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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • asitmehtaasitmehta Posts: 19
    Thanks for your help, I'm getting similar prices here in NY and sales tax is 7.375%. If I can get the car around $24,500 I'll take it.
  • mm20mm20 Posts: 2
    Thanks buckrogersocir for the helpful info.

    Any tricks on getting the dealers to go lower, it seems nobody wants to go below 30,600 OTD which is significantly higher than the 29,000 you said. I have said I want to be close to 29k and they say they talked to the big boss and he says 30,600 is the best.

    Anyone else with any personal experience in the state of Maryland????

    Thanks again
  • tdsblazertdsblazer Posts: 3
    What do you guys think of the price, this was the last price I got from shopping around in my area.

    Sale $20,800
    TAX $1456
    DMV $254
    DOC $199
    tire Tax 7.50
    Total $22717
  • honda_man2honda_man2 Posts: 19
    I'm looking at a 2009 Accord LX four cylinder for myself but the EX shows an invoice of $22,838. There is a $1500 dealer incentive that the dealer can pass all or a portion to the buyer. So I'm guessing here that the lowest price is somewhere around $20,800 + TTL. Your going to have to call around and check multiple dealers on that one. This is a good week to be playing dealers off of each other since we are at the end of the month.
  • honda_man2honda_man2 Posts: 19
    Funny. Now hows that for timing. My guess is that is a pretty good deal: $20,800 on an EX. Exactly what I guessed. What State is that?
  • That's too much money for the 4 door V6 accord with navigation. $26,100.00 plus tax and state license. Looks like you're paying approx. $1600.00 too much for $30,600.00 OTD - go to the dealer to make the offer at $26,100.00 see if they accept the aggressive offer.(Have the license fee already known and the taxes for your area so you know what the OTD price is, otherwise the dealer might add on another $500.00 - $800.00 without you noticing) Also look for a car the dealer has not had on the lot for a long time. Our car was from Factory to Dealer from 6/6/09 Therefore the dealer made his holdback money and they took this into consideration when we made our offer of $26,100 for a 2009 Accord EX-L with Navigation. If the car is on the lot since Christmas the dealer may be less willing to sell it at a loss? Who knows why they do what they do......but make a serious offer (at the dealership)and they will consider it. It make take a few days to work the deal. But 2 grand is worth a few days for me! Good Luck!
  • gmcgrathgmcgrath Posts: 7
    I am from indiana(state sales tax 7 %). I negotiated an Honda accord EX-L 2009 model for $24175.25(OTD includes taxes and all fees).
    Quote from Dealer:

    $22295 + destination ($670) + tax ($1607.55) + doc fee ($99.00) + Indiana tire tax ($1.25) = $24672.80 out the door.

    I brought it down to $24175.25. let me know if this is a good deal.

    Can you guys tell me if it is a good deal. I am about to seal the deal.
  • oysteroyster Posts: 5
    FYI, I got several quotes btw 25500 to 22300, and the lowest OTD is 22300(Indiana, Tax 7%)
    Is this a good price for EX 4cyl? Do you guys think I could stop here ?
  • jswiftyjswifty Posts: 19
    I have negotiated a price of $20,500 for an Accord EX sedan w/AT in PA (not including taxes and doc fees). I started with internet quotes from dealers in my area and then emailed them requesting counteroffers. This price represents a savings of $661 below the lowest initial internet quote.
  • dude135dude135 Posts: 8
    Where is this in PA ?
    Can we get pre-approved with Honda financing before hand. If so where can i do it.
  • im not sure thats a good deal. Ive been looking at this trim and negotiating for some time now. I live in Atlanta, GA, so here is what Im finding in this area. Lowest price ive been quoted for this trim is $21,700 OTD. This is all inclusive (TTL, Destination, Doc Fees). Tax is 6%. I still feel I can get a better price than this....more like $21,200. I would suggest waiting for the 2010 model to come out. I believe it is supposed to be available in August. The price difference between the 09 and 10 is just going to be a few hundred bucks. I think alot of dealers get on here and post crap numbers. Ive been following this forum for a year now and you can spot the legit posts vs the bogus ones. When I finally get mine, sometime in August or Sept, Ill post the figures. Good luck
  • tdsblazertdsblazer Posts: 3
    this is in New Jersey
  • 2008honda2008honda Posts: 17

    I think you should wait for new 2010 model in late Aug. Although you might have to pay more, but you get some bragging rights.

    Your price quote with $19,256 sounds good, with 3% NC tax. I did not do the math, but you may get $19,000 or so and if you really need one try at the end of this month June 30. Just don't lose your mind and keep cool.

    I bought LX sedan Auto in March 2009 with $19,800 ODT (FL tax 6%) and we all love this car.

    Happy shopping.

    Go Gator!
  • jswiftyjswifty Posts: 19
    This is the Harrisburg area. I don't have an answer on financing.
  • gmcgrathgmcgrath Posts: 7
    Hey which dealer indiana and the city. I am looking for a honda accord ex-l. The best I could get is 24175.25 OTD including taxes and fees.
  • oysteroyster Posts: 5
    It's terry-lee honda. I posted EX model OTD price, and actual number is several bucks lower than 22300.
    Can I get your dealership information, too?
  • gmcgrathgmcgrath Posts: 7
    here you go Edmartin honda in 770 N. Shadeland,Indianapolis, IN 46219.
  • fghxufghxu Posts: 3
    I paid $24,795 (+ tax, doc) for the 2009 Accord EX-L V6 yesterday, at a New Jersy dealer. Is it a good price? it is almost $400 lower than the lowest quote I can get from any dealers around my area. The dealer told me this car sit there for a while but the warranty start when I pay. The mileage is only 75 miles. How do I check when the car is manufactored?
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    The warranty starts when you signed the contract, it doesn't matter how long it set on the lot.
  • hgershmanhgershman Posts: 15
    Point of info here...when you guys refer to "Accord EX-L" do you mean the 3.5 or the 2.4?

    I'd like the recent lease experiences on the 190hp EX-L 4 cyl if anyone has any. Thanks in advance.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 989
    About every post I see will say V6 if they are talking about the 3.5, and nothing if talking about the 2.4
  • hgershmanhgershman Posts: 15
    Thanx. Wasn't sure. New to Accords. Hope to test drive this weekend. Hope I can live with the big 4 cyl.

  • kad153kad153 Posts: 22
    Do you mind if I ask which dealer?
  • jaydtwjaydtw Posts: 7
    The invoice price on this is 28001 + 702 Des. Honda is offering 1500 cash back. to the dealer. So the price point I am targeting is 27212.00.

    The lowest I have got so far is 27269.00 + 190 Doc Fee + State Sales Tax.

    I live in Detroit, MI.

    The question is am I getting a good deal. I am not getting any extended warranty or other options from the dealer.


  • You can easily get the car for $26,500.00 plus tax and license. The destination fee is already included in the 26,500 price, so should the documentation fee, etc. The only price added on should be your State tax and the DMV fee. Hope that helps.
  • jaydtwjaydtw Posts: 7
    I emailed 5 dealers in MI and only one got back and he wants 27269.00 + 190 Doc Fee + State Sales. May be Detroit automarket is so good these guys dont want to sell me a car :-)
  • ifarrarifarrar Posts: 4
    Who is the dealer in Atlanta? What part of town?
  • ifarrarifarrar Posts: 4
    Ok, so this dealer has over 100 Accords on the lot. The one we are looking at has been sitting on the lot since November. How much negotiating power does a buy?
  • Go to the dealer an offer them $26,500 and if they say no, leave go to another dealer an offer them $26,500. - this still gives the dealer a decent profit on the deal. The sales person will get a flat fee, but the dealership still makes the money, so go to the dealership and get a salesperson willing to work the deal for a sale vs. commision. ;-)
  • ifarrarifarrar Posts: 4
    We test drove an Accord this week. In the glove box was a booklet where they checked off the dealer intake - November 8 - 6 1/2 months ago.,
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