quite aggressive on the pricing B-4 the new Accords arrive later this year. Perhaps someone could comment on the current holdbacks/dealer incentives being ofered.

    Thx & regards---jak
  • mayurjshahmayurjshah Posts: 37
    hi Coach,

    I'm trying to work the same deal and want to know if you can send me either the name of the salesperson and/or you name to my email address. They were very nice and I'd like to the purchase the same car from them. If you can help, please email

    Thank you.
  • mayurjshahmayurjshah Posts: 37
    was this VP before or after Tax/Title/License and including destination?
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Denver prices are higher than those prevailing at the coasts. I bought a 2007 LX Auto Sedan for $19000 + tax last night. I part financed it thru Honda Financing at 2.9%. Will take delivery today. Don't know if I paid way too much for this car.

    Until 2 days ago I was looking at the Civic hybrid. But since there is a catch with hybrid rebates and AMT I chose not to buy the HCH. I then looked at the regular Civic. Most people seem to indicate that they really do not get more than 30mpg on the regular Civic. Decided to go with the Accord, a proven car with a bigger body and great in every aspect.
  • mars315mars315 Posts: 2
    How are these prices from Greensboro (home)/Martinsville, VA (buy)? First price is dealer price to me, the second is OTD, which includes taxes, etc. PLUS a $199 "Service Fee:"

    Both EX-L Sedans with Navi, Automatic:

    4 Cyl: $25,099 $26,181.79
    V-6: $27,722 $28,888.25

    Thank You.
  • yea the prices are really high because in LA area i can get a SE for 18300+ tax and like the LX is around 17200 that price
  • I would recommend using on-line quotes from multiple dealerships. From my research, the online quotes were lower and much easier then any quote I got from a salesman. For a EX-L (4cyl), I had two Charlotte, NC based dealers offer an OTD price of $24,700.
  • azimoazimo Posts: 3
    This price included destination charge, Tax/title was extra.
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    Hi chromatin317,
    Wow! $17,200 is a great price. Is that for a manual or an auto? Does that include destination and dealer handling fees as well? I almost wanted to fly to LA to buy the car and drive it back, but did not want to put more than 1000 miles within a couple of days of owning the car. Also the cost of gas, overnight stay somewhere and the attendant expenses made me decide against it.
  • Automatic with destination and dealer cost haha... well yea LA is more competetive theres like 4 honda dealers around my dealers all trying to cut prices...
  • mars315mars315 Posts: 2
    "I had two Charlotte, NC based dealers offer an OTD price of $24,700. " Is that with Navi or without?
  • aristotlearistotle Posts: 123
    I can understand variations upto $500 in pricing between regions, but $1800? Isn't that a lot? In the year 2000 I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma to purchase my Odyssey because the price in Colorado was at least $2000 more. I hope Honda is watching this and will something to make prices a little more even across regions. I understand that there are more dealers in big cities and hence more competition among them to get the customer. Perhaps there are a lot more unsold Accords in the coasts and they need to clear them to make way for the 08's.
  • mindaugasmindaugas Posts: 10
    It was Honda on Grand in Elmhurst,IL. Salesperson told me that I have to add TTL and doc. fee (no destination fees
    ,according to him ). Really nice dealership and nice people to deal. But unfortunatelly I'm considering other vehicle right now . As far as I can remember , it was new Accord VP A/T . But it was a while ago and I would reccomend to check with them. Sorry !
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