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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yauzasyauzas Posts: 4
    Today I purchased the 2007 Accord SE 4cyl MT sedan, in graphite pearl, with 3 miles on the odometer! I tried my best, but they would absolutely not go below $19,100 OTD. So I paid about $2k below invoice, I am happy!!

    I'm not sure if they're standard with the SE, nor do I care about having them, but it came with the floor mats, splash guards, wheel locks, and trunk tray. I tried to get them to remove them to lower the price, but they wouldn't.

    I put 0% down and used the 4.9/60 month financing. Payments are $360/month.

    This forum is excellent. Thanks for all of your help.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I think you "wrung" just about everything you could out of them. You did well. Enjoy your car.
  • faji_tamafaji_tama Posts: 5
    alamo, would you (or anyone else) mind explaining the whole incentive bit to me, and how that fits into price negotiations? I'm buying my first car soon... I was going to get an SE Accord, but the dealer might actually have a better deal on the EX now. I'm wondering if it's somehow related to the incentive bit. Thanks!
  • arnp99arnp99 Posts: 12
    If you look at the model of your Accord SE on Edmunds, click on "incentives". You will then be able to read about specific incentives available for that model. Near the bottom of the page, click on "about incentives & rebates". That screen gives a nice review of terms and helped me answer a few questions. Good luck!
  • driverfundriverfun Posts: 2
    The best quote I got so far from dealers in mideeast. Base price: 16736 (including Destination charge. OTD: 18,000 Sale Tax: 6%.

    Should I take it?

  • Which state? I am looking for accord LX around DC area. Thanks.

    The best internet quote I got for now is $17,785. Price does not include destination, fees, tax and tags.
  • yauzasyauzas Posts: 4
    Bought in southern California. It was $17,500 before TTL, and this was for an SE. I was originally quoted $1300 higher though, so you can probably go much lower after haggling since it is an LX.
  • skp71skp71 Posts: 1
    I got a offer for EX-L V6 with navigation for $24,988 + TTL.
    This is in Westminster,CA.
    Is this a good offer? and what should I look for when they do the final out the door price?
  • rujorujo Posts: 132
    OTD should be pretty straightforward: in addition to sales tax your title and registration fees will be no more than $250 and you'll have dealer document fees of $55-75. That should be it! Watch carefully for any other "garbage" - excessive additional fees of any kind, dealer-installed options, warranty upsell (buy online if you really want it), etc.

    Price looks good to me - altho I haven't been following the SoCal market recently. Enjoy!
  • kingsfan2kingsfan2 Posts: 20
    Has anybody gotten any pricing lately in N. California for
    a 4cy.EX-L w Nav AT? Have been quoted 23,995 at Honda of Oakland inc. Destination, has anybody heard better?
  • faji_tamafaji_tama Posts: 5
    Ah, got it. Thanks arnp!
  • vin2007vin2007 Posts: 3
    Is it the OTD price you have been quoted for? If it is, probably it is the best price.
  • ex7ex7 Posts: 2

    I am a new member of the forum. I purchased a 2007 Carbon Bronze Accord EX-L V6 AT this past weekend, as a college present to myself. This car is a blast to drive. I dont understand why everyone talks down on them now, I believe they are better than ever before. I currently owned an 2003 when I was 18 but it was a EX 4cyl, so I decided its time for an upgrade. The best part is listening to that distinct V-tec crank up. It sounds like an Acura. I was offered a quote for $24,448 without TTL. I think that is a great deal for the South.

    I did have a quick question for those with the V6. In the morning when I pull out my drive way and drive down the road I noticed a slight vibration in my front left tire, but once I get to rolling for a minute, everything is smooth. I also test drove three other V6 accords and notice the same thing. Any ideas? :shades:
  • Is this thread for USED Accord prices too? I am looking for a used Accord, and would like to get an idea of what folks paid for their cars. Let me know if I need to make a new thread.
  • johnl617johnl617 Posts: 20
    Just came back from the dealership 2 hours ago.

    Was able to get the 2007 Honda Accord Coupe V6 EX-L Automatic - Black on Black - $23,511 excluding TTL.

    I thought this was a steal.
  • joecarsjoecars Posts: 1
    Paid $22,350 including destination charge. With tax/fees = $24,151 out the door in Columbus OH Honda East Columbus.


    22350 + 250 doc fee + 1525.50 tax + 25.50 title fee.

    Sticker was $25,645 including destination. I paid $700 less than Edmunds TMV!

    !!!!Thank you Edmunds for this forum!!!!
  • faji_tamafaji_tama Posts: 5
    I'm a bit annoyed because I waited too long to purchase the SE that I actually wanted, and the incentives for last month ended (pushing my original quote of $20,337 up about $1k). With that increase, I just went for the EX (despite thinking that a moon-roof and security system don't justify the extra $1200) for an OTD price of $21,598.38, with floor mats and wheel locks thrown in. Thoughts?
  • adamr1adamr1 Posts: 28
    Who said the incentives ended?? They actually got better!
  • faji_tamafaji_tama Posts: 5
    The incentives for an SE? I know they added some for the EX models... oh, and also, I wasn't financing, it was a cash purchase, so I think I missed out on a few more that way
  • kingsfan2kingsfan2 Posts: 20
    23,995 inc destination, but was before Tax/Lic. What have
    people heard in N. California?
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