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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • marlynnmarlynn Posts: 11
    To test some of these dealerships, we sent out two requests from the same dealerships through Edmunds. We got quotes that varied as much as $1,500 on the OTD price from the same dealership on the same car.

    FYI -- I would NOT deal with BROOKDALE HONDA!!! It was a waste of time. They were not willing to come down at all from the invoice price and stated that they doubted I was getting REAL prices from other dealerships as any dealership that came down in price below invoice price was taking a financial loss. However I know different as all the other quotes I've gotten have been anywhere from $1,000-$1,500 below invoice. Bottom line, Brookdale was rude and unwilling to negotiate.

    The quote I got on the SE was from Richfield Bloomington Honda. However, after I looked at it again, the sales person added the numbers wrong. I contacted him again and he stated the actual quote is:

    2007 Honda Accord SE 4cyl AT
    $18588.00 Selling Price (destination included)
    $1208.22 Sales Tax
    $286.00 Plates + Tabs
    $35.00 DMV transfer fee's
    $50.00 Dealer Documentation fee
    $20167.22 TOTAL DUE

    They said it's impossible for them to get close to $19,000 OTD. If you can find something, go for it.

    I'm still working on my quotes for an EX or EX-L.
  • sychinsychin Posts: 10
    With destination.
  • willisrwillisr Posts: 1

    Congrats on your EX purchase and great deal!

    Can you also please email me a copy of invoice to crossing out any sensitive info? Thanks in advance.

  • jonpagejonpage Posts: 25
    I entered the market to buy an Accord, EX or EX-L or EX-L-V6, about two weeks ago. None of the dealers was discounting their cars below invoice, and that too after telling me that "you look like you are a serious buyer, so we will go down to invoice".

    However, just in the last 2 days, I have updated quotes in the local market ranging from 1K-2K below invoice. They use Edmunds' invoice as benchmark. I am trying to get somebody down to 3K below, but no luck yet. Basically, I will buy the top line at 3K below invoice.

    Anybody has any luck yet in this market?


    Jonathan Page
  • supertansupertan Posts: 2
    Hi Sychin,

    Is the $17,199 price for the SE the OTD price? Or the price before TTL?

    Anyone else in Southern California get a fantastic price for an SE or an EXL? I'm looking to buy before the end of the month, if possible.

  • supertansupertan Posts: 2
    Hi ddwmew,

    Congratulations on your purchase! Can I also please be included as one of the folks you send a copy of your invoice/pricing doc of the car too?

    I sincerely appraciate your help!

    My email texastan at hotmail dot com

    Thank you!
  • 2002 Malibu with 34,000 miles.
  • sychinsychin Posts: 10
    Before TTL.
  • jonpage,

    I would be interested in knowing where you are getting the under invoice pricing in D/FW. I'm in the Austin area and the dealers here historically do not price under invoice without factory incentives (which I don't believe are in effect now). I'm looking at V6 EXL's. I did some serious shopping a year ago, but backed off. I'm just now reengaging in the process.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    The best I've seen in San Antonio for the EXL V6 is $22,956 plus TT&L.
  • fxguyfxguy Posts: 132
    With or without Navi?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Without Nav
  • jonpagejonpage Posts: 25
    $22,956 for EX-L-V6 is about $2500 below invoice (assuming destination charge is included in that price). That is pretty good. Who is the dealer?


  • jonpagejonpage Posts: 25
    That's the game Honda and the dealers are playing. They have incentives in a convoluted way. Either the dealers are getting additonal 2008 Accord quota based on 2007 Accord sales they make, or they will get pro-active discounts on 2007 Accords after they hit a number by end of August. I am not sure what is happening. In the second case, their ENTIRE July/August sales will get an additional juicy kickback from Honda if they meet certain targets. So, it is only logical that as they near their target, they will discount more. Once they hit their target, they will probably stay put.

  • rsabairsabai Posts: 4

    Great Price....I am also discussing with Sports Honda.

    If you can share the invoice details, please email me also


  • jessy2007jessy2007 Posts: 8
    Hi rsabai

    Could you please give me the contact info about the dealer? Thank you!
  • marlynnmarlynn Posts: 11
    Can you email me the contact person. Is that dealership near Silver Spring? We are going to Burtonville area in August and can purchase vehicle there and drive it back if deal is right. Please email me the details you can provide to

    john-r-j at hotmail dot com
  • chirocatchirocat Posts: 73
    I have just received my first round of quotes for a EXL with nav. So far the best initial quote was about $700 under invoice and included destination. All of them were under invoice a certain amount and some had *&%&$#&* "extras" that were not in the quoted price. The best quote so far came from Irving. ;)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    I've been told I can't post that information on this board, feel free to send me an email.
  • h2olooh2oloo Posts: 2
    Bought a new 07 Accord EXL-V6 at Brilliance in Crystal Lake for 5000 under MSRP yesterday. This is a great forum
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