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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mkb4mkb4 Posts: 2
    I am interested in buying a new Accord. What dealerships gav you the best deal?
  • bmf795bmf795 Posts: 9
    The best price that I have been quoted is in NJ at DCH Kay Honda. Accord sedan EXL for 21550 +++. Around 24200 OTD.
  • iwantnewiwantnew Posts: 10
    Hi Bluetone,

    LX 2009 AT for 18,569 sound great.

    does this price include destination carge?

    What is the dealership and where is located.
    I appreciate if you could provide details.

    Happy carshoping....
  • momzmomz Posts: 1
    This pass Saturday I went to Southeastern Honda, Palm Bay, FL, took a test drive and feel in love! I sat down with the Salesmen and asked for a quote on a Honda Accord Coupe, Black, EX-L V6, with navigation and back up sensor. Salesmen said "if I give you the best price offer would I sign today"? Believing him I took an offer on a lease, 36 months, 15k mileage, $3500.00 down, with a monthly payment of $440.00. He said he would have the car on Monday. Spoke to him on Monday and was told he was waiting for another dealership to contact him. At that point I started checking on line ( and found I could get the car much cheaper. I got a quote from another dealer for 36mon, 15k milage, $4,248.92 down, with a monthly payment of $373.92. My question is can I re-negotiate with Southeastern Honda and get that price, or will I loss my $2000.00 and go with the other dealer? As of today still haven't seen the car but I have made arrangements with the salemen to meet tomorrow to see what he can do for me...
  • bmf795bmf795 Posts: 9
    I have been working with Southeastern Honda for the last week on an EX-L i4 automatic sedan. Their best price OTD was around 24200. They would not give me an exact price but said they could beat my best offer of 24400 by a couple hundred.

    Whatever you do, don't put that kind of money down on a lease. Do you have a trade in?? They have a sale this weekend giving 20% up to 4k over KBB fair market. I don't know if that is only if you are paying MSRP. You should be able to get this car around 1-2k below invoice this month.
  • bmf795bmf795 Posts: 9
    You should be able to get an OTD price of atleast 28k on what you are looking for. 72 months at 5.49 with no cash down will get you a payment of $457.

    You will have equity in this car if you look to sell in 4 or 5 years. With the lease, you will have nothing to show at the end of 36 months. If you use the $3500 down on the same deal, you payment will be around $400. You don't have to worry about mileage.
  • navbhanavbha Posts: 19
    Any thoughts about buying this weekedn.
  • navbhanavbha Posts: 19
    I was looking for leather interior, The dealer quoted me 24,600 (approx) out of the door. I am also looking for extended warrantry, he gave me a quote of
    5 Year/80K -1500
    6 Year/100K -1900
    I am not sure whether the warrantry worth the money.

    Any thouthts about the Price quote for EXL and the warrnatry
  • navbhanavbha Posts: 19
    I can join but I am looking for a EX-L with extended warrantry. I am not sure whether we can negotiate together. Could you please find the price from your dealer for the
    EX-L 5 Speed Automatic transmission out of the door price. The city i live in is Lincoln, CA, 95648 (for caluclating totals)
  • bmf795bmf795 Posts: 9
    Your OTD price is going to depend on your state tax and dealer fee. 24600 OTD is competitive. You may have a couple hundred $$ wiggle room.
  • zorbs99zorbs99 Posts: 6
    $329...where on Long Island?
  • 2008honda2008honda Posts: 17

    I am also trying to get price quote from central Florida dealers for Sedan LX or LX-P AUTO but, all I got a quote from Holler Honda and they won't give me OTD, They must be hiding something.

    I am also planning to travel Palm Bay this Saturday, may be we can team up.... and get best deal. Do you have your e-mail so that I can send my info to you?

    I am looking to get LX Auto sedan around $19,600 but won' pay more than ridiculous asking price around $20,800 OTD. Honda recently announced special incentive per Edmund's web site and they already have 3-6 % Dealer Hold back.
  • scabiosascabiosa Posts: 4
    $19,300 for LX-P model + tax and license fee which includes destination fee.

    I really want to join with you. I will buy a car before this weekend in SF bay area.
    Please let me know when you are buy a car.

    Thank you.
  • krishna4krishna4 Posts: 6
    I can check for you. You can check as the base price.

  • krishna4krishna4 Posts: 6
    I am going to buy tomorrow. I am able to bring it down to 19.2K so far. But I am still negotiating. will let you know tomorrow.
  • bluetonebluetone Posts: 2
    I am shopping for Accord LX. The best price was $18300 including destination fees
    I am in southern California.
  • scabiosascabiosa Posts: 4
    I want buy 2009 Honda Accord LX-P, automatic (silver color).
    Is that price (19.2K) include everything?

    I am ready for buy a car right now.
  • navbhanavbha Posts: 19
    I believe 19.2K Out of the Door. Is it AT or MT?

    If you dont mind could you please give me the dealar name so that I can see whether I can talk with them to get to a good deal for me on 2009 EX-L , 5 Speed Automatic.?
  • pkim2pkim2 Posts: 6
    I want to buy a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L V-6 automatic w/Nav and the following accessories: body side molding, moonroof visor, interior illumination, remote engine starter system, and rear view camera. The lowest out-the-door price I've gotten is $30,340 in Columbus, Ohio. Is this a good price?
  • with nav is impossible,that's a $2000 option. the 2 best dealers in dallas are mcdavid and lute riley.they both huge volume stores,sometimes lute wins sometime md wins,sometimes tie. but lute riley has been there for 25 years,and mcdavid has only 4 years. so long term wise,such as service,lute riley got some top rankings, even in the states. since the mcdavid's building is much newer and nicer,so md's operation cost is somehow higher as well.
  • ultfamcarultfamcar Posts: 18

    Can you please email me the details on how to get in on this group buy? My friend is also looking for an 09 LX here in the Bay Area. Which dealership?


    email: Charles UNDERSCORE Lung AT yahoo DOT com
  • krishna4krishna4 Posts: 6
    The total price of the car is 21K including all taxes.The dealer is Sam Linder honda salinas, CA. Talk to the internet manager and refer my name.

  • pjc89pjc89 Posts: 3
    This is the best OTD price I've been able to negotiate in the greater Chicago area. Any thoughts on whether this is a good price. I live in Oak Park, so that includes the incredibly high sales tax rate there.
  • easchmideaschmid Posts: 1

    If this price is for a 2009 Accord Sedan EX-L (automatic, 4 cylinder, no nav) then it sounds very similar to a price I have been quoted, actually better than mine considering you are probably stuck with 10% sales tax. My tax is 7%, but my most recent offer was $23,733 OTD. I have 1-2 more dealers to check with, so we'll see...
  • pjc89pjc89 Posts: 3

    Correct - EX-L (auto, 4cyl, non nav). I've gone back to a couple other dealers with this quote (supposedly claiming that they'll beat any price by $100) and they are taking a pass. So, I think we're getting close to their walk-away point.

  • bmf795bmf795 Posts: 9
    Has anyone found out if this incentive is over at the end of this month. Edmunds was showing that it goes until 5-4 like the financing special. I did run over something this morning showing 3-31. I have one payment left on my lease and would like to get it included in with my best price. Not sure if it's possible as my best price was 24300 on an EXL 4d i4. :confuse:
  • afmx1afmx1 Posts: 5
    I'm looking to buy in the south bay this weekend. Which dealer has the best OTD price in the SF bay area? Thanks.
  • chrisliuchrisliu Posts: 8
    Larry Hopkins Honda in sunnyvale, EX auto OTD price will be around 23238 (based on 8.25% sale tax). Internet quote.

    EX-L model will be around 24900 OTD. Should be down to ~24600 after negotiation.

    Sale tax will depend on where you register your new car not on the dealer's location.

    navbha, do you have any idea if we all team up to buy EX model on this weekend. How much lower we can get from Sam Linder Honda ?

    We will prefer to say on Larry Hopkins Honda if Sam Linder Honda can't provide more discount since I need to drive one and half hours to be there.
  • ronf1ronf1 Posts: 3
    Bought an Accord Sedan EX-L w/auto trans today. Walnut Creek Honda (CA). $23,998 + tax and lic. Got $500 on trade in (92 Volvo w/200K miles that was on it's last leg). Not a great deal, but I feel it was fair to all. FYI, Anderson Honda quoted same price but w/$1,000 for trade in. Decided to buy locally in Walnut Creek since they had my 1st choice color in stock.
  • afmx1afmx1 Posts: 5
    I'm starting to get the quotes in. Looks like Larry Hopkins got the best deal. For EX 4dr Auto, I was quoted $21,1000 +TTL.
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