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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • amshereamshere Posts: 19
    I am supposed to go at Hendrick on Saturday at 10.00 AM to put mud guards.When are you going there. I was told that they don't put wheel locks on LX .Thats why I was checking with you.Do you already have wheel locks on your car?If yes then probably I might go and ask them to put them on mine too.If you are there the same day then let me know.Mail me at
  • bauer24bauer24 Posts: 21
    Thank you PM. The offer I got from East was too high. 19,840 for SE plus tax and title (at least 1,0000 more than what I was getting in other quotes)! People need a choice-not monopolization of getting a warranty and charging $1,000 more. Plus, may be moving and that doesn't do us any good. Yes, the Dayton dealers don't seem right. The somewhat larger volume dealer Hidy Honda emailed back said they could beat any deal as long as it is a valid offer and to bring it in. When I quoted the price of 17,200 they told me they could not beat that price. What is up with that? Should be called Lidy Honda! By the way, Go Boro!
  • I picked up an EX-L V6 sedan, including wheel locks and mud guards, for $22,600 excluding TTL from a So. Cal dealer. The dealership was great, fast, and easy to work with.
  • Thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread. It has really opened up my eyes as to what a "good deal" is.

    I am buying a 4 cyl Accord EX-L and the best quote I have gotten is from Honda Marysville for $21000, $22709.34 out the door. This is beating the Columbus dealers by nearly $1200, although Honda East has stepped up with an offer a little under $22000.

    From what I have read on this forum, I think $21k for a EX-L is a pretty good deal.

    Which dealership did you get this quote from? I am in the SoCal area as well.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73
    Hi Megankp,

    Thanks for all the good information. Can you please send contact information & the email of your Santa Ana sales person. My email is kw_da "at" Please replace "at" with "@" and there are no spaces. (I hope I don't get a lot more spam now).



    Did you get the quote for 21000 for the sedan or coupe?

    I've been trying to figure out a good deal is for the 2.4L EX-L Coupe Automatic, with and without navigation....
  • Sedan... w/o Navi
  • Hi,
    Congrats on your new Accord! Would you be willing to email me the sales info and price breakdown for Hendricks at
    vkirti2000 at Thanks,
  • I bought it at Norm Reeves in Cerritos (

    Here's the purchase price breakdown:

    EX-L V6 AT 4-door w/out navi (including mud guards and wheel locks) - $22,600
    plus Tax of 7.75% and title of $301 (including $55 doc fee)

    OTD Price - $24,642

    The V6 with navi was quoted at $1800 more than the $22600, but I didn't try to negotiate that price. It took some negotiation to get the mud guards and wheel locks thrown in for the $22,600 price, which was their original quoted price.

    I figure I saved about $6200 off sticker with the accessories and the sales tax savings. Not bad.
  • hanparkhanpark Posts: 2
    I was curious why the accord and the civic are pretty much the same OTD price.
    I'm thinking about getting a car soon and was originally researching civics until I came to this forum and saw that people were getting the same price for LX models for each respective vehicle. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Honda is deeply discounting its Accords because of a slow sales year and in anticipation of a new model being unveiled at the end of this month or early September. Apparently Honda doesn't need to do the same for the Civic at this point, so it's not getting the same types of discounts.
  • hanparkhanpark Posts: 2
    Oh wow. I'll definitely have to look into Accords then. I appreciate the response.
    Has anybody received good quotes in the Philadelphia area?
  • amshereamshere Posts: 19
    Go through post # 16419 .Its the exact breakup of what I got the car for.

    Did you get the Coupe or Sedan?
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32

    You might want to take a look at "Honda CRV prices paid" and posts # 5454, 5433, 5093, 5082. You will get a lot better deal with these Maryland Honda dealers than any Virginia dealer. For one thing, Maryland has a state law capping the processing fee at $100 where most Virginia dealers charge $399, a $300 savings even before you make the call!

    I live in Virginia Beach and drove to Parkville Md. to save $1400, took a day of my time but I don't make $1400 a day either, so I made out. I purchased a 2007 CRV in June and completed all the details on the phone, spent 45 minutes at the dealer signing papers and back to Virginia Beach. Might be worth a call, what do you have to loose? Good Luck.
  • scottrlscottrl Posts: 15
    Will some of these great deals be available in the October time frame?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I would say maybe, depending on how many of the '07s are left and how fast the '08s are moving.

    Also, local dealers have told me that I4s are selling faster than the V6 model, but that may have been a ploy to try and get me into the showroom, as I expressed interest in an I4 model.

    So I would say your best shot at discounting will be after the embargoes are lifted on the '08s (August 21) but before the end of August, as dealers will want to meet end of the month quotas. Once we move into September, the '07s will start disappearing quicker, I think.

    Pretty much from this forum, I've discovered that the following should be target price ranges:

    Value Package: $15-$16K
    LX: $16-$17K
    SE: $17-$18K
    EX: $18,500-$19,500

    That's as far as my research goes, though, as I was mainly interested in the lower end 4 cylinder models, but I do know that the EX-L V6 models are going in the $22-$23K range...
  • Why are the V6 Coupe selling more than the V4?

    I am trying to get a deal like ddmew on a Accord Coupe EX model and I can not seem to get any advice on this forum anymore. I followed the previous advice and have a price of about $18,500 including destination. 20k OTD How does that sound to people?

    Please respond someone :confuse:
  • Can anyone tell me the price you paid for Honda LX automatic 4 door price?
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